Round Outdoor Dining Table Pairings

Round Table Outdoor Dining Options - roomfortuesday.comI’m just going to call it like it is… the kitchen is taking up allllllll of my time and between tiling, installing cabinets, and sourcing the last few items for the space, I haven’t had a ton of time to devote to the blog. In an effort to share an interesting & inspiring post at the very last minute (ha!), I figured I’d give you a peek at an outdoor project I helped my best friend Laurie Anne with! Remember her? She’s an incredible artist. She is wrapping up a beautiful home renovation and asked for some help in solving their outdoor dining furniture dilemma. Click through to read about it and see seven options I put together for her. If you’re in the market for a round outdoor dining table, this post should be super helpful! 

For starters, Laurie Anne and I video chat at least three times a day. We’re super close and basically share everything with one another. She spontaneously went to World Market one afternoon, bought a dining set off the showroom floor, brought it home, sent me a video chat, and said she kind of hated it. I honestly agreed and that is what prompted me to help her source some intentional pairings. Her beautiful new patio is rectangular with lots of modular shapes, so she really wanted a round dining table (smart lady, that Laurie Anne) to break up the hard edges. This is what I sent her:

Shop my picks by clicking directly on each piece below- or use the links at the bottom of the collage.

one: chair & table // two: chair & table // three: chair & table // four: chair & table // five: chair & table // six: chair & table // seven: chair & table

She hasn’t decided which one she likes best yet, but she still has the table from the number four pairing- from World Market. Which set is your favorite? I love mixing and matching the unexpected… or using contrasting styles. For example, a traditional dining table works really well paired with modern chairs and vice versa.

Round Outdoor Dining Table Pairings - roomfortuesday.comHer renovation is still in progress, but things are moving along super quickly! I can’t wait to see this outdoor living space finished. Spoiler alert… I’m headed to Phoenix in a month to stay with Laurie Anne and makeover her master suite! It’s in need of a refresh after she and her husband renovated the rest of their home. It’s honestly an excuse for me to go hangout, take a little break from work, and spend time with my bestie…. and snuggle her dog, Hazel. Anyway- stay tuned for that makeover because it’s going to be a good one. We always have the best time together and I can’t wait to see their newly updated home in person. Hopefully she’ll have a new dining set by then.

Round Outdoor Dining Table Pairings - roomfortuesday.comWant one more spoiler? You’ll be seeing some of Laurie Anne’s art in our kitchen reveal very soon! I’m basically her biggest fan. Any guesses which two paintings? I can’t wait to share!

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  1. LaurieAnne says:

    You are so dang talented and I’m so happy to have you in my corner 😘😘

    1. Ditto! Can’t wait to come visit :) xox

  2. Oooh. I am really loving those dark wicker options! I’m at a hotel in Scottsdale right now, so I’m available to help shop if she needs it.😉 Everybody’s renos are looking great! (So much great tile💖) Happy… what day is it? #vacaybrain

    1. Yesss!! Hope you’re having the best time on your girls trip. Enjoy AZ and vacation! xo

  3. I’ve been trying to source inexpensive chairs for my balcony for a month now this post just saved my life! Found one similar to number five on pier one website that are perfect! Also I love following Laurie Ann and her beautiful art and puppy

    1. YAY!! So excited to hear that, Lauren. Enjoy your balcony :) Laurie Anne & Hazel are my favorites. So happy you love following them, too! xox

  4. Ashley High says:

    Very helpful post, as I’ve been trying to find a round outdoor table! I love the world market one but I wasn’t sure about the faux cement top. Does Laurie Anne like it? I wasn’t clear on if she was keeping it or getting rid of it because she didn’t like it.

    1. She loves it! She kept the table, and returned the chairs she initially grabbed. She was just having trouble pairing them :)