My Favorite Travel Essentials

My Favorite Travel Essentials - roomfortuesday.comWe’re about to leave the drywall dust, One Room Challenge, and construction zone chaos that is currently our home behind, and jet off on a European adventure. Emmett and I have had this trip planned for my birthday since last year and we’re going to do our very best to forget about the stresses of work and reality, and enjoy a much needed vacation. I packed my bags earlier this week and thought you might like to see some of my favorite travel essentials! Click through for a roundup of things that make road trips, getaways, flights, and international travel a lot easier or more enjoyable. 

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each item below, or use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage. 

01: toiletry bottle set // 02: noise cancelling headphones // 03: body wipes // 04: small travel umbrella // 05: tiny travel hairdryer // 06: head pillow wrap // 07: luggage set (my luggage) // 08: monogrammed water bottle // 09: travel adapters // 10: portable white noise // 11: packing cubes // 12: fly pal // 13: scarf blanket // 14: luggage tags // 15: deodorant // 16: laundry bag // 17: passport holder // 18: portable charger // 19: silk eye mask // 20: calpak luggage set (Emmett’s luggage) // 21: jewelry organizing roll

I own every single one of the products I put together in the roundup, so they’re all vetted by me! My luggage (#7) is pictured above in the intro image, and Emmett’s luggage (#20), which I picked out… is pictured in the last image in this post. From portable chargers to my favorite eye mask and neck “pillow”, these are the things I can’t do without when traveling. I’m the type of person who likes to stay organized and pack exactly what I need, and these things are game changers.

My Favorite Travel Essentials - roomfortuesday.comI have so much trouble sleeping when traveling. I’m not that person who can easily fall asleep on a plane, train, or in a car, but I swear by this discreet neck pillow (#6) that looks like a scarf (with TONS of positive Amazon reviews), a dark eye mask (#19), and a cozy scarf blanket (#13). I also have to have my white noise (#10) to sleep once we finally make it to our destination. I take that little thing camping and everywhere with me!

My Favorite Travel Essentials - roomfortuesday.comLet me know if you have questions about any of my favorite travel things! Are there any other last minute items I should add to my list before we leave? I wish I could pack the dogs, but they’re staying home with friends. I told Emmett we should’ve hired a contractor to house and dog sit while we’re away and then come home to a magically finished living room. HA! A girl can dream.

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  1. A dog-sitting contractor! Good one. I don’t feel like I travel enough to justify new luggage, but every time I have to shlep my overstuffed duffel bag through a terminal, I long for wheels! Your set looks pretty tempting. I will buy that neck scarf-pillow contraption though! Genius! Have the BEST time! French food and wine! Architecture, history, snobbery! Le sigh.

    1. Wouldn’t that be nice?! Are there any of those out there? Hahah!! That neck pillow is my FAVORITE- well worth it. I use it in the car, on flights, trains, whatever. I’m so excited to getaway and get all the beautiful European inspiration. I’m a BIG art & architecture nerd. Le sigh :)

  2. Hello 👋

    What do you normally take for your carry on ??? I’m actually flying out to Europe in a week for my honeymoon so this post was perfect!!


    1. Hi Marissa! Congrats on your wedding & honeymoon- that’s going to be incredible! I normally take the small size roller luggage (#7 in the collage), as well as a backpack purse or a zipper tote. Hope this helps. Have a wonderful time! xox

  3. Are those suitcases heavy? We have a large one we call big blue, but the suitcase itself is SO heavy we are always overweight on it. We are going to Germany next year, and a new one would be wonderful. I have a packing cube set I got on Amazon that also compresses (magic!!!), and I can fit even the coziest sweaters in my luggage now, I love them! Do you use the fly-pal? I’m sure your trip will be amazing!

    1. Both my luggage set and Emmett’s are super light. We donated our heavy ones for the same reason! I use fly-pal for long flights- it’s also great for traveling with kids… my sister actually told me about it. I don’t bother with it for shorter flights though.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    You are definitely way more organized than I when it comes to traveling and I am not a worldly traveler by any means. However, for my 40th birthday my husband took me to France for what I considered a trip of a lifetime and it was amazing but one thing I wished I had packed was face cloth 😂 The hotels we stayed at didn’t have them 😳 I couldn’t believe it. Sometimes the simple things in life are the items we cherish the most. Lol. Have an absolutely awesome, amazing, super and fabulous trip 🥂 xo

    1. I love that!! I bet you guys had an amazing time. We’re celebrating my birthday while we’re there :) I’m frantically running around packing face cloths now. haha! Thanks for the tip Colleen! xo