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We're Moving - roomfortuesday.comWe’re quite literally moving and unboxing today, but I know lots of you are itching to get a glimpse of our new house. So I wanted to pop this fast post up here (via my iPhone). For those of you that requested a builder grade tract house, you’re in luck. We’re about to start an overhaul on a monstrosity that was built in the early 90’s and has zero character on the interior- but a ton of potential. We’re planning to add oodles of charm and make this place look anything but basic. I actually really like the exterior and think it will be amazing with a few changes. This house is larger than any home we’ve ever renovated (challenge accepted & cheers to not sharing a bathroom anymore!!) and we’re planning to settle for at least 4 years (if all goes as planned)… more home to renovate equals more time for us to live there and enjoy it- plus more content for you guys! Who knows… we might also fall in love and want to stay. You never know what the future holds! I’ll give you all a proper tour as soon as we finish moving and I dust the snow off my boots. We also have family in town, so things are a bit chaotic right now. As always, you’re welcome to follow along on Instagram for behind the scenes stories. Excited to share more soon!

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  1. I love it! I cannot wait to see the upgrades you make to it to bring it up to date.

    1. Thank you Leslie!! xox

  2. I have been checking every day to see when we would get a glimpse. I was hoping for a builder grade bore, because I can’t wait to see what you do. Such a gorgeous home- I love the brick and the porches. Happy unpacking!

    1. Thanks Michelle! The exterior is charming and doesn’t look as builder-grade as most, but is definitely dated. The inside, on the other hand… is very boring and 90’s looking. Lots of brass, cherry, and cheap finishes. Can’t wait to get started. Hope you had a lovely weekend! xo

  3. So MUCH potential! This view of the front coupled with the glimpse from the back garden that you showed on Instagram – 😍. You are both going to have such a great time with all the available projects!

    1. Thank you Sally!! That’s exactly what we were thinking… we’re incredibly excited :)

  4. Can’t wait to see more. The exterior is amazing.

  5. Christiane says:

    So. Much. Space! Happy for you two! And excited to see more.

    1. So. Much. Space. We are super pumped! Plenty of room for visitors- come see us sometime :)

  6. From the outside this place looks charming and I’m sure has so much potential on the inside! I can’t wait to see it all!

    1. Thank you Michelle! We’re really excited. I’m hoping to give the tour soon :) xo

  7. HOORAY. the new house (home!) looks quaint! A far cry from Southern California “builder-grade” which I jokingly refer to as – say it fast with a stuck-up/snotty tone – “beige-on-beige”. Thanks for the sneak peak :)

    1. The exterior is what led me to add this house to our home showing / must-see list! We had been looking at the beige-on-beige builder grade homes, when our agent stumbled across this one. While the inside is still pretty basic, at least they went all out with the exterior. It has tons of potential! We’re really excited about it :)

  8. Emily Villejoin says:

    Very excited for yall! I hope Emmet got his garage!!

    1. He basically picked this house because of the garage. Haha!! I honestly wasn’t sold on this place in the beginning, but he was SO happy- I couldn’t say no. Thanks Emily! xox

  9. Welcome home, Sarah and Emmett! Party ’til it’s 2019 and then the renovating games are on! Cheers and Happy Holidays, Ardith

    1. Thank you Ardith!! That’s our plan exactly. Happy Holidays to you! xox

  10. Beautiful! So excited to see what you do with this gem!
    (And it looks like a winter wonderland there, I can see through your stories that the dogs are LOVING it!)

    1. Thank you Ashley! We’re really excited about it. The dogs have never been happier. Between the snow in the backyard and a house filled with carpet- they’ve never ran faster. Haha! xo

  11. Ooo love the exterior though! You will make it even more charming. Can’t wait to follow along. Hope all is well with you and your fam.

    1. Thanks so much friend! We just decorated the exterior for Christmas- excited to share more of that tomorrow. Bring on another renovation. Hope you and your fam are having a happy holiday! :) xo

  12. Yessss, I’m so happy to see this! We ended up with a 90s builder grade house as well, because the layout, size, and price just made sense for us (we’re also not as experienced/skilled at renovating as you guys so we didn’t want to bite off more than we could chew in the projects department). I was resistant as I love the charm of older homes (who doesn’t?!) but I also believe there’s something great about a blank slate with no “original” features you feel obligated to work around. SO EXCITED to see what you do with this home, and the exterior really does look great. Congrats on the move!

    1. Thank you Aileen! 90’s homes are so common and they really do make a lot of sense in terms of budget, renovating skills, etc. It really is like a blank canvas- you don’t have to stick to what history or architecture says. I’m excited for a new challenge! Happy holidays to you and your family! xo

  13. Ohh I’ve always loved this house, especially in the winter! I grew up around the corner and noticed not long ago that it was for sale. So excited that you bought it and look forward to seeing what you do with it!

    1. No way!! That’s amazing. Is your family our neighbors? We are so excited about this place and are eager to make it our own. It really is gorgeous and we think we’ll love the area. xox