Happy Halloween + 30 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Happy Halloween + 30 Things You Might Not Know About Me - roomfortuesday.comYesterday I celebrated 30 (did you think I was older or younger?). I have another decade in the books and am looking forward to a great year ahead! We got home from our incredible European vacation, and now Emmett and I are playing catch up on all things work & renovating. In an effort to scramble (just being honest, ha!) to put together a blog post for today, I figured it might be time to share some things about myself for the new friends and faces around here? You guys show up to read my posts on the daily, are our biggest cheerleaders (thank you!!), and I’ve made some lifelong friendships through this platform… it’s only fair I share some fun, random facts about myself so you can get to know me a bit better. Click through for the post and for some Halloween decorating inspiration (I’m sharing my “shelfies” from last year)!

Happy Halloween + 30 Things You Might Not Know About Me - roomfortuesday.comFirst up- I owe you guys a GIANT thank you for being so supportive yesterday. I shared a heavy post and honestly felt really discouraged & defeated writing that one. You guys made my birthday a lot better. I promise to sort through the comment section and respond to each one like I normally do! I’ve been reading them, but have neglected replies since being away from my computer on vacation. I’m finally feeling creatively refueled and ready to put all the inspiration I gained in Europe to good use… and finish the One Room Challenge.

Happy Halloween + 30 Things You Might Not Know About Me - roomfortuesday.comReady for the fun and random facts I promised? No judgements, ok? Ha!

  • #1 // Part of my design thesis in art school was creating an heirloom cookbook. I compiled recipes from my family (and Emmett’s) to document and record memories about our favorite foods. We still reference it often!
  • #2 // I have Lepidopterophobia. That’s my one and only phobia. I’ll let you google it because people laugh. It’s true though, and that’s why you won’t see any of that reflected in our home decor.
  • #3 // Emmett and I are high school sweethearts. We started dating when we were 15.
  • #4 // I got to meet one of my interior design idols- Kelly Wearstler, and had an awkward fan girl moment. Remind me to tell you about it someday.
  • #5 // I’m certified in lots of outdoorsy things… white water rescue, white water guide, teaching adaptive skiing for those with special needs, snow sports instructor (for both skiing & snowboarding), etc. The list goes on. I went through a “certification phase”.
  • #6 // When it comes to candles, I prefer masculine scents (tobacco, patchouli, leather, etc) and don’t ever buy anything too sweet or food scented (no pumpkin spice over here).
  • #7 // Emmett and I only have a 3-4 photos from our wedding after our photographer ghosted us. Lesson learned, ha! It’s a funny story now.
  • #8 // I’ve lived in multiple states (Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Utah), and even Italy for a brief period studying art.
  • #9 // My liquor of choice is gin… followed by bourbon or whiskey.
  • #10 // If I weren’t a designer, I’d want to be a marine biologist or do something with science.

Happy Halloween + 30 Things You Might Not Know About Me - roomfortuesday.com

  • #11 // Rescuing Cash (our wire fox terrier) was a bit of an accident or coincidence. I was actually searching for vintage furniture online when an ad for him randomly popped up. I couldn’t stop thinking about that sad looking dog and we picked him up the next morning.
  • #12 // In the far future (I’m talking longterm), Emmett and I want to build our forever home with lots of property (horse property). We both grew up on farms and would love to have animals again. Any other 10-year 4-H members out there?
  • #13 // I’m a Scorpio through and through- I love astrology, tarot cards, star charts… all of that junk!
  • #14 // My favorite color is dark green.
  • #15 // I’m religious- a Christian. Although I typically don’t talk about religion or politics on the blog or my social platforms.
  • #16 // I get travel tattoos to document a trip or experience. I know tats aren’t for everyone, but all of mine are associated with very happy memories that make me smile… and no two are from the same state / location.
  • #17 // I have a sweet tooth. Ice cream or gelato is my go-to dessert.
  • #18 // A beach house is on my must-renovate wishlist. I feel like I already have it designed in my brain.
  • #19 // Emmett and I lived in a haunted house while we were renovating our first home (it wasn’t a live-in renovation). We witnessed some crazy and weird things.
  • #20 // My favorite summer activity is kayaking, and in the winter I love skiing.

Happy Halloween + 30 Things You Might Not Know About Me - roomfortuesday.com

  • #21 // You can now find my artwork and photography at Juniper Print Shop! I shot these wind turbines on a two week camping trip across the country with Emmett. This was in California. Click here for the print!
  • #22 // We moved to Utah without jobs because of our love for the landscape and mountains. It was the best decision!
  • #23 // I’ve been skydiving over the Swiss Alps.
  • #24 // I love hosting and entertaining, but always get anxiety right before people show up.
  • #25 // Remember my best friend, Laurie Anne? We met on Instagram, but didn’t meet in real life until a year later when I invited her as my plus one to the Domino Design Blog Awards in New York. We met for the first time at the airport!
  • #26 // I’ll let you in on a secret… our next big renovation after the ORC is going to be the basement bathroom. Sometimes the house tells you what is next and plumbing issues have arose once again.
  • #27 // I enjoy fine art, but rarely have time to do projects like that anymore. My dog portraits were a lot of fun for me.
  • #28 // I drink a lot of coffee, but don’t like tea.
  • #29 // The kitchen has been our easiest room renovation to date… in terms of everything going smoothly and as planned.
  • #30 // I’m a hardcore list maker. I write everything down, cross things out, and prefer a pen & paper to anything digital. I do the same with a physical planner versus Google calendar.

Happy Halloween + 30 Things You Might Not Know About Me - roomfortuesday.comThere you go! Did any of those surprise you? Thank you again for the wonderful encouragement and birthday wishes yesterday. You all are truly amazing and I’m so thankful for you. Also- travel guides and recaps from our trip start tomorrow! So many of you asked for details and I promised to share what we did, where we stayed, what we ate, the things I brought home, etc. I can’t wait to share and relive it with you guys!

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  1. No butterflies?! 😀 We all have our thing. And you are quite the adventurer! Skydiving is a hard no for this girl. (heights!😱) But yes to coffee, gin, masculine scents, lists, ice cream and astrology! Another bathroom?! Woop, woop! That means exciting tile selections! So many good things happening. Again, happy 30th on the 30th! (That seems like some powerful energy!) And my continued gratitude for your inspiration and hardwork in this space.💖

    1. No butterflies over here. Haha! Yes- I’m going to use a patterned tile and am SO excited to shop around for some good options. Lots of awesome things happening! How is your fall semester going? I hope amazing! Yesterday was a great day- thank you for the birthday wishes :) xo

  2. Loved learning more about you! Very cool about the tattoos! Do you research shops beforehand? And does the tattoo usually relate to the travel locale or do you get whatever feels right?

    1. Aw good Chelsey! :) Sometimes I research the shop and sometimes it’s spontaneous. The tattoos are usually random and more about the experience and less about the content or relating to the location. Just whatever feels right :)

  3. Welp this just reiterated that we would totally be real life friends. :) Happy belated birthday!!

    1. Haha, YAY!! Thank you Anitra! :)

  4. What a fun post……You created an heirloom cookbook, what a wonderful keepsake to have. And your wedding photographer ghosted you 😱 that’s crazy and not nice 😡 A forever house on lots of property 😍 with horses sounds dreamy 💗 And little Cash hit the jackpot with you two, that’s incredibly sweet. Thanks for sharing! Have a super fab day 🥂

    1. I did! We love our cookbook. I should share it on stories sometime… it’s really beautiful and I made 15 editions for all of our family members. We love our little Cash! We feel lucky he “found” us. haha! Hope you have an awesome day too :) xox

  5. Yeahhhhhh I’m going to need more details on this haunted Reno!!

    1. Hah! We lived with my mom and step dad for 7 months while we renovated our first home…. they still own the home and it’s still haunted. They’re “family ghosts” so they’re cool with it.

  6. WOAH! A haunted house? I have to know that story! Happy Birthday and lovely post!

    1. Thank you!! Yes- it was kind of crazy. I elaborated more in other comments, but basically we witnessed some crazy things- water turning on by itself, doors slamming / opening & closing, cabinets opening and closing, garage doors opening & closing, glasses of water moving across the countertop / table. Lights turning on / off. All sorts of nutty things.

  7. Add me to the list of people who want more haunted house details!

    1. Yes! Check out some of the other comment replies I shared :) Fun times. Haha! They were also “messing” with us. My step dad insisted they were friendly and relatives, so I eventually learned to live with the “normal” spooky occurrences.

  8. Cassie Bustamante says:

    this was such a fun read! i want to know all about that haunted house!
    love your adventurous and creative spirit.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Cassie! yeahhh- the haunted house, ha! I shared more in the comment section ;)

  9. Happy birthday! And GIN forever. :)

    1. Gin forever!! haha :) Thank you Sonja!!

  10. Happy Birthday Sarah!
    Enjoyed reading more about you…some fun facts..thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing how your ORC living room turns out😃 side note: I too have Lepidopterophobia!! In fact once I got in my car and was headed toward the freeway on-ramp and had to pull over because there was one inside my car (I was alone) …I knew I’d have an accident if I didn’t get it out! Opened all doors and some how got it out (was nighttime and hard to see) all without having a heart attack! just recounting this gives me the willies! The pixie dust on their wings is the worst 🤢 . My husband feels that way about spiders…which I have no problems with! ( he saves me from the moths!) So clearly we are a great match…lol!

    1. Thank you Lori! I knew there were more people like me out there. Haha! Butterflies are the WORST. They make my skin crawl. I would’ve wrecked if one had been in the car with me. Way to brave it out and get it out safely. Don’t even get my started on their nasty dusty wings. Finally someone can relate. My friends and family think I’m crazy. My husband also hates spiders and snakes- I’m like… those are fine, just don’t get a butterfly near me. Ha! xo

  11. It’d be cool to see your travel related tats! What a cool idea!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, they’re really fun. Maybe I’ll work on a blog post or share in an IG story :)

  12. Happy belated birthday! Loved learning more about you from this list and like someone else said… we could totally be real-life friends! Yay to astrology and tarot; I’m doing a Halloween reading for myself tonight!

    I can’t wait to see how the living room finishes out, and the basement bathroom. You’ve got this! :)

    1. Thank you Carly! I love that we’d be friends IRL :) Makes me so happy! Ooooh… now you’re making me want to do a reading tonight. That sounds super fun. Enjoy! xox

  13. I’m with you on the pumpkin spice scents…I don’t even like going into stores where they feature it.

    1. Same, Kathy! It’s just not our thing.

  14. LOVED this 30 on 30 post, Sarah and add me to the list who’d love to see a blog post on your tats. (I’d probably miss it on stories.😂) I love that you create your souvenirs and they’ll always be with you (and a part of you.)

    I personally would really enjoy seeing/buying more of your artwork. Your dog portraits were amaze and I love your (I think) charcoal drawings in Italy (I think.)

    So, so sorry to hear about your wedding photographer. Think you may know, but in our former lives, Bill and I were wedding photographers for 14 years and I can’t tell you how many stories we heard like yours. Or their photographer got drunk. Or they were a friend of a friend and only took four photos. The sad list goes on unfortunately. I’m glad you can laugh about it-I don’t think I ever could!

    Totally feel you on the entertaining/anxiety, paper & pen lists, ice cream, gin, kayaking, (kayaking w/ gin and ice cream?!😂), a beach house reno (sigh), and the tarot/astrology!

    Such a cute and fun story about you and Laurie Anne, too! Despite the age difference, I can totally see being friends IRL – I could be your cool, “old”, wise friend since I turn 50 next year.😳🤩🥳 😂

    1. So glad to hear it Anne! I’m also excited about my artwork at Juniper Print Shop. They’re launching another one next week that I’m excited to share :) Yesss- the wedding photos were a big bummer. We can laugh about it now, but for awhile it was a touchy subject. Ha! I hate hearing that situation is so common. Ugh. We’d definitely be friends!! Have an awesome weekend. xox!!

  15. Catherine says:

    Belated Happy Birthday!! Loved your European trip – so much more important to your lives than flooring in my opinion! Enjoy seeing what you do to the house whenever you do it, don’t stress yourself on our account, your hardcore followers will always be here.

    1. Thanks Catherine! I think so too. We made memories that will last a lifetime, which definitely beats installing flooring. Ha! Thanks for the continued support and for showing up to cheer us on :) We appreciate you!!

  16. Loved hearing about YOU today! We have a few things in common, although not the butterfly thing! 😉 Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio! 🎉 P.S. You know we will all happily and anxiously tune in for Week 7!

    1. Yay! I’m glad to hear it Kim! Happy birthday to you too Scorpio :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. What was it like moving to a new state without jobs? What inspired the change? Were you already financially and otherwise prepared, comfortable with the “risk,” or was it a total leap of faith jumped in heads first? I’ve been thinking about doing something similar. We each have different personal circumstances yet I’m curious to learn from others’ decision-making processes — for insight (vs. they did it THIS way so I’m taking it as advice). This was a fun list! Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was really incredible! It pushed us out of our comfort zone, helped grow our relationship (relying on each other), and ultimately we’re much happier because of the decision. We were visiting often to ski, but we fell in love with the landscape and thought… if we’re not happy with our current location (in the Midwest), why not make a change? We’re responsible for our own happiness and decided to do something about it. It was exciting and wonderful, but to answer your questions- yes… we saved money for our move, were comfortable with the risk (and eventually reaped the reward), and yes- we moved without jobs. Hope this helps!! I vote go for it and do what your gut is telling you :) hope this helps! xox

      1. Tuere Wiggins says:

        Thank you so much for responding! Since posting the original comment I’ve decided to go for it, too. This is my second time leaving a job and city without first having another job offer in the city where I’m relocating.

        I’m leaving Chicago in early 2020. It’s a great city that does not feel like home. I first moved here a few years ago, for one year, for a specific reason. When I left at the end of that year I didn’t see myself coming back. Two years later, I did – for a job offer after being impacted by a layoff. It wasn’t what I really wanted. I did it anyway. I was afraid to stick it out in Nashville, where I was living at the time and really liked it. I relocated there for the job I lost only a couple of months later. A new one was available for me in Chicago not long after so I jumped on it. It hasn’t felt right (nor have I) since.

        I’ve made multiple attempts to leave, wanting things to perfectly line up before I do. I’ve reached my limit. This time I choose to move forward in faith without every detail figured out first. I know in my gut that my home is somewhere else. Right now deliberating on where. Either back to Nashville or someplace new, leaning toward someplace new. I’m close to deciding and need to, soon. When I do, next steps will be clearer. Things tend to happen quickly at that stage.

        Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me through your experience!

        1. You did?! I love hearing that!! Congratulations. You are the one and only person responsible for your happiness and if you’re not happy (in terms of location, a job, whatever) make a change. Good for you for being brave and deciding to step out of your comfort zone to find your special place! We have lots of family in Nashville. It’s a wonderful city! I’d also recommend visiting some places to see what feels right / where you imagine yourself. Regardless, once you’re there and settling- keep your chin up… remember, adjustments take time. For us it was about a year before Utah really felt like HOME. Best of luck! xox

          1. Thanks, Sarah! I’m also considering Dallas. I visited last month to feel it out as a possibility. It’s between there and Nashville. I feel it pretty quickly when a place is a ‘yes’ for me or not. I’ve been in Chicago for 2 years. It’s never felt like ‘yes’ but an ‘OK for now.’ I looked into Nashville on a hunch before moving there. Followed the hunch, visited, felt good. When I moved there, the hunch was confirmed soon after. It was the same for the Washington, DC area where I lived for 15 years. I knew right away I liked it when I’d visit friends there. It’s still my favorite of the six cities where I’ve lived. It was great for that season of life. My needs are different now. So I’m looking elsewhere rather than returning. Thanks so much, again, for your words of encouragement!

          2. Of course! So excited for you :)

  18. Kelly ely says:

    Every time I see butterflies, I think of you. Haha. I recently bought a home and am doing a bit of renovating, mostly painting. But I have been loving your blog for ideas and inspiration. I am tackling the floors soon, so I really appreciated your floor post!! Your pups are adorable.

    1. Haha!! It’s such a weird thing, I know. lol! Congrats on your home, Kelly! Hope you’re doing well! I love hearing that the blog has been helpful for you :) and the pups say thank you for your kind words. Happy Friday!! Have an awesome weekend. xo