10 Pins : Front Door Edition

10 Pins : Front Door Edition - roomfortuesday.comHow was your weekend? Emmett and I are trying to make the most of the nice weather, so we spent a lot of time outside… cleaning up after the recent storm, trimming back the landscaping, we ripped out our garden that was pretty spent, we grilled on our patio, and we even spent some time in the kayaks on the water. It was a good weekend! They always go too fast, don’t they? To kick off the work week, I’ve got a new 10 Pins post for you- packed with inspiration I found on Pinterest! This month, I rounded up some seriously dreamy and aspirational front door situations. We replaced our front door almost a year ago and I love swapping out our planters and decorating each season. Click through for lots of exterior front entry inspiration! I found 10 beautiful vignettes of varying styles and colors…

#1 // Glass Steel Front Doors
10 Pins : Front Door Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : murphy mears architects

I’m a fan of double doors, and I especially love when they are shuttered- it’s such a gorgeous European look. This entry vignette is what dreams are made of… stone on the floor that carries into the entryway, super tall doors that allow for lots of natural light to flood in, and a soft color palette that feels very romantic. Steel and glass doors are definitely very trendy right now. Have you noticed that?

#2 // Rustic Front Door
10 Pins : Front Door Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : robin rains

Next up, this cast limestone doorframe quickly caught my attention! It’s really gorgeous how the door is set back into the frame and the scalloped stairs create perspective that draws your eye to the center of the door. It’s very balanced and beautiful. I also love the natural oak door. It has a modern Tuscan vibe to it. The hardware is perfectly positioned and has a nice minimal aesthetic, and I’m especially digging the exterior pendant- it’s stunning!

#3 // Dark Green Door
10 Pins : Front Door Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : mehrdad aref-adib

You know I’m a fan of green paint, and I especially enjoy seeing it presented in a bold way on the front door. This lacquered door feels very glamorous! From the shiny lacquer paint application to the oversized brass hardware and lion head door knocker, it’s pretty dramatic. The topiary planters and wrought iron details are a classic added bonus!

#4 // Dutch Door
10 Pins : Front Door Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : raili ca design

Ok, I’m not going to lie (don’t hate me), but I’m not a huge fan of dutch doors leading to the exterior on the front of a home. I feel like they only belong on farm houses or homes located on vast properties with lots of acreage- or even installed as a back entry. They don’t appeal to me in a city or suburban situation. That’s not to say, I don’t like them inside… because in an interior setting, I think they’re easier to nail from an aesthetic and functional point-of-view. All of that to say, I actually like the way this dutch door looks- which was surprising, because it’s presented in a modern way. I’m definitely into the oversized olive tree planter, the copper exterior details, and the high contrast color palette. There are a lot of organic elements mixed with modern design, and per usual- I like the contrast. This vignette also has a nice patina going (the planter, the roof, the shaker shingles, etc).

#5 // Classic Black Door
10 Pins : Front Door Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : skurman architects

In every single one of our homes, we’ve installed a black front door. It’s timeless, classic, and an exterior staple that ALWAYS looks good. I really like the panel style of the above door. The brass hardware and double door knockers are nice, the pendant light is perfectly positioned and falls in the center of the alcove, and the architecture looks really nice with the planters in the foreground (they align nicely with the columns). It’s the perfect traditional inspiration!

#6 // Creamy Front Door
10 Pins : Front Door Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : farrow & ball

I know I mentioned Tuscany earlier in this post, but this feels like what dreamy Italian living looks like in my imagination! This neutral color palette has so much depth and feels really sophisticated, without trying too hard. I love the tiny olive topiaries, the traditional lighting, the putty colored door, the aged hardware, and the exterior stone… complete with roses climbing up the side. So pretty!

#7 // Blue Front Door
10 Pins : Front Door Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : sondra paulson for good housekeeping

First of all, I have to admire and appreciate the millwork surrounding this door… the arched detail, the dental moulding, the architrave, columns, and beefy casing. It’s VERY well done or restored! This cornflower blue color is a breath of fresh air- I absolutely love it. When house hunting for our current home, we put an offer on another home that had a door this exact same color. I still think about it. It certainly makes an impression, doesn’t it?!

#8 // Sage Green Front Door
10 Pins : Front Door Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : hgtv

I found another green door- but this time in a more organic, earthy color family. It’s beautifully paired with cedar shaker siding, spiral topiaries, a covered porch held with heavy corbels, and polished brass hardware. Let’s talk about the hardware… the house numbers are positioned PERFECTLY- what a beautiful place to install those. The typographer in me is very pleased with that layout. I also like the matching toe kick. It adds a little bit of glam to a very organic, craftsman looking vignette. It’s a nice feminine touch! Again, you know I like the contrasting elements. I’m not sold on the graphic key doormat, but hey- you can’t win ’em all.

#9 // Orange Front Door
10 Pins : Front Door Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : southern living

We’ve been seeing a lot of bold, warm paint colors lately (burnt sienna, deep orange, plum, burgundy, etc). This door was an unexpected surprise! Not only do I like the door color itself, but the fact that it’s paired with a very happy blue exterior paint (which kind of reminds me of the paint in our guest bath). I’m also digging the fluted columns, the asymmetry (thanks to the sconce and numbers), the vintage door knocker, and of course the dental moulding. Very beautiful and bright!

#10 // Double Arched Front Door
10 Pins : Front Door Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : bates cokerm studio for southern living

Ahhh, another blissful french door situation with louvered shutters… my heart skips a beat when I see these perfect situations. I think I need an old European cottage or historic home in the south someday. The color is stunning, the stone is beautiful, the pendant is perfect, and I can’t find a single thing I’d change about this vignette. I love the whitewashed brick and mature english boxwoods, too! I can’t get over how inviting the color palette feels. It works really well together.

10 Pins : Front Door Edition - roomfortuesday.comWhich front door is your favorite?! I know, I know… it’s almost impossible to choose. The above image is the front door at our previous home. My grandmother accidentally sent a package to our old address and the current homeowners are incredibly nice to hang onto it for me (I’ve had to grab a lot of mail lately), and it makes me happy walking up to the door, seeing that vintage brass horse head door knocker. That was SUCH a cool find. I’m glad they kept it! Has anyone styled their front porch area for fall? I usually stick to planters and pumpkins- but mostly just plants. I have yet to swap mine, but am excited to tackle that soon.

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  1. I’ll start by apologizing. I saw the title and thought, “What’s inspiring about front doors?” I should know by now to trust you!! Aspirational, for sure, but also plenty interesting. I adore the modern steel and glass doors. In terms of practicality, I’m not sure I live that life, but so beautiful. I spy drapes behind them which seems so dramatic and mysterious. My eye zoomed right in on that cast limestone doorframe. Yes. The deep green with the oversized brass is lovely, but I have a question about doorknobs in the center of the door. They feel wrong to me. Where is this common? Thank goodness I can now admit that I, too, don’t like dutch doors. (Mr. Ed vibes.) You know #9 appeals to my color-loving heart! But, I gasped when I saw #10! The stone, the brick, the GREEN. The arch and the delicacy of the mullions blew me away! (Are they still called mullions if they’re not boxy?) Wowza. And, of course, your former front door was perfect. I especially liked the mod house number and post box you designed. And for sure, the vintage knocker! Thanks for a lovely inspirational entry to the week! (I see what you did there.)💜

    1. Haha! No apology needed, Peggi :) I get excited about some pretty odd design topics. Lol! Great question about the center placement of the door knobs- I love how balanced it looks, but sometimes they aren’t as functional. It depends on how you use the door. I feel like this is a European thing, as I’ve noticed this all over cities in Europe (which is probably why I think it looks so classic and cool). Yessss- Dutch doors… definitely a Mr. Ed / fancy horse barn kind of vibe. Ha! I figured you would be into #9, but I’m thrilled to hear you also really liked #10 (and yes- still called mullions or styles). I think that was my overall favorite! It’s always bittersweet going back to our old house, but I’ve had to pick up mail twice this month and the front door situation still makes me smile. I’m glad the new homeowners are liking it! They have some gorgeous plants installed in the window boxes. Hope you have a lovely week, too! I see what you did there. xo

  2. I love this post! Front door curb appeal is so important to me and I always enjoy changing up my front porch/ step every season. I’m particularly excited as we just finished some large projects in the front of our house so decorating for fall will be underway this week. I love a classic black door so number 5 is my fav 😍 but let’s face it they are all very beautiful. I too am not a fan of Dutch doors maybe because our climate here really isn’t conducive to that style but I’m always obsessed with bugs getting in my house 😉 so it really wouldn’t work for me but it does exude a sweet country charm whenever I see in pics.
    Have a super day!

    1. I’m so glad you liked this one, Colleen! I also look forward to decorating our porch each season :) It sounds like you’ve had a fun year of home improvement! I totally agree with you on the Dutch door- I think climate plays a big factor… and I also hate bugs and flies in the house. Have a wonderful week! xo

  3. #8 is my dream!! The green and cedar siding are a killer combo! SWOOOOOON!

    1. I loved that one, too! Such a pretty green color.

  4. Well all of these are beautiful and swoon worthy! I love all of the mill work details, and especially love the idea of shuttered front doors! There’s something about them that invokes a feeling of secrecy and mystery, kind of like the secret garden. I’m most partial to the sage green door; it’s the exact color of our front door! We swapped it last year and I am still in love. The entire color palette of that porch is the color palette I’m working with on our home, and it’s wonderful to see something finished to keep the inspiration alive. I dream of front porches like these! Our porch area is tiny for such a big house, and has a very strange angled wall that makes styling difficult, at least for me. One day we’ll re-design that front porch, but it’s not high on the priority list at the moment. For now, I’m just hoping to landscape the front in a way that does our home some justice. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. I totally agree on the shuttered doors- so charming! I must say- you have excellent taste with your sage green door, Lauren! We have the opposite problem with our front porch- it almost feels too large (awkward negative space). I’m always amazed at how transformative landscaping can be! That’s going to make a huge difference in the front of your home :) Happy Monday! xo

      1. Well let me tell you, trying to come up with an exterior color palette that doesn’t clash with a terra-cotta roof is not for the faint of heart!! My neighborhood isn’t much for inspiration either. I’ve found that my neighborhood is rifled with the what NOT to do, lol. Pinterest has been the go-to, and when I stumbled across this color palette looking at Spanish style homes, I fell in love with the earthy organic contrast of the colors. Once we update the stucco texture and color, it will definitely change the entire vibe, and set our home apart. Hopefully one day we can swap our windows for black frames, and then it’ll be spot on with my vision. 😁

        1. Ohhh yes- totally get that. It’s a challenging palette, but I have no doubt your vision will be stunning… now and once you get your black windows someday :) You have a great eye, Lauren! xo

  5. Hello Sarah! I have missed your posts and can’t wait to catch up. The picture of the pumpkin brownies look delish! Happy belated anniversary to you and Emmett! I wish you many more happy years of marriage.
    This post is right along with what I have been thinking about with our front and back doors. Our front door is currently black and you have me thinking about #3. I love green and painting it a dark green/black might be what we need. Our back door is currently beige but the trim is needing repair. Maybe another color would be a nice change. Ever since you put the horse door knocker on your previous home, I have thought about adding one to ours. We have a door bell but I love doors with knockers. Oh, and mail slots…wish the mailman went door to door here in our neighborhood. Last, I too only like dutch doors on the back entrance of homes.
    My son is visiting for next couple of days (yay to online classes) so I hope to catch up by friday! Have a great week. Missed you and your posts!

    1. Aww, hi Danna :) and thank you so much for the anniversary well wishes! We’ve always had black front doors, but this post also made me dream of adding some exterior color. They’re all so gorgeous! I also miss having door knockers, now that we have glass doors. I pretty much love all door hardware (knobs, mail slots, door knockers, kick plates, etc)… it’s like jewelry for your front door. In regards to the Dutch door conversation- I think having it at the front entrance doesn’t feel very secure or formal. It’s a casual, farmhouse door style that definitely would be better / more functional leading to a backyard or garden. I’m totally with you on that! How nice that your son is visiting- enjoy spending time with him!! Hope you and the fam have a wonderful week. xo

  6. Thank-you for sharing! This is just the post I needed as we sort out our porch refresh! What shade and sheen did you use for your previous front door?! Was it a satin?

    1. I love hearing that, Cristin! Our previous front door finish was a semi gloss.

  7. Arji Mullen says:

    We have a single glass – grid French exterior door? Any thoughts for a paint color? I was leaning towards peppercorn SW paint.

    Our house is small & is split level.

    Thanks for your help!!

    1. Peppercorn is a beautiful color! It totally depends on your surroundings, aesthetic, and what look you’re going for :)