The Best Natural Fiber Area Rugs

I’ve been really excited to share this post with you, as it’s a collection I’ve spent the last couple years working on for my shop, Tuesday Made. It’s no secret I have a thing for rugs… especially vintage rugs and natural fiber rugs. Classic woven area rugs are timeless and after trial & error in my own home, I’m confident I’ve found the best of the best. Soft underfoot, durability to last years to come, and rugs that are easy to layer- these options seamlessly blend with any aesthetic as your style shifts over time. Given area rugs are quite an investment, I wanted to share some insight on how to make the best choice for your home. Click through for the best natural fiber area rugs and for an inside peek at my new collection…

The Best Natural Fiber Area Rugs -
The Best Natural Fiber Area Rugs -

My Criteria for a Good Natural Fiber Rug

As an interior designer, my standards are pretty high for area rugs. They set the foundation for a room, are used on a daily basis, and are essential for floor planning. I love rugs and you can find at least one in every room in my house, but I’ll be the first to admit- I’m very particular about the ones I bring into our home. Per usual, I used my personal criteria for this rug collection. I’m proud to say all of the rugs check each of those boxes!

  • Must be durable.
  • Must have a classic look- capable of working with any aesthetic.
  • Must be high quality and well-made.
  • Must be made of natural materials (unless outdoor rated).
  • Must have a timeless pattern.
  • Must feel neutral or soft underfoot.
  • Must be easy to layer.
  • Must be available in multiple and custom sizes.
  • Must include an appropriate rug pad.
  • Made here in the USA (for easy shipping).
The Best Natural Fiber Area Rugs -

Made In the USA

I absolutely love our US-based rug manufacturer. They’re family oriented, are incredibly skilled at their trade (excellent craftsmanship), and they have high standards. I wanted to give you an inside look at how the rugs are made, perfectly cut to size, how the edges are bound, and how they ship. Emmett, Christiane (who works with us at Tuesday Made), and I were all very impressed. They’re also a dog friendly facility- which you know I love! Here’s a peek from our last visit, if you’re interested…

The Best Natural Fiber Area Rugs -
The Best Natural Fiber Area Rugs -

Determining Rug Size

One thing that was particularly important to me was offering rugs in a wide range of sizes- as well as custom sizes. Why? Depending on your room size, furniture, and floor plan- you’d be surprised how difficult it is to find the appropriate sized rug for most spaces. That’s why vintage rugs can be super tricky and difficult to source.

The Best Natural Fiber Area Rugs -

To generalize, I recommend a rug that is 8-12 inches larger than your furniture grouping, as I prefer to anchor an area rug with furniture. The exception to this size rule… dining spaces- which require a larger rug. Let me know if you’d like a detailed blog post on how to choose the right sized rug for each room! I’d be happy to pull that together for you.

The Best Natural Fiber Area Rugs -

Rug Pads

I’m a firm believer that a rug pad should never be skipped… it protects the flooring underneath, keeps your rug in place, protects the rug backing, and helps the rug wear evenly. For our woven rug collection, I decided every rug will include a complementary, perfectly sized rug pad. It’s rolled up with all of our rugs prior to shipping and is the right pad for that exact rug… clearly a design element I feel strongly about!

The Best Natural Fiber Area Rugs -

The Woven Rug Collection

Click directly on each rug below to be redirected.

I’d love to hear which rug from the collection is your favorite! All of these can be layered, mixed & matched, and also look cohesive together.

The Best Natural Fiber Area Rugs -


Which area rug is pictured in your living room?

That is the Salem Wool Rug. I wanted something soft with a subtle pattern for that space, and this one feels nice and plush underfoot… perfect for a living space!

How did you name the woven rugs in the collection?

They’re all named after cities! Did you notice? Naming products for the shop is half the fun.

Which area rug is in your home office?

That one is the Florence Sisal Rug, and I can’t tell you how many dog accidents have ended up on this rug- all cleaning up perfectly. You’d never know! It’s extremely durable… so much so, we’re using it in a custom size on our entryway staircase as a runner.

What is the best way to care for these rugs?

We always suggest vacuuming regularly, spot cleaning as needed, rotate for even wear, and store the rug rolled- rather than folded. Each rug from the shop comes with a handy printout that gives complete unpacking and care instructions… with visuals! We share how to get your rug to relax after unrolling, how to care for it, and of course it comes with the custom fitted rug pad. We try to make it super easy!

The Best Natural Fiber Area Rugs -


If you’re looking for more posts regarding rugs & carpet, I’ve got plenty more to share with you below:

The Best Natural Fiber Area Rugs -

Please feel free to ask me any of your rug questions in the comment section below- I’d be happy to help! I’m really proud of these rugs and I hope if you’re ever in the market for a really nice woven natural option, you’ll keep Tuesday Made in mind. They’ve been a labor of love and I was so excited to officially share them with you today. In totally unrelated news- it’s Emmett’s birthday today… so if you see him, please wish him a happy birthday! We’re skiing this evening (wild weeknight!) and celebrating this weekend. Cheers to a good week ahead, friends.

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  1. Good morning Sarah! I’m so excited that you now carry these in the shop- and even more thrilled that they’re made right here in the US. The number of times I have searched for a neutral rug, great for layering, to the size I would need, only to find that I’m shy a few key inches, or over by too much, is ridongculous… you’ve saved the day with this! It’s fantastic that the rug pad comes complimentary, and perfectly sized. I don’t know what I’m doing with rug pads- no matter what I do, the rugs shift on top of them. I’m certain I have them sized wrong. This is a win-win. It goes without saying that I am infatuated with the Salem Wool rug, but I also admire the Newport Sisal. Either one would be a fantastic addition to the space I have in mind, and having your seal of approval on things like durability and ease of cleaning and care, makes it that much easier to consider the shop first. This was such a smart move to carry these in the shop, and I can’t wait to see how your stair runner turns out. I’d love a dedicated post on rug sizing, and perhaps you could include how to size for a stair runner- once our floors in the front room are finished, the stairs will be getting an overhaul to match, and I’ll be considering adding a runner. The fact that so many of these pair so well together is an added detail I love! You really can’t go wrong. Once again, your design genius knows no bounds! Happiest of birthdays to Emmett- I hope you both have fantastic conditions tonight on the slopes, and a wonderful weekend in celebration! Xoxo

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Lauren! I loved reading about which ones made the top of your list. I’ve been obsessing over these for over a year now, so it’s fun to finally share them with everyone. I’ll work on a dedicated post for rug sizing- it can be so tricky. I definitely have it on my to-do list to photograph and share the stair runner installation DIY. We had a fun night skiing! Hope you’ve had a great week, too. xo

  2. You have some really lovely choices. Are these rugs drop-shipped from the manufacturer ?

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Teri! It depends on the rug :)

  3. Hi! I have been looking for a herringbone rug to use as a stair runner down to our walk out basement. We have kids (who have friends) and puppy (almost 1 year old)…and a pool on that level which means it will see a lot of use. Thankfully our kids and dog are not hard on the house but they’re still kids and a dog. From what I’m reading the durability of these rugs is there. Do they make good stair runners too? I’m intrigued but would love your thoughts. Thank you Sara! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Heather! The durability is definitely a 10/10 on most of these. In fact, we just ordered a stair runner for our entryway that we’ll be installing in the coming weeks (I’ll be sure to post a tutorial and link my selection), but our dogs are not gentle on the stairs. They tear down them and I feel super confident in my rug choice. Let me know if you need any design help or recommendations- I’d be happy to share my top picks for that! Hope you had a lovely weekend as well.

      1. Thank you Sara! I’ll definitely place an order and give the rug a try. :)

        1. Sarah Gibson says:

          Thanks so much, Heather! We can order whatever size you need- let me know if you need help!