Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon

Happy Friday! With the weather feeling warm, I’ve been focused on pulling together our outdoor living spaces in the weeks ahead. I’ve been on the hunt for a few things, so I thought it may be helpful to share some recent favorites. Click through for a quick post filled with some really good outdoor living and decor finds from Amazon that shouldn’t be overlooked. I ordered a few new budget-friendly things for our house for the summer season ahead!

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com

If you missed it, be sure to check out my outdoor living tour! You can also always reference my Amazon Storefront here– for my favorites and finds in real time…

My Top Picks for the Patio

First up… a quick roundup of everything I’ve saved and kept on my radar from Amazon for outdoor living! All of these picks feel really classic and high quality to me.

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10 Outdoor Amazon Items I’ve Owned for Years

The following items I’ve used for at least three years- some many more. These are all outdoor products I love, recommend, and ones that will withstand the test of time!

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com

1. Greek Key Rug

This classic Greek key rug stays outside on our patio year round and still looks great… no fading and no deterioration!

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com

2. String Lights

These string lights are amazing and live under the pergola above our outdoor dining. We’ve had them at our previous homes, and now here. We have a white version (that is no longer sold), but this is the exact set. They’re durable and long lasting!

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com

3. Garden Stool

I ordered this garden stool back in 2019 for our garden and it still looks timeless and brand new. It’s a definite favorite!

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com

4. Curved Outdoor Sofa

This is a dupe I found for our curved outdoor sectional! It honestly looks identical and is 1/3 the price of our version. I also like that it has cushion pockets, because our cushions constantly slide off- I think this may be the superior (and less expensive) option.

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com

5. Solar Sconces

These solar sconces have been going strong on our storage shed for four years now. They work perfectly! We didn’t even mount the panel to the roof- they just rest inside on a shelf that is exposed to sunlight.

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com

6. Outdoor Curtains

I installed these curtains on our bedroom balcony five years ago and they still look fantastic. I wash them every winter and they always clean up to their original bright white.

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com

7. Citronella Candle

I found these lidded pottery citronella candles and I’ve purchased three in the last few years. The vessels are perfect for re-use!

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com

8. Garden Obelisk

I use these garden obelisks for my tomatoes and climbing plants. I love the way they look and they’re going on three years of use… they’re still rust-free! A worthy investment.

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com

9. Weber Grill

Our Weber Genesis grill has been with us for almost a decade! I would definitely buy another one of these. It works so well and cleans up nicely. Ours stays outside (uncovered) year round.

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com

10. Power Washer

We’ve had this power washer for five years and it does an incredible job. It comes with different nozzles and is very dependable each spring.

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com


What is one thing you just purchased for spring you feel excited about?

I grabbed this book, The Art of Outdoor Living, for landscaping and garden inspiration. We’ve been slowly improving our home exterior, curb appeal, and landscaping over the years… and we just removed two trees to kick off the spring season. I’m brainstorming what new varieties we can plant!

Would you recommend your fire pit, and can you link a similar one?

I love it! It’s very convenient to turn a knob and instantly have heat. Here is a similar one I found– that is actually more affordable.

Outdoor Living & Decor Finds from Amazon - roomfortuesday.com

Cheers to a beautiful spring weekend ahead, with time spent outside! We’re actually getting our camper out for the first time this season and are looking forward to unplugging in Moab. What is everyone up to this weekend? Are you also in spring planning mode, getting together your outdoor areas? I hope this blog post was helpful! I’m also happy to make shopping recommendations, if you tell me what you’re on the hunt for. Have a good one, friends!

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  1. Good morning! A hearty yes to all the outdoor everything! I hauled out our umbrellas last weekend, and Jason has already started waiting by the door as soon as my coffee is poured. We love enjoying a cup while stargazing on the patio. (We’re early risers, ha.) We don’t have a ton of space, but I wanted to add a couple more seats. Would you believe just yesterday I scored two chairs with Sunbrella cushions at the thrift store? We’re set for Negroni season now! Actually, I need to get busy planting. Bestie and I are hitting the nurseries tomorrow! I’m expanding my perennial beds, and we can put some varieties in the vegetable garden now. This might be the year I add those obelisks and the solar sconce. I’ve wanted them both since you first shared them. I’m also considering some sort of mosquito solution for later in the summer. Are the citronella candles very effective? Despite our city’s abatement program (due to West Nile), those flying marauders can be vicious. I’ve also seen repellent incense at Terrain. Maybe I’ll try a multi-frontal approach. Ha. Regardless of the occasional pests, I’m excited for garden season! Cheers to a relaxing weekend, Sarah. Enjoy the red rocks!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Same!! Give me all of the spring, sunshine, and outdoor goods. I love that Jason is also ready. Stargazing in the morning?! I love that. I’m usually up as the sun rises, but never to see the stars. Two chairs with Sunbrella cushions?! It was your lucky day! Can I come visit for Negroni season? Have fun with your bestie at the nursery tomorrow- that sounds like my kind of weekend. For mosquitos- I’m going to try incense coils this year! They were everywhere when we were in Thailand and I didn’t get a single bite (very rare for me). I found them on Amazon and will report back once I give it a go. The citronella candles work, but only very close in proximity. I mostly buy them for decoration and ambiance, to be honest. Have an amazing weekend outside! We’re packing up now to hit the road. Excited to get some hiking in!

    2. Hey Peggi,
      It’s Colleen 😃 I wanted to mention we use Tiki Torches with citronella oil for keeping mosquitoes and wasps away. We use them both in Burlington and the cottage. They are very effective but you do have to refill them once oil is burned. We start them about 1/2 hour before we go outside to ward them off and it works really well. They not terribly expensive and they also create a nice nighttime ambient light. Just thought I would share….Have an awesome weekend!

      1. Sarah Gibson says:

        So helpful! Thanks for sharing, Colleen. We might give those a try, too!

  2. Happy pizza Friday! It seems we all have major spring and summer vibes coursing through our veins, and this post is timely! Thank you for rounding up these tried and true options. My favorite by far is the outdoor mat. I’ve tried so many over the years and can’t seem to find one that will last longer than 6 months. Do you know where I can find one that’s long enough to go in front of both doors of a slider? Call me extra, but I don’t love the look of a regular sized mat in front of the one door that opens. I’m digging the Greek key border on this one! Other favorites include the wall mounted fountain, and the patio chairs. We have several items that need to be upgraded after years of use, and some fun mini projects on the horizon after the garden is finished. I’m definitely ready for the spring weather to hit California, but we’re not there yet. This was a fun post to browse this foggy Friday! I hope you have fantastic camping weather this weekend! Xoxo

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Happy Friday!! No pizza for us today because we’re camping and grilling- my favorite! Enjoy a slice for me though :) I want ALL the spring things at the moment, ha. I’m with you on having an extra long mat for double doors. The one on our front porch is from Pottery Barn and it’s really great, but I will say- it has faded more quickly than my Amazon greek key mat. I haven’t found that one in a double length though. Bummer! I’m dying to get a fountain for our garden, but Emmett insists it will be a mosquito magnet. I disagree, but who knows? Hope you get a sunny spring weekend! We’re packing up to go camp now. Can’t wait to soak up some sunshine and hike.

  3. Good Morning!
    Spring gardening has been occupying my brain for about 3 weeks now and your roundup of Amazon finds are fantastic. Unfortunately, I’ve maxed out my Amazon shopping sprees this season and the car is jammed 😬 Yikes!
    But I’m excited to see everything blooming in our garden in Burlington when we return next week. We will have no shortage of garden cleanup and mulching but looking forward to getting herbs and start cultivating some pretty planters. We have a second hand shop in Burlington that carries outdoor supplies so I’m going to scope the store upon my return. Sometimes they have some lovely aged planters with patina for very reasonable prices. I need some for the cottage as it lacking in garden appeal. Lots of beautiful trees but nothing that flowers so we need to find things the deer won’t eat. I’ll take any recommendations you may have as I know you have lots of deer in your area. I’m in house cleaning mode this weekend before we begin our 4 day drive back to Canada on Sunday. Enjoy taking your camper out for a road trip and get some well deserved R & R. Cheers and Happy 🍕 Friday everyone!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Good morning, Colleen! Having a full car is probably a good thing, ha! It sounds like you have your work cut out for you in Burlington- that will be fun though! The deer eat all of our flowers, too. They’ve oddly left my window boxes alone, but anything else is theirs for the taking. I’ve had good luck with our boxwoods, and they haven’t bothered my hydrangeas, or bacopa. Have a good weekend cleaning and a safe trip back! We’re excited to hit the road in a bit :) xo