A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comHappy Thursday, friends! I’m bringing back a post from the past that feels very appropriate for spring and the season. Now that the weather is warming, I’ve been dreaming of patio time, drinks outside, and catching up with friends & family we’ve been missing. I initially shared this post almost a year ago (time flies), so you may remember it! If you’re new around here- this is a favorite outdoor makeover we tackled for our friends & neighbors last spring. I appreciate you letting me take a blog break (busy week!) and a fun trip down memory lane. Enjoy!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I shared an exterior deck painting tutorial? Emmett and I decided to surprise our friends & neighbors by giving their back deck a little makeover. Today I’m back with the big reveal! After the fresh coat of paint, we swapped out light fixtures, and styled the entire space. It turned out SO beautifully and I can’t wait to share the complete tour with you. Click through to see how it shaped up and get the sources. It’s safe to say, they’re very happy with how it turned out (I’ll share their reaction on IG stories later today). Click through and check it out!

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Obviously we always start with a before image. This deck had seen better days and was in desperate need of some elbow grease and paint…

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comEverything you’ll see in this makeover came from Lowe’s (excluding a few vintage items). It made things much easier sourcing items from a single resource, especially given we (safely) tackled this space during the pandemic. Lowe’s had everything we needed to turn their deck into the ultimate outdoor oasis, just in time for warm weather and summer entertaining. Ready to see the after image?

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comA thousand times better, right?! Although we didn’t paint the exterior of their cabin, the fresh coat of black Valspar Exterior Stain & Sealer made the entire exterior look fresh and clean. Paint is so transformative!

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comOur goal was to create a welcoming, functional, cozy outdoor area that was a true extension of living space for our friends to enjoy in the spring, summer, and fall months. I also made sure to floor plan accordingly for outdoor entertaining, grilling, and hosting.

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comMeet Arthur, the floofy Newfoundland. You might recognize him from my IG stories? I used to let him outside when he was a little puppy during the lunch hour for bathroom breaks while our neighbors were at work. Since I work from home, it was easy and fun for me to sneak over, help them out, and get in some puppy snuggles. Anyway- this beautiful cabin belongs to Arthur and his hoomans (that’s my doggo voice).

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comAre our friends not the most photogenic fam you’ve ever seen?! David, Angela, and Arthur have almost lived in our neighborhood for a year now and we’re thrilled they decided to move to the area. David actually helped us with our previous backyard, so you might recognize him if you’ve been following along for awhile. He offered to help during the *worst* part of that renovation (haha)… moving dirt in the dry heat of summer. You know you’ve found a true friend when they sign up for the most terrible job because you need another set of hands. It felt really amazing to be able to surprise these two with this deck makeover a few years after our backyard renovation. We wanted to return the favor!

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comThe deck honestly had good bones, so we didn’t want to rework anything. It just needed to be updated, more comfortable, cozy, and functional. I added outdoor cushions to their existing bench seat, in an effort to make it more comfortable. I also added an allen+roth outdoor area rug and a real flame fire table to complete the inviting vignette. I have to say… that fire table is the real deal. It’s large enough to hide the propane tank (no cord hiding necessary), it’s heavy & substantial, and it comes with a center cover, so it can be used like a regular coffee table. Emmett & I were both very impressed!

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comAbove, you’ll see how the outdoor area progressed over the course of the makeover. The allen+roth outdoor cushions really did make the bench seating so much more comfortable, and a place you actually want to sit now.

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comI also got crafty and inserted a fun outdoor DIY into the space! I wanted to stretch the budget and was looking for a cool outdoor side table for the deck. The pineapple “side table” pictured below is actually this $55 bird bath. I had a thrifted marble side table in my basement closet and the base was pretty much trashed. I had always intended to use the marble top, which was in pristine condition, for something cool… and this felt like the perfect opportunity. Doesn’t it look lovely against the black? I feel like it looks very expensive! Not bad for a quick $55 DIY. Sometimes you just have to think outside-the-box.

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comEven though the deck is on the smaller side, I wanted to find room for a table and chairs. David loves cooking, grilling, and smoking meats, so giving them a designated outdoor dining area (even a small one) was very important.

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comI found this wood outdoor bar table that was the EXACT height of the deck railing. We used a bracket to secure it the deck, and I added a pair of these beautiful polywood chippendale style bar stools. They are a gorgeous charcoal color and are SO heavy in person. Emmett actually requested we buy some for our own backyard when it comes time to add an outdoor kitchen someday. Ha! They really are great quality.

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comReady for another before & after comparison? The little bar table fits perfectly into the corner of the deck that previously went unused…

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comI’m all about making things more beautiful, but most importantly- squeezing the maximum amount of function from a space. When floor planning this deck, the negative space worked out to perfectly accommodate the bar height table and two chairs. I love when that happens!

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comDavid & Angela actually have another deck that wraps around the front of their a-frame cabin that is three times the size of this one. However, the location of this small deck is very convenient because it’s located right outside a door that opens to their kitchen… which is optimal for entertaining, cooking, and sharing family meals outside. The large deck needs some serious repairs and most of the boards need to be replaced, but they said this makeover inspired them to tackle that project next. I’m sure we’ll be busting out our paint sprayer again soon to help them paint it, when the time comes (the two decks will match). Nothing makes me happier than inspiring friends to tackle their home projects. It’s so rewarding! Loving where you live is so important- especially now.

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comI adore how secluded and lush this outdoor area is. It’s privately tucked away amongst mature trees and feels like a total retreat, even though it’s close to the city. I’ll show you their incredible view later in the post (keep scrolling).

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comIt’s no secret being outdoor enthusiasts, Emmett & I love our YETI products (we have more than I care to admit). When Lowe’s emailed me announcing they’d be carrying the latest YETI collections (with new colors), we knew we had to incorporate some items into the deck makeover for David & Angela.

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comThese two are even more outdoorsy than we are, and the YETI tundra haul cooler (with convenient wheels) will be great for wheeling outside to entertain, or taking along on camping trips. Plus- I feel like YETI, cabin living, and outdoor enthusiast homeowners are kind of a match made in heaven. The tan color looks really nice with the color palette here… I’m digging the entire vibe.

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comGiven David is also very into smoking meats, we thought the new Weber SmokeFire pellet grill would be the perfect addition to their deck. Emmett picked it out for him, but I love the way it looks with the design plan. It certainly fits from an aesthetic point-of-view.

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comDoes a summertime hangout even count if you don’t have s’mores? I think not! I imagine our friends will make many s’mores, pour plenty of drinks, prepare lots of delicious food on the grill, and make wonderful memories out here for years to come.

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comI stuck to a tight budget for this project, so you’ll find most items in this makeover to be affordable and budget-friendly. I’m linking the sources for you below!

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.com01: valspar tintable solid exterior stain and sealer (in color: darkest night) // 02: allen+roth outdoor pillow // 03: resin pineapple bird bath // 04: allen+roth outdoor seat pad // 05: real flame ventura fire table // 06: allen+roth neutral open weave outdoor rug // 07: altman plants succulent arrangement // 08: emerald aborvitae potted shrub // 09: polywood chippendale outdoor bar stools // 10: boston loft furnishings outdoor bar table // 11: kante 3-pack concrete planters // 12: YETI rambler can holder // 13: YETI rambler wine tumbler // 14: allen+roth seeded glass lantern // 15: YETI tundra haul wheeled cooler // 16: newhouse lighting 25 ft string lights // 17: portfolio dovray outdoor sconce // 18: weber smokefire black pellet grill // 19: matching grill cover

My local Lowe’s garden center had a TON of beautiful pre-assembled succulent arrangements. All of the plants in the space came ready-to-style… no planting necessary. I’d check your local store for those pretty arrangements. They had lots to choose from!

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comI was sitting out here after photographing the space, watching the fire, talking to Angela and I said, “This definitely has a secluded Napa winery kind of vibe to it in the evening, don’t you think?” Want to see their view? If you peek through the trees, it’s nothing short of stunning.

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comWe feel incredibly lucky to have these two close by! Our entire family lives back in the south and midwest, so our close friends here in Utah have truly become our family these past five years. The next time you see Arthur, David & Angela’s cute Newfie, in my IG stories… you’ll know where he lives.

A-Frame Cabin Deck Makeover - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I want to send a big thank you to my team at Lowe’s for allowing us the opportunity to once again surprise a deserving family with a #LowesStyle makeover! I appreciate being able to find top brands and beautifully designed pieces, that always fit the budget for outdoor living, in one easy place. What did you think of this makeover? Are you into it? Is it what you expected? Would you like to see more of their a-frame cabin? I’m going to do a tour on Instagram in a bit.

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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous makeover 😍 Absolutely stunning! Your neighbors and friends are incredibly lucky. I love everything. There are so many beautiful items from this reveal that would be perfect for our backyard renovation but none of them are available at Lowe’s in Canada 😩 Such a bummer……The bar table and chairs and the 3 pack planters would be super awesome but in Canada we don’t get the selection that’s available in the US. It’s a great inspirational post for me though and has given me some wonderful ideas. Your friends will enjoy that fabulous deck for many years (lucky ducks) and Arthur is adorable. Newfoundlanders are a rare breed to find these days, there were quite a few in our neighborhood when I was a child growing up in Newfoundland but I haven’t seen many since. He is super beautiful! You can tell he is very well cared for. His coat looks amazing! Cheers to another inspiring reveal! Happy Monday! Our fence install starts today 😆 Exciting!

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I hate that you don’t have access to many of these items through Lowe’s Canada. I’m sorry! Isn’t Arthur a cutie? He is one spoiled, loved, and well cared for pup, indeed. You grew up in Newfoundland?! That is incredible. I’m so excited for your backyard. Happy fence installation day. Have a great week :) xo

  2. Wowza!!😍 You really outdid yourself! Obviously, the surroundings can’t be beat, and Arthur makes the cutest, floofiest, color-coordinated accessory, but your design takes it to the next level. You proved your floor-planning genius fitting that dining table there. I’m kind of cracking up at outdoor Chippendale chairs, but they sure look awesome! Now, you know I’m all about color, color, color…except for outside! I adore nothing but black, white cream, gray and browns in my outdoor spaces, so this gets all the heart eyes. (I like to let Mother Nature bring the color.) And, heck yes to an A-frame tour!!! I’m officially dying to see the entire place! You guys are the sweetest of friends, that’s for sure! Well done.💜

    1. Thanks Peggi! Arthur always steals the show… that floofy cutie :) Those chairs are awesome, aren’t they? Ha! I figured this muted outdoor color palette would speak to you. Mother Nature is definitely bringing the color and shining in this space. I love how secluded their house is amongst the trees. We definitely don’t have that at our house. Hope you have a good week ahead :) xo

  3. Looks great! Love a good deck makeover! I really like it when bloggers do budget makeovers or quick weekend projects for friends. A lot of my favorite bloggers are getting to the point where their budget and their style choices are high end (also great! and we definitely splurge on some things too!), but it’s fun to see bloggers do projects like this since they seem a little more attainable. My way of saying: more projects like this please!

    Quick question: We’ve got benches on our deck (but without a back) around our outdoor dining table. Wondering if you just placed the cushions directly on the bench or added something to the bench to tie them down? I’ve thought about getting bench cushions for our wood bench, but I don’t know how I’d secure them to not blow around in a light wind if no one was sitting on them. I also don’t want to add anything that would impede our ability to use the benches without a cushion since we like the look of our natural wood.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! These projects are fun for us too. It’s nice to mix things up, get outside of our own home, and be able to help others out. It’s a win / win. I’ll try to find more brands who will work with me to do more of these! To answer your question- we just placed the cushions direct on the bench. They don’t shift or anything, but we left the ties on the back of the cushions in case they need to be secured during inclement weather and tied to the seat.

  4. You’ve made this space so cozy for your neighbors! You are so thoughtful in planning designs that incorporate their love or interests (cooking, etc). Kudos on the bar table & chairs…best use of space! The black color makes everything else shine especially the backdrop…breathtaking!
    Loved the makeover! I am into it! Better than expected! Nice distraction too! Great job Sarah & Emmett.

    1. Thank you Danna! We’re just glad they’re happy. I’m also smiling to hear it provided a nice little breathing moment for you. It has been a heavy dark month, hasn’t it? I’m doing my best to keep positive, do my part, and be proactive over here. Hoping we have a happier week with some good news! :) xo

  5. WOW WOW WOW!!! Everything about this is so inspirational!! I think every detail the two of you put into this space was very well planned and thought out! It truly is a retreat that they will enjoy for many years. That bird bath diy😍😍I absolutely love a good diy piece blended in, and yours fits perfectly! There is so much to love about this, but I think my favorites are the fire table and that rug!! Yes please to a tour!! A-Frames are one of my most loved styles of home, and lately I’ve seen so many wonderful examples! How great that both of you have each other so close; that’s what makes great neighbors and friends! And Arthur is absolutely adorable!!

    1. Thanks so much, Lauren! I also love that fire table, and the moment I spotted that bird bath in the store, I knew the base was too cool to pass up. The interior of their home has such incredible bones and architecture. I’ll have to see if they’ll let me do a tour sometime :) Isn’t Arthur so adorable? So. Much. Floof.

  6. Looks amazing!! I love how you’re balancing elegance with the outdoors. Now I want to paint my deck a dark color… :)

    1. Thank you, Madeline! :)

  7. Sarah, lady, you guys are killing me. How dare you post this stunning and truly transformative backyard oasis when we just moved into a condo w/ a tiny 5×8 balcony?!? Ugh! Well, I guess I’ll just have to live vicariously – it’s sooooo beautiful and is giving me all the feels. Absolutely LOVE that you did it on a budget, too. You achieved most excellent bang for you buck on this one and what a sweet thing to do for your dear friends. I guess I’ll just have to forgive you. ;-D

    A Yeti cooler has been on our list for a while now, but have wondered how much they can actually hold since they have so much insulation taking up space. I know they get great reviews though, so we may just have to bite the bullet and finally get one. Thank you for linking to the shrubs & planters, too. Think those will provide some nice privacy on said balcony.

    David & Angela’s views are incredible. My brother’s MiL has views of SLC like that from her place and I could sit on her back deck for hours. Maybe I’ll see I can help her update it a bit and get out some of my outdoor decorating pent up energy! As always, thank you for the inspiration, Sarah!

    PS – I must have missed the link to where we can find our own Arthur?! I absolutely adore big fluff balls like that. What. A. Cutie!

    1. Hey Anne!! Before you drop that kind of cash on a Yeti, let me tell you a story, a true story: There were two brothers who came up with the Yeti cooler concept. Both decided to partner in their venture; eventually, differences arose over pricing and distribution, and one continued on his way with the Yeti brand. The other ventured off with the same cooler design, same look, but instead rebranded as Artic and vowed that his coolers would be affordable to the average person. 😉 We own several Artic coolers and love them! While we love Yeti, they’re just too high priced for our budget. Also I’ll add that the interiors of both brands are far more spacious than any other cooler I’ve owned!

      1. I spelled the name wrong! It’s Rtic.

      2. This is fascinating, Lauren!! I had no idea this is how the biz unfolded. My sister swears by their Arctic cooler. I feel like YETI certainly has the branding and marketing down, and their products live up to their name, but I’m tempted to go grab an Arctic and do some comparing now. Thank you for sharing an awesome budget-friendly alternative!

        1. Honestly, I’ve compared mine with my dad’s yeti and truly, I couldn’t tell the difference. I will say, the biggest difference in the large Rtic coolers is the lack of wheels. For our purposes with the larger one though, it doesn’t really matter. Everything else is pretty much exact. Including the look.

          1. Oh, wow, Lauren. I had no idea! That’s wild, although I do feel sorry for their parents. Hopefully it’s a friendly competition. :) We will definitely check them out. I know my husband has been pretty adamant about wanting wheels, but honestly, more often than not when we’ve gone camping, we had to carry our cooler anyway because of super rough terrain or steps down a hill, etc. Plus, I like the idea of the space the wheels take up, being better used by making more room for bacon. (Truly, if you don’t have bacon over a campfire in the morning, are you really camping?) >-)

            Sorry I hadn’t seen your reply earlier – don’t think I got the email notice, but I got the ones today letting me know you and Sarah had commented. Thanks so much for the info, Lauren & Sarah!

          2. That is amazing! Learned something new today :) Thanks again for sharing!

    2. Haha! Hey- you can do a lot with that little 5×8 balcony and I have no doubt you will make it amazing :) That is one my one complaint about the YETI coolers (specifically), the thick wall insulation that keeps ice for days, means not a ton of interior space. They live up to the hype though. We actually found a couple of ours secondhand on Craigslist / FB marketplace. You might check there first? Yes- do let me know if the next time you’re in SLC. Your MiL’s view sounds equally as incredible. The homes on “the bench” have the best views of the mountains and the city. I’ve loved living up here to take in the gorgeous scenery and get out of the city pollution. Is Arthur not the cutest floofball ever?! He is such a sweetheart, too. He loves playing with Cash & Crosby. They’ve been besties from day one. Hope you’re having an amazing week celebrating your birthday! xo

      1. You’re so sweet, Sarah. 🥰 That’s great to know about the interior space and duh, I hadn’t even thought of craigslist, etc, so thank you for the suggestion!

        Yes, the pollution can get so bad over the city in the Summer. Hopefully with a lot less people driving over the past couple of months, the inversions won’t be as bad, or as often, as usual.

        Thanks for the b-day wishes! Shhh…my b-day was really on the 5th, but we celebrate the whole birthday month in our family. That’s why Bill could get away with giving me a late present, but wait, it’s June now, isn’t it? Hmmm….😏

        1. I’m hoping the inversion isn’t too terrible, over the winter it got pretty bad. I love your idea of celebrating all month long… and hey- if you continue into the next month, that’s cool too! I fully support all of the birthday celebrations. Happy Thursday :) xo

  8. Holy cow!! This is stunning. Black was the perfect choice for that view and the backdrop of the tree. You always impress!

    1. Thank you so much, Dani! So glad you liked this one :)

  9. Dang Sarah, what a crazy transformation the black paint creates!! It’s all so stunning, you two did an outstanding job 🖤 And gosh, that view 🤩

    1. Thank you, Gloria! They really do have the best view!

  10. What a great transformation! And with so many beautiful products. I think I found the perfect rug for our outdoor dining area!

    1. Thanks Jessica! That rug is really beautiful and durable in person- and you can’t beat the price. I noticed it in the store and knew it would be ideal for their deck :)

  11. Sandy Kleist says:

    You are absolutely amazingly talented. This is stunning. WOW!

    1. Thank you so much, Sandy! xo

  12. Kristen Nuckles says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Great job!!

    1. Thank you, Kristen! Really appreciate your kind words :)

  13. Still such a beautiful makeover Sarah! The colors and ambience is spectacular…still! Looking forward to evenings outside. Hope your weekend is good! We are celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary and so happy to be able to go out to eat this year!

    1. Thank you so much, Danna! I’m looking forward to evenings outside as well. I hope you had the most amazing 26th wedding anniversary (what an accomplishment!), and perfect timing for celebrating your new property!! Congratulations on all fronts. I’m so excited for you! xo

  14. I am 100% inspired and influenced! I now have this as inspiration for my deck makeover. A couple of questions that I don’t think have been asked that I would love to know:
    – Gas fireplace on a wood deck: any concerns or pre-cautions that need to take place?
    – String lights: any tips or best practices on how to hang up and string around?

    Again, I am in love with the color scheme and elements.

    Thanks, Sarah!

    1. Aww, thank you Jane! I’d be happy to answer your questions… the gas fireplace is just fine on the deck. There is a propane tank underneath it and like other fire pit or fire table products- it has a valve with safety measures. Obviously I wouldn’t position it close to something flammable (like a tree dangling into it), but the bottom doesn’t get hot at all. As for the string lights, it really depends on the layout or design you want. We used a combination of existing nails / hooks and a couple staples to secure them into place. I’ve seen people do a zig zag pattern, straight lines, or an X pattern. Totally up to you! I would recommend considering where your outlet lives and start from there. Hope that’s helpful! Thanks for your kind words :)