10 Outdoor Posts to Enjoy & Inspire While Social Distancing

10 Outdoor Posts to Enjoy & Inspire - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! I know we’re all practicing social distancing right now, but it’s still so important to get out of the house and get some fresh air (at a safe distance, of course). Spending time in your own backyard or outdoor space is a great option to enjoy the spring weather when you’re feeling cooped up in the house. Getting a breath of fresh air, standing in the sunshine, and checking out buds & blooms that are beginning to sprout, are all things that make me feel better & hopeful… and I’m guessing they’ll put a smile on your face, too! Click through for 10 outdoor posts to enjoy, inspire, and hopefully provide you with some ideas for updating and enjoying your own outdoor areas. We could all use a little sunshine!

Emmett and I love to spend time outdoors, and our outdoor living spaces are truly an extension of the interior of our home. Although we’re social distancing, I get peace of mind knowing I can step outside (with the pups) for fresh air and sunshine at anytime. I know this has been a tough few weeks for all of us, but I hope these posts remind you that it is OFFICIALLY SPRING (as of yesterday) and we’re entering a season of growth. Let’s use this time to reset and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

#1 // Our Previous Backyard

10 Outdoor Posts to Enjoy & Inspire - roomfortuesday.comThe backyard at our previous home was my absolute favorite! It was quite the labor of love to DIY our outdoor concrete sofa and seating area under the pergola, but it ended up being one of our favorite projects, and such an amazing place to hang out in the warmer months! Even if you don’t have the tools or supplies on hand to overhaul your outdoor space at the moment, shifting around your patio furniture, restyling the space, and taking an hour to lounge or work outside of your home sounds pretty good & healthy right about now!

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#2 // Painted Carport Makeover

10 Outdoor Posts to Enjoy & Inspire - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of our previous home, the carport was another opportunity to really make the outside an extension of our home’s interior. The carport was pretty rough looking when we moved in, then it turned into an area to store tools and lumber as we renovated, but eventually it became the outdoor dining space I dreamed of! It’s incredible how paint can transform a space, isn’t it? It’s by far the easiest, cheapest way to update something. If you have some paint on hand, try painting a shed, your carport, or even your front door. Tackling an outdoor project to improve functionality or curb appeal, and breathing in some fresh air will give some satisfaction and positivity!

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#3 // Backyard Barbeque

10 Outdoor Posts to Enjoy & Inspire - roomfortuesday.comWhile we can’t host friends and family right now, I did enjoy thinking back on our backyard barbeque to celebrate the 4th of July last year. Our outdoor dining table (the same one from the carport makeover!) fits perfectly on our current patio underneath the existing pergola. There’s plenty of room to sit and relax, and enjoy a meal al fresco style. Mix up your regular stuck-at-home routine and make a meal you and your family can enjoy outside, if weather permits! It will be a nice change of pace… a new version of eating out. Emmett and I are actually thawing some ground beef as we speak, with plans to grill burgers tonight! It’s the first time we’ll fire up the grill this season and that seems like a fun, special treat. Who knows… depending on the temperature, maybe we’ll layer up, and eat them around the fire pit.

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#4 // Transforming Our Side Yard

10 Outdoor Posts to Enjoy & Inspire - roomfortuesday.comIt’s incredible what a few days of work, some pea gravel, and stone pavers can do! The side yard at our previous home was overgrown and really became an eyesore (you HAVE to see the before images) as we were working through projects, and tackling this one was much needed. It really helped turn that forgotten area of our exterior into a spot that looked nice and was much more functional. Now is a good time to get unruly outdoor areas under control before it gets hot and the weeds take over. Cleaning up your outdoor spaces, planning exterior projects, and keeping your hands busy while getting some Vitamin D is an awesome way to alleviate anxiety while being productive.

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#5 // Pretty Patio & The Happiness of String Lights

10 Outdoor Posts to Enjoy & Inspire - roomfortuesday.comRewind to five years ago, I was styling and photographing Jacqueline’s patio in Ohio. This image reminded me of the power of string lights! I stumbled across a recent article that said people were digging their Christmas lights back out to create a happier home environment, given the current climate. Personally, I don’t love the idea of rewinding time and repeating Christmas festivities this spring, but I am TOTALLY on board with twinkle lights and how they have the ability to lift the mood. Instead of busting your Christmas decor back out, let’s put up and turn on our string lights instead. Emmett and I actually leave ours up year round! The last time you guys probably noticed them was in my fall dinner party post, but they’re still up, twinkling, and making us happy.

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#6 // Tips For Styling A Covered Porch

10 Outdoor Posts to Enjoy & Inspire - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of porches, this one goes wayyy back to our very first home and its incredible covered porch. I guess I’ve loved having outdoor eating areas for a long time now! Our first home has a special place in our hearts (Emmett even has it tattooed on his arm!) and this porch brings back great memories. It was such a beautiful, serene place to enjoy a meal or a drink together. You know what I’m LOVING seeing lately? How neighbors are finding a way to hangout on their porches or balconies and entertain each other from afar. In Italy, an entire complex was singing to each other from their balconies. One of my friends here in America was asked by her neighbor to step onto her porch to sing happy birthday to another next door neighbor as a community. I feel like hanging out on your porch or patio that is in view of the neighborhood is a great way to social distance together, because you’re within eyesight and shouting distance. Safe human interaction right now is really good and encouraging! Pull some chairs onto your porch or balcony and pour yourself a drink, maybe wave and shout hello at a neighbor as they pass by!

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#7 // Bedroom Balcony Reveal

10 Outdoor Posts to Enjoy & Inspire - roomfortuesday.comMy plan is to put our bedroom balcony back together in the coming weeks, and I cannot wait to start enjoying this outdoor space again! Remember this fun makeover from last summer? It’s another reminder of how paint can totally transform a space outside (or inside!) your home. Utah is still a bit chilly, but I’m tempted to layer up, and work out here from my laptop an hour or so each day. I’ve been leaving the door cracked so the dogs can go in and out to sunbathe as they please. Basically, basking in the sunshine is giving us all life right now.

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#8 // Our Lawn & Landscaping Routine (+A Free Printable Checklist)

Emmett and I are planning to get a jump start on landscaping very soon… we actually put some fertilizer on our lawn earlier this week. Depending on the weather in your area, using this down time to care for your lawn and landscaping could really pay off in the coming months! It’s always easier to do it now before the weeds are out of control and the bugs come out. We’ll be doing a lot of raking, mulch cleanup, pruning, and general clean up in the next week or two as the weather changes here.

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#9 // Our Current Patio & Outdoor Living Space

10 Outdoor Posts to Enjoy & Inspire - roomfortuesday.comI couldn’t go through this entire roundup without including our current outdoor space! This curved sofa and the fire pit are some of our very favorite places to unwind and relax after a long day. Things aren’t quite blooming out here yet, but I do see buds that are making me very happy & hopeful that we’ll have more beautiful snowballs on our trees again soon. I’m eager to put this space back together once the weather allows and spend time lounging out here with the dogs! Eventually, we’d like to level our backyard, make some drainage improvements, and add an outdoor kitchen, but for the time being- it’s perfect as is and I plan to enjoy it… now more than ever!

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#10 // Past Client Project : Outdoor Living Space

10 Outdoor Posts to Enjoy & Inspire - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I enjoyed looking back at this client project from the past (from 2017). If you have a large covered patio and are looking for inspiration- this outdoor living area has it all: a dining setup and plenty of space to lounge (complete with a TV, outdoor fireplace, and a hanging daybed).

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I hope these posts help you to enjoy and reimagine your own outdoor living spaces as we’re confined to our homes. I’m so appreciative of all of you and I hope you are working to take care of yourselves and your family! Everyone have a good weekend and try to step into the sunshine… even if just for a bit.

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  1. This is perfection in terms of inspiration! We have SO much yard cleanup to tackle! Our previous owners planted large plants in all the garden beds at our house, and they’re now overgrown and terrible looking! I’ve been mentally planning and dreaming how these beds will look when they’ve been cleaned and large plants removed. In light of all this food scarcity at the grocery store, I think at least one will become a garden with fruits and vegetables for my family. I’m anxious for the rain to let up so that we can start enjoying some time outdoors, and get out of the confines of the house. Cheers to Friday friend…I’m choosing to still celebrate the weekend even though it doesn’t really feel different anymore. Stay healthy! XoXo

    1. Thank you, Lauren! Emmett and I used to have a giant garden at our first home, but have only grown small vegetables (peppers & tomatoes) since moving to Utah… I’m thinking this year, we might try for more. It has been rainy here too… I’m ready for some sunshine!! I think it’s awesome and important that we still celebrate the weekend :) Keep at it! xo

  2. We enjoy our backyard and sitting outside on the porch in the evenings. Most neighbors have pools and while we would love one, our yard is not conducive to one because of a large tree. I remind myself we have less maintenance without the pool. I’ll take the shade!
    Your porches, present and past have been so inviting and beautiful! I wish we could grow hydrangeas here in Texas! I was blown away with your concrete sofa and seating areas. Then you made over your carport and WOW! Loved it all!
    Crossing fingers we get couple of nice days next week after the rain to start our lawn clean up.
    Have a great weekend! It’s friday…time for mexican food and margaritas!

    1. I love hearing that, Danna! I’m also crossing my fingers we get some sunshine after all this rain. I would love to get outside this weekend. I’m pretty envious of your mexican food and margaritas- that sounds like the perfect Friday menu! Although we’re having burgers, fries, and most likely- beer :) I’m all about comfort food these days! xo

  3. Wow, I remember each and every one of these projects of your and Emmett’s. I enjoyed them all, vicariously of course. Yikes, it’s officially Spring and I officially overlooked it. Alrighty then, bring on the sunshine! Here’s to the great outdoors, fresh air, and terra firma. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Really?! Our outdoor projects are always my favorites. We love spending time outside. I’m itching to put our patio together! I might wait one more week, just in case Utah decides to snow again. Haha! Happy Sunday Ardith :) xox