Our Front Porch for Autumn

Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comEach season, I slowly transition our front porch and exterior for the months ahead. From swapping my planters, winterizing, tending to our garden, and thinking ahead, I enjoy making these seasonal changes. It’s fun to switch things up and celebrate the autumn months. This year, I kept the styling simple, elegant, and used items that could easily transition into the harvest season- and even the holidays ahead. My goal was to create a front porch vignette that felt elegant, textural, warm, and inviting. Click through for a fun little tour of our front porch decorated for autumn this year!

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Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comObviously, pumpkins are the easiest way to decorate and commemorate autumn. They’re nature’s sculptural works for your porch, they come in so many different shapes & sizes, and they immediately add color and interest that is representative of the fall season. I stocked up on lots of pumpkins of varying shapes. I’m partial to the gourd and cinderella style pumpkins. After searching many local spots for the best priced pumpkins (I wanted quite a few this year which can add up), I ended up grabbing these from my local Walmart early in the season.

Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comWhile I was there grabbing pumpkins, I also snagged a couple harvest wheat wreaths for our front doors. These were $9 in the store, but I wasn’t able to find them online. I’ll link a similar one later in the post, but definitely check out the in-store selection for the best deals! These were right up front with the Halloween decor. For more of their wreaths and garlands, check out this section online.

Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comI love the texture the minimal wreaths add to our french doors, and these can be used into the harvest and Thanksgiving season. They nicely bridge the gap between Halloween and holiday decorating, so I’ll leave these up until my Christmas wreaths comes out.

Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comLast month I added mums to my front porch planters, and they’ve already bloomed once. I deadheaded them, and I think they’re about to bloom again! This is the first time that has happened for me, so I’m looking forward to enjoying florals once last time before winter and snow arrives.

Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comIn terms of color, I kept things pretty monochromatic and neutral this year- with a few exceptions of burnt orange colored pumpkins. After having just finished my fringe tablecloth, I wanted our front porch to seamlessly blend with our entryway upon opening the doors.

Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comWhen thinking of our entryway being a continuation of our exterior, I repeated simple white taper candles in my vintage candelabra. Sometimes you only need one or two threads of consistency to create a cohesive look, indoors and out.

Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comGiven our porch is rather large (with lots of negative space) and difficult to fill, I opted to create a pathway to our front doors, lined with the pumpkins and candles. This helped to create a nice focal point, better balance, and it helped me stick to a tight budget. I didn’t want to spend too much this year. I think it feels abundant, intentional, and visually pleasing without costing a fortune.

Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comIf you’d like to recreate the look or see some of the things I saved for the porch from Walmart, I’ll link them below for you! It was really an affordable vignette.

Click directly on my finds to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: wheat wreath // 02: pillar candles // 03: large hurricane // 04: wreath hook // 05: large pillar candle // 06: glass votive candles // 07: tapered candles // 08: pair of mums // 09: glass vase // 10: cylindrical vase // 11: monogrammed doormat // 12: pumpkins // 13: candelabra

My favorite things are definitely the pillar candles, hurricanes, and votives. They’re budget-friendly, festive, and can be used over and over again. I’m telling you- they add instance ambiance and are the easiest to style for parties or special occasions. I use them often!

Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comDuring the evening hours, the front porch looks even more magical. Of course I don’t light the candles every night, but they’re fun for weekends, hosting & entertaining, or Halloween. They really create a dramatic and inviting entrance.

Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comI’m big on buying seasonal decor that has longevity and can be used for multiple holidays or parties. The candles do exactly that! Simple ivory or white votives, tapered candles, or pillar candles can be used over and over again, any time of the year for any occasion or holiday. They’re a smart, timeless buy!

Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comI also invested in inexpensive glass hurricanes or cylindrical vases that can be used to contain the candles. It adds an extra layer of elegance, safety, and I use these year round as well. They’re my not-so-secret party trick! Candles look more romantic when set inside glass. They’re glow is illuminated and they feel a bit more upscale.

Our Front Porch for Autumn - roomfortuesday.comAre you getting the nostalgic, warm, and inviting aesthetic? I hope so! Styling the porch really put me in a festive mood! I’m happy I took the time to do it… especially since we’re hosting a few friends this Halloween. Did you decorate your front porch or entry for fall? I always enjoy it! Here’s to a great autumn week ahead.

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  1. Good morning! How perfectly lovely! White pumpkins are a favorite, and they look fab against your brick exterior. The wheat wreath practically glows on the black door, and a million bonus points for coordinating your interior entry so stunningly! I can’t choose a favorite image; they’re all wonderful. Although I love a colorful taper, I’ve been thinking about the reflective beauty of a simple glass votive; your display really showcases them. I’ve definitely been noticing everyone’s mums this year on our walks; they seem enormous! I got so excited by the vibrant rosehips the other day, that my mantle is already swathed in them! (Note to self: wait for the leaves to fall off next time!) I adore the orange-y red, and Sunday enjoys batting the loose ones around the living room. Win-win? I can hear some serious wind outside right now, so it should be an amazingly blustery October day for both kitchen time and dog park fun! Have a great one, friend!💜🎃

    1. Thank you!! I do love white pumpkins on our porch against the brick- it feels so classic. I couldn’t believe those wheat wreaths were so inexpensive… under $10 each at my local store. I had to grab them. I do love the high contrast they add to our doors. I have SO many beautiful colored tapered candles stocked up and ready for the holiday season, so I figured I’d embrace the ivory and creamy white colors for autumn, then go crazy with color for Christmas. I like switching it up! We have an awesome hiking trail near us that is filled with rosehips. Named appropriately, Wild Rose Trail, I love seeing it this time of year and in the spring. I love the idea of styling them on a mantle- smart! It’s blustery here today (we had snow flurries) and I’m thinking I still need to tear out the garden. Oof! It feels like winter is coming on early this year. I’m glad Jason & Joe had a fun time at the dark park! Here’s to another great day. xo

  2. Truth be told O haven’t decorated for Halloween/Fall yet. It’s on the lost, but we’ve had a few busy weeks. I love this front porch styling-and the fact that it’s so budget friendly. Our porch poses significant dilemmas when it comes to decorating. It’s an odd shape, with nothing much space as we have a single door and sidelight. I manage, but it gets tricky. 😅 This year I’m embracing the uniqueness of our porch and sticking with an asymmetrical vignette, and hoping it works to my advantage. You’ve served up some elegant inspiration! We’re off to the wild animal park- a belated birthday trip for the little guy- having never been I’m excited to see what it has to offer. I’ll report back on whether it was worth it, haha! Have a lovely Monday friend!

    1. Busy fall weeks are fun! It sounds like you’ve been doing so many amazing family things lately, Lauren! I hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating the little guy at the animal park. How fun! I love your idea of embracing the odd shape and asymmetry of your porch. It’s usually best to enhance instead of fighting it. Whenever you get around to decorating the porch (or even if you don’t), it will be beautiful either way. Memories will be made either way :) Hope you’re having a great week! xo

  3. Yes, I love the aesthetic vibe and warmth coming from the candles and colors of the pumpkins, front door, wheat wreaths…all of it! So happy you kept the vintage candelabra. It looks beautiful lit with tapers!
    Since all of our holiday decorations are in storage, it is so challenging for me not to go out and purchase more but we don’t need it. I love the idea of simple votives and pumpkins.
    Hope your weekend was relaxing. Sounds like you had nice fall weather. My husband and I worked out at the property both days clearing limbs and cedars. The best kind of hard work and healing. Have a great Monday!

    1. Thank you, Danna! We’re having beautiful and chilly fall weather here. It has been really nice and we’re trying to make the most of it. It sounds like you and your husband have been making awesome progress at your property… that kind of hard work really is rewarding and healing. Good for the soul! I’ve been thinking about you! You’ll be enjoying home on that beautiful piece of land before you know it. It will all be worth it! xo