Our Proudest Renovating Moments So Far

Our Proudest Renovating Moments So Far - roomfortuesday.comYou guys asked for this post, so naturally- we wanted to deliver! Emmett and I shot a quick little, casual video to share our six proudest renovating moments so far. We plopped down onto the sofa in the guest room window nook, the dogs joined in on the fun, and we recorded our favorite projects up to this point. Click through to read (and watch) the moments and hard work that made us feel the most accomplished. 

I’ll begin by saying, with a few home renovations under our belt now, we had quite a few projects and DIY moments to choose from. It was interesting to compare Emmett’s favorites to my own. They might surprise you! Check out the video below…

As promised, I’ll link the mentioned projects and resources below…

  • Previous Kitchen // I’m proud of myself for not only designing a beautiful, unique kitchen… but a functional one with TONS of closed storage. It perfectly fit our needs in that home.
  • Our Old Backyard // This project was HOT, labor intensive, and difficult from a physical perspective, but it yielded awesome results and the hard work was well worth it!
  • Guest Bathroom Renovation // Our most recent project, the guest bath, was very challenging. We spent so many hours tiling, we stepped outside our comfort zone, and pushed our craftsmanship limits.

Our Proudest Renovating Moments So Far - roomfortuesday.comWe’d love to hear which projects you enjoyed following along with the most! Do you have any favorites? In a couple weeks I get to share our next project and it’s a BIG one. It’s going to be a fun spring & summer- I can tell you that much.

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  1. Hehehe. Dogs make everything better. So many beautiful jobs from which to choose! It’s hard to argue with backyard, kitchen and guest bath as most ambitious and grueling. I think I’d vote for the veranda as best use of space or biggest bang for your buck. Looking forward to your spring projects!

    1. Thank you so much Peggi. The carport / veranda was one of the easiest and most affordable projects, but I truly loved the way it turned out… I’m so happy to hear you did too. Dogs really are the best :) xo