2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comMoving right along (and sadly nearing the end) with my 2023 Outdoor Living Tour, today we’re taking a look at the patio seating area. The French doors in our formal living room lead into our sunken backyard and patio. Emmett’s grill is just outside and we also have a seating or lounge area that circles a fire pit. When hosting, this is where everyone ends up… around the fire, talking, having drinks, and staying up too late. Click through for the tour and sources!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comOur main patio is really multifunctional… it’s the place where the dogs zip around chasing each other on the daily, it’s where we’re often found grilling dinner (mess-free summer meals are the best!), and where we sit on cool summer evenings. I’ve also been known to lounge out here with a book soaking up a bit of sun.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comMost importantly- this our main outdoor hosting area. When people are over and we’re hanging outside, this is where you can find the majority of our friends gathered.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comWhen it comes to grilling, we’re already doing a lot of that this season. Emmett & I have both been choosing recipes from a new grilling cookbook we’ve been testing for the shop- all of which have been delicious!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comThese exterior doors probably see the most use of any in our home… we’re constantly opening & closing the living room doors to let the dogs outside into our fenced backyard. They always let us know when they’d like to be let out, which is multiple times a day. They’re lucky I work from home a few days a week, ha!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comThanks to dirty paws that are constantly running in and out, I like to keep doormats in front of every door… the French doors, as well as the garage entry- pictured below.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comJust like on our bedroom balcony, we always keep a dog water outside for the boys… although Cash still prefers to drink out of my watering can. Ha!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comEverything we keep outside is really durable and easy to clean with the power washer- which I try to tackle at the beginning of each spring season. I’ll often bring out or add accessories for outdoor dinner parties or hosting to spruce things up a bit. Check out our dining area here!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comOne of my new favorite accessories I’ve added to our patio is this giant 13-wick terracotta candle. I just lit it for the first time and once it’s been burned, I fully intend to turn it into a planter centerpiece, spilling with succulents.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comGiven the shape of our curvy concrete patio, I knew an arched or curved sofa would be my best bet when floor planning this exterior space. Rather than fighting the organic wavy shape, I worked with the natural arch. Using two curved outdoor sofas, I was able to create this inviting seating area that perfectly frames our round fire table.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comI actually have two sets of outdoor cushion covers for the sectional, so if you’re curious how it changes from tan to white- I’m able to switch the color as I please. The tan is more forgiving in regards to muddy paws, but both can easily be power washed (my preferred way to clean outdoor items). This year I was feeling the white, but it goes back and forth each season based on what is clean.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comI also added a few new woven outdoor throw pillows I scored from HomeGoods earlier this season. I like their classic look paired alongside our other woven outdoor decor. Our fire pit is still working perfectly and looks much better after the makeover I gave it a couple years ago.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.com

Click the thumbnails below, or use the links below the collage to be redirected to each source.

basket set // french doors // door hardware // string lights //  cypress topiary // wakefield planter // woven outdoor pillows // woven outdoor lumbar // curved outdoor sectional // fire pit // garden stool // monogram doormat // throw blanket // lattice table // terracotta candle // weber copper grill // white planter // white plates // linen kitchen towel // round serving board // handwoven basket pair // olive tree topiary // rosemary topiary // outdoor serving cart // mini wakefield planter set // woven handle basket // ruffled planter // greek key doormat // dog dishes // greyhound garden statue // grilling cookbook // stoneware colander // linen stripes kitchen towel

Many of these items I purchased years ago, so I did my best to find accurate or really similar sources for you. Let me know if I missed anything or if you need a source link- I’m always happy to share!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comOnce the sun goes down, the patio takes on a really nice ambiance thanks to the candles, fire pit, string lights, and outdoor sconces. Things really start to glow…

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comAdmittedly, I’m not great at low light photography, but I hope you get the gist of the nighttime feel out here… it really is magical, cozy, and inviting!

I don’t know that I’ve ever shared the below view or this particular angle of our backyard, but you can see the balcony peeking at the top, and the garden is just around the corner.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Backyard Patio - roomfortuesday.comThere you have it… that’s what our patio is looking like this year! Be sure to check back on Friday for the next stop on my outdoor tour. I’ll be sharing our home exterior- which includes the front porch, garage, etc. I hope you’ve been enjoying this series! It has been fun to show you all around.

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  1. Good morning! Who wouldn’t want to hang out in this gorgeous spot? Although a sunken, curved seating area might present some difficulties (drainage?), the cozy appeal is undeniable! What else would you put there besides a pair of curved sofas? I love that it really encourages orientation toward the house too. The flow feels so natural. Having the space for dedicated eating and lounging spots is wonderful. I adore the look of our imperfect vintage brick patio, but it definitely cannot accommodate two separate areas. Consequently, I kind of opted for neither. Ha. Remind me what furniture lives outside. Do the sofas (sans cushions), fire pit and tables just get covered in winter, or do you haul them into the shed? I’d like to swap for more lounge-y seating, but I don’t have the space (or the energy tbh) to conveniently store items for the off-season. Also, no chance I’m buying white cushions! 😂 Just curious if you’ve ever considered a dog door? I know they’re unattractive, but I sure think about it! BTW, that last shot from a different angle is so fun! In my mind, the garden was definitely on the other side of the house! Thanks for this inspiring series! I enjoy getting a glimpse of the entire property. I might be a natural snoop. Ha. I hope the Gibsons are recovering comfortably and taking it easy. Also, how did we get to Wednesday so fast?💜 XO

    1. Good morning, Peggi! Ah yes- drainage. We did have to address that a couple years ago after seeing standing water on the patio. We regraded the lawn and replaced the sod, which was a huge improvement. It was a tricky layout plan, but I’m really happy with where we ended up! Thanks for your kind compliments. During the winter months, we stack the sofas (sans cushions) on top of each other, but they don’t get covered… neither does the dining table. The fire pit and dining chairs do live outside permanently, but they get covered during the winter months. We do haul the cushions to the shed. Everything else lives outside permanently. I don’t think we’ll ever have a dog door for two reasons… 1: I don’t trust leaving our dogs outside or I don’t like not knowing exactly where they are because Cash is an escape artist (he’s been known to run the golf course and squeeze through the fence). I have to keep tabs on that one, and 2: aesthetics. I love our French doors, so we’d have to install the dog door on the garage entry, which would require 2 dog doors and isn’t very functional. Anyway- it would be convenient, just not practical for us. This week really is flying by! We’re still playing catch up and are in survival mode over here, but hopefully the rest of summer will begin to look more normal for us. Fingers crossed. Hope you’re having a good week! xo

  2. Good morning! The outdoor seating area makes me want to curl up with a blanket and a book, and lounge. It looks cozy, comfortable, and flows well from the dining portion to the house. I didn’t realize that portion of your patio was sunken; do you ever have issues with drainage when the rain hits? Your fire table makeover has held up well, and I love how it fits so beautifully with your curved sectional. Your sectional stops me in my tracks every time. I think it’s the roach tone of the woven material- and it really pops with the white cushions. I also never realized your patio was curved here. We have two patios, one of them being curved. I’d love to have an arrangement like this, but we also have a curved planter bed bordering it, that juts into the patio space. It’s not ideal, but we’ve made it work. I love seeing the never before shown angle; I totally thought the garden was on the shed side of the house- so interesting! Regardless, your outdoor spaces are beautiful, inviting, and serving summer goals always! I hope both of you are getting some much needed rest today. It’s the last day of school today, and we have frozen yogurt traditions and this year, the kids get an outdoor toy shopping spree. I don’t know who is more excited, me or them, but it’s bound to be a great day. We’re still seeing mostly cloudy and cool days, but the sun has finally made afternoon appearances- we’re getting closer. Haha! Have a great one Sarah!

    1. Good morning, Lauren! Thank you! We have had drainage issues in the past, but a couple years ago- we regraded the lawn and added new sod. It’s still not perfect, but is much better and we no longer see standing water. Eventually we’d like to get rid of the boulders completely and create a brick wall perimeter retaining wall. If we end up doing that, we’ll address the drainage even further. I need to share an exterior floor plan or aerial view so it’s easier to see where everything is. Yep- the garden is in the fenced in portion of the back / side yard… which is really the only place that makes sense around here thanks to the deer. The shed is on the opposite side of our property coming up the drive. We’ve been in major survival mode these past 6-8 weeks, but I hope that’s coming to an end soon and we can get back into the swing of our regular schedule. Fingers crossed! I hope the kids had a wonderful last day of school. Here’s to summer vacation ahead! Enjoy! Hope you’re getting better weather. xo