20 Aesthetically Pleasing Tissue Box Covers

We’ve officially entered November and suddenly I’m hearing people are already feeling under the weather with the changing of the season. This time of year, it always happens… stuffy noses, different allergies, flu season, and bugs going around. I restocked our tissues this week, as Emmett’s nose has taken a toll on our stockpile, and thought this may be a handy post, if you also keep a box on your vanity, counter, or bedside table- a necessary convenience that doesn’t have to be a total eyesore. Click through for some aesthetically pleasing tissue box covers for the winter season ahead!

20 Aesthetically Pleasing Tissue Box Covers - roomfortuesday.com

Do People Still Use Tissue Box Covers?

I sure hope so! What’s the alternative? Let’s face it- printed box covers haven’t come very far over the years, in terms of designs and patterns. Tissue box covers are actually one thing I note when visiting hotels or travel… it’s a universal and expected amenity. Those little touches, like box covers, make a big difference in terms of design. I’m all for small, budget friendly upgrades that elevate a vignette… therefore, tissue box covers are an easy yes from me!

20 Aesthetically Pleasing Tissue Box Covers - roomfortuesday.com

My Top Picks

Here are 20 of my favorites… all in classic colors, materials, and patterns. They also vary from $6 to $100- so there’s one for any budget. You can shop and see more by clicking on each tissue box below…

Do you have any favorites from the mix? I love a stone, ceramic, or woven option. I have a couple vintage ones at home that I really like, but I’m also very pleased with my budget-friendly Amazon versions.

20 Aesthetically Pleasing Tissue Box Covers - roomfortuesday.com

Ideas for Styling

If you’re looking for styling ideas, here are some quick notes to get your wheels turning, as to where tissue boxes (accompanied with a pretty cover) might live in your home…

  • On a bedside table or nightstand.
  • On the bathroom countertop.
  • On a vanity table- perhaps accompanied by matches, room spray, or a candle.
  • In kids rooms, guest bedrooms & baths, and the primary suite.
  • On a console table.
  • In a home office, den, or living space.
20 Aesthetically Pleasing Tissue Box Covers - roomfortuesday.com


Where do you have tissue boxes in your home currently?

I’ve got one in our bedroom (on Emmett’s bedside table), one in our primary bath, one in the basement bathroom, one in the guest bathroom, one in the powder room, and one in the laundry.

Are you ever worried about certain materials on other materials- like a metal tissue box on your marble?

Definitely! You should always be cautious about that kind of thing (with decor, candles, whatever)… I’ll use sticky felt on the bottom if needed, and always make sure the surfaces beneath something like that is protected. Great question!

What’s your tissue preference?

I’m a plain purist when it comes to tissues. We buy the generic Costco ones without lotion or anything like that (those break my face out). I’d rather spend more money on the box cover than the actual tissues, ha.

Tissue box shape preference?

I prefer square! It takes up less counter or table space and feels more symmetrical and balanced. I never buy the rectangular boxes… just square.

20 Aesthetically Pleasing Tissue Box Covers - roomfortuesday.com

I hope this post was helpful if you’ve been on the hunt for these. I always find tissues to go rather quickly this time of year, but here’s to hoping we all stay healthy for the holidays and winter season ahead!

Speaking of- I’m in full holiday decorating mode over here, and my annual holiday gift guide comes out on MONDAY. I’m so excited to share that with you- it has become a favorite blog holiday tradition for me. Please be sure to check back! I’ve got to get our decorating done early because I want to enjoy it. Since we’re headed to Asia later this month, I’m cramming in a bit of Christmas before we leave. I know I’ll appreciate having tackled our holiday decor upon arriving home in December. Anyway… here’s to a fun and productive weekend ahead! All good and cheerful things to come.

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  1. Good morning! For such a utilitarian piece, you certainly managed to find some luxurious examples! All that colorful stone and the tortoise are my faves. As a person whose nose has probably been running for 50 years, you’d think I would stash tissues on every surface. Joe, however, loves to eat the stuff, so it’s all hidden in cupboards or drawers. Seriously, he roots around in my pockets like a pig hunting truffles. No shame. I did always have a box (or two) in my classroom because kids. I’m actually thinking a cover would have had the added benefit of weighing the box down. Many times tissue yanking propelled the entire container through the air. It’s funny you mention that the actual boxes haven’t changed over the years. I actually recall wishing for a nice plain example. Ha. Of course, you’d find a chic solution. I saw that you were decorating for Christmas already! That makes perfect sense since you’ll be traveling soon, but I’m definitely not ready yet. You know Thanksgiving fills my brain at the moment! I do have a supply of new greenery and ribbon, so I might change up my look a bit this year. TBD. Anyway, put on some jolly music, light a seasonal candle, and sip a festive libation. Deck those halls, Sarah! Speaking of libation, what’s your fave wintery tipple? Trying something new sounds fun… In the meantime, happy Pizza Friday, friends!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Happy Friday, Peggi! Who knew there were so many pretty box covers out there hiding in the wild? It’s funny how the little things make a big difference. Cash likes to eat tissues too!! Dogs. Oof. Why are they always eating things they shouldn’t? This week I’ve had to have 3 blood draws and 2 IVs, and somehow Cash managed to find my bandages in the trash- not once, but twice. I’ll spare you the details of accompanying him to the backyard for bathroom breaks. Yikes. So stressful! I got a good chuckle visualizing Joe rummaging around like a truffle pig. Lol! Laurie Anne and her fam are staying with us for Christmas, and so I’ll have a one week window once we arrive home. I know if I don’t decorate now, it’ll never get done. Ha! I can’t wait to see your Thanksgiving tablescape. Emmett made fun Halloween cocktails that were absolutely delicious. I haven’t been able to have alcohol in months, so it was nice to finally be off my meds for a stint to enjoy said festive libation :) I love anything with bourbon… bourbon cider, smoked old fashioned, hot toddy, etc. Or- anything spicy! Happy pizza Friday, friend!! xo

  2. Ahhhh- gotta love allergy/flu/cold season… not really, lol. Good morning Sarah! Like you, I go for square tissue boxes. I must say, you’ve compiled the treasure trove of box covers- filter by most expensive- you’ll find all my favorites. 😂🤣 The burled wood?! Dying. I also love the black with gold stripes. I did save the tortoise shell and the woven one from Amazon. We currently have dark walnut wood covers, but I’m not in love. The cover is significantly taller than the box, making it difficult to reach in when the next tissue doesn’t pull. I’ve asked Jeff to cut them for me, but so far no dice. A box cover is such a small detail, but one that I value when the tissue boxes are particularly heinous. I haven’t done a ton of browsing for these, so as rooms evolve, it might be nice to find something more personal to each room. Thank you for rounding these up and giving me a starting point when I’m ready to upgrade! Asia sounds lovely- heck travel in general sounds fantastic. What are you most excited to see/do on this trip? I love that you’re decorating early so that you come home to holiday. I don’t even have Halloween down yet, ha! You’re definitely ahead of the game. Happy pizza Friday friend!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Right? It has been a struggle for us this fall… lots of tissues, ha. How is it that we always gravitate toward the most expensive option? A blessing and a curse. We’ve got great taste though! I have to laugh at Jeff’s list of requested projects because I do the same thing. This week I asked Emmett to help me fit our Christmas tree into a giant basket I snagged from an estate sale and it didn’t go well. Hours later, he finally went to the garage to build a custom pedestal that fits inside the basket to make the tree more sturdy. Lol! I’m excited for our annual scuba trip- we’re headed to Thailand to dive. Then Laurie Anne and her hubs are coming to our house for the holidays (Christmas), so I know the next month or two are going to be a whirlwind. Might as well decorate now while I’ve got a smidgen of time. Happy Friday!! Hope you guys have a fun weekend ahead. xo

  3. I must say Sarah you have such a talent for elevating the everyday item. My gosh I had no idea there is such a vast selection of tissue box covers. They certainly have come a long way from the knitted versions of the past 😉 In recent years Canadian House and Home designed a selection of tissue boxes for Scotties here in Canada. A combination of stripe, florals and abstract which I’ve been purchasing as it’s at least better than the everyday box. Your roundup of options of course are incredibly more chic and visually appealing. On occasion I’ve used leftover wrapping paper to amp up the style of the ordinary tissue box but again your options are of course so much better. My favorites of your roundup include the linen, woven leather and rattan. I think they would fit best with my design aesthetic and all meet the budget criterion, especially since I have a box of tissues in every room of the house. I see your point regarding shape, square does take up less space. I have rectangular boxes everywhere 😅
    While luckily I don’t get sick often, I suffer from allergies and we go through many tissues. Time to rethink this overlooked item that needs to be noticeable. Sometimes it’s the little things really that do have a big impact. Thanks for the roundup Sarah, I’ll have to revisit this post when we land in Florida in January so I can utilize your links. Amazon.com and Amazon.ca are not connected and I enjoy perusing your Amazon storefront for unique items and finds. Anyway I hope your Friday is going superbly and you have a wonderful weekend ahead 😎🍕❤️

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thanks so much, Colleen! Now I’ve gotta go Google the Canadian House & Home collection for Scotties :) Those sound gorgeous! So smart to use pretty leftover paper- I never would have thought to do that. Speaking of allergies- I just got my first round of allergy / immune shots today and I’m typing this from the clinic, while I wait. Here’s to hoping those help my immune system calm down. I hope your seasonal allergies haven’t been too bad this fall. Emmett’s have been terrible. We’ve been going through lots of tissues in our house this season. I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!! Happiest Friday to you! xo

  4. Keri Brenner says:

    Where is the tissue box in the picture with the toile paper from?