Holiday Vacation and R&R

Holiday Vacation and R&R - roomfortuesday.comAs we head into the holiday week, I wanted to let you all know- I’ll be taking off from blog posts December 25th-29th. This year I took zero days off from the blog (yikes, no wonder I’m tired!), so I’m excited to take a much-needed break to refuel, relax, and enjoy time with holiday house guests who will be visiting through the new year. In this weird design blog industry, burnout comes easily and I’m going to try to make it more of a priority to practice self-care, time off, and balance in the coming year…. something I failed miserably at this year. Hah! Anyway- thank you for sticking around, allowing me to take a holiday break, and still showing up to read once I’m back! I appreciate you guys. Here’s to kicking things off right and enjoying Christmas this week! Click through to see what’s on my R&R agenda (plus a couple projects we plan to tackle, because you all know I’m not good at sitting idle for too long)

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Holiday Vacation and R&R - roomfortuesday.comThe first thing on my R&R to-do list is to SLEEP IN (if the dogs will let us), wake up slow, make breakfast every morning during break, take in the view (quite literally… our bedroom balcony view is my FAVORITE), and just enjoy lazy days. I got some new linen pajamas that are as dreamy as they sound. I’ve always been a matching PJs type of gal, but these are next level nice.

Holiday Vacation and R&R - roomfortuesday.comPart of my relaxation plan also includes getting into pajamas earlier in the evening, shaking up a holiday cocktail, snuggling dogs, and watching Christmas movies. Emmett started a list and we have 10 movies to get through this week! I can’t wait to unwind and do absolutely nothing. If I’m being honest, I might not even change out of my comfy clothes or PJs.

If you’re curious about my new sleep set, I ordered a large because I like my pajamas to be extra roomy and cozy… nothing too tight or restricting. These actually run a little large, FYI. They do keep getting more comfortable with each wash though… since they’re made of 100% linen.

Holiday Vacation and R&R - roomfortuesday.comOther items on my R&R list include: at least two long soaks in the tub, finish reading one book, lots of skiing, going to the movies, taking our friends (aka- our house guests) to do some fun local Utah things… plus we have a couple holiday parties left to attend. I think I can handle doing all of that and my mind will thank me for taking time off work to think about other things! I’ll try to story some of the fun behind-the-scenes.

Holiday Vacation and R&R - roomfortuesday.comAs far as projects are concerned, we have to wrap up the formal living room over our holiday break. Given it was supposed to be finished a couple months ago, if we don’t finish up ASAP- we’re going to get behind on our next project… the basement bathroom. Emmett and I both have a big goal to stick to a better schedule in the coming year (probably take on fewer projects so we can maintain said schedule), and this is the fun part of the project anyway: millwork, painting, wallpapering, and installing accessories. We’re SO so close! Emmett also has big plans to start demo on the basement bath, but we’ll see how quickly we can tackle the living room.

Holiday Vacation and R&R - roomfortuesday.comBeing a details person, when I’m trying to get into full relaxation mode, I’ve found that I enjoy little luxurious touches… oversized plush bath towels, slippers, a cozy throw to snuggle under while I’m reading a good book, a quality candle, matching pajamas… you get the point. I’m going to link some of my favorites below, if you also appreciate those types of things.

Click directly on my finds below to shop or use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage…

01: linen robe // 02: spa slippers // 03: candle // 04: fouta bath towels // 05: napa bath towels // 06: positano linen pajama set // 07: flannel pajamas // 08: spa robe // 09: alpaca throw // 10: porto linen robe // 11: striped linen pajamas // 12: cotton throw // 13: bath rug // 14: sonoma bath robe

I obviously have and love my new linen PJ set (#6), I also just ordered the fouta bath towels (#4) for the basement bathroom, as well as this spa set (#8) … again, for the basement bath. Here’s to hoping when it comes time to renovate and finish that space in the coming months, I’ll be all set for house guests down there!

Holiday Vacation and R&R - roomfortuesday.comTomorrow, I’ll be back with one last (quick) blog post before kicking off my holiday vacation! Are you all on vacation for Christmas already? If not- maybe you’re already in the vacay mindset. I know I am! I hope you’re already relaxing and enjoying this last part of the year! Let’s make it count.

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  1. Your holiday plans sound perfect! I’m glad you’re taking time off; everyone needs rest! We kicked off our break with a “party bus” tour of four wineries, so we’re in the spirit. 🍷 The rest of our time will be about snuggling, Christmas movies, great food and playing at the park with Joe. We are the lowest of low key. My lounging gear could probably use an upgrade; I’m usually just in sweats.😬 Enjoy your break! And, of course, I’ll be here when you get back. I wouldn’t want to miss all the awesome.

    1. A party bus?! And wineries?! How fun is that!! I hope you all had a wonderful time. That sounds incredible. Enjoy a low key, lounging, and festive holiday :) xox

  2. Enjoy you’re much deserved break Sarah! Your R&R plans sound perfect and your balcony view is beautiful. I’m with you on the “little luxuries”. They make me very happy – probably because I’m such a homebody. Man, I would love a towel upgrade. Those may go on the wish list along with the striped linen robe. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! I’m also a homebody… those little details always make me smile :) Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Merry Christmas Sarah and Emmett 🌲
    Enjoy a very well needed and well deserved holiday 🥳
    And Cheers to wearing PJ ‘s all day 😜🥂

    1. Thank you Colleen! Merry Christmas to you :) Cheers to lounging in comfies!! haha xo

  4. I think you work harder than any other blogger I am aware of and post more often (every day?) so enjoy your time off. No one will go away! You have a beautiful aesthetic. Great work on that new house of yours.

    1. Thank you Becky! I so appreciate that :) happy holidays to you!! xo

  5. We’re a jammie pants type of household when it comes to relaxicabbing. Like Peggi, we are incredibly low-key when it comes to the holidays these days. We have been enjoying our annual Christmas video marathon and taking evening drives around town to see the lights and decorations. Up next is cooking up our Christmas dinner today and tomorrow.

    Like everyone else here, I wish you a blissful time away from the blogging world and any other virtual community. Enjoying the company of actual people is a wonderful gift to give yourselves. Take care, you lovely humans. Cheers and Merry Christmas, Ardith

    1. Same! That’s the best way to do it :) Your holiday sounds perfect so far. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas dinner. It really is wonderful to live in the moment and tune out for a bit. Thanks for the reminder, Ardith! xox