A New Year, A New Renovation

A New Year, A New Renovation - roomfortuesday.com  On the first day of the year, I wanted to share some goals and insight into our renovation plan. I’ve never been more excited to update a home than I am for our current house. I typically go through a transition period of missing our previous home and trying to settle into a new place. However, this time around I didn’t skip a beat- and I’m taking that as a good sign! For some reason, this place just feels good- it honestly feels like home and we haven’t even began the renovation process yet. That’s something special! Obviously we have lots of goals and milestones we’d like to achieve in the year ahead and a blank canvas we’re eager to get started on. Click through to read about what to expect on the blog in the coming year, and to weigh in on topics you’d like to see!

I’ll start by saying, I want to share every teeny tiny tidbit and update we make this year. Therefore, Emmett had the idea to share our home on the blog in an updated way. For every project or room reveal, we’ll be checking items off a content list to ensure we’re giving you a realistic picture into each project, sharing each and every single detail, and giving more insight than before. Consider this your handbook to viewing our new house and the content that goes along with it.

A New Year, A New Renovation - roomfortuesday.comFor each room renovation, I’d like to post the following:

  • a timeline (with each stage in the process outlined)
  • before images
  • video diary prior to beginning the project (goals, expectations, function, inspiration, etc)
  • material list / product links & sources
  • smaller DIY posts to achieving the final project (if applicable)
  • final room reveal (with styled “after” images)
  • post project video diary (how the process went, things we’d change, project hiccups, what we love, etc)
  • post project live Q&A

We honestly don’t have too much planned at this point. We currently have house guests, but once our holiday vacation is officially over, we’ll brainstorm and block out our calendar to create an order for which rooms we’ll tackle in what order. Things we know for sure? The first project will be the guest bathroom. That will probably take a couple months. You can check out the before images and design plan on the blog next week. The supplies are already starting to trickle in and I can’t wait to show you!

A New Year, A New Renovation - roomfortuesday.comThe next big room reveal will be my office. Emmett promised since I didn’t get to spend much time in my previous home office, we could renovate that space first. The guest bathroom had plumbing issues, so that’s how it ended up being first on the laundry list, but I’m perfectly content tackling the office immediately after- and trust me when I say I have BIG plans for both rooms.

Emmett and I both shared four goals for the year ahead, in regards to our home renovation. Check them out below!

A New Year, A New Renovation - roomfortuesday.comSARAH’S GOALS:

  • Push the limits in terms of design (get more creative, think bigger & bolder, take more risks).
  • Share attainable projects that look high-end. I enjoy mixing high & low to curate a space filled with products for every budget.
  • Put myself in more images. I hate having my photo taken, but believe it or not- Emmett isn’t the only one in this family who tackles renovation projects… I’m just in charge of the camera, which makes it more difficult to photograph myself. I want to show that women are capable of tackling these projects!
  • Spend less time working. This is more of a personal goal, but I failed at the whole work / life balance juggling act in 2018 and I really need to prioritize this year for the sake of my health.


  • Improve finish carpentry skills, specifically in regards to quality.
  • Improve paint and staining skills.
  • Spend more time planning projects (materials, timeline, layout, etc).
  • Learn how to install hardwood flooring.

Obviously Emmett is a man of few words and didn’t go quite as broad as I did, but I can certainly get on board with all of his items! I’m excited to watch him grow with another house. His improving skillset always amazes me.

A New Year, A New Renovation - roomfortuesday.comI’d also love to hear what YOU would like to see in the coming year. Are there any home or renovation projects you’d like us to cover? Anything I could do to improve the way we share content? I’m all ears! Drop me a comment below, if you have time. Thanks friends! I’m really looking forward to the year ahead. I’m full of optimism and I know this is going to be a really good one.

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  1. Such great ideas & goals!! I love the checklist. Yes to boundary-pushing boldness (I trust your good taste). I think you already do a fantastic job of attainable/high end looks! Yes to featuring your capable loveliness. (PS is that new color, your hair looks amazing!) Double yes to taking care of yourself. I can only imagine the stress of entrepreneurship-gads-and social media blah. Fulfilling work is important…but take care to enjoy your beautiful life. (Short lecture, you’re a grownup.) Emmett’s goals.😀 Cheers to a healthy, lovely and inspiring year! (Also, all the puppy pictures!)

    1. Thank you Peggi! You always have a way of making me feel better… I was on the fence about the new hair. haha! And sometimes I definitely need a lecture on health and self care, so anytime you have words of wisdom- I’ll take them!! Cheers to a happy new year- I hope you had an amazing holiday season and have a wonderful year ahead :) xox

  2. Morning! So I really like your idea of the renovation post “content formula” for each project – that will be for certain very interesting for us readers. To that list, if I may suggest, I would love to read more about your design and planning process: how you chose the design, your inspiration, what you needed to change about the room because it didn’t function currently, what you wanted to add to/change in the room to make it function better, why you chose certain materials (or didn’t choose another material), etc.

    We’ve done a lot of work at my house over the past few years, and for me it’s been an incredible journey. Essentially I’m the “designer” (my husband gives me free reign – seriously! Sometimes it’s a curse though when I just want another opinion….though then I call in my girlfriends) and we have an amazing contractor who is so talented and we will use forever until our house is finished. Anyways, I personally spend oodles of time planning – I have an ever-growing spreadsheet of all my ideas. I’ll read blogs about similar renovations to find out little tips and ideas, and of course images for inspiration. I have since referred my contractor to others, including my sister, and she told me he said he’s never worked with a client as organized and well-planned as me. Ha!

    We plan to tackle the pool area next (thinking Spring 2020) and you bet I’m well into my list of ideas/wants/wishes for that project. I’m also already collecting thoughts for the middle bath/laundry room reno – that bath will be for my growing girls (now ages 7 and 5), so I’ve been reading a lot on what makes a “durable” bathroom, and I think about how they’ll use the space (i.e., lots of storage, updating the sliding door that separates the shower area from the vanity area so they can both use the space at the same time – thinking of hectic teenage school mornings).

    I’d also like to let you know that your pics in this post – of your lovely, organized, well-designed office – just popped into my head the idea of installing a similar built-in piece in our front living room, with two desks where my girls can do homework once they’re a little older. That’s something I can easily have done down the line, once they’re older and I can see if it would really be used….but again, it’s on my “House Reno” spreadsheet for sure b/c it’s a great idea and will be something I think about as I continue to obsess about our house……

    Happy New Year, and I’m super excited to see what you have planned for the guest bathroom….

    Oh, and I did I miss it or did you finish up the design collaboration with your friend’s kitchen? I pop over pretty much every week day, but maybe I missed it?

    1. Thank you Karen! It sounds like you’re also going to have a busy year filled with home projects and renovations. You didn’t miss the kitchen! Things are just moving slower than expected with her contractor. We’re on the home stretch though… the reveal will be happening this spring (or potentially sooner)! Stay tuned! xox

  3. Your blog provides inspiration and a creative respite to my day. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world, and I wish you peace and prosperity in 2019 : )

    1. That sentence makes my day Angelina! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and follow along. Wishing you the same… happiest new year!! xox

  4. Michelle | Birds of Berwick says:

    I love this plan! However you approach it, I’m really just excited to see what you do! We installed our own hardwood floors earlier this year when redoing our kitchen and not only is it pretty easy once you have your straight board set (old old house), it was money well saved. I love walking around my house and saying, “I did that.. .and that… oh, and that…”. :-) Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Michelle! We’re really excited. Our guests leave tomorrow and then it’s game on :) We’ve refinished hardwoods in the past, but have never installed them. Here’s to hoping it goes smoothly when the time comes. I also love walking around the house appreciating the work we’ve done. It’s so rewarding! Happy new year to you!! xox

  5. I am SO looking forward to following your renovation of the new house. I would like to see you tell us about challenges you encountered. All older houses have quirks and I would be interested to see how you and Emmet handle those challenges, what work-arounds you used, etc. Something as simple as changing out a ceiling fan to a light fixture and covering the larger hole with a decorative ceiling plate and discovering your ceiling is lopsided and the plate won’t lay flat against the ceiling. These can be real challenges to those of us just starting out with renovations. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much Linda! I will definitely talk about challenges we encounter. There are so many that come with renovating and I want to share ALL sides of the story in hopes it will be helpful (or at the very least, entertaining). Happy New Year :) xox

  6. Happy New Year, Sarah and Emmett! What a fantastic way to usher in this new year. I am so looking forward to following your new adventure, in whatever fashion suits you. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Happy New Year Ardith! I hope you had an amazing holiday and have your best year yet. Thank you so much for following our journey! xoxo

  7. Just keep it natural and organic like you have been doing. There are a lot of blogs out there but your my favorite because of the frequency of content and affordable at the same time and great makeovers. Definitely take time for life and just enjoy the slower pace with this house. Looking forward to following along. Happy New Year to you both!

    1. Thank you so much Alison!! That really means a lot. I try to keep it real and mix budget with investment pieces. I’m happy that shows :) Wishing you the best year ahead!! xoxox

  8. I forgot to mention the Design Delimma posts are great, more please…

  9. I love everything you do and how you deliver it. I can’t wait to follow along with the new home – I know I’ll pick up tons of inspiration along the way. Personally , I’m excited to see how you tackle the trim and moldings! You do it beautifully and I’m thinking about doing it in my bedroom because of it. I know there aren’t any hard and fast rules but I’d love some tips. Like how far from the trim, higher than the windows, lower, the same height? Depends on what you’ve got to work with but I think I’m just waiting to see how you do it lol.

    1. Thank you so much Renee! We are really excited to get started this week. I definitely have millwork DIY and specifics noted to cover once we get to that step. I’ll try to break down some of the easy rules that might offer some insight. I can’t thank you enough for following along :) Happy New Year! xox

  10. This isn’t a suggestion, just a random compliment, but I LOVE your approach to renovating – you’re the only blog I know that picks a room, thoroughly renovates it thoughtfully and beautifully, and then leaves it alone and moves on to another room. I feel like the formula in the design/decor blogosphere now is “buy all new stuff, wait a bit, then renovate the room, then continue to renovate the same room over and over, continually buying new furnishings from whomever sponsors a post, whether or not those furnishings are lasting or high-quality, then renovate the same room some more”. It just feels so thoughtless and wasteful – I love the way you and Emmet renovate. It feels measured and respectful of both the house and of your environmental impact, and I love that.

    1. THANK YOU! I loved reading this one… so sweet of you to notice that. Emmett and I were both raised to appreciate and love what we have. Our parents have the same furniture we grew up with, which might be a little extreme, but we work hard for it, I get attached to it (even though it’s materialistic), and it also bums me out to see people quickly go through pieces quickly. I understand swapping bedding or accessories, but I really try to keep longevity in mind when renovating and choosing big items for each room. That’s a big reason I love vintage! I can’t wait to share our new house with you. I’m predicting we’re going to get attached and stay. Haha!! xoxo

  11. Would love to see budgets with the room reveals also, and maybe a couple notes about whether you were able to stick to the budget you had planned and if not why not? It could give us readers a better sense of what we can afford to do and what these projects cost. I never start because I always believe I’ll never be able to get the money together or let’s be honest, I think I’ll never be able to pay down the line of credit quick enough to put a project on there.

    1. Hi Steph, I share budgets with every single project we finished! Have you checked those out? They typically come after each reveal in a separate post. xo