Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors

How is it already November?! I feel like this year has been one big blur. Despite time flying by, I’m excited about the upcoming holiday season, and we having family coming into town for Thanksgiving this year! Given our house is in a constant state of renovating chaos, I wanted to make sure at least one guest room was cozy and clean before they arrive. I decided to give the guest room a mini makeover for our holiday visitors. Click through to see how it shaped up!

*Some items throughout this post were gifted from Serena & Lily. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow us to create unique content while featuring products we actually use & enjoy! 

Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors - roomfortuesday.comRemember when our friend temporarily moved in with us over the summer, waiting to close on his new home in our neighborhood? I ended up buying this canopy bed shortly after he claimed this bedroom to make it feel more homey for him. Other than adding that and addressing the window nook, we haven’t renovated this space. We actually have yet to tackle any bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel nice and welcoming in the meantime!

Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors - roomfortuesday.comAfter sharing this mini makeover in real time on IG stories, tons of messages flooded in requesting sources. I figured a blog post was in order, so I’ll link everything seen in the bedroom below.

Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop…

01: pendant light // 02: canopy bed // 03: brass floor lamp // 04: bedside table (similar) // 05: seagrass basket // 06: border shams // 07: soho duvet cover // 08: plaid pillow cover // 09: soho sheet set // 10: black empire lamp shade // 11: westwood quilt // 12: hydrangea arrangement // 13: wool throw // 14: candle // 15: blue table lamp (similar) // 16: napa bath towels // 17: bath mat

A couple of the items in the space are thrifted… the table lamp and nightstands, so I linked similar items for those. I primarily wanted to use things I already owned and focus on updating textiles: the bedding, the bath linens, etc. Those types of items go a long way in making a room feel more luxurious for guests.

Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors - roomfortuesday.comYou guys know I’m a details person, so I incorporated beautiful embroidered sheets, an outlined duvet, and a woven quilt to create a luxe, layered bed. I’ve found that beds look their best when layered with texture. It also allows guests to make the bed to their liking. If they get cold at night, they have plenty of options for warmth. On the contrary, it’s easy to shed a layer if they get too hot.

Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors - roomfortuesday.comMy exact canopy bed is currently sold out (again- I bought it awhile ago, over the summer) and I’m not sure if or when it will return, but I wanted to share some alternative options with you… check out the shopping slider below if you’re on the hunt for something similar:

Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors - roomfortuesday.comDoes the bedside lamp look familiar? It should! I moved it from our entryway upstairs. The pendant light also came from the same blog post- I rounded up my favorite light fixtures from Lowe’s, and they’re both very affordable.

Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors - roomfortuesday.comI also like to keep a hamper or basket in the guest room. It comes in handy for extra bedding or blankets, but is also great for guests to toss their laundry. My family always does laundry when they visit. Since they’re traveling from the other side of the country, they prefer to pack light and wash their clothing. If I’m lucky, my mom will also do my laundry for me… just like the old days. Maybe the hamper in the guest room is my way of giving her a gentle nudge or reminder. Haha!

Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors - roomfortuesday.comIn addition to the bedding, I also ordered some new plush bath towels for the guest bathroom. I love when visitors comment on how wonderful the towels feel or how well I stocked the bathroom for them. Those little special touches make them feel right at home and I love being a good hostess! To me, it’s the most flattering compliment because it shows I care. If you’re interested, I shared an entire post on stocking a guest bathroom for visitors.

Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors - roomfortuesday.comI typically go with classic white towels, but the bathroom is pretty bright and I thought a little soft contrast might be a welcomed change…. so I opted for “fog” (a greige color) this time around.

Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors - roomfortuesday.comThese bath “sheets” are giant and SO cozy! I actually might order some for our master bath because the big size is super nice. I love wrapping myself in a large, fluffy towel after a hot shower. It’s more like the size of a beach towel- if not larger.

Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors - roomfortuesday.comEven if the rest of our home is kind of a dusty disaster thanks to the One Room Challenge, I’m hoping our family won’t notice. They’ll at least have a clean and comfortable room to retreat to if it feels overwhelming. Then again… they totally know how we are. I suppose the apple didn’t fall far from the tree because they currently have their own construction zone at home.

Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors - roomfortuesday.comThis space honestly feels more put together than our master bedroom and for me- I’ll count that as a win! What do you think? Do you like how my mini makeover or refresh turned out?

Mini Guest Room Makeover for Holiday Visitors - roomfortuesday.comI hope you all have a wonderful week! It’s going to be a busy one for us, but we’re starting out on the right foot and crossing things off the to-do list. Have a good Monday, friends!

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  1. Looks great! Some of those canopy beds are remarkably affordable; sadly, I don’t think our smallish bedroom could accommodate one. Your guests are certainly the luckiest, but for us non-IRL visitors, could I make a suggestion? How about naming the guest rooms?! I’ve lost track; are there three? Is this the one with the nook? I guess it doesn’t matter if I’m confused, but how hilarious to tell your brother he’ll be staying in the “Jefferson Room.” No? Happy Monday!!

    1. Haha this is a very Downton Abbey-esque idea, and I love it!

      1. I love it too!! I need some name ideas :)

    2. Thanks Peggi! There really are some great affordable options in there. This is the first home we’ve been able to fit a canopy bed, so I was excited to order one. Haha! I LOVE your idea of naming our guests rooms (again- not used to having a big house). We have 4 guest rooms, which is insane! I’ll take any naming ideas. Maybe I should open up a poll? Haha! Have an awesome week! xo

  2. Your “befores’, or “mini updates” are quite often way better than my “afters”! Thanks for the inspiration, I love your style, and I wish I could follow you around on your thrifting/antique shopping trips. Maybe on y next trip to SLC (we come for the snow!)

    1. Thanks Teri! How fun- we’re all about the snow :) That’s why we moved here! I have yet to share the vintage ski equipment in our basement (old leather ski boots and lots of wooden skis that are super cool). xo

  3. Wenda Scott says:

    I love your blog and your style. Your kitchen is totally to die for. I was wondering if you might advise on a good place to purchase a rug in a specific size. I live in Salt Lake so if you know of something local that would not be a problem.
    thank you,
    W. Scott

  4. Do you have any recommendations for quality standard pillows? Ours always fall flat after a few months.

    1. Great question Sarah! I prefer down pillows for that reason- you can continually fluff them and bring back life and fullness. As for our sleeping pillows, Emmett and I both use these:

  5. Hi there! Do you have any recommendations for duvet inserts? The bed looks so fluffy and welcoming!

    1. Thanks Nichole! Yes- we love this one: We actually got it as a wedding gift and have since bought 2 more for other rooms in our home. When the fluff starts to settle, I wash and dry it, then it puffs back up! It’s definitely worth the splurge.