Jacqueline’s Patio Refresh

Jacqueline's Patio Refresh - roomfortuesday.comHey guys! Jacqueline here. In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the past few weeks, I started off the month on vacation with family and have been working hard to finish up our patio refresh ever since returning. I’m happy to say it is finally finished and we’ve been enjoying time spent outside in this cozy spot. If you’ve been following along for awhile now (and I do mean a LONG while), you probably remember my patio used to look like this. Sarah photographed it way back in 2015 and I’ve since refreshed the furniture and restyled the space. Click through for an update! Tis the season for addressing exterior and outdoor living spaces, right?!

Jacqueline's Patio Refresh - roomfortuesday.comLast month I shared our DIY project, how to paint patio furniture like a pro. Now that the furniture has been moved back down to our patio, I can honestly say all the hard work was well worth it! The furniture is looking 100x better than it did last season…the black definitely makes it feel more modern, and I love how it has revamped this tiny outdoor space. Check out how smooth the paint turned out on the table and chairs below!

Jacqueline's Patio Refresh - roomfortuesday.comWe’ve been getting tons of rain here in Ohio, so I jumped at the opportunity to enjoy our first patio night last week… which was the perfect end to a beautiful sunny day. I’m hoping we have many more to come this summer! I am already planning a few girls nights and family events out here now that we’ve added additional seating. I purchased the bench this year and extended the outdoor dining table to fit two additional chairs. Now we can seat 10 people comfortably- a must when you have lots of family & friends that visit often.

Jacqueline's Patio Refresh - roomfortuesday.comI really enjoy al fresco dining and given this space is right off of our kitchen and dining room, it’s the perfect extension for outdoor eating and entertaining.

Jacqueline's Patio Refresh - roomfortuesday.comPainting the chairs black really made the tufted cushions look chic, high contrast, and much more intentional. It was a happy surprise I didn’t really expect… but I definitely prefer them against the black as opposed to the natural teak wood.

Jacqueline's Patio Refresh - roomfortuesday.comOf course, no patio night is complete without wine, fresh flowers from our garden, and lots of citronella candles (to help keep the bugs away). I stocked up on tons of citronella candles during a recent trip to Home Goods. If you didn’t already know… this is a great resource for outdoor candles and planters at very reasonable prices this time of the year.

Jacqueline's Patio Refresh - roomfortuesday.comAbout a month ago this space was in desperate need of TLC. Between rebuilding the stone wall that collapsed this winter, painting the patio furniture, and adding a fresh coat of paint to the fence (the one item still on our to-do list), we’ve kept ourselves busy! It’s amazing what a little paint, some new throw pillows, candles, and placemats will do. I’m also loving our new geometric outdoor rug. The key to a cozy and inviting outdoor space is textiles, FYI!

Jacqueline's Patio Refresh - roomfortuesday.comI also updated our patio umbrella since the previous one was starting to show wear. It was also broken and leaning toward one side. This patio umbrella is very sturdy and can tilt to help block afternoon sun from any direction.

Jacqueline's Patio Refresh - roomfortuesday.comI can’t wait to pack this table with family & friends and enjoy a night under the twinkle lights. Sarah & Emmett are coming to visit in a few weeks and they’ve requested drinks on the patio. We’ll definitely make that happen! When they lived in Ohio, the four of us would hang out here all the time.

Jacqueline's Patio Refresh - roomfortuesday.comI have loved seeing this old furniture set and patio come back to life this year! Now… if the weather will cooperate, I’m eager and anxiously awaiting more quality time outdoors this summer. Hopefully it’s sunny where you are. Have a great week, friends!

Jacqueline's Patio Refresh - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re interested in seeing more outdoor spaces… check out how we landscaped the front of our home, Sarah’s newly finished bedroom balcony, and her lower patio that I’m really loving! Shop the sources below…

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  1. Your patio Jacqueline is stunning! It feels like an English cottage with gorgeous modern furniture. It’s designed and decorated to perfection. We moved to an old home in April and the patio is ugly to say the least 🙄 but you have given me the inspiration I need to start planning a serious makeover. Enjoy your lovely patio this summer with your family and friends!

    1. Isn’t it so pretty?! I was always a little envious of this outdoor space. I can’t wait to visit in a few weeks and have cocktails out here :)

    2. Jacqueline says:

      Thank you so much, Colleen! We are definitely enjoying the new furniture this summer. I hope you are able to do something beautiful with your outdoor space! :-)

  2. Oh it is lovely! Between your gorgeous outdoor spaces and now Jacqueline’s surely heavens it will give me the motivation and inspiration I need to get my patio project going. Just so much
    Enjoy your visit, lucky you….have fun 🥳

  3. 😬 just so much to do! Oops

  4. Your patio is chic and inviting, Jacqueline. Cheers, Ardith

  5. I love this! I recently acquired this same ikea furniture and it’s in desperate need for a refresh. I’m curious how your paint has held up?

    1. Thanks Cory! From what I know, Jacqueline’s patio furniture is still holding up nicely.