Styled Bar Cart in My Office

Styled Bar Cart in My Office - roomfortuesday.comLast Friday I shared my thrifted bar cart makeover and this week, as promised- I’m giving you a peek at how it looks styled! My office is currently a sad place, despite the beautiful herringbone hardwood floors. Everything else is original to the home and looks pretty blah. I spend 10+ hours in this space every day and I wanted it to feel a bit happier or more interesting until the time comes to renovate. For someone who talks about design and making home a place you love on a daily basis, the room I write these posts in is pretty mediocre. Ha! Insert, my cheap bar cart. Keeping with the thrifty budget, I found some beautiful items to stock it from Walmart Home. Click through to see how it turned out…

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Styled Bar Cart in My Office - roomfortuesday.comPretty, right?! I don’t really have drinks in my office (ok, ok- on Fridays maybe!), but I like the concept. It’s kind of a new age, traditional version of the mad men office cart, and let’s be real- I mostly like the way it looks. This cute little cart will also come in handy for entertaining this holiday season. I’m envisioning wheeling this thing into the living room or entryway and styling it for parties.

I dug “Derby” (the horse art) out of my prop closet and installed him above the cart because I figured if I was going through the effort of making my office a little better, I might as well. Do you guys remember when he hung in our first home? He lived in the mudroom! Then in our previous home, he was in the living room for a bit. I toned down his background color a few years ago, but one of our friends painted this for us and it’s Emmett’s childhood horse (who is still living, BTW).

Styled Bar Cart in My Office - roomfortuesday.comI decked out the cart with some very classic and useful items. For starters, I cannot believe this bar set is only $18!! It looks super expensive and comes with a decanter, PLUS six heavy highball glasses. It would make a great holiday gift too.

Styled Bar Cart in My Office - roomfortuesday.comI also added a task lamp to my desk. This modern matte white and brass table lamp is equally as impressive, ringing in at $29. Another steal! I like to keep candles in my office because I burn them when I feel stressed. It’s a trick my therapist taught me. This one smells really good and I like the minimalistic packaging and typography. I didn’t realize how handy candle tools (a wick trimmer and snuffer) were until I got some.

Styled Bar Cart in My Office - roomfortuesday.comI also brought my cocktail napkins from our fall dinner party back out. They’re permanently going to live on the cart since they’re so pretty. I plopped some marble coasters on there, as well as a faux hydrangea arrangement that looks VERY convincing, and called it done!

Click directly on the items below, or use the links at the bottom of the collage to be redirected… 

01: two tone marble coasters // 02: whiskey decanter & glassware set // 03: hemstitched cocktail napkins // 04: faux hydrangea flower arrangement // 05: wick trimmers // 06: knit throw blanket // 07: northern woods soy candle // 08: candle snuffer // 09: desk lamp // 10: picnic blanket

There are some seriously good finds in this roundup! I was able to score some simplistic neutrals, with subtle fall or holiday accents (the candle, striped blanket, etc) from Walmart Home. I’m hoping my bar cart vignette looks much more timeless and expensive than it actually was!

Styled Bar Cart in My Office - roomfortuesday.comThis is my last contracted post with Walmart and I have to say- I had so much fun working with them and finding beautiful pieces to style throughout our home. I hope many of you were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the budget-friendly posts! If you missed any of the posts in the series, you can use the links below to travel back in time and check them out…

Styled Bar Cart in My Office - roomfortuesday.comI’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Do you like how I styled it? Do you remember the horse art from our previous homes? Did you think this 80’s cart would actually turn out cool? Haha!

We’re leaving for vacation this weekend, but I worked double time and have a full week of posts lined up while I’m out-of-office, so please check back on Monday! I hope you all have an awesome weekend.

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  1. Classic and pretty! I have been surprised at the simple and appealing items you’ve featured from Walmart. Your bar cart and chair really have me thinking about searching for something with caning, too. (Wheels spinning…) With every new room you renovate that’s NOT your office, I feel a little twinge of disappointment for you. I’ve decided that this means your office will be extra luxe and spectacular because of your patience. Again, wishing you the ultimate rejuvenating trip!!😘

    1. Thanks Peggi! I vote yes to caning :) I’m also sad that my office hasn’t been on the docket yet, but we’ll get to it eventually- and you better believe it will be VERY SPECIAL! haha! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  2. I love your bar cart, horse art 💗 and budget friendly posts from Walmart. I don’t think you need to break the bank to outfit a home with nice things and you have introduced alot of fantastic items. With Christmas just around the corner I have many host giving ideas up my sleeve now thanks to you Sarah 😉 I also love artwork that share a personal meaning. And Derby is adorable 😍 Cheers! Have a wonderfully exciting vacation and happy birthday 🥳

    1. Thanks Colleen!! I’m with you- there are so many beautiful items that are budget friendly. The artwork is so special to us! I’m glad I pulled it out of the closet :) Have a great weekend and thanks for the birthday wishes. xoxo

  3. Melaina Jones says:

    Fell in love with the color on your cart but could not find the paint color identified in the comments, can you help?