2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! As promised- I’ve got another stop on my 2023 Outdoor Living Tour for you… next up, we’re taking a peek at our cute shed. Click through for the complete tour and to see how it’s looking these days… 

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comI designed our shed during the summer of 2020. We were trying to decide between readymade options or just building our own version from the ground up… obviously we opted for the latter. Here’s what it looked like early on:

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comFor the complete process and supply list, check out this post… it’s actually pretty interesting to see the progression. It was a labor of love, but I’m happy we went in this direction. It allowed me to have complete control over the design.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comThe entire build only took Emmett a few months, and I ended up sharing the reveal at the end of August in 2020. It’s a project we’re both vert proud of that has added so much functionality to our home and outdoor living spaces.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comNot much has changed since the initial reveal a couple years ago- aside from swapping plants and adding mulch. The biggest difference is probably the roof. A year after we finished the shed, we had our roof replaced after a storm caused damange to our home. We had extra roofing tiles left over and the roofers asked if we wanted them to tackle our shed with the excess. It was an immediate YES from us and I think the roof tiles make the shed look even more charming. I can’t imagine it without the dimensional tiles now.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comOur shed is set to the back right of our side yard and property… just next to our driveway. We have large mature trees that line our drive and it’s one of my favorite views pulling into our home- especially during the winter and fall months.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comWe primarily use the shed for storage… yard equipment, our mower, snowblower, gardening items, tools, our ATV, and outdoor equipment lives security in the shed. It’s actually quite spacious inside and even has a lofted area (perfect for outdoor cushions and holiday decor).

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comIn addition to the beautiful French doors (I love the hardware), we also have outdoor security around our home and outdoor living areas. I’m notorious for forgetting to close the shed doors after working outside, so luckily I receive text notification reminders to close & lock the door. Ha.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comWe did replace our boxwoods last year because the first ones we transplanted to our front yard and the deer ended up eating the rest. That was an expensive lesson to buy deer resistant varieties, which you see below.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comI love a classic window planter and swapping my boxes brings me a lot of joy. I trade them out twice a year… once in the spring and once in the fall. Right now they’re stuffed with white flowering bacopa and are filling out nicely.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comI’ll link all of the shed sources below, but let me know if I’m missing anything! I’m always happy to share. It has been a couple years since we completed this project, so I’ll link the most similar products I can find. Scroll on…

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.com

Click the thumbnails below, or use the links below the collage to be redirected to each source.

outdoor solar sconce // french doors // brass exterior door hardware // terracotta planters // boxwood topiary // iron fence // black mulch // bacopa florals // vinca // window planter box (similar) // large terracotta planter

I wish I could find our original window boxes, but they were discontinued shortly after I purchased them. I’m linking a close second pick that look equally as timeless!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comThe last thing I want to touch on that I receive many questions about is our solar sconces. That’s right- they’re powered by the sun and we keep the solar panels just inside the shed windows. They automatically click on during low light and have yet to burn out on us. They’re also very affordable- under $100. I love these and their classic shape.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Storage Shed - roomfortuesday.comI hope you enjoyed the shed tour this year! I really love this little building- both aesthetically and functionally speaking. It’s one of my favorite projects we’ve tackled. Cheers to a beautiful weekend ahead! What is everyone up to?

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  1. Good morning! Certainly the classiest shed in the land! With your design and Emmett’s craftsmanship, you really can’t go wrong. I think the windows especially add so much charm. The doors and hardware also telegraph, “I’m no off-the-shelf shed.” 😉 The key though might actually be the landscaping. It truly anchors the building to the site. So pretty and intentional! Also, yay for deer-resistant plants! I understand those fuzzy cute neighbors can be quite voracious. I love how so many plants are helpfully labeled these days. I know it’s not wired or plumbed, but I still think the shed could function as a private yoga studio or writer’s retreat if desired. For now, how nice to have convenient, clean storage for outdoor items, so they don’t clog up the garage! Speaking of electricity, thanks for the reminder about that incredible solar sconce! My vegetable beds are behind our garage where there’s no light. I think one of those might be a perfect (and simple!) solution. You always offer such timely and helpful information! You’re the best. As for the weekend, we’ve got a retirement party to attend, and I get to go plant shopping with my bestie. She’s venturing into gardening! (Cue ridiculous excitement!) I hope that poor Emmett is able to rest and heal, and that you have some decompression time of your own. Deep breaths, fresh air, pupper snuggles. (Generously applied pain relief…) Let’s try and ease into June. And of course, Happy Pizza Friday!🍕💜😎

    1. Thank you, thank you! I do love the windows and swapping the planters is one of my favorite chores. Emmett did a great job with the landscaping- I totally agree that it makes it feel more integrated with our yard, and less like an afterthought (even though that’s exactly what it was). If it weren’t so full, I’d LOVE to turn the shed into my own little yoga or pottery studio- that would be a total dream come true. Who needs electricity- candles would add to the ambiance- or more solar sconces. Those things are great! Have so much fun plant shopping with your bestie and enjoy the retirement party! We’re taking it easy around here- Emmett will hopefully be napping most of the weekend to heal, and I’ll be struggling through colonoscopy prep and jello (fun times around here, lol)! Definitely practicing some deep breathing, getting some fresh air, and getting plenty of dog snuggles this weekend! Happy pizza Friday!! xo

  2. Good morning! How is it the shed gets cuter every year? What I love the most is that it looks like a granny shack, versus the typical shed you’d see in someone’s yard. How I wish ready-made sheds all looked this adorable. The landscaping you’ve added definitely helps it feel like it belongs, and brings intentionality to an otherwise utilitarian space. While I can’t share in your deer woes, I do understand the need for strategic planting. Lately I’ve been itching to bring the backyard closer to my vision, and realizing that the livestock and goats behind us will present a challenge. Funny story- I watched the owners plant a tree for them (for shade); it took them half a day to get it situated- the cows had it mowed down to just the trunk by day 3. 😂 I digress… How did I miss that your shed lights are solar powered?! What a fantastic lighting plan! Your outdoor spaces always give me the kick I need to get moving on the projects I put off. Our yard is huge and often feels daunting. Our mature landscape is reaching its life expectancy, and there’s so much work- but your spaces are the best example of gradual improvement over time. I find that so valuable in the world of social media transformations. Cheers to the weekend, which is hopefully bringing you and Emmett a little downtime after his surgery. We don’t have specific plans- the days have been cloudy, cold and fog-filled for forever now, and we’ve had rain for the past 3. Womp, womp, womp. It’s killing my beach plans, but I’m sure we’ll find something to do with ourselves. Happy Pizza Friday!!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! I feel like the roof tiles really made my vision come to life… the thing I didn’t know I wanted or needed until they were installed- a happy accident. Ah yes, the deer. Our neighbors got a deer deterrent speaker thing after they totally chomped her flower patch and I haven’t seen them in a couple days. I’m cracking up at your cow story. That definitely tracks! Ha. That’s an expensive oops. Gradual improvement is the way to go (in my opinion) for landscaping. It’s just so costly and tons of work! That makes it feel less overwhelming. Yes! Our shed lights are solar and I love, love, LOVE them! They’re so wonderful and easy. Emmett is currently snoozing in the basement. I shared with him what you said about Jeff’s experience- thank you for that, BTW! That’s super helpful to keep in mind. I hope he’ll start feeling much better when the stents come out later next week. I’ll be doing prep for a fun colonoscopy / endoscopy day coming on Monday, so you better believe I’m eating pizza tonight. Lol! We’re just in full health mode over here. Yikes. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend! xo

  3. How do you water the window boxes? I’d love some but hesitate because I don’t want to have to hand water and I don’t want any hoses showing on the side of my house!

    1. We set up drip lines, so it’s much easier and set up on an automatic schedule!