Roundup : Large Outdoor Planters

Roundup : Large Outdoor Planters - roomfortuesday.comOne of my good friends requested this post, and it felt like the perfect, happy spring roundup to share this week! Lots of us have plants and all things outdoor living on our minds, given the current season and situation. I know many of us are itching to physically get out of the house- even if it’s just to our outdoor area, like the backyard or patio. If you’re also on the hunt for large, outdoor planters this post is for you. I rounded up a bunch of my favorites! Whether they’re flanking your front door, or are out on your patio- hopefully this roundup will save you some shopping time scouring the internet. Click through to see what I found… and for a peek at an outdoor area at our home you haven’t seen before.

Roundup : Large Outdoor Planters - roomfortuesday.comYep- this is our garage! If you’ve been around awhile and follow along on Instagram, you may remember we had our garage doors replaced after one broke (see all of that in this IG highlight). That was last fall, and this is the first image I’ve shared with the replacement doors. We also swapped the outdoor sconces. We still have a lonnnng way to go out here, but things are looking up! I’ll try to share more about our exterior garage transformation and goals this spring. I scored two of those BIG terra cotta planters accidentally- when picking up a lamp from FB marketplace. I ended up rummaging through someone’s garage and called Emmett to help me pull these two heavy planters out (he was thrilled, joking). I love the scale, traditional aesthetic, and weathered patina. I just planted topiaries in them last weekend and am looking forward to watching them grow.

Roundup : Large Outdoor Planters - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the planters to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below… 

01: square box planter // 02: macron urn planter // 03: fluted terra cotta planter // 04: pod planter // 05: classic planter // 06: cumberland planter // 07: cement planter // 08: galvanized planter // 09: onyx planter // 10: zinc planter // 11: blue and white ceramic planter // 12: large square planter // 13: black planter // 14: radius planter // 15: concrete fluted planter // 16: williamsburg planter // 17: tall belize planters // 18: pair of planters // 19: textural planter // 20: large urn planter

Do you have any stand outs from the mix? My favorites include: #2, #5 (super close to my terra cotta thrifted ones!), #6, #11, and #16…. but my aesthetic is pretty traditional and that vibe fits well with our home exterior.

Roundup : Large Outdoor Planters - roomfortuesday.comOur front porch planters are looking pretty basic right now. I literally just swapped our Christmas pines for spring greenery last weekend and am waiting for more plants to be delivered / the weather to warm up before actually going all out. This is what they looked like last year.

Roundup : Large Outdoor Planters - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re on a super tight budget, I have a couple hacks for you…

  1. Buy basic terra cotta planters, then paint them your preferred color. That’s what I did in the above image for our carport makeover. I potted honeysuckle, which smelled amazing, created a nice natural privacy screen, and the black pots fit the design plan perfectly.
  2. Skip buying a planter altogether, leave the plant in its original container, and set it inside a basket… just like I did on our bedroom balcony, pictured below. My local greenhouse told me that many plants prefer their small, original containers and the root ball often does better when it’s tightly contained, so this is a pretty practical budget-friendly option, if you already own a basket.

Roundup : Large Outdoor Planters - roomfortuesday.comI already planted my annual succulent arrangements (those were delivered last weekend as well), and nothing gets by you guys! I’ve already had IG messages rolling in, asking me to share. Luckily, I put together a tutorial a couple years ago. If you’re interested in my easy DIY succulent arrangement, you can find that post here. These require very little watering or maintenance once they’re planted and they grow BIG during the summertime. Check out the growth from one of my past planters below…

Roundup : Large Outdoor Planters - roomfortuesday.comAlthough I haven’t tackled this yet this year (since we’re social distancing and I don’t want to leave the house), I like adding mulch, moss, or pea gravel to the top layer of soil for a clean, tailored look. In our previous backyard, you can check out my topiary for a mulched example. If you’re going to spend the money on a nice plant and planter, you might as well make it look top notch! That’s my philosophy anyway.

Roundup : Large Outdoor Planters - roomfortuesday.comI hope you found some spring inspiration for your plants and planters in this post! I’m definitely looking forward to more nice weather, sunshine, and time spent on the patio and in the backyard. If you have other roundup requests, please drop them in the comment section below! My close friends know they can always ask me to compile a big shopping blog post, but that goes for my virtual, social media, blog reading friends too. Room for Tuesday perks, right?!

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  1. What a score on those gorgeous terra cotta planters! They look fab flanking the fancy new garage door. I was just looking at my sad, empty patio planter yesterday; I’m sure missing the hunt for interesting pot fillers this year, and I don’t think our local nurseries are delivering.😢 I haven’t really invested in outdoor planters (our local selection is limited!), but I prefer a simple, slightly modern look. And outside is the one place I don’t want color! I would happily fill #3, 7, 9, 13, 14 and 15. Definitely time to start sprucing up the yard! 💖

    1. Photos really don’t do them justice… they’re GIANT! Such a bummer that your local nurseries aren’t delivering. I hate that for you AND them. I know many small businesses are really suffering right now. I feel happy I can support them in that way by still buying my spring plants. I am SO surprised you don’t like colorful things outside?! haha! I never would’ve guessed. I hope you’re having a good day! We’ve got rain on the forecast all day today and snow tomorrow. Yippee.

  2. This is such a lovely round-up! I agree with you 100% on favorites: #2, 5, 6, 11, and 16 (my style is also quite traditional). I also like the lines of #10. I’ve been loving the Campania brand that a lot of these are – our local garden center carries the brand, and their planters are all so gorgeous and substantial in person.

    1. Thank you, Julie! Yes- I like that brand too… they have some really nice shapes and heavy planters! So lucky that your local greenhouse carries them and you can save money on shipping! Now if everything would just open back up, and get back to normal soon :) xo

  3. I love all of the planters in this roundup 😍 and so excited for spring 🌸 even though we had flurries here yesterday :(Ontario, Canada) my poor hyacinths which are in full bloom are so confused by the up and down weather. However, I’m getting new planter pots this year and this post is quite timely. Not sure when the nurseries will open but I’m keeping a close eye if curbside pickup might be available next month🤞 I’m further excited because I ordered a custom exterior black metal Address sign we have desperately needed since moving in last year. Thank you Etsy because it arrived, it’s gorgeous and will probably dictate the style of planters I get. Or will it? The sign is kind of modern and black in color so getting black planters makes sense I think. So I’m digging all the black ones for sure and I love the way greenery looks against a black backdrop 💓 and last year changed all our mulch to black when we moved in. For now leaf cleanup is in order as I ponder which pots I should order. Thanks Sarah for this post with all the beautiful Exterior pics of your homes you officially have me excited and inspired for spring. And of course Everything in the roundup is fabulous ❤️

    1. Me too!! I want it to be fully spring over here. We have flurries on the radar tonight and tomorrow, so I feel your pain. I covered all of my plants last night. I’d definitely keep an eye on your local nurseries for delivery. A lot of the smaller businesses in our city have started doing that. Your address sign sounds amazing! I love your idea of matching black planters. We need to do leaf cleanup over here too… just waiting for warmer weather again :) I hope you’re having a great week so far, Colleen! xo

  4. Lea Richards says:

    Aw, thank you for doing that for me :) ILY

    1. Anytime girlfriend :) xox

  5. I really enjoy your blog and your designs and rooms are totally to die for. I’m concerned about being able to actually go to a nursery this year and purchase plants/flowers. I was wondering if you might post where you order flowers and plants on line. I have never tried that. Are you happy with what you get? Also, would like to know where you go locally for plants and flowers since I also live in Salt Lake. I recently saw a Lowe’s advertisement and it looked like they had used your “thank you” tile sign. Did you see that?

    1. I did see that! Thank you, Wenda! For indoor plants, Cactus & Tropicals is offering “virtual shopping” with pickup and delivery. I also ordered a bunch of seeds from online companies like Select Seeds, Johnny’s Seeds, and Shallowtail Seeds. Progressive Plants in Daybreak, Utah is also offering online ordering and delivery to your door. I’ve also heard that Millcreek Gardens is doing call-in orders / parking lot (zero contact) pickup. I was also able to order some herb plants from my local grocery instacart order. I know they’re available at Smiths, Sprouts, and Costco. Hope this helps! xo

  6. I just came in from pulling weeds and working in our yard. Came across a baby snake…yep…heart attack for a few minutes! Luckily my neighbor was outside and help me get rid of it!
    Love #3,4, & 15! I like that they are different from the ones I have had for so many years. Would love to purchase the tall size of 15 for the front of our door. Crossing fingers!
    I just found out there’s a garden store selling plants in a parking lot near us. Plan to get some tomorrow. A garden is the next plan. Working in the yard and being outside is really lifting my spirits! I hope it does the same for you both.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!

    1. thank you. One of my favorite places to purchase flowers is no longer open. i will have to try Daybreak.

    2. A baby snake?! I also would’ve had a little heart attack. Haha! I’m with you Danna… working outside in the yard has been such a mood lifter these days. It snowed here today, but I think better weather is in the forecast this weekend. Fingers crossed! :) xo

  7. Number 17!!!! Oh be still my heart! My husband cringes in pain every time I bring home a new Terra cotta planter…true story: when we moved in three years ago there were seven huge Terra cotta pots, all empty, laying around our backyard. Some of them were badly damaged and I have no regrets about showing them the door. But the others…well, let’s just say I was mentally unable to see them in the overall vision, and sold them for $10 each at a yard sale. 😬😣 Not my best moment. Now that there’s a cohesive plan for the yard, I wish I had never gotten rid of them. You live you learn right? I have learned over the last 3 years to love my house for the unique style it is, and doing so has allowed me to embrace it and fall in love with it, instead of fighting against it. I’m going to be on the hunt for some pots like 17; and they will perfectly grace the new pergola on the side patio!! Thanks for the roundup; very well timed as always!

  8. Stephanie says:

    I have the #10 planters! I filled them with boxwoods last week and placed them around my patio. They add so much! Love them.