2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! Today, I’ve got the last stop on my 2023 Outdoor Living Tour lined up for you. I wanted to share some snippets of our exterior that include our front porch, garage, driveway, and front yard. Click through for a closer look, future plans, and the sources…

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comI mentioned this awhile back, but I was in North Carolina at the end of April for a work trip and I arrived home to our front landscaping totally ripped out… apparently Emmett had been busy while I was away. We had some plants die over the winter and had been wanting to line our sidewalk with boxwoods anyway. He took it upon himself to knock out the project while I was away for work, so it was a fun surprise to come home to. They’re filling in nicely and it looks so much better, in terms of curb appeal.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comOur front porch really hasn’t changed much since we replaced our front door back in 2019. I still love our exterior sconces, my faux (can you believe those aren’t real?!) viburnum topiaries, and our classic mat. Sometimes keeping it simple and maintenance-free is the best!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comThe one item I’m asked about more than any other thing in our home is our door hardware, and believe me when I say- this HEAVY gorgeous vintage brass hardware is well worth the investment. I still love it years later… it fact, we had the same handleset at our previous home. I liked it so much, I wanted to repeat the look. I’ll never tire of a timeless black or white door with brass hardware.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comOur monogrammed doormats (we have one at the front door and back door) are also over five years old and are wearing nicely. They’re another classic exterior item that is splurge worthy, in my opinion. The fact that they’ve held up so well confirms that for me. I’ll link sources for you below…

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.com

Click the thumbnails below, or use the links below the collage to be redirected to each source.

lantern sconce // vintage brass door hardware // string lights // house numbers // lanterns // remote candles // viburnum topiary // pedestal planter // personalized doormat // gooseneck sconce // terracotta planter // boxwood topiary // marble table // patio chairs // terracotta bowl

Someday, I would like to tile or install pavers or something more interesting on our front porch, but for now- the concrete is durable, pretty classic looking, and is working well… that’s really just an aesthetic future want, and we definitely have higher home priorities on our to-do list at the moment. Maybe someday!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comI still have my patio chairs in our front side yard. I thrifted those and gave them a little makeover a few years ago. To be honest, we never use them- they just fill visual negative space.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comIf we ever get a pool or spa someday (which would be a dream come true), I do think it would be fun to bring this set into the backyard for an additional seating area.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comYou know I love my container plants, and this time of year I’m constantly shuffling planters, styling them around our home exterior, and I thoroughly enjoy watering them a couple times each week… that has become my zen moment to reflect and do something mindless. Sometime about watching your plants grow and caring for them is rewarding.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.com

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comThese tiny wispy white flowers in one of our front beds have been blowing up this season- I love watching them dance in the wind, so I wanted to grab a closeup for you… aren’t they pretty?

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comYou can catch the shed tour here, if you missed it, but it lives to the right side of our driveway, while the garage is on the opposing side. I also like the way it filled an otherwise useful empty corner of our yard.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comI snagged a couple giant vintage terracotta planters during a Facebook Marketplace pickup a few years ago. They were just sitting in this guy’s garage, so I offered him $50 to take them off his hands… he even helped me load them. They were a major score and I love their patina! They stay outside (with the planted boxwoods) year round. Here’s a closer look…

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comWe did replace our garage doors a couple years ago, which made a big difference in the aesthetic of this side of our home (we went from white to black), but the biggest change has been our new roof. We had it replaced in 2021 after a big storm damaged our previous roof, which was original to the home. We ended up using slate looking tiles, which added so much dimension and energy savings. It’s one of my favorite parts of the exterior.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comI hope you’ve enjoyed this series! It was a good incentive for me to clean up our outdoor areas for the season and show you around. While we haven’t made any big recent changes outside, I think making small adjustments and planning for future projects has served us well. Here’s to a fun weekend ahead, enjoying the outdoors!

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  1. Good morning! Such a classic, beautiful exterior. I do love those sconces and your stunning doors. I also can’t believe the doormat still looks amazing! I don’t mind concrete steps and walkways, and yours appear in fabulous shape, but I’m curious how tiling outside would work. What type of tile would suit your home? Where would it terminate? At the stairs or the entire walk? I’m going to have to google for some inspiration…do you have an exteriors board on Pinterest? Anyway, I still marvel at the ginormity of those thrifted terra cotta pots! So amazing, and they fit that spot perfectly. I can hardly imagine how much they must weigh! You do such a lovely job with your pots. They really add depth to the landscape. While I love observing and tinkering with my perennial and herb needs, I’ve never developed much interest in pots. I wonder why? We’ve been having a rainy June (It’s been pouring all night.), so all the plants are very happy! Including the weeds. Ha. So, that’s on my agenda this weekend. Otherwise, we’ll likely have a quiet one. I hope that you and Emmett have more time for rest and recovery. Thanks again for the fun tour! Cheers to Pizza Friday!💜🍕

    1. Thanks so much, Peggi! The doormat has held up really well- I’m impressed. I was thinking we’d install brick or pavers for a more customized / historic look on the porch, but who knows if and when we’ll get to that. The concrete looks just fine in the meantime and it’s functional… really just an aesthetic dream of mine! I’ve got a handful of exterior related boards on Pinterest that are filled with inspo : exterior & outdoor living, landscaping, plants & gardening, etc! Definitely give them a look if you’re interested in a fun scroll. I’ve been loving our rainy spring- our plants are SO happy right now- a stark contrast from this time last year. I hope it keeps up, honestly. Ha! Hope you had a fabulous weekend :) xo

  2. Good Morning Sarah!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your outdoor tour, so many beautiful zones to admire.
    I think I honestly prefer decorating the outside and I totally prefer to entertain guests with an outdoor event or party. Especially on a gorgeous day!
    My peonies started blooming this week and of course I made a lovely arrangement for my patio, they smell divine. We’ve been eating lunch/dinner and sitting outside til dark most days possible and it’s my happy place ❤️
    It’s been kind of a heavy week over here with all the wildfires burning through our country, destroying homes, so much beautiful forestry lost as well as wildlife. Our air quality is compromised but I encourage everyone to enjoy and appreciate the outside as much as possible this summer. Especially if you’ve got a patio/outdoor space. Sarah certainly has set the bar pretty high with her gorgeous outdoor tour! Thanks for sharing, and inspiring us as always Sarah!

    1. Colleen, I’m so glad you commented this morning! You’ve really been on my mind with all of the terrible news of Canadian wildfires. Since moving to the West many years ago, I’ve sadly become familiar with these annual occurrences, but that doesn’t make them easier. Each fire season seems more extreme. Visiting and hiking burned areas is heartbreaking and sobering. I’m relieved to hear that you are safe! I saw that firefighting reinforcements from all over the world are converging on Canada. Here’s hoping that the fires can begin to be contained. Meanwhile, I second your call to enjoy (and safeguard) our beautiful environment. Take care, friend!💜

      1. Thank you for thinking of me Peggi, it means so much 😘 it’s been a very tough and emotionally exhausting week but we are safe. Sadly my family in Nova Scotia lost their house and fur babies so we are all devastated by this but they were not at home when the fire came raging through in a matter of a few hours roads closed for evacuation and they couldn’t rescue the pets everything lost 😞
        Thank you for much for caring, you are truly the kindest ❤️

    2. Colleen, so sorry to hear about all the devastation in Canada and especially for you & your families loss. Just heartbreaking.

      1. Thank you so much Danna, Sarah’s blog community is truly made up of the nicest and most kind friends ❤️

    3. Hi Colleen! I’ve been thinking of you and your family- I’m so happy to login and see your comment and know that you’re ok, but I’m so sorry to hear about your family’s home and animals. That absolutely breaks my heart. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. I’m not sure if they have a GoFundMe setup or anything like that, but please feel free to share and I can also pass it along on my channels. I hope at the very least the air quality has improved. Big hugs, friend! xo

  3. Good morning! Your landscape is looking so lush and vibrant- all the black elements are really popping with the new boxwoods, and I’m loving the curb appeal. I’ve never thought to ask, but is the balcony on the front of your house accessible or simply for looks? Your sweet patio set in the front yard looks like the dreamiest place to enjoy a morning cup of joe and watch the sunrise. My neighbor has an entire set that are almost the same as these- the number of times I’ve ogled them from afar is embarrassing, but the second they sell them, guess where they’ll live? Hahah. Speaking of drool worthy- your terracotta pots in front of the garage- I die every time you share that view. I’m always on the hunt for enormous terracotta pots with detail of any kind. It’s the first thing I look for at an estate sale. I have a grand vision for our front and backyard that includes enormous pots throughout the yard. It’s so difficult to find them- what a lucky score! The Japanese Maples are also looking fresh and lively, and they are gracing either side of your porch so beautifully. They’ve filled in quite a bit since last year! I love the simple front porch styling. My vision for our front porch always seems to be too large for our tiny area- this is my reminder to keep it simple and classic this year. I’m happy to see that Emmett is feeling much better, and I hope he sees a difference over the next few months. We leave for our anniversary trip on Sunday- a quick Vegas getaway- while our kids are headed to Oceanside with the grandparents. We’re all chasing sunshine! Still no sign of the sun here in California, but the cool mornings and evenings mean energy savings, so I shouldn’t complain. (Trying to find the bright side of all this fog and dreary weather, lol). I hope you enjoy your outdoor spaces this weekend. It’s all looking gorgeous Sarah. Happy pizza Friday! Xoxo

    1. Thank you, Lauren! The front balcony isn’t accessible (sadly- because it would have the best view), but I do love the natural light it allows in. It’s just for balance and aesthetic purposes. Crossing my fingers your neighbors want to “upgrade” their patio set soon, for your sake. Lol! You’re totally right- you can find the best planters at estate sales. That’s one thing I always go in searching for… straight to the garage of garden. We’re kind of torn on our Japanese Maples… they’re beautiful but they’re getting so big and are growing into our house. I’d hate for another storm to roll through and they cause damage. They either need a serious trim or potentially removed. Their roots are beginning to cause problems. They’re doing so much better this year though, thanks to all of our snow from the winter. They really need a big dose of water. I hope you’re having an amazing anniversary trip in Vegas! Enjoy that sunshine and relaxation… you two deserve it! xo

  4. Hello. Happy Friday and cheers to the weekend! I have missed reading your posts so much Sarah! I hope you & Emmett are recovering and feeling better. I concur with your sentiment about enjoying watering your plants and being outside each day. It brings peace, joy and releases worries. Now if we could just keep mosquitos away, ha!
    Your exterior is beautiful! I love the double doors and brass hardware. The patio set is also a favorite. Here’s to hoping you get the pool some day. I can see it next to it. I’ve been curious too about the balcony and if it is accessible.
    Haven’t had a chance to read about your garden yet. Love reading about what others are planting and having success in. I planted a small garden in March and I am enjoying cherry tomatoes & basil in a salad today. There is squash coming up and okra. Keeping my fingers crossed for their survival and my enjoyment. We also have jalapeño peppers so my husband wants salsa. Maybe I will get a lot of tomatoes to add to a homemade pizza. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Hi Danna! I hope you had an amazing weekend! I was so excited to see your comment here- we’re both doing a bit better over here this week. Thanks for checking in! I’ve been thinking of you and your mom as well. I hope she’s feeling better. We’re having the same problem the mosquitos… since we’ve had so much precipitation, they’re really out and about. The balcony sadly isn’t accessible… it’s just one giant window from the inside. Our cherry tomatoes are just starting to grow, so they won’t be ready for another couple of weeks, but I’m definitely looking forward to eating those. Your garden sounds fantastic! Hope you had a great weekend! xo

  5. Your entire exterior space s look so classy and manicured. And very well executed. Must have been a lot of work. I actually find the boulders on the retaining wall very attractive. We don’t have anything like that here in coastal Florida.

    1. Thank you so much, Pamela! The boulders are really common here in Utah (in our neighborhood) as many of the houses have a mountain or lodge type aesthetic. I feel like they don’t work very well with our colonial home and feel a bit out of place. They’re definitely interesting through! They’ve also become problematic with our dogs- they like to zoom around and jump off the ledge, which leads to mulch being scattered everywhere. Anyway- that’s definitely a future project we’d like to tackle. I hope you’re having a great summer in coastal Florida. That sounds incredible!