Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources)

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comI shared a few snippets here and there of our patio, then received a bunch of source questions. I figured it would be fun to photograph it again this year, especially since our viburnum is currently blooming, and update all of the source links for you guys. It looks very similar to last year, but there are a few styling differences you may notice. Click through to see our patio this year (I actually photographed it yesterday), and admire the beautiful blooming landscaping with me! I’m also spilling our future plans for the space.

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comI feel VERY lucky to have moved to a property with beautiful landscaping (our past two homes we had to completely start over). It definitely wasn’t by chance. We found out that the couple who built the home hired a landscape designer, which certainly shows! Here we are 30 years later enjoying the fruits of their labor and those beautiful mature viburnum (snowball bushes). It’s funny because we bought the house without knowing what the landscaping situation was like… in fact, we moved while everything was covered under a blanket of snow.

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comOur backyard loops around, has a steep bank (notice the boulder retaining wall), and the concrete pad is very curvy. It made sense to source an outdoor sectional that had a radius last year, to best fit the shape of the concrete. Eventually, we’d like to address the concrete altogether. Perhaps we stain or stamp it… maybe even tile on top of it? I’m not 100% sure how it will evolve, but I’d love to make it look less basic (and less dirty, thanks to dog paws). Texture is the goal when it comes time to renovate the backyard for real. At this point, we’ve really just tackled landscaping maintenance, leveling the yard, and installing sod. Of course furniture and styling goes a long way, too!

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comWhile we have big dreams for the backyard someday, it’s really wonderful and functional as is… we definitely don’t take it for granted. We spend a LOT of time out here grilling, eating, lounging, and entertaining. It was one of the very first spaces we pulled together after moving into this home, because we knew we wanted to start using it immediately.

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comThe fire pit is probably my favorite feature in our lounge area. I could sit out here with a blanket in front of the warm fire for hours. This is where our best conversations happen! It just feels like summertime and instantly adds ambiance.

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comYou know me… I like the little details, so I enjoy tossing throw pillows and blankets onto the outdoor sectional to cozy up with. Utah nights can be chilly, even in the spring & summer months, so these textiles are beautiful and functional.

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comOur outdoor dining area also sees a lot of use. After all, we don’t even have a dining set inside the house. Haha! Side note… I can’t wait to finish that space and see our vintage dining set in our home for the first time (soon, I hope)! All of that to say- we eat out here often because it’s our one and only dining table at this point.

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comThe bar cart is another piece of furniture that sees a lot of action on our patio. It’s perfect for casual family dinner or big backyard parties. We also keep a water bowl outside for the doggos. Yes- I made Cash pose like this for me. Doesn’t he look stoic? He received a lot of treats for this one.

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comCan anyone tell me what the flowering white plant is behind our dining table in the image below? I’d love to plant another one and I’m having trouble figuring out what it is. it’s one of my favorites alongside the viburnum!

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comOur dining set has held up beautifully these past four years and if you’ve been following along for awhile, you’ll recognize it from our previous home… it used to live under the carport.

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comI absolutely love filling our patio with plants! Of course my window box is beginning to take off and trail down the sides, which is making me very happy. My succulent arrangements are also growing larger each day.

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- our backyard and patio is a source of light for me. I’d rather spend my time outdoors than inside, and this has truly become a place for me to relax & recharge. It’s hard to believe this will be our second summer enjoying this space! With everything going on, my plan is to spend as much time out here as I possibly can this year. I’m sure you already guessed that, given multiple recent outdoor projects seen here on the blog. Ha!

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop.

01: patio heater // 02: cotton throw // 03: window planter box // 04: curved outdoor sectional (there are different colors, shapes, and configurations!) // 05: outdoor armless chair // 06: gas fire pit // 07: urn table vase // 08: pillow with fringe // 09: concrete fluted planter // 10: outdoor serving cart // 11: stone dog statue // 12: monogrammed doormat // 13: ruffle edge bowl // 14: console basket // 15: outdoor lantern // 16: gray sunbrella pillow // 17: patterned pillow // 18: salt & pepper grinders // 19: glass lantern // 20: provence outdoor dining table // 21: woven dining chairs // 22: outdoor area rug // *not pictured: citronella votive candles

I searched the web high and low sourcing products. Since I completed this space last year, there are a few things that have been sold out or since discontinued. I’ll continue to keep an eye on them to see if they come back in stock, but for now… this is the most up-to-date source guide for our backyard! Hopefully it’s helpful for those of you inquiring. Also… my friend Kyla pulled together a big roundup of trending patio and garden decor, if you’re interested in more.

Our Patio This Year (+ Updated Sources) - roomfortuesday.comAs always, please let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below. Lots of you have asked how things are wearing, the outdoor furniture we use most often, and how I keep our outdoor items clean. I’m happy to chat about alllllll the things in the comment section! I hope you’re all having a great week.

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  1. Your outdoor space is so lovely! I believe the arching bush by your dining room table is bridal veil spirea. We inherited one in our yard too and it’s such a great show in the spring.

    1. Thanks so much, Janet! It really is beautiful in the spring, though I wish the blooms lasted longer. Thanks for sharing your landscaping knowledge :)

  2. You should try using the PictureThis plant identifier app on that plant you can’t name. The free trial works great!

    1. Thank you!! I didn’t even know that was a thing. Super helpful, Amy :)

  3. You really do have the dreamiest backyard! Pretty certain my bum would be planted on that sofa with my feet on the fire pit all the time! Is that blue patterned pillow new? It’s so striking and bold! And those grinders? I’m kind of dying to know what you’ll put in them! May is our rainiest month, and it’s coming down steadily right now, so I’ll be waiting to set up our patio. I’m not sure from the picture, but that white-blooming plant might be a spirea. So, so lovely! Cheers to more beautiful days and evenings in our lush outdoor spaces!🌿☀️

    1. It makes us very happy! Anytime the fire is turned on, I’m lounging with my feet up… it’s my favorite seat back there! The blue patterned pillow is from last year, but I got it near the end of the season. I can’t remember if I shared it or not. The grinders are from our previous house… they normally live in the basement kitchen, but during the summer season, we keep them outside on the bar cart (it’s just salt & pepper), since we eat outdoors 90% of the time. Everyone really knows their stuff! Thanks for sharing your plant knowledge about the spirea :) Have a happy day! xo

  4. It’s hard to tell from your photo, but could your unknown white flowering bush be a Bridal Wreath Spirea? One of the things that cinched the deal in our current home was the backyard. It’s been such an oasis for us, especially the past couple of months!

    1. Thanks for the help, Leigh! After seeing all of the comments, I think it’s definitely a Spirea :) Having an awesome backyard is such a game changer. It’s truly an extension of your living space. I love hearing that you also spend lots of time in your yard. xo

  5. Your patio is gorgeous, and I’m in love with your landscaping – lucky you to fall into that! I think your mystery plant is a spirea. There are several varieties of it, but a couple that look similar to me in photos are Reeves and Vanhouttei. So pretty!

    1. Thanks Julie! Thanks so much for the plant ID- I’m definitely going to have to plant another one of those. We have an empty spot that would be perfect for it. Have a great day :)

  6. Melanie T says:

    I would second spirea for the bush based on the way the beaches sweep down. The spirea we had had miniature petals that would fall off and blow away with a strong breeze, creating a blizzard of petals. Lovely patio touches!

    1. Thank you so much Melanie :) I knew you guys would have the answer!

  7. Your outdoor space looks amazing! And I agree with the others it’s a spirea.

  8. Sabrina Lafreniere says:

    Just the inspiration I’ve been needing to be reminded of! Your home in general- but wow your outdoor spaces are dreamy! You really did such a fabulous space creating a mood throughout the property. We are working on our home in phases and starting on deciding to paint/ stain our front and back porch, expand our fence and create a garden area and lay down some pea gravel for a fire pit area and this inspired me in every way! It’s funny, working on clients home I don’t get decision fatigue but our own home- I have been with out exterior! Thank you for the great post, and inspiring me to make some more decision progress :)

    I’ve been looking at these dining chairs for so long that I think this post just sealed the deal to scoop them up after seeing them time after time in your posts! They look practically brand new in the photos you shared Sarah, have they had any damage from the weather that we can’t see? Even though they would be stored away for us over the winter months I’m apprehensive since we have harsh climates even in the summer!

    Thanks for everything :)

    1. Thank you, Sabrina! You made my day. We also work on our home in phases- it feels less stressful and allows us to save up and budget. I feel the same way… client projects always feel easier. The struggle is real! Haha! They’re so affordable and beautiful. We cover them up when they’re not in use (they’re stackable). I also washed the seat covers. We also store them in our shed during the winter months, but I’m very impressed with our they’re holding up! I feel like they look higher end than they actually are… and they’re sturdy. Hope this helps :) xo

  9. Your backyard is what dreams are made of! I’m going to have to peruse your sources on the furniture; now that the pergola is up I need to get a larger dining set and all the accessories! Lol. I actually just got back from Lowe’s, and I must say I’m pretty impressed by some of their outdoor rug options! No decisions yet though…I can’t decide on my direction for the dining set…there’s so many amazing options to pick from! We spent the better part of the last two days clearing out our shed and garage and completely purging. I’ll be coming back to this post for sure; your spaces are always so inspiring. Thanks Sarah, for the awesome roundup and have a great Thursday!

    1. Thanks so much, Lauren! Yes- you’re definitely onto the fun part of your outdoor spaces at this point :) I just bought an outdoor rug from Lowe’s yesterday (for the cabin deck project I’m doing for our neighbors). I was also very impressed with their selection! Our shed also needs a good purge and clean. I’ve been procrastinating doing that. Hope you have a beautiful weekend! xo

      1. Thank you – I will look it up!

  10. Beautiful! How has your fireplace held up over the harsh winter? Would you recommend it still or perhaps choose a different option.

    1. Thank you Kristen! So far so good… it came with touch-up paint and a cover. We love it and use it often in the spring & summer. We keep it covered when it’s not in use and there is definitely some wear, but if the patina bothers you- the touch up paint is a quick fix :) Hope this helps!

  11. Hi, I was wondering if you leave the Ikea dining chairs out in the weather and if they hold up? I like the look and the price point, but worried they aren’t really outdoor chairs. Love the post, thank you!

    1. Hi Scout! I’m copying my response to Rachel (above)… Our chairs have been outside for over 4 years now. We do cover them when they’re not in use. They stack nicely and we simply toss a chair cover over them. They have only been in the rain once. They’re not wet rated, so you’d definitely need to cover them. Hope this helps :)

  12. I believe the white plant is a White Spirea- sometimes called Bridal Vail – Your yard looks lovely!

    1. Thank you so much, Monica! xo

  13. Hi Sarah – is the viburnum and evergreen? Or does it loose all it’s leaves in the snowy winters? I am currently planning the landscaping around our farm, and want all the flowers to be white. Thank you – this looks gorgeous and cozy.

    1. Hi Libby.. I should know this but I really can’t remember what it did over the winter. I’m sorry! The white blooms don’t last very long… probably only 3-4 weeks. Hope that helps! xo

  14. LOL, Cash’s pose is the cutest! Your viburnum is beautiful! I also love the curve of your yard and with the patio furniture. It makes a cozy seating arrangement. Most patios are rectangle so I really like the round shape of yours. I am curious how you like the white metal screen to cover ac units? The decorative pillows and accessories are so well done. Isn’t it fun to plan and get dirty outside? Ha that sounded wrong! But planting and working outside really makes you feel good. I don’t get the same excitement from cleaning the interior of my home.
    Sorry to comment a day late. Catching up and can’t miss a post!

    1. Haha!! He’s so funny. I know… being used to square and rectangular patios, this curved number threw me for a loop. I wasn’t sure how to lay things out, but I think the curved sectional works well and feels organic with the space. I totally get it- I’ve been spending SO much time tackling outdoor projects just to get sunshine and fresh air. I’m with you- indoor chores and cleaning just aren’t as fun.

  15. Grace Maxson says:

    Hi Sara,
    Wondering if you could link me to the table that you hide your propane tank in. Assuming it did not come with the fireplace?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Grace! The end table was made to hide a propane tank and it came from Target last year, but has since been discontinued. I’m sorry!

  16. Beautiful, as always! I just came across your Instagram account a few months ago and have been smitten ever since. Your choices are always so perfect and you’re so inspiring! By chance, did you and your husband make the end table that serves as a cover for the fire pit’s propane tank? So clever!!

    1. Thank you Sandy! The end table was made to hide a propane tank and it came from Target last year, but has since been discontinued. I’m sorry!

  17. Hi Sarah! I love all your designs and all your thoughtfulness and details in all your rooms. I am working on our outdoor upstairs deck and love the furniture and set up. I read that the side table is discontinued but how about the other side table that is round? Where can I get something like that? Also I chose to do gray instead of white furniture … what colors do you think would go well for pillow ? Thank you so much !!!

      1. Thanh.darren@gmail.com says:

        Yes totally helps ! Thank you . Also how did you hide the gas hose from the fire place ?

        1. No problem! Since it’s in the back of the seating arrangement, I usually tuck it along the perimeter, or leave exposed in the back. Nobody trips over it since there isn’t a seat directly behind it. Another option is to use an outdoor area rug (and cut a hole). I’ve seen lots of people do that to hide it! You can also have the fire pit installed to a direct gas line, that way you don’t have to worry about a propane tank or the cord. Lots of options :)

  18. Such a beautiful yard. I would try to spend all of my time out there if it were mine! I was wondering if you kept up with the Orkin mosquito protection that you posted last (?) year. I live near Denver, but there’s a lot of water around us that bring mosquitos to our yard every evening. Could you give a quick update on whether you’ve continued that service or if you’ve discontinued it? Thanks as always!

    1. Thank you, Bora! We are stilling using Orkin for pest control and mosquito protection. I let it go at the beginning of spring, but our yard backs up to a golf course (that waters their green constantly), which has created a perfect environment for breeding mosquitos since it’s always wet (I could see them swarming). I was getting eaten alive and called to renew. They come once a month and spray certain hot spot areas. Since I started the service back up, I haven’t had any more bites in our yard. Hope this helps!

  19. So glad I found your website! I’m brainstorming my backyard project and want to get a pergola. Was the white one already there or did you purchase? Looks like it might be vinyl? I loved the wood one in your other place. Which do you prefer and why? Also where did you get the white one if you purchased? Many thanks and I’ll be looking thru a lot more of your articles in future.

  20. Hi there! Great site! I am wondering if that is a propane fireplace, and if so, how you hid the propane line? (assuming the tank is under that side table?). looks so nice!!!

    1. Hi, thank you so much! Yes- the fire table is propane. The tank is hiding in the center table, and we wrapped the cord underneath the sofa. This particular fire pit also has the option to be directly installed to a gas line, if you don’t want to deal with a cord. Hope this helps :)