2019 : Year in Review

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comAs we near Christmas and the end of another year, I always like to look back and reflect. I’m recapping the top 10 blog posts of 2019 (aka- YOUR favorites), along with some milestones, events, my personal favorite projects, and achievements. Click through for a look at Room for Tuesday in 2019. Come reminisce with Emmett and I… A LOT happened this year and I owe each and every one of you a big thank you for showing up, offering encouragement, and making me smile every single day this year. 2019 has been so wonderful! 


Let’s count them down from ten (#1 is the highest traffic post of all time on RFT!)…

#10 // Budget Friendly Laundry Room Makeover

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comThis post was a pretty recent one… at the end of November, I shared my solutions for updating a laundry room on a MEGA budget. Did you see the before and after images? It’s pretty crazy!

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#9 // Our Patio & Outdoor Living Space

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comOur patio and outdoor areas were a total surprise when moving into our home. We had no idea what type of plants would bloom, since we moved last December and everything was covered in snow, but man- were we pleasantly surprised. Our patio and outdoor living space got SO much use this year!

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#8 // How to Install Herringbone Hardwood Flooring

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comI decided I wanted herringbone hardwood flooring throughout the main level of our home and Emmett worked tirelessly to make it happen… in fact, he’s still installing flooring! It looks beautiful, is a work in progress, and I’m glad lots of you have used (and enjoyed) the tutorial. I’m glad we could make the process a bit easier for you!

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#7 // Humane Society Makeover

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comI was really excited to see this one made the top 10 list, because it was a passion project of mine! I had the opportunity to give my local Humane Society a much-needed makeover and although it was a ton of work, it was such a rewarding and heart-warming project. I’d do it over again in a heartbeat.

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#6 // My Favorite Travel Essentials

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comThis post surprised me! I had no idea so many of you loved traveling as much as Emmett and I do. I’m glad this post was helpful in sharing items that make traveling easier and more enjoyable, that most of you hadn’t heard of.

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#5 // Basement & Media Room Makeover

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comAt the end of September, I used the Color of the Year to spruce our basement and make the media room feel more like us, in terms of aesthetic. For an inexpensive makeover, the paint made a BIG impact!

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#4 // Predicted Paint Colors for 2019

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comEvery year (it never fails) my predicted paint color post slides into a top 10 slot and receives a ton of traffic. This year I was seriously close with my predictions- I almost guessed the exact color of the year! If you’re in need of paint color ideas, this post is a must-save.

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#3 // Bedroom Balcony

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comYou guys were into my summer bedroom balcony makeover! I spent a lot of hours out there during the warmer months. It was really a simple styling makeover… the only thing I added was paint and furniture, but the before and after images are VERY different.

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#2 // Guest Bathroom Reveal

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comThe guest bathroom was the very first room we renovated after moving into this house. It’s still a space I love and it sees a lot of use. It’s timeless, unique, and super functional!

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#1 // Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comThis was our biggest project of the year and the most rewarding. Emmett and I built our dream kitchen over the summer, and the moody cabinetry color is my absolute favorite. This space is really our happy place in the heart of our home!

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I always share our renovation milestones in a timeline format… we had another BUSY year. With the first year in our home almost under our belt, I can look back and say, “WOW! I’m proud of us- that was a lot.” It didn’t feel like we accomplished that much until I looked at everything in list format.

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.com

We’re currently working on our formal living room and hope to have that finished within a week or two- definitely before the end of the year!


We worked harder this year than we’ve ever worked, but we played hard too. We took vacations, weekend trips (lots I didn’t include in this list because they went undocumented), made memories, settled into our “new” house, and we had a whole lot of fun along the way. I’m incredibly thankful for a year of prosperity, good health, and positivity.

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.com

2019 was leaps and bounds better than 2018 for Emmett and I. After a year of hardships, health issues, and heartbreak, 2019 was a breath of fresh air and it was much more positive, overall. 2020, let’s do this! Let’s try to top 2019. I think it’s going to happen… I have a good feeling about the year ahead!


For the sake of time, I’m just going to line item my top 15 personal favorite posts of 2019 below (not in any specific order)

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.com

  1. The Kitchen Reveal
  2. The Basement Makeover
  3. The Guest Bath Renovation
  4. My Styled Bar Cart Makeover
  5. My Enamel Desk Makeover
  6. The Nursery Reveal for Friends
  7. Our Fall Dinner Party
  8. The Humane Society Makeover
  9. Guest Room Window Nook
  10. Fireplace Mantel Makeover
  11. Replacing the Front Door
  12. The Balcony Makeover
  13. Laurie Anne’s Bedroom Makeover
  14. The Laundry Makeover
  15. The Patio and Outdoor Living Space

I really hope you take the time to click through and read some of those if you missed them the first time around- I worked really hard, spent an insane amount of hours, and am very proud of everything I share here on the blog! Above all others, these 15 were the most fun for me to style, photograph, create, design, and share.


Lastly, I want to wrap up the yearly recap with a giant THANK YOU. Thanks for following along, offering encouragement, engaging, taking the time to like or comment, for showing up, and for being there. I couldn’t do what I love if it weren’t for you. Emmett and I are both so grateful for the part you play in our journey. I sincerely mean that. I loved “meeting”  and chatting with each and every one of you this year. So big hugs and THANK YOU to the brand new and longtime followers, alike… you all are the greatest a girl could ask for. Sending lots of love and happy wishes for the holiday season and year ahead.

2019 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comBe sure to check back for my 2020 goals soon. I’ll be sure to share what to expect in the coming year, projects we want to tackle, our updated goals, and more. It’s going to be a fun one, but I’m not wishing 2019 away quite yet! There is more fun to be had.

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  1. A wonderful year, indeed! That list of accomplishments is admirable and inspiring. Your hard work, passion and positive spirit are evident; it’s why we’re here! My mornings would be less bright without you. I’m excited to see what 2020 brings! (I also really needed that paint predictions post because I’m trying to get motivated to finally tackle my laundry room! I could get kind of psyched by one of those deep reds…)
    Happy Wednesday (of the longest week of the year!)💖

    1. Thank you Peggi! You’ve been here all year long cheering us on, and we can’t thank you enough for that! My mornings are better because of your comments too, so the feeling is mutual ;)

  2. Molly Johnston says:

    Many, many, many thanks to you for continuing to produce a daily blog post! I follow you in IG, of course, but I start each day before getting ready for work by sipping coffee and reading your blog. Not only is it a visual treat for me, but an inspiration, as well! So many bloggers have shifted to the (more immediate?) IG platform and given up or greatly reduced their blogging frequency. Well, here’s one fan who really appreciates your daily efforts for their expanded content, beautiful photography, and variety! Thank you!

    1. Exactly what Molly said! I don’t comment often, but your daily blog post is much appreciated as I start my day!

      1. I love hearing that Lori! Thank you so much :) Happy Holidays!!

    2. Thank YOU Molly! I really appreciate you starting your day here with me :) The blog will always be my favorite platform because it’s MINE. Social media comes and goes, is difficult to keep up with, but this corner of the internet still inspires me to create and share. As long as people show up to read and chat- I’ll be here :) xox

  3. THANK YOU and have a great Christmas with some well deserved rest!

    1. Thank you so much Jen! Merry Christmas to you :) xo

  4. Cheers to you Sarah and an absolutely amazing 2019 🥂 you and Emmett are an inspiring dynamic duo and I enjoy starting my day with a cup of tea and reading your posts. You gave me some fantastic ideas this year as we moved into an old/new house in April and had to renovate, an existing bath, add a powder room, add a guest bath and doggy wash shower. And your blog gave me motivation, not to mention valuable information, design ideas etc etc etc. I had no idea Lowe’s had such great tile, vanities and more. We got almost everything for our renovation there it was awesome 😍 Our renovation was the most stressful, tiring, crazy part of our year and I seriously could never do what you both do……Thank you for sharing, thank you for inspiring, thank you for amazing design ideas and endless decor tips, thank you for motivating me to think more creatively and thanks for being so generous to us, your friends and family, and your local humane society 🥰 that post made me cry 😢 ( tears of joy of course)
    Cheers to a fabulous year and the year that lies ahead! 🥂🥳

    1. Thank you Colleen… for starting your day here. That makes me so happy! I’m also really glad I was able to help make your own renovation easier, in terms of sourcing. The Humane Society post was definitely a highlight and favorite of mine this year too! I’m honestly surprised we didn’t end up with a third dog. Haha! That took some real restraint. Haha! Happy Holidays to you my friend. xox

  5. Merry Christmas and happy new year! I loved following along this year! I know we’ve never met, but I really appreciate all you do. You’re literally a part of my day five days a week so I feel like we’re friends. :) Cheers and God bless!

    1. Merry Christmas Anitra! Thank you so much for following along and making my blog part of your routine :) I am so grateful for that! I’m also glad you think of me as a friend. Happy Holidays! xox

  6. Love your blog! Enjoy the Holidays !

    1. Thank you Natasha! Happy Holidays :)

  7. Kate Sullivan says:

    Sarah, I thoroughly enjoy your blog and check in several times a week, if not daily. Thank you for producing content that is well written and well photographed and always substantive. You and Emmett are wonderful to follow. I have come to trust your reviews and suggestions, and I take inspiration from so much of what you do. Cheers to a happy & healthy 2020 for you two!

    1. I so appreciate that, Kate! Thank you :) Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday and new year as well! We’re so glad you’re here. xox

  8. Thank you for saying that you appreciate your readers, and meaning it! I work several 12 hour shifts in a row, so I tend to read your blog posts in clumps on my days off, and I always look forward to them. I always thoroughly enjoy your renovations, but I also really like your decorating makeovers for others. Laurie Ann’s bedroom was a particular favorite, so I was glad to see that it was one of yours, too. I’m so glad you continue to blog!

    1. I so appreciate that, Jennifer! Thanks for continuing to read and follow along, despite your busy work schedule. Laurie Anne’s bedroom was SO much fun. In fact- we went to Phoenix to visit her and her husband last weekend and everything looked exactly the same in the space. It made me feel good knowing they like it so much, and didn’t even feel the need to change anything :) Happy Holidays! xo

  9. …and, I misspelled Laurie Anne’s name. Sorry!

  10. You and Emmett are so darn cute!! I love how you guys work so well together and create such beautiful spaces. Your love for each other comes through in all you do. Thank you for sharing your love, ideas, tips,videos…everything! We are building a 1000 sq ft home and your ideas and sourcing posts are so very helpful. Thank you for your blog and for sharing your talents with us! Merry Christmas and may 2020 be full of love and adventures!

    1. Aw thanks Beth! There is no other person I’d rather have on my team / as my life partner. Ha! I feel like we bring out the best in each other and also push each other out of our comfort zone when it comes to renovating & design. All good things :) Congrats on your new build! That is SO exciting. Merry Christmas to you and yours. xox

  11. This has indeed been a phenomenal year for you and Emmett and I couldn’t be happier for you nor more proud. Thank you for taking all of us on the adventure with you. Best wishes for an even more magical 2020. Cheers and hugs, Ardith

    1. Aww thank you, Ardith! This comment made my day. Wishing you a happy holiday and a magical 2020 too. It’s going to be a good one!! xox