Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comLet’s chat about the kitchen windows, because they are probably the most underrated thing in the space. They’re seriously incredible and I’m super happy we ended up replacing our old ones! I thought it might be helpful to walk you through my design selection process- as well as what to expect during installation. Click through to read all about our gorgeous AND efficient Pella windows!

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Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comI knew I wanted to replace our kitchen windows, but getting started can be intimidating. I first studied up on what type of windows I envisioned for the space. Knowing I was going for a more traditional aesthetic, I opted for Pella Lifestyle performance windows. I was able to customize everything from the glass, style, grille (the mullions), hinges, screen, and even the window color- which they COLOR MATCHED to our backsplash tile (impressive). Not only was I able to get exactly what I had envisioned, but the windows are awning vent style, so they open up… which is really important in a kitchen (especially if Emmett is cooking, ha). As a reminder, this is what they looked like before:

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comOur previous windows weren’t efficient- two of them were broken and didn’t even open or close anymore, plus they had a thick, dated vinyl frame. I could also hear our neighbors in the back because they weren’t very soundproof. They just made the kitchen feel more dark and dreary than it actually was.

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comThe new windows are not only incredibly efficient (triple pane glass) and functional, but they also feel 100 times lighter & brighter, while keeping the colonial aesthetic of our home’s architecture. They even have insynctive security sensors that link to an app on your phone… I’m tellin’ ya- they are SMART windows. The quality is unparalleled and Emmett was really impressed with the installation. Speaking of that… here is what that process looked like. Out with the old and in with the new!

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comAfter browsing the website, I called my local showroom to schedule a Pella visit for an estimate. Zach arrived at my house, chatted with me about options- he had samples, color swatches, and even windows to demo functions. I’m a visual person, so I really appreciated being able to touch and feel exactly what I was ordering. It’s also a game changer to be able to see the product and colors IN the space. It makes the selection process a lot easier. Next, he took detailed measurements and gave me a quote on the spot. I sat with it for a few days, made a couple changes, then placed the order. He came back to triple check everything, and the windows were pushed into production.

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comIt took about 4 weeks for my windows to arrive. The next time I met with a Pella specialist was for installation. If you’re wondering what happens during a window installation, I’m sharing a detailed look at the process! Yes- you’ll be without windows for a few hours (despite the fast looking time-lapse), so definitely plan for that.

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comThis view is from our patio looking into the kitchen after the existing windows were removed. The installation took place at the beginning of June, and the weather was pretty perfect- in the 70’s… so it really didn’t effect my day at all- other than some bugs flying in. I’m pretty sure we hadn’t even turned on our air conditioning yet. In our previous home, we had windows installed in the dead of winter and it was pretty chilly during the process- just something to consider!

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comPer usual, I asked a million questions during the install. Pella uses some of their own patented products for installation, so they’re able to offer the best warranty… like this waterproofing tape. It seals everything and keeps the window from rotting or retaining moisture. If you have your windows professionally installed by Pella, they have a lifetime warranty! I’m pretty sure they’re the only window manufacturer that offers that- which is a huge selling point, in my book.

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comOnce everything was prepped, the new windows were brought in. This is when I started to get really excited! Aren’t they gorgeous? They also feel architecturally accurate… much better than our builder grade cheapies.

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comNext, he installed the windows and began wrapping things up. Filler and foam was added around the perimeter of each window to keep things totally airtight and weatherproof.

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comThe last step was taping and caulking the interior and exterior sides of the window. Typically, the technician will also install the window casing, but given we were mid kitchen renovation- Emmett asked them to leave it off. He enjoys installing millwork and wanted to tackle the casing himself, even though it’s not the normal process.

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comI’m really happy with our new windows and light-flooded, moody kitchen! I’m also thrilled our kitchen is more efficient and soundproof. I can’t hear the neighbors when they’re outside anymore (or their loud wind chimes). Tackling these two windows is really making us want to move forward with the rest of the house. We definitely need to replace other windows throughout our home eventually. In addition to the warranty, we also got a rebate from our power company for replacing our outdated windows with an efficient option- so be sure to check for deals like that post installation!

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comThe installer left me with a couple bottles of their professional glass cleaner that works wonders. I had to clean quite a bit of drywall dust off of the windows and that solution worked like a charm. He also taught me how to open, remove the screen, sync the sensor, and use the windows before leaving my house… I appreciated the little crash course on operating them, even though it’s super easy!

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comI’ll leave you with one last exterior view. This is the kitchen window from our outdoor dining space. I really love the seamless look, but I’m mostly excited that it keeps our house cool and soundproof with the triple pane glass and technology. It makes our kitchen feel high-end and well thought out.

Kitchen Windows : The Selection & Installation Process - roomfortuesday.comI’m excited too use Pella products again in the future. I’ll definitely buy windows and doors from them when the time comes! I have dreams of replacing lots throughout our home in the coming years. I also really enjoyed working with my local Pella branch. Not only were they the nicest people who helped me get EXACTLY what I wanted, but they were super clean, respectful of our home, and I enjoyed getting to know them. Good people, good products, and now I’m a happy lady in our finished kitchen! Questions? I love chatting in the comment section below!

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  1. Wow! That’s a lot of customization! I definitely would be intimidated by the choices. I had a kitchen window replaced, but lots of options weren’t discussed. I basically said, “Get me a new window that fits the space but works.”🤷‍♀️ Even with those low standards, the difference was shocking! So much brighter! And the improved function made me realize just how annoying the old window had been. I will say that the cost also shocked me…I’m relieved that most of our windows had already been replaced. The outside view of yours is especially stunning; that’s the window that was supposed to be there. Nice work.

    1. That’s how I was with our last house, but the designer in me loved having allllll the choices. These are definitely the nicest windows we’ve ever had and it’s obvious they’re better than the ones in our previous home- just the soundproofing alone was worth it. Windows are a big expense though. We found that out during our last renovation replacing every single one. Hope you’re having a great week :) If you were closer, you and Joe could come over and enjoy the patio & outside window view. Haha!

  2. This is the second house in which we’ve had triple-paned windows installed and we couldn’t be happier. They are incredibly energy-efficient and reduce exterior noise tremendously. You’ve made a brilliant choice. Cheers, Ardith

    1. It has really made a big difference! I wish we would’ve went that direction with our previous home. Hope you’re having a wonderful week Ardith :) xo

  3. Is that a picture window or awning window?

    1. Awning. I wanted to make sure it was operable and could open since it’s in the kitchen.

  4. What is ther colour of the kitchen cabinets? It all looks so beautiful!

  5. Donna Simmons says:

    What size is tile on the backsplash?