Entertaining Finds from The Summer Edit

Summer Entertaining Finds - roomfortuesday.comHow was your weekend? Ours was equal parts work and relaxing, which is always my favorite kind of weekend. We had our pizza on Saturday instead of Friday, but it was a good one… weekends always go too quickly. Today’s post is one I photographed a few weeks ago, so we’re going to jump back in time! Last month, Emmett & I passed the fully vaccinated mark and the weather had just started to feel like spring here… you can probably guess what happened next. I was eager to hug friends and host a dinner party with a few of our favorite people for the first time this season! I was able to snag some beautiful things from Joss & Main’s Summer Edit for our tablescape. I wanted to share how it shaped up, along with some of my favorite entertaining picks for the summer season ahead. Click through to check it out!

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Entertaining Finds from The Summer Edit - roomfortuesday.comMy plan was to keep the table really simple with just the essentials, but I also wanted to make a statement because this was the first time we used our patio for the season. Our Japanese maples at the front of our home had just sprouted their deep burgundy leaves for the season and needed trimming, so I created an asymmetric arrangement with the clippings! I really enjoyed playing with scale for this one. Isn’t that oversized woven vase incredible? This is the kind of outdoor dinner party drama I’m into…

Entertaining Finds from The Summer Edit - roomfortuesday.comI should have taken some images once the food and drinks were on the table, because I have to say, the red wine mimicked the color of the branches just perfectly and it was a beautiful scene! Of course I ended up setting the oversized woven vase on the ground next to the bar cart during dinner, so we could actually see each other and converse, but it made a fun statement centerpiece and things looked cohesive… neutral and woven tones, that deep merlot color, with hints of sea glass.

Entertaining Finds from The Summer Edit - roomfortuesday.comJoss & Main releases a seasonal edit four times a year and they just shared the Summer Edit– inspired by all the vacations we wish we were taking! I loved perusing and compiling my favorites. I noticed a lot of lighter bleached fabrics, rustic wood tones, woven textures, and organic materials. Everything definitely had a curated, lighter summertime feel. All of the pieces in the edit are designed to be mixed & matched, and the collection certainly feels cohesive to me!

Entertaining Finds from The Summer Edit - roomfortuesday.comA couple of my favorite things I ended up buying? A set of the recycled glass bowls… they’re heavy, come in three great sizes, the color is beautiful, and the three of them are practical for serving and styling. I also got a set of these neutral linen hemstitched napkins. They have a beautiful eyelet edge detail and would work well with any tablescape year round. They come as a set of 12, so I had plenty extra!

Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: throw blanket // 02: umbrella // 03: seagrass floor vase // 04: linen pillow // 05: recycled glass bowls // 06: metal lanterns // 07: linen napkin set // 08: wood burning fire pit

Entertaining Finds from The Summer Edit - roomfortuesday.comI was worried I would forget how to be a good host, but my party tricks felt like second nature. Hah! It turns out my minimalistic tablescape was perfect, and all I needed were the basics- some easy votive candles, string lights, good music, great company & conversation, and some delicious food.

Entertaining Finds from The Summer Edit - roomfortuesday.comIt felt really wonderful to host and I’m looking forward to many more gatherings in our backyard and patio this year! We have more friends who have moved to our neighborhood over the past year, and our little circle keeps expanding. It’s fun to get together and catch up.

Entertaining Finds from The Summer Edit - roomfortuesday.comDo you enjoy these seasonal edits? A new one is released each season, so the next one will come in time for the fall months. Otherwise, they release new arrivals each month. Everything from the edit ships fast & free, so that’s another perk. I’ve really liked getting creative with this series, and I feel like we have so much to celebrate and plenty of catching up to do!

Entertaining Finds from The Summer Edit - roomfortuesday.comHave you been enjoying your outdoor living spaces this season? How about gathering with friends & family? It has been a busy season for us so far, but a fun one. Summertime in Utah is underrated (despite the heat that hits us in July & August)! I’m soaking up all of the patio nights under the twinkle lights that I can. I also have a full (updated) outdoor tour planned for you, where I’ll be sharing all of our outdoor spaces as they currently look… from the shed to the back patio. Keep an eye out for that next week!

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  1. Simplicity and drama! Love it. The Japanese maple looks stunning in that gargantuan vase. Note to self, prune cherry trees before next dinner party! I’m also partial to the seaglass bowls; they always remind me of home. In fact, I was just revisiting pictures from my last trip to Maine. Sigh. I got my patio set up and hosted one cocktail hour before the rains came. Womp, womp. The season is just beginning though, so I’ll have plenty of time. Your outdoor spaces are always so enviable. I’m certain your friends eagerly assemble. Here’s to a season of warm (and much missed) gatherings!💜

    1. Thank you!! I thought the maple branches in the massive vase was really fun and dramatic… it definitely balanced our super tall pergola. Emmett was not a fan, haha! Sometimes he’s just too practical. He did not understand the scale. It’s meant to be a floor vase, but sometimes it’s fun to shake things up. Flowering cherry branches would be stunning in that thing!! Emmett and I were just talking about Maine (if your ears were burning)- I was telling him that is your home state and you’d probably have the best recs. We’re thinking of planning a trip with friends next year. I’m so thrilled to hear you enjoyed cocktails before the rain rolled in. We did the same. We hosted friends, and the remainder of the weekend we were instead. I will never complain about spring or summer rain here in Utah though… that’s one thing I miss most about living in the south: thunderstorms. We’re in a terrible drought here (already, so early on in the season)… I’m worried to see what the rest of summer will look like in Salt Lake. I’m guessing we won’t be able to water our lawn, plants, or garden by the end of the season. Anyway, I hope your week is off to an awesome start! If you’re ever in this area, swing by for a patio drink!!

  2. Happy Monday Sarah!
    What a beautiful outdoor dining space, as always your attention to detail astounds me. I hosted an afternoon barbecue yesterday and while the food was delicious my outdoor dining table did not look anywhere near as spectacular as yours featured here. Now you have inspired my next gathering for sure 🥰
    We were blessed with amazing weather this weekend which made our back garden a very nice to place to be, everyone had a blast. It was so wonderful to see a few friends and share some food and drinks together. Thanks for this timely post as we all whip our backyards in shape for some outdoor fun 🤩 I will definitely check out Joss and Main outdoor selections as I’m in need of a few things for outdoor dining 👍
    Cheers to beautiful summer nights, fabulous patios and of course spending quality time with friends and family again 🥂🥳 🌴
    Have a super awesome day!

    1. Hi Colleen! Thank you so much! I love that you’re also putting your outdoor dining space to good use! We’re also having great weather this week, and we’re definitely planning to enjoy our outside areas this coming weekend as well. I’ve been loving seeing friends, sharing food, and having fun hanging out again. Cheers to beautiful summer nights and patio parties! I hope you’re having a great week. xox

  3. Simply elegant! I am loving the vibe with all of the natural materials and tones, it’s all so inviting. Can you share where the outdoor rug is from?

    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl! The outdoor rug came from Birch Lane, but sadly it’s no longer available. I’m sorry!

  4. Jaw on the floor!!! I LOVE the scale of the vase, and the gorgeous deep tones of your Japanese Maple!! Simple, stunning, inviting…those sea glass bowls though! I live for those muted green/blue tones in glassware! Perfect for summer. This weekend was chilly, cloudy and breezy for us-no rain, but cold enough that we didn’t get to have the outdoor fun. I did get to set up the balcony- tons of cleaning involved, but now we have our seating area situated up there and I am ecstatic about it. I still need to find the perfect rug, and purchase the table, and possibly add some string lights. Next summer I’ll likely order a couple railing planters, but it’s going to shape up nicely. I haven’t begun with the dining area yet. We are experiencing the worst case of earwigs due to the moisture/damp air out here. Once the warmer days are more consistent and the overnight temps rise a bit, I’ll have to pressure wash. This year is the year for our larger dining set-I can hardly wait to have it here and get that space situated. For now I will be content to be in awe of your outdoor spaces for beautiful inspiration! Cheers to a season filled with more gatherings and closeness of loved ones!

    1. Thank you, Lauren!! I’m also very into that giant woven vase. It’s currently in our formal living room and looks just as beautiful inside (minus the branches). I’ve already used the glass bowls a few times since this dinner party. They’re really beautiful and heavy in person! Those were a good find. Sorry you didn’t get to have outdoor fun over the weekend, but YAY and nice work for getting your balcony set up. I’m so excited you’re taking advantage of that space. We spend way more time hanging on ours than I ever expected. Your plan sounds gorgeous! I hate earwigs- they are one of those bugs that makes my skin crawl when I see them. Ick. I’m happy we haven’t had cicadas here, like our family in Kentucky right now. It’s a good thing those only come out every 17 years. Ha! Cheers to a happy summer filled with fun gatherings ahead :) Have a good week! xo

  5. Melissa D says:

    Your tablescape is stunning! I love this time of year for entertaining and gathering, although my space is never as beautiful as yours. Yay for being fully vaccinated! I’m so excited that things are finally getting closer to normal again. There’s so many beautiful things in the Summer Edit, I wish I had space for them all! Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks so much, Melissa! It’s my favorite time for entertaining as well. I’m sure your space is equally as beautiful! And yes- we feel so thankful to be fully vaccinated. It has been nice to see friends & family again! I really thought this season’s Edit was a good one :) So happy you enjoyed it. Have a great week!