Bistro Set Pairings

Bistro Set Pairings - roomfortuesday.comY’all have me second guessing my carpet vision, BIG TIME! Hah! But really. After reading the comment section in yesterday’s blog post, my game plan has definitely shifted a little. I appreciate all of your valuable insight, so thanks for taking the time to comment! Anyway, moving onto a totally different topic today- outdoor furniture. You know what furniture we use all the time that I assumed we’d never really put to good use? Our balcony furniture- specifically our bistro set. I use this space so often because it’s the only outdoor area we have that is completely shaded. From eating outside to working on my laptop at the little bistro table, it’s an area I’ve really grown to love and appreciate. Given we’re all in the mood to spend more time outside and take advantage of our outdoor areas this spring, I thought it would be fun to roundup some of my favorite bistro set pairings. Click through to read more about why I love ours, styling ideas, and to see the fun combinations I found…

Bistro Set Pairings - roomfortuesday.comThe best thing about a bistro set is the size and charm. Their compact size makes bistro sets the ideal seating vignette for any space… a patio, poolside dining, a small balcony, a grassy space in the yard… wherever, really. They’re super versatile and functional!

Bistro Set Pairings - roomfortuesday.comMost of the time, I use our bistro set to work. If the weather is nice (I hate being trapped inside behind my computer screen), I’ll bring my laptop outside and work from the balcony. It’s just the right amount of space for my computer, a notepad, and my water bottle.

Bistro Set Pairings - roomfortuesday.comEmmett and I also use the set for drinks. I had no idea how often we’d carry a cocktail or glass of wine upstairs, sit on the balcony, and watch the sunset. It’s such a happy spot that we use far more than I ever expected. Occasionally we’ll also bring food upstairs and have dinner, appetizers, or dessert outside.

Bistro Set Pairings - roomfortuesday.comReady to see some pairing ideas, if you’re looking to add a bistro set to your own home or outdoor living space? While these are all outdoor rated, I think a few of the pairings would also work inside- think of a breakfast nook type of setting.

Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: wainscott table // 02: manila chair // 03: blue set // 04: lacina table // 05: folding wicker chair // 06: french table // 07: maddox chair // 08: seacrest set // 09: vintage set // 10: plaster table// 11: eliot chair // 12: black table// 13: green chair // 14: white round table// 15: teak chairs// 16: concrete table // 17: riviera chair// 18: square marble table// 19: baxton chair

I’d love to hear your favorites from the roundup! It has me wishing we had another place for a second bistro set to live. They make such charming vignettes!

Bistro Set Pairings - roomfortuesday.comTo me, bistro sets have a very worldly and romanticized aesthetic. Probably because you often see them when traveling. They have this odd ability to transport you to a coffee shop in Paris, a coastal town in California, and anywhere in between. It’s fun to bring a little piece of those beautiful places home! Visually, I think they’re really lovely and certainly functional.

Bistro Set Pairings - roomfortuesday.comSomeday we’ll eventually have to rebuild our balcony because of structural issues, but this will be our third summer using and loving this outdoor space. I can definitely say this- I still love our bistro set just as much today as the day I carried it up here. It’s holding up very well, despite living outside year round, and being used frequently.

Bistro Set Pairings - roomfortuesday.comAre you a bistro set person? Do you like the look? If you already have a set at home- do you use it often? Are you into the readymade matching sets, or would you rather mix & match the table and chairs yourself? I’m all about creating my own pairings because they’re more fun and unique, but I’ll admit- there are some gorgeous matching sets out there! And with that, I’m signing off for the weekend, but I’ll see you here on Monday. I have more projects to finish outside and you better believe I’ll be photographing all of our outdoor spaces this weekend to share with you! Our viburnum is in full bloom and my plan is to enjoy it. I’m soaking up these spring days and I hope you can, too. Cheers, friends!

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  1. Dreamy! All of your outdoor spaces are enviable, but a balcony off the bedroom really brings vacation vibes for me. As for the bistro sets, I kept thinking I had found my favorite, then I would scroll to the next adorable pair! Number one appeals to me because I have always loved the Panton shape, but not so much the plastic material. But #10 & 11! I’m totally smitten with every aspect of this duo! Sleek shapes, all the textures (plaster?!), even that blond wicker color. Perfection. But wait, 16 & 17 have all of that plus the mesmerizing pattern and subtle tone-on-tone palette. And both sets have arms on the chair for this lazy lounging Leo. Seriously, I’m not sure I could decide between the two. I’m also really digging the graphic basketweave on #7 and 13…And #12 is the screamingest of stone table deals! Phew! What a spectacular round up! This definitely provides motivation for my seemingly endless backyard projects. (Focus, Peggi, focus!)
    Enjoy these wonderful spring days! Pizza Friday on the patio??💜🍷🍕🌻

    1. Thank you, Peggi! I really had no idea how much time we’d spend on the balcony. It seems so far away from the kitchen and everything else in our home, I definitely envisioned it would see little to no use. I was totally wrong! I’m out there all the time in the spring and summer. Your picks are spot on! Great point on the chairs with arms being better for lounging longer. I do sometimes miss that on our bistro chairs (since I work a lot on my laptop out there)… it’s nice to have a place to rest your elbows. Here’s to a hopefully beautiful weekend ahead, and definitely pizza and wine tomorrow. YAY! Have a good one :) xo

  2. Ahhh thank you for this post! So timely. I had been wanting a dupe of the Serena and lily chairs but couldn’t find any. The overstock ones are perfect! Ordering today!

    1. Yay!! So happy you were able to snag those, and glad the timing worked well :) Enjoy!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Love these! Definitely prefer contrasting table/chairs than a matching set. Growing up in a Brooklyn Brownstone, we had a couple of marble bistro tables – one on our deck and the other in the parlor floor breakfast nook. My mom usually paired them with rattan, cane or even richly upholstered chairs (indoors). All of your pairs are beautiful – my favorites are 4/5, 10/11 and 16/17. You are so talented at putting together pairings that contrast in shape/material etc that work beautifully together! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your weekend!

    1. So happy to hear that, Elizabeth… and thank you for your kind words! I appreciate that. I’m with you on the contrasting sets. The bistro sets from your childhood sound incredible- what a picturesque setting for them at your Brooklyn Brownstone. Have a lovely weekend ahead!

  4. Why am I reading your blog rather than unpacking all the boxes we moved out of storage yesterday? I love the look of 4/5 and 12/13. I’m also looking at a set I moved out of storage yesterday and have no idea where to put it. It lived in the breakfast room (meaning glorified hallway) in the last house. I have to find room for it here as it is a combination of cool table with family heirloom chairs. Maybe in the office? It is really nice that you can tuck these combos almost anywhere for lots of function.

    1. Haha! Get to unpacking, Paige! Joking, joking. I love those options as well. Bistro sets really can be tucked anywhere. Yours sounds beautiful! I like the idea of it tucked into an office or studio space. Great idea!

  5. Bistro sets have been on my radar for the past year or two. We have a smallish balcony off of our primary that hasn’t seen much use. We will have to do some work to ours as well, but it is structurally sound enough to use without fear. Previous owners tiled it, and did an improper job-so that’ll be fun! 🙄 Balconies scare the bejesus out of me. Like, paralyzing fear. Part of why it hasn’t been used is because Aaron and Brooke were so small when we moved here. I never wanted to attract their attention to it because it’s so anxiety inducing for me. When we vacationed in Hawaii once, we stayed at a hotel on the 28th floor that had a balcony. Jeff would be out there constantly, and I would only put a toe outside the door. Literally, ONE TOE.🤣😂 Anyway- I’m trying desperately to get over that fear. I’ve worked my way up to being able to open the door during the day, (I wish it was a beautiful French door), and this summer I’d like to jump on a bistro set. It would be lovely to enjoy morning coffee with my husband and watch the sunrise, or a great retreat for adult time. I have always loved the marble top bistro table from World Market-it was the first one I saved, and keep coming back to. #12 is my favorite table because of that-and what a steal!! I have saved it to my Amazon list! I love the unique shape of the #2 chairs; also love the high back-(great for Jeff with his back issues and height), #7 would be a great set that meets my comfort and Jeff’s, based off the look of the back height, but may be a bit too large scale for our balcony size. #11 is the perfect combination of beautiful form and comfort function-I just don’t like that they can’t stack. I guess with all the durable qualities of the construction, it wouldn’t be horrible to leave them out year round-maybe cover them in winter months?? I’m not sure about that aspect-our balcony doesn’t have a cover, so protection from the elements is a concern. Side note-World Market sells half umbrellas, and I plan on doing that for shade and some sort of protection. #13 would be a nice durable option I wouldn’t worry too much about leaving in the elements, but #19 is just 😍😍. Completely the beauty choice, because Jeff would never sit with me out there-they’d be way too hard on his back. Now you know why I’ve yet to purchase, ha! Every set in this roundup is stunning in its own right, and they’d all be beautiful on any balcony. I might need to pick your brain about my balcony so I can use it to it’s full potential! Lovely topic for such a beautiful Thursday! We finally have spring weather in full effect, and I have outdoors on the brain. This weekend will be prime time to get outside and tackle some projects. I hope you have a beautiful and relaxing weekend Sarah! Xo

    1. That’s awesome, Lauren! Ours is fine to use (for now), but one corner is definitely getting soft. I always put a planter over top of it as a reminder to not walk on that area. I feel like it’s going to need our attention next year, at the latest. Are you afraid of heights?! That would make total sense about the balcony. Ha! Ours is kind of tall… at least 20-30 feet from the ground, and I had to paint yesterday. Not going to lie- standing on a ladder near the edge and looking down gave me a pause, and I’m not usually one to be scared of heights. Eek! Maybe style your future bistro set close to your french doors, so you’re not peering over the edge. I love all of your picks! We leave ours out year round- outdoor furniture technology has really come a long way. Technically the World Market table isn’t outdoor rated, but it’s doing fine for us. I do cover it during the winter months though. Your balcony sounds like a great extension of your living space- definitely take advantage of that if it’s safe and you have decent railing! So glad the spring weather finally arrived at your place :) Cheers to a fun weekend ahead and spending time outside.xox

  6. Oh dear! Not many of us were on the carpet train yesterday Sarah 😬 So sorry about that. But hey, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to prove us all wrong 😜 Whatever you decide I know it will be fabulous ☺️
    You brought me to our beloved wine country this morning with those bistro sets and stunning pics of your gorgeous bedroom balcony. Unfortunately, we have been under stay at home orders since beginning of April and wine country is closed 😢 but I have a serious craving for Rose right now. Is it 5:00 somewhere? Haha! It’s hard to choose but 18-19 would be so chic on the front porch of our cottage in Quebec. They are all lovely though.
    It’s a pool day here with warmer weather and sunny skies, so I have to fit in a swim after lunch and in between more gardening. It seems to never end and I still have to paint the shed. Ugh!
    Wishing you a beautiful and productive weekend! And enjoy your patio 🥂 Cheers to that 😎

    1. Haha!! I need to go respond to those comments next. They were really helpful though! I wasn’t totally set on carpet since I was just brainstorming, but I think I’d still like it in the guest rooms that aren’t used that often. I’m definitely thinking hardwoods in the hall and primary bedroom now though. Ahhh, to be sitting at a bistro set in wine country right now- that sounds dreamy. I’m so sorry you’re still under stay at home orders. Here’s to hoping vaccination rollouts are going well in your area and you can have a bit more freedom soon! It’s 5:00 somewhere- bust out that rose, Colleen. Hah! I’m super envious of your pool day. If you’re going to be stuck at home, it sounds like your backyard is the ideal place to be! Gardening and swimming? Sign me up! I finally touched up paint on our shed yesterday and crossed that off the list. Here’s to a lovely weekend ahead! xo

  7. I love my bistro set on the screened porch…it offers a more intimate setting versus the cushioned group seating. But I want to change it up a bit with a taller table…I guess it’s called bartop or counter height???. Did you happen to see any taller sets when you were looking? I’ve been looking on Facebook marketplace but have not found anything I liked so maybe new is the way to go.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    1. That sounds beautiful and functional, Kathy! Yes- here is one that I had saved (with the bar height): I haven’t stumbled across any on FBMP, but they’re definitely available online. Hope you have a beautiful weekend ahead, too!

  8. Hello, love this post-such beautiful pairings! Wondering if you treated the top of your world market table with a marble protectant? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, Jes! I have never treated my marble table, and its doing great! I don’t mind a patina though. If you’re worried about it… you could definitely apply some sealant!