2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden - roomfortuesday.comI’m continuing along with my 2023 Outdoor Living Tour and today I’m bringing you into our garden– which is my happy place this time of year! It’s located in our side yard and we began transforming this space back in 2019, and it has been a work in progress ever since. We don’t have much room for a large garden like we used to have, but this container garden and our raised bed really makes a difference. It’s enough space to grow some veggies, flowers, and pretty plants for added greenery on an otherwise boring side of our home. It’s a tranquil spot and I really enjoy it this time of year! Click through for the complete tour… 

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden - roomfortuesday.comThis side of our house was pretty overgrown with nothing much to look at. There are no windows on this side of our home, the overgrown vinca was taking over, and this spot turned into the preferred bathroom patch for our dogs… it was always filled with doo- which was difficult to remove amongst the vines. I really missed having a garden and thought the side yard would be optimal for that. Check out this post from 2019 for the beginning stages of our process. Today, it’s beautiful and far more functional (and the dogs no longer use it as their private bathroom)

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden - roomfortuesday.comWe used marble chips atop a weed barrier to keep the invasive vines from returning- they’re easy to clean (with the sweep of a leaf blower or garden hose) and they’re heavy enough to stay in place when the dogs run through. We added a long raised bed which fits the footprint nicely, as well as terracotta planters for a container garden that can easily be shifted and rearranged as needed.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden - roomfortuesday.comOnce challenge I wanted to tackle was finding a solution to make our HVAC units less noticeable. We have two air conditioning units that cool our house back here… as well as our sprinkler housing (peep the green and black box beneath the boxwood). Despite the utility eyesores, we added some easy and affordable vinyl screens to conceal the units. I think they work well and look pretty cohesive with our existing fence.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden - roomfortuesday.comI also added the most beautiful garden bench, which sadly has since been discontinued, but I linked a similar (more affordable) option for you below. Sometimes I’ll come sit out here with my coffee or a glass of wine after watering. The dogs also like to jump up and hang out. Otherwise, the bench makes a great surface for resting baskets filled with florals or produce I’ve foraged.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden - roomfortuesday.comI love collecting timeless terracotta planters. The first season we renovated this outdoor space, none of my planters matched. I just used what I had (mostly plastic containers) and what the previous homeowners had left behind. Having a cohesive color or material really made a huge difference in terms of aesthetic… and I enjoy adding to my collection each year.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden - roomfortuesday.comThis year, I’m growing herbs, fruits, berries, and tomatoes. I’ll probably add more vegetables later on, but there is nothing we love or eat more during the summer season than tomatoes. I can salsa, homemade sauce, and make plenty of Italian favorites. When we used to have a large garden (at our Ohio home), I was accustomed to canning at least 50 jars per season.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden - roomfortuesday.comI love the way the sunlight hits this area in our backyard… it gets great morning light and is protected from the harsh afternoon sun- which is actually ideal for our garden here in Utah, since temperatures are so hot and dry during the summer months. I’ve found plants thrive back here.

One question I’m most often asked about is our cages or obelisk plant trellis– I’ll link them here. They really are stunning and have held up well the past few years. I gave them a good power washing a couple weeks ago and they look like new.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden - roomfortuesday.com

Click the thumbnails below, or use the links below the collage to be redirected to each source.

vinyl screen // wakefield mini planter set // rosemary drop-in // garden stool // boxwood topiary // rosemary topiary // southern planter // provence planter // marble chips // pennington planter // old world planter // tall urn planter // terracotta planters // wood raised garden bed (we painted ours white) // woven handle basket // garden obelisk // outdoor bench (similar) // ruffled planter // throw blanket // tomato plants // raised bed soil // woven tray

I’ve linked everything for you above… or at least the closest items I could find since this makeover happened a few years ago. Please let me know if you need additional sources- I’m happy to share! You could easily add Sunbrella or outdoor cushions to the metal garden bench for a similar look. Mine came from Serena & Lily years ago, but has been discontinued.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden - roomfortuesday.comThis side yard went from neglected and boring to a beautifully layered garden… and while it’s on the smaller side, it’s really become a special spot to us. I enjoy planting, watering, weeding, and getting my hands dirty out here- it really is therapeutic to grow and care for your own plants.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden - roomfortuesday.comThis is one outdoor living space I’m most proud of… probably behind our shed. Why? I think it took some serious creativity to make a boring outdoor area with a weird layout feel useful and interesting. I think we were able to maximize the space, work with the odd shape, and bring beauty to this portion of our yard on a major budget. Somehow it worked out so well!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Garden - roomfortuesday.comBe sure to check back on Friday for the next stop on my 2023 Outdoor Living Tour... the shed! It’s looking cute these days. I hope you’re having a great week.

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  1. Good morning! It really is remarkable what can be created with a vision and a little physical labor! I’m certain most folks would have stopped at spraying the offensive vines. Instead, you’ve created a beautiful lounge spot…that actually produces food! Amazing. I love that the marble chips create a durable, water-wise base for the rest of the timeless materials. Despite my typical color-drenched preferences, I prefer black, white and terra cotta as an outdoor palette. That way the plants take center stage. Your collection of pots is so varied and lovely! They can surely be an investment, but they should last forever with a bit of care. I’ve admired those obelisks since you first featured this makeover. I’m pleased to hear (and see!) how they’ve lasted. One of these days I’ll prevail in my campaign to remove a couple of scraggly, poorly-placed cherry trees to make way for those stately towers. Sigh. This year I splurged on an arched trellis for my tomatoes; the rest of my budget always goes to plants. Ha. Despite being a little disappointed (and perplexed) that a few specimens don’t survive the winter, I’m always eager to find intriguing replacements! Anyone else lose control at the nursery? Speaking of plants, do I spy a raspberry in one of your pots? I know strawberries thrive in a container, but I’ve never seen other berries grown that way. So interesting! I’m all for experimenting in the garden. Cheers to another bountiful season of playing in the dirt! Happiest of Wednesday to the Gibson fam! (BTW, that wool/silk throw is gorgeous and a screaming deal!)💜🪴

    1. Good morning, Peggi! Thank you so much. I’d love to plant some more florals for a little cutting garden. I definitely need to add some colored varieties to the mix. While I love the aesthetic of pea gravel, I don’t think it would work well with our dogs for functionality. I imagine it being scattered throughout the yard… the marble chips were definitely the right move for us. Oooh- I’m super intrigued by your arched tomato trellis. That sounds beautiful and incredible! Sorry to hear about your plants that didn’t survive. That’s always such a bummer, but finding replacements sounds fun. Ha! I definitely lose all control of my budget at the nursery. You do spy container berries! Those are a blackberry hybrid that are supposed to do well in the container- it’s my first time trying it, so we’ll see. If it doesn’t go well, my plan is to transplant them. Who knows- it’s an experiment for sure. Cheers to another season of playing in the dirt, indeed! About the throw- I initially got it from Serena & Lily (for a partnership) and it was priced at $175!! I CANNOT believe I found the exact same throw for that price. It’s one of my favorites, so I bought another one. Such a great deal. Hope you’re having a good week! I’m playing catch up and am rearranging things over here (boo)- we were supposed to be in Kentucky today and my plan was to share my mom’s giant garden. I suppose that tour will have to wait until August when we reschedule. Oh well. xo

  2. Good morning! This is such a lovely spot in your backyard, and I remember when you first unveiled this makeover- your ability to imagine what a space can be, never ceases to amaze me. Your container garden serves as a shining example of gardening with a smaller footprint; I definitely wish we’d have thought of that in our apartment days! Your obelisks have held up well, and have been on my radar since you first revealed this area. I had never seen anything like those, and it was the first example of a garden that was both beautiful and functional. Goals for sure! Your containers were the inspiration for my “in the meantime garden”; I’ve been planting herbs every year since this reveal, in my beloved terracotta pots. I love your selection of pots, especially the urn shaped ones. I’m always on the hunt for terracotta and concrete pots. The garden in our yard is more of an area at the moment- there’s a ton of work to do before we can place our beds and plant, but it’s in the works, and hopefully next spring it will be an official garden. Our largest chore is the removal of several palm trees and repairing the damage they’ve done. We had high hopes to be further along our garden plans by now, but work travels have abounded for Jeff this year and time for projects has taken a backseat. For now, I ogle over lovely garden inspiration like this! How wonderful that you have created so many areas to enjoy throughout your yard- I love hearing that you relax here, and it’s more than just a visually appealing space. I can’t wait to see the shed this year! Have a lovely Wednesday, xo

    1. Good morning, Lauren! Thank you so much. I love your “In the meantime garden”… so clever and perfectly functional. I found most of my planters at local garden shops or thrifting. I went to Home Depot over the weekend after chatting with you and they had the planters marked for more than Lowe’s. I think you snagged an amazing deal on those! We’re in the same boat with being further behind than expected in regards to house projects. It has been a crazy month (and week) over here. We were supposed to be visiting my fam in Kentucky, but Emmett is having another unplanned surgery this week or next. So many doctor appointments for the both of us have derailed our plans. All of that to say- you’ll get the garden plans eventually :) That’s life! I hope you’re having a good week! xo