10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal

10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal - roomfortuesday.comHow was your weekend?! We were able to sneak away and go camping in a beautiful remote spot (I’ll try to share some photos later this week). This is always the time of year, I want to be outside 24/7. In addition to outdoor activities, I also try to find as many outdoor projects to tackle as possible. I like soaking up spring and the good weather it brings… now more than ever. It has provided a nice escape from being trapped inside. As much as I like crossing those outdoor and exterior tasks off our list, I love knowing that our enhanced curb appeal is great for resale value (more on that topic here & here). It also helps contribute to our beautiful neighborhood. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your curb appeal, click through for 10 ideas ranging from easy and budget-friendly to more difficult. Spending a few hours power washing or simply painting your front door can make a huge impact. 

#1 // Update Your Mailbox

10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal - roomfortuesday.comAt our previous home, we did a little mailbox switcharoo, that modernized our mid century rambler. The existing mailbox is on the left (obviously, haha!) and my DIY is on the right. Those little exterior details all contribute to the big picture and overall image of your home. Something as simple as updating your mailbox can really enhance your curb appeal and doesn’t cost much money.

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#2 // Power Wash

10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal - roomfortuesday.comA couple weeks ago, Emmett and I spent the day power washing our entire patio and exterior furnishings. It’s always my favorite outdoor chore because it’s instant gratification. I’m always amazed how dirty things get over the course of a year. In the above image, we are power washing our neighbor’s deck. That paint tutorial is coming to the blog later this week or next… stay tuned (the big reveal will be later this summer because we’re still waiting on furniture)! Anyway- giving your home exterior, sidewalk, patio, planters, and outdoor furniture a nice cleaning with the power washer always makes things shine. I’ll link our power washer below- it’s budget friendly and does a great job!

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#3 // Add Window Planter Boxes

10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal - roomfortuesday.comI’m such a fan of window planters because they’re fun to update seasonally and they instantly add charm & character to any home exterior. The one pictured above is the one I just planted outside on our patio a couple weeks ago (that’s our kitchen window). By the end of summer, this arrangement will be giant and overflowing!

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#4 // Update Your Exterior Doors

10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal - roomfortuesday.comLast fall, we replaced our front door and garage doors, which made such a big difference in terms of aesthetic. Whether you want to replace them entirely or just give them a fresh coat of paint and new door hardware, updating your exterior doors is a smart investment that also creates better curb appeal.

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#5 // Style Your Front Porch

10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal - roomfortuesday.comIf you have a front porch, I’d recommend adding planters, furniture (if you have the space), and even an outdoor area rug or doormat. Styling your front porch is an awesome way to improve the look of your home and make it more functional. At our first home (pictured above), we had the space for a dining set, which was really beautiful and convenient. Emmett and I loved having drinks outside and people watching.

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#6 // Focus on Your Landscaping

10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal - roomfortuesday.comLandscaping can be costly, but it’s well worth it. If you already have great landscaping, the key is to maintain it and keep it looking nice or well-kept. Plants, mulch, pavers, and landscape lighting can totally change the way the exterior of a home looks.

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#7 // Paint Your Exterior

10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal - roomfortuesday.comI know painting your exterior sounds like a massive chore (and it is), but paint has the power to impact your exterior aesthetic the most. Remember at our previous home when we transformed our carport with paint? It was a night and day difference! I also painted the balcony at our current home, which has me wondering if we should paint the entire house. I love the way it turned out!

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#8 // Style Your Door

10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal - roomfortuesday.comI love seeing a styled front door! Integrating a doormat, seasonal planters, beautiful hardware, and even a fun door knocker can really help your front entry feel unique. I found that vintage horse door knocker on Etsy (there is a big roundup here), and it’s one thing I wish I could’ve brought with us to our current home when we moved. What a special find!

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#9 // Swap Your House Numbers

10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal - roomfortuesday.comReplacing your house numbers is another great way to enhance your curb appeal and represent your personal aesthetic. I always enjoy choosing new house numbers that reflect the architecture of our home!

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#10 // Update Your Exterior Lighting 

10 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal - roomfortuesday.comI have fond memories of my mom shouting, “We’ll leave the light on for ya!” as I would run out the door during my teenage years. Ha! I still look at porch lights and think of that. I love turning on our exterior lights once the sun goes down. There is something special about walking up to our home at night when it’s all lit up. Replacing your dated exterior lighting and porch lights can make a big difference in terms of curb appeal both during the daytime and evening hours.

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Do you have any other ideas for enhancing curb appeal? I’m loving tinkering around outside lately, and will gladly add more chores to my list. I still need to share our garden and post about it. I’m just waiting for my HVAC panels to come in before I can photograph the totally finished space. I’m equally excited to share our neighbor’s deck we tackled. Most items I ordered have been super delayed because of the pandemic, but we are slowly moving forward. I hope you all have a great week ahead!

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  1. A getaway sounds just right! I’m definitely feeling the itch to get out of Dodge. We had started tackling our front spruce up, then I got distracted by my indoor trim painting project. (Getting there!) I definitely need to revisit your house numbers post; I don’t even think we have any visible except on our mailbox. A new doormat is probably also in order. Are the shipping delays getting any better? I keep putting off shopping because I don’t want items sitting around until I’m ready to tackle the project. Maybe I should start ordering…. Two more weeks of school, and then I will really get after my list! Here’s to a productive week!

    1. It was exactly what we needed… the dogs had a blast and we soaked up some beautiful views! How is your indoor trim painting coming along? It’s going to be well worth it! The shipping delays I’ve experienced have only been bad for furniture and larger items. I haven’t had an issue with medium to small size things. Sadly, for our neighbor’s deck it’s a lot of big outdoor furniture (from Lowe’s online). I just found out our upholstered bed for the guest room makeover is cancelled indefinitely because of delays on custom furniture, so it’s back to the drawing board for that project. I’m thinking I might scheme up a DIY and do my own headboard or something. TBD. Anyway- here’s to an awesome productive week ahead! Have a great day, Peggi :) xo

  2. Camping and getting away sounds so good! Do you take the dogs with you?
    Power washing is so rewarding! I secretly want to go over to my neighbors house and power wash their moldy driveway…hee hee!
    Oh gosh, hate to hear about the headboard being cancelled. I have no doubt you will come up with an idea or replacement that will be beautiful!
    Have a great Monday Sarah!

    1. We did! It was really wonderful. I’m thinking i’ll share a “date night” post with photos on Friday. We found a beautiful spot. Power washing is the best! I’d say your neighbors would either be #1) so happy they don’t have to do it, or #2) offended. Haha! I’d be happy if someone crossed a chore off my to-do list for me. Have a great week, Danna! xo

  3. Oops, you did take the pups! I just read that after hitting send.

  4. My kids are begging to go camping! They are tired of being at home, and I can’t say I disagree. I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to plan some weekend camping trips close-by and at least trying to give them a small getaway to look forward to. Our list of outdoor projects is getting smaller as the weeks go by, which is lovely to have accomplished some cleanup and exterior updating. We are back to the drawing board on outdoor landscape in the backyard; after cleaning up the two photinias, there is only one left to trim, and two to remove. Sadly, that has revealed a ton of blank space; they used to span the entire wall, but some have died off over the last three years. Now that there will only be three we have the choice to remove those and landscape fresh, or plant more to fill in the space. We are opting for refresh. It’s exciting, but also a large chore that ultimately adds a few more tasks to the list. Haha! We’ve bitten off a lot of projects lately! I still need to replant the beds in the front yard and four huge pots, but we’ll get there soon. This week we are rebuilding the container bed now that those pesky palms are gone! These updates are all great tips Sarah! I’m sorry to hear about the delays in shipping you’re experiencing! That can be frustrating. Out here the only delays we are having are amazon related items. Thankfully! I know whatever you decide for the headboard will be equally amazing! Cheers to a productive week!

    1. It was so nice to get away and unplug. I really enjoyed it. Way to go on tackling your outdoor projects- that’s amazing. You guys have been so busy- definitely see a weekend away camping in your future! I think a refresh for your landscaping sounds like a great plan. Luckily I haven’t had any delays with Amazon yet, but we’ve been in saving mode- so I haven’t made as many personal purchases as normal. Cheers to another wonderful week, Lauren :) xo

  5. Elizabeth Fife says:

    Thank you Sarah! My husband and I recently purchased a new home but are looking for ideas how to boost the curb appeal, especially around our garage. This helps a lot! Thanks again!