2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comHappy Memorial Day weekend, friends! It has been a couple years since I’ve shared a full outdoor living tour here on the blog. Today, I’m kicking off a weeklong series sharing all of our outdoor areas… perfect timing, right? You can expect to see and read about some of my favorite vignettes we enjoy outside, future outdoor living plans, sources, and I’ll give you a glimpse at what things are currently looking like around here. First on the docket? Our bedroom balcony. Click through for the tour!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comI gave our balcony a much needed makeover back in 2019 and not much has changed since, aside from painting our columns back in 2021. If you’re curious to see what it looked like before, check out that post here. I can’t believe I shared that reveal exactly four years ago! I’m still very pleased with how things are holding up and I very much still enjoy the classic design. I’m very in the mindset to design with longevity in mind.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comThat said, we were actually hoping to rebuild and renovate our bedroom balcony this year. While aesthetically & functionally speaking, it checks all of our boxes, structurally- it’s deteriorating. Our hope is to save up and rebuild this space next spring (here’s to hoping we’ll be spending less on medical expenses). It’s going to be an expensive fix, but thanks to significant water damage in the corner, it needs to be totally rebuilt.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comWe still use the space, but I strategically place our planters & furniture in areas that should not be walked on… it’s not ideal or safe, to say the least. Depending on what that process looks like, Emmett & I have even chatted about expanding the balcony, to wrap around the side of our home… for a better mountain view, as well as to provide more cover and shade for our backyard & patio. We’ll see what the future holds!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comThis space is accessed through French doors in our primary bedroom. I love that we have a secluded outdoor living space to enjoy from our primary suite… not to mention, the great views from our bedroom. It looks out onto the golf course, which means our neighbors aren’t super close. It also peers over our backyard & patio, and we typically get a great diagonal mountain view over the pergola. It’s a pretty spot!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comI have to say- having been installed for four years, these outdoor curtains have totally exceeded my expectations. I initially installed them for added privacy and to provide softness and structure to this outdoor living space. I wash them once a year and they always come clean, returning to their crisp white color. They’ve survived plenty of storms, hang outdoors year round, and are still in excellent condition. If you’re looking for nice outdoor curtains, these are affordable and wonderful!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comAs much as I enjoy our balcony- it’s perfect for morning coffee, an impromptu outdoor workspace, or an evening glass of wine, I think our dogs love it most. They were so excited to have access to this space once again. I’ll often leave our bedroom door cracked, so they can go in and out as they please. They enjoy sunbathing out here, watching (and barking) at golfers, and can often be found napping on the furniture. I keep water outside for them for that exact reason.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comSince this outdoor space is secluded and feels like an extension of our bedroom, I decided to paint the brick four years ago. It felt like the right move to brighten the space, bringing additional light into our bedroom. The balcony is also recessed in regards to our home exterior, and the niche gave me the perfect starting and stopping point for paint to make perfect sense. No regrets on that front!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comIn regards to accessories, this calming space is both functional and beautiful. My favorite way to decompress is to sit out here, light my candles (of which I have plenty), have a drink, or read a book during the spring & summer months. Aside from plants, candles, and textiles, I don’t keep too much decor outside, even though it’s covered and protected… just the essentials.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comDepending on how the space evolves and grows in the future, I may have to update our furniture to better fit the rebuilt balcony, but for now- this provides the perfect amount of seating for Emmett and myself… a place to eat or drink, and a place to lounge. I’ll link and update the sources the best I can for you below…

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.com

Click the thumbnails below, or use the links below the collage to be redirected to each source.

outdoor curtains // rattan book // oud noir candle // outdoor lantern sconce // striped tassel pillow // olive branch arrangement // plaster side table // outdoor loveseat // outdoor ottoman // woven tray // tassel pillow // woven coasters // marble side table // pedestal dog dishes // lidded clay candle // marble bowl // outdoor bistro chairs // marble bistro table // zz plant // black planter // citronella candle // outdoor rug

Since I ordered most of these things four years ago, some things have been discontinued or updated, but I linked the closest option for you. Let me know if I’m missing anything or you have additional source questions! I’m happy to help.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comAnother odd thing I really enjoy about our balcony? The height and scale. It sits at the tree line, but isn’t too tall. Since our backyard is sunken, it feels like the perfect scale for our home exterior. I love how green and lush everything looks from here. It also gets the best breeze, which is why I’m partial to leaving one of the French doors open in our bedroom.

My current spring and summer balcony read? I’ve been pulling lots of seasonal design and decor inspiration from this new Rattan book I just added to the Tuesday Made shop. If you’re looking for woven and outdoor living inspiration, this book is filled with timeless ideas!

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comIt’s fun looking back on how this outdoor space has evolved and grown with us since moving in. It’s honestly a place we spend far more time enjoying than I ever imagined we would. I think it’s a convenience thing- being off of our bedroom.

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Balcony - roomfortuesday.comI hope you enjoyed the balcony tour! Check back tomorrow for a quick tour of our garden. I hope everyone is having a lovely long weekend!

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  1. Good morning! I know envy isn’t a pretty emotion, but that balcony is enviable! Right off the primary bedroom? Privacy, views, comfort, fresh air. I’m with the pups; I’d be out there all the time! I also love that it’s been sort of a surprise how much you enjoy it. Proof that living in a space is key to appreciating it. While having an expensive and complex rebuild sounds like a super bummer, I’m intrigued by the expansion notion! Better access to those mountain views would be lovely and more patio protection is always a good idea. Regardless of your ultimate design decisions, I admire the way you two discuss and dream about your home. I’m always so inspired! Our outdoor spaces don’t rival yours, but we’ve spent the weekend enjoying them nonetheless. The beds are weeded, spruced and mulched. The vegetables are all tucked in or seeded, and today I’ll set out the last of the patio furniture. A sparkly, productive long weekend in progress! Here’s to a spectacular week and the summer season ahead! Safe and happy travels this week. I can’t wait to see your other spaces.💜☀️

    1. I’ll admit- it’s an outdoor space I didn’t know I’d enjoy this much until we moved into this house. It definitely feels like such a happy extension of our bedroom. I love spending time out here! It’s always fun to dream about what you’d like your house to look like and how it will better function. We’re very into that around here- even if it doesn’t always come to fruition. Ha! So fun to hear that your beds are weeded, spruced, and mulched. I’ve been doing lots of that, too. It was a productive long weekend, indeed. Now I’m playing catch up on on my computer after a weekend outside, which was very nice. Sadly, we had to cancel our travels because Emmett is having an emergency surgery, but hopefully we can reschedule for later this summer! xo

  2. Added to my list of must haves – a balcony off the bedroom. What a lovely space! I look forward to the peek at your other spaces for more inspiration.

    1. Right? Something I never knew I wanted or needed until moving in this house- this space sees so much use and I love spending time out here. I hope you enjoy the outdoor tours- I’ve got two weeks of spaces to share :)

  3. Good Morning Sarah!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this reveal 4 years ago and of course it’s still beautiful. Such a sweet luxury to have this space off your primary bedroom. And I love seeing the pups enjoy it so much. Crosby looks so comfortable and relaxed and little Cash is a very sophisticated fellow, he requires a space that is as cool as he is 🤣 So incredibly adorable!
    I purchased the marble bistro table for our covered Lanais in Florida and it’s a great table especially for a tighter space. Love it!
    Hope you are enjoying your trip and spending some quality time with the family! Cheers 🥂

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! The dogs definitely love hanging out here… they mostly lounge in the sun, nap, and bark at golfers. Haha! I’m so happy you’re liking the marble bistro table. It’s my favorite and such a great affordable choice that looks higher end. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our trip back home to Kentucky. Emmett has to go back in for an unexpected surgery, so we’ve unpacked our bags and are hanging at home. Hopefully we’ll be able to reschedule for later this summer. I hope you’ve been enjoying plenty of pool time!! xo

  4. Good morning Sarah! Your balcony has always been the inspiration for my own- I only wish mine were covered and as ample as yours. I love that you keep your French doors open in the warmer months, and that it has become an extension of your primary bedroom. Painting the brick elevated the space so much- I remember that project vividly. I was impressed by how clean and crisp your outdoor curtains cleaned up; they are such a lovely addition of privacy. Your outdoor furniture is always a favorite as well- it’s held up beautifully. Who could resist lounging up there with Cash and Crosby?! They’re my favorite addition always! I’ve been meaning to spruce up our balcony for over a week now; perhaps I’ll take some time today to do that. Yours certainly makes me want to spend the evenings watching the sunset with a Negroni in hand. I often wonder why we don’t sip our coffee up there in the mornings- the view of the sunrise surely wouldn’t disappoint. We have repairs to do as well, and I feel your pain on the expense. Here’s to hoping the medical expenses subside this year, and a balcony rebuild can happen. How is Emmett doing in recovery? Jeff went through the same surgery years ago, and it definitely wasn’t a fun recovery for him either. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend Sarah!

    1. Hi Lauren! I love hearing that… it’s certainly a place I enjoy spending time. It definitely feels like an extension of our bedroom and living space. I’ve been really impressed with how the curtains have held up- especially given their neglect. Ha! I leave them up year round, they weather storms, and they always clean up nicely. This is where I always find the dogs during the spring season. They live for lounging in the sun or napping on the loveseat out here. I feel for the golfers because I’m sure they get barked at all day long. Lol! As far as Emmett’s recovery is going- he went for a post op routine visit last night expecting everything to look great and it turns out he’s having an emergency surgery for a hematoma tomorrow. We cancelled our flight back home to see my family and are planning for another rough week. Poor guy. I feel for him! Does Jeff feel like it was worth it? Can he breathe so much better? I hope so! I’ll have to relay to Emmett, if so. Ha! Hope you and the fam had a really fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend! xo

      1. Overall, yes. Jeff suffered a break that was untreated in childhood, causing the deviated septum and a severely crooked appearance. He only had peripheral vision on his right side- not to mention massive snoring and breathing problems. For him, the full nostril collapse while breathing was most bothersome. They were able to resolve the septum issues, as well as most of the crookedness. There was no guarantee the outward appearance would last, and it didn’t. Strictly from the perspective of restored breathing, he has been happy. I know he had hoped the crooked nose would be in the past, and there’s disappointment attached to that. His snoring has slowly crept back, but it’s not as frequent, loud, or scary as before. He still feels like he’s breathing way better than he ever did, and that was the major goal. Whether the effects will degrade over time is anyone’s guess. I hope Emmett will experience significant improvement on the breathing front. He should be able to tell a drastic difference within about three months. For now, I know the nasal rinsing is probably annoying, but encourage him to keep up with it for as long as possible. I’m crossing my fingers for him that the hematoma will be an easy fix, and that there’s no further complications. If you have any specific questions, feel free to give me a call. I’ll be keeping him in my thoughts and sending healing vibes and prayers. XO

  5. This is beautiful. We have sliding doors to nowhere off our bedroom and have been toying with the idea of building a small deck, so this is a timely post. Yours is covered, I see, which must make a difference in being able to leave everything outside – or do you pull textiles inside when not in use? Pondering!

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn! I love having a deck or balcony off of our bedroom. I appreciate the natural light that pours into the space, but I’m pleasantly surprised with how much this area gets used. I could sit out here all day! Ours is covered, so I do leave textiles outside and uncovered- even when it’s not being used. The pillows, blankets, cushions, rug, and curtains are always out. Hope that helps!

  6. What a lovely secluded spot. I can’t believe the curtains stay out year year! If I had coffee maker nearby I’d spend my morning quiet time out there everyday. 😊 hope your medical expenses and needs are reduced drastically this year, I get it, have chronic health issues. 🙏

    1. Thanks so much, Pamela! The curtains have held up so well. I just give them a good wash once a year. I’m sorry to hear you also have chronic health issues. I’m hoping to get a diagnosis this year… my mind always goes to the worst and I think some of my worries would be eased if I knew exactly what I was dealing with. Anyway, thank you for the well wishes! I appreciate it. Hope you’re having a great week :)