2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Dining

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Dining - roomfortuesday.comHow was your weekend? Today we’re continuing along on my 2023 Outdoor Living Tour. Have you been enjoying this series? I hope so! Today, I’m taking you into our backyard to have a peek at our dining setup on the patio under the pergola. Click through for the complete tour, which includes some pretty beautiful outdoor entertaining and tablescape inspiration, if I do say so myself… 

Sometimes the light hits just right… golden hour is my favorite time to enjoy our dining area on the patio, but once the sun goes down- there’s just something about twinkle lights on a summer night that feels kind of magical.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Dining - roomfortuesday.comWe’re lucky to have moved into a home that already had a fabulous backyard and patio with mature & established landscaping. Our snowball viburnum will forever be my favorite, but we also appreciate having the concrete patio and white pergola- both of which were here when we moved in. Aside from swapping a few light fixtures, power washing, and hanging string lights, this space only required furnishing and styling.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Dining - roomfortuesday.comOur dining table and chairs have been with us for over six years now. If you’ve been following along with our projects for awhile, you probably recognize them from the carport makeover at our previous home. The table has held up beautifully and I still love it as much as I did the day I bought it. The dining chairs are also doing great, though they’re technically not outdoor rated. We cover them when not in use, which is 100% why they’ve lasted us this long. They’re beautiful, comfortable, and affordable, but definitely shouldn’t get wet.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Dining - roomfortuesday.comI’m such a fan of hosting outdoor dinner parties. Cleanup is easy, the ambiance is unmatched, and there is nothing better than eating outside, al fresco style. I also think it allows for unique and summer inspired tablescapes- with plenty of candles and woven textiles.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Dining - roomfortuesday.comI usually keep the tabletop simple… recently, I’ve styled it with our everyday plates & flatware, my favorite queen anne’s lace centerpiece, linen napkins with fun bamboo rings, and new scalloped handblown glassware I just snagged for myself from the Tuesday Made shop. I’ve been getting a LOT of questions about that pretty runner, too. It’s a splurge, but I’ve got a good affordable option on my LTK in the high/low section for you, if you’re looking for something similar.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Dining - roomfortuesday.comThe outdoor rug is very similar to the one we had last summer, but it’s actually new. I love a timeless woven rug with a border! Unfortunately, Emmett mowed over our old one last year and we had to toss it. I found this great, affordable option at my local Lowe’s on the fly. They have more colors and sizes online, but I was pretty impressed with the in-store selection.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Dining - roomfortuesday.comOur trusty serving cart is still holding up beautifully and not much has changed out here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- if things are working well (functional and aesthetically), which is always the goal… there is no need to continually redesign and replace things. My mindset is to create spaces that feel timeless and have staying power. It makes me happy to see that out here…

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Dining - roomfortuesday.comI use the cart for food (usually drinks or dessert), extra serveware, or sometimes just as another surface to style. I’ve also wheeled it over to the garden to use a planting station. It’s easy to clean and I’ve found it to be very convenient and functional. Who knew I’d use an outdoor cart so often?

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Dining - roomfortuesday.com

Click the thumbnails below, or use the links below the collage to be redirected to each source.

white pergola (similar) // white string lights // queen anne’s lace florals // scalloped wine glass // scalloped champagne flute // flatware // bamboo napkin rings // pillar candles // woven table runner // ribbed stoneware bowl // cotton throw // linen napkins // salt & pepper mills // beaded dining plates // fluted glass hurricane // outdoor provence dining table // woven dining chair // chair cushion // outdoor rug // white plates // linen kitchen towel // round serving board // handwoven basket pair // olive tree topiary // rosemary topiary // outdoor serving cart // mini wakefield planter set // woven handle basket // ruffled planter

As I previously mentioned, many of these items I purchased years ago, so I did my best to find accurate or really similar sources for you. I’m also a big believer in maintaining and keeping your outdoor furniture in good condition. Some items stay out year round, some are covered when not in use, and others are stored in our shed during the snowy winter months. It depends on the material.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Dining - roomfortuesday.comSomeday, we’d like to remove all of those boulders and install a brick retaining wall for more a classic looking space that is more useful with additional square footage in our backyard, but for now- I think it’s pretty perfect. Who knows if we’ll ever get to it, but I think it would be really pretty. Check back on Wednesday for a tour of the lounge area on our patio. It’s adjacent to the dining table! Here’s to a good week ahead.

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  1. Good morning! Such a marvelous spot! You really did win the backyard jackpot-beautiful, mature landscaping; a lovely, sizable pergola; and a smooth concrete patio. Ideal for immediate enjoyment and a solid base for a variety of potential enhancements. You know I love a dinner party, and this setup is actual perfection! I’m all about neutrals outside, so the layers of wovens, white and wavy glass are speaking to me. I lack the diligence required to care for those chairs, but the curved back and gentle arm slope are my fave. Comfy enough to encourage lingering. I’m gaga for your scalloped glassware! The delicacy is impressive for such bubbly, handblown goodness. Add some champagne for a bit of double bubble action. Sublime. Topping it all off with my nostalgic floral dream too! Every time I see your Queen Anne’s lace, I imagine that fresh carroty scent. I’m still surprised that artists thought to recreate their humble blooms. As much as I adore this setup, you’d think we were al fresco diners. Nope. We enjoy a risky (dogs + glass) cocktail hour now and then, but I’ve never purchased a dining table. Perhaps this will be the summer! Until then, I’ll just admire your spot and await my invitation. HA! I’m so enjoying all of your amazing outdoor inspiration, and I especially applaud your “buy classic, enjoy forever” ethos. (Lawnmower mishaps, notwithstanding. Lol.) Cheers to that and a wonderful Monday! 💜
    Wishing Emmett comfortable rest and swift healing. And nothing but the healthiest vibes for you both.

    1. Thank you, Peggi! We hit the backyard jackpot, indeed. We’re so lucky to have inherited these gorgeous plants. The chairs are really comfortable and for the price- the effort has been worth it. I’m glad they’ve held up nicely all these years. Isn’t the glassware perfection? As soon as those arrived in the shop, I need I had to snag some. They’re so lovely in person! I found a big patch of Queen Anne’s lace along the highway the other day and *almost* pulled over to pluck a bunch. Ha! You’re welcome for a visit anytime. You know I’m all about that “buy classic, enjoy forever” philosophy. Who has the time or money to keep swapping things every year? Sounds exhausting! I’ve given Emmett strict instructions to AVOID mowing over my outdoor rugs from here on out, so I’m hoping to avoid that this year, haha! Although I’ve been the one mowing and doing yard work lately since he’s still recovering. Hope you’re having a great, sunny day! xo

  2. Good morning! This spot is the summer dinner dream spot, and I thoroughly enjoy seeing your styling year over year. You’re very much like me- purchase for longevity, take care of it, and the reward will be years of use! I’m shocked your patio chairs have held up, but they’re looking beautiful as ever. The curved woven backs get me every time. I’m in love with how simple and classic all the glass looks against the woven details of this year’s tablescape. The runner you selected is incredible by the way! The Viburnum looks so lush this year; a cascade of greenery and blooms gives this area of your yard such a private summer vibe. It makes me sad for all the Photinia we lost. I’m counting the days until our new dining set arrives, and taking all the outdoor inspiration I can manage. I have a long term landscape plan for the backyard now, with just a few minor tweaks to work out. Seeing your space has me excited to get working on it and make slow progress over the next few years. Cheers to summer (although sunshine hasn’t been gracing us lately- it feels like February here), sunset dinners, and all things outdoors. I’m hoping Emmett is doing well since his follow up surgery and sending all the restful, healing vibes!

    1. Exactly- I’m all about purchasing for the long haul. Who has the time, money, or energy to keep redoing things year after year? Not this girl. Ha! The chairs have been the best budget friendly surprise. They definitely wouldn’t look so good if I didn’t keep them covered when not in use, but I love the look of them- and they’re comfortable. Worth the effort to cover and uncover when needed. The viburnum produced smaller snowballs this year, which I’m guessing had a lot to do with last year’s drought. I’m hoping they’re bigger and more lush next year like they have been in years past. How is your new dining set?! Did it arrive? That’s so exciting! We’re actually having a really good, rainy spring here- which I’m enjoying. It hasn’t been super duper hot yet, which is such a relief. Emmett got his stents out yesterday and is feeling so much better, thanks Lauren! Hope you and the kids are kicking off summer and enjoying the week :) xo