Construction Q&A with Emmett

Construction Q&A with Emmett - roomfortuesday.comToday is Emmett’s birthday and I thought it would be fitting to give him his own blog post! Nothing like a little more work on the day you’re supposed to be relaxing, right? Just kidding! We put this together a couple days ago and he was happy to answer so many great reader questions for you guys. Emmett continues to impress me in regards to our renovations… I feel so lucky to be married to a man I adore with a “can do” attitude and stellar work ethic. I’m constantly in awe of the things he builds and projects he completes. I won’t get all mushy, but I just had to brag on him for a minute since it’s his birthday! Click through for a big construction Q&A with the guy behind the blog… (aka, my husband- Emmett). There are a few personal questions tossed in there too. This post is really a good one!  

Alright- I’m going to hand it over to Emmett so he can respond to your questions via video! Let’s get this Q&A started…

There you have it! He did skip a handful of questions and promised to do another Q&A soon… is there anything else you would like to know? I get a lot of messages about his tattoos… specifically, the one of our first home and the hot air ballon. I’ll make him tell you about it sometime!

Construction Q&A with Emmett - roomfortuesday.comFeel free to leave thoughts, additional questions, and comments below. We’re about to leave on a birthday trip / adventure (which I’ll share here soon), that Emmett has been planning for 2 YEARS! Yes- he’s the type of guy to plan his own birthday trip. Haha! Therefore, we might have to respond to comments next week (as we’re taking a long weekend off). Come back tomorrow and Friday for new blog posts though- I have some good things planned!

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  1. Hahaha. The question about how he landed such a cool wife! Blushing! Great answers. Happy, happy birthday, Emmett! Have a great time on your adventure; two years in the planning…can’t wait to hear about it. (Also, I’ve totally planned my own birthday.😁)

    1. Emmett Gibson says:

      I thought my answers were good too! Thanks for always checking out our projects!

  2. Whitney C says:

    Happy Birthday!! Happy to see you and Sarah are doing so good in life! I haven’t heard your voice since highschool, you sound all grown up. Keep it up, I love watching both of your blogs!

    1. Emmett Gibson says:

      Thanks Whitney, I know- it’s been forever since high school- glade you are following our projects!

  3. Happy Birthday Emmett – thanks for all the good advice!

    1. Emmett Gibson says:

      Thanks, glad it was helpful!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Emmet! Enjoy your trip – you deserve some fun after that bathroom…

  5. Happy, happy birthday, Emmett! Thanks for answering all those questions and for everything you do to provide great renovation inspiration. You’re appreciated, and I hope you both have a fantastic time on your birthday adventure! :)

    1. Emmett Gibson says:

      Thanks for the kind words- I hope that we do provide inspiration for homeowners to tackle projects, it’s very rewarding!

  6. Becky Fischer says:

    Happy birthday, Emmett. I hope you and Sarah have a wonderful time this weekend. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. I appreciate. I love the bathroom renovation that you and Sarah did. You two did an absolutely wonderful, professional job. So classic with a bit of a twist.

    1. Emmett Gibson says:

      Thanks! I also like how the bathroom turned out, but boy-oh-boy was it stressful laying all of that tile!

  7. Happy Birthday, Emmett. I hope you have a wonderful birthday trip. You must be a master planner so you will have a great time. Enjoy your birthday weekend. I love what you and Sarah did on the bathroom renovation.