Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comIt has taken me FOREVER to photograph and share this space because we’ve had the most rainy spring over here in Utah. It has been a record breaking season for rainfall and while I love and know we’ll need it later this summer, it really hindered my progress outside. In case you missed my long-term and short-term goals for the outdoor living areas, check those out here. Otherwise, I’m excited to share our backyard, patio, and outdoor living space as they look right now. Click through to take the tour!

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Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comIf you’ve been following along for awhile now, you probably remember the carport makeover? I loved our existing outdoor dining set so much and it has held up really well. Luckily, it fit our new outdoor dining space perfectly, so I didn’t see any need to replace it.

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comIsn’t it crazy how different something looks in a new space? It doesn’t even have the same look that it did at our previous home. Someday I’d like to add creeping plants to the pergola, permanent outdoor lighting, and maybe tile the space… but for now, my short-term goals are complete and I’m absolutely loving the way it turned out. I stuck to my budget and pulled it together!

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comOf course I had to install a window planter box and the kitchen window that opens to the outdoor dining space was the perfect place for one. We’ll have a new kitchen soon and I can’t wait to look outside at my flowers and the dining area while doing dishes.

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comNext to the outdoor dining space and pergola is the lounge area. Our concrete is curved with the landscape radius and no matter how I floor planned the area, rectangular sofa sectionals just weren’t working.

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comThere were so many boxy shapes happening outside, I thought it would be fun to use a curved sectional instead. I’m so happy I stuck with my gut, because the flow is really nice and it seats a ton of people… and dogs.

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comI actually ordered two armless chairs to extend the seating area and the sectional pieces come with a free cover! The tan is standard and then you can choose an additional color. I opted for white because outdoor white fabric isn’t very scary since it’s super durable, but I like having the tan option too. You can’t go wrong with classic neutrals!

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comThe fire pit is my new favorite thing! It’s so much easier than our previous wood burning option. I love the fact that it turns on with the twist of a knob, the flame & heat can be adjusted, and there is no mess or smell to deal with. I love a cozy fire! We’ve also been propping our feet up on it like an ottoman and since it’s made of stone, it’s very durable and I don’t have to worry about messing it up.

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comI popped a side table in between the two sofas and it covers the propane tank for the fire pit. Just be aware the tank won’t fit into this particular fire table since it’s low profile…. therefore, you’ll need a tank hiding side table.

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comWe reallllly lucked out with this backyard. Having moved in December, we had no idea what the landscaping situation would look like once spring arrived. OMG, were we in for a surprise. Our landscaping is stunning! The viburnum is my absolute favorite. It’s such a lush and gorgeous landscape back here. Since we also live on the side of a mountain, our backyard is kind of sunken and feels incredibly private. We can’t see our neighbors at all thanks to the thick vegetation and boulder retaining wall.

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comThe below image gives you a better idea of the sunken shape. The dogs love the boulder tiers and consider it their personal jungle gym. Ha! They’re constantly zooming around back here, messing up the mulch… but when they’re having THAT much fun, I can’t even be mad.

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comI also have to chat about my favorite outdoor bar cart. Isn’t it cute?! This comes in really handy for entertaining. We tested it out last weekend when hosting a barbecue.

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comI nestled the dog water next to the cart. We try to keep water bowls in each outdoor area for them. It gets so hot here during the summer! All of that to say, neither of them noticed my greyhound statue. I purely loved the way it looked and thought it just belonged out here. I figured Cash & Crosby would at least bark at it for a day or two… but to my surprise- it didn’t phase them.

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comSince I’ve been sharing so many sneak peeks behind-the-scenes, I’ve already had a bunch of requests for sources… I’m linking the Joss & Main items below, and you can always shop every other item (if you don’t see it here) using the SHOP MY HOUSE tab.

01: outdoor sconce // 02: white window flower box // 03: curved outdoor sofa // 04: armless outdoor chair // 05: round fire table // 06: outdoor bar cart // 07: greyhound statue // 08: footed planter // 09: monogrammed doormat // 10: navy outdoor rug

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comSo there you have it! That’s the patio and outdoor living space in our backyard. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I really had fun with this one and put it together quickly so we could enjoy it this spring and summer. We’ve had it put together for two weeks and it’s getting a lot of use already!

Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space - roomfortuesday.comQuestions? What is your favorite area? I’m really loving the bar cart vignette and the outdoor lounge space. We packed a bunch of people onto the sofa last weekend around the fire and it was so much fun! Cheers to summer nights outside with friends & family.

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  1. Beautiful! You really did get a stunner of a yard – without all the back breaking work. I adore the sunken aspect; have you had any drainage issues given the crazy rainy spring we’re all having? Watching the dogs zoom around cracks me up! That curved sofa looks made for the spot, and the adjacent dining area is so inviting! I would find it tough to get any work done inside with that glorious space beckoning. Great job!

    1. Thank you Peggi! It was a thousand times less work than our last yard. Haha! It was nice to just spruce up the landscaping, edge, trim, and add furniture. Easy peasy! We haven’t had any drainage issues at all, but we would like to re-level the grass and dig the yard portion deeper. Right now it’s taller than the concrete and looks kind of weird. Someday if we get ambitious, we’ll deal with it!

  2. That curved sofa makes all the difference. I just love this space. Great job – as usual!

    1. It was definitely the right move. I just love it! Thank you so much Monica :) xo

  3. I feel like you REALLY lucked out with the radius of that new sofa! It looks like it fits perfectly with the curve of the patio. Love seeing how you mixed some of your existing pieces with new ones to make this new outdoor space work for you!

    1. I spent forever trying to find the right curved sofa and I’m so happy it fits perfectly. I just love it! I’m also happy I was able to use our previous dining set because I still think it’s gorgeous and fits our aesthetic. Win / win! :)

  4. I didn’t even realize how tired I was of angular outdoor furniture till I saw your curved sofa. It feels so much better amid the organic lines of nature – I’m not forgetting this lesson.

    1. Aw thanks Julie! It works so well with the rounded shape of our yard. I’m really digging it :)

  5. It looks amazing! Is there a hose that goes between the firepit and the propane tank cover? Are you worried about people tripping over it at all? I love the look of the modern, low profile fire pits but wish the tank would fit inside!

    1. Thanks Stacey! There is a hose. Luckily, with the two curved sofas, nobody is walking back there since the propane cover table occupies that space, rather than seating. We haven’t had anyone trip yet. It’s pretty low profile! I’ll have to do a story to share the details in person. Another option is an outdoor rug. You could definitely cover the hose with a rug to make a smooth transition. Or tape it down. Hope this helps :)

  6. I just love it!! You made all the right choices for sure!! I am looking to put in a new patio and want to go w concrete and I live the simplicity of yours. Is that plain concrete w stamped lines or some type of tile??

    1. Thank you Kris! Our concrete is just plain and the lines are stamped in. I assume for drainage? Or maybe they poured multiple slabs and that’s how they finished it to tie them together? It’s hard to say! Hope this helps :)

  7. Looks beautiful! I was wondering if you could share where your sofa cover is from. I’m looking for one for our sectional and have only come up with small curved covers. Thanks!

    1. I mean the inclement weather protecting cover :)

  8. I was poised to leave some cheeky renovation comment; instead I am gobsmacked with how gorgeous your backyard space is, and the perfect furniture and accessories you found for it. It’s really enchanting, Sarah. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Aw thank you Ardith! We really lucked out with this house and the landscaping. It was so beautiful to begin with and finding furniture to fit the space was the icing on the cake :)

  9. Jessica Darcey says:

    Love the planter box. And the place looks so relaxing and great for entertaining guests. Love what you’ve done with it.

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica!!

  10. Love love love the patio!! So beautiful! Quick question, how do you store your curved patio cushions? We are having a hard time finding storage big enough for ours (we have curved couches from joss & main as well!). Thank you!!

    1. Thanks Elle! I just use a GIANT cover… it’s easy to take on & off. If you tuck it under the sofa feet, it doesn’t blow around: http://bit.ly/2FtgjAW

  11. Rachel Madden says:

    Looks beautiful! Would love to use those Ikea chairs for my outdoor table but worried about how they will hold up outside. Have you had them outside a while with rain? thoughts?

    1. Ours have been outside for over 4 years now, Rachel :) We do cover them when they’re not in use. They stack nicely and we simply toss a chair cover over them. They have only been in the rain once. They’re not wet rated, so you’d definitely need to cover them.

  12. Kristin Clippert says:

    Hello! Question about your fire pit from Joss & Main. How’s it holding up a year later? Is the finish peeling off? Just curious since Ive seen other feedback about that. Im interested in buying the same one… Thanks! PS. your outdoor spaces are gorgeous!