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A Day In The Life Of – Thrifting

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comYou guys said you’d like to see some “A Day in the Life Of” posts, so I figured I’d start bringing you along from time-to-time and begin a new monthly series. How does that sound? Here’s to hoping I’m interesting enough to make this into a series. Haha! To kick things off, I went thrifting and antique shopping after my dentist appointment on Tuesday and wanted to share how the day unfolded, my finds, and the things that (sadly) got away. Click through to read all about it and see my new treasures! Continue Reading

6 Ways to Style a Fireplace Mantle -
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6 Ways to Style a Fireplace Mantle

Here we are… a couple weeks after the holiday season and I’m sure many of you are wondering how to style your mantle or fireplace now that the garland has been packed away. I always love a post holiday…

January Moodboard : Powder Blue -
interiors & styling

January Moodboard

Happy Friday friends! You know what’s really odd? This exact time last year- one year ago, I was also feeling this SAME color (see the January 2018 moodboard for proof). I suppose this time around, I’m liking a slightly…

10 Ways to Save Money on Major Home Buys -
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10 Ways to Save Money on Major Home Buys

This post was another reader suggestion. I absolutely LOVE when you guys send over great ideas that are helpful for me to share with everyone… keep them coming, please! Renovations and home improvement can get expensive quickly. Luckily, there…