Our Guest Bathroom Design Plan & Before Images

Our Guest Bath Design Plan & Before Images - roomfortuesday.comI am beyond excited to introduce the very first room renovation in our new home! Sometimes a house tells you where to begin when it comes to renovating. Due to some plumbing issues, we opted to overhaul our guest bathroom first since it was a priority in regards to plumbing. Luckily, Lowe’s wanted in on the action, so they’re sponsoring part of this renovation and once you see the design plan- you’ll understand the look I’m going for. It’s super classic, elegant, attainable, bold, and I hope you love it as much as I do. I can’t wait to get started and watch the space unfold. Click through for before images, the design plan, my source list (everything has been ordered and is starting to arrive- yay!), and an intro video diary. That’s right- Emmett and I are both on camera discussing the things we’re most excited and nervous about in regards to this bath remodel. I also wanted to include some tips for planning a bathroom renovation, so if you have an upcoming project- definitely check out my suggestions and pin them for when the time comes!

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Let’s dive right in, shall we? Brace yourself for the before images! Actually… the space isn’t too terrible. We’re honestly used to much worse. Our home was built in the 90’s and the tile in this space was updated by the previous homeowners, but given the plumbing issues- now is the time to make this space beautiful, more functional, and exactly as we’d like it.

Our Guest Bath Design Plan & Before Images - roomfortuesday.comThe issue with this bathroom is the use of space. It’s basically doors galore and there are 3 separate rooms in what would be a very spacious, spa-like bathroom. Instead, there is a toilet room, a sink room, and a shower room- all of which have their own door. We have multiple bathrooms in the house, so privacy or sharing a bath isn’t an issue. This just feels like overkill for this particular space and layout.

Our Guest Bath Design Plan & Before Images - roomfortuesday.comThe entire room kind of induces claustrophobia and makes you feel like you could get stuck in a bathroom traffic jam thanks to all those doors. There are just too many spaces in a space, which wastes precious space. Did you follow that? Haha!

Our Guest Bath Design Plan & Before Images - roomfortuesday.comOn another note, I nicknamed the current vanity and countertop combo “bananity” because it’s literally the color of a banana. It’s also sort of shaped like a banana, which feels really weird and impractical. There’s just too much negative space in between the sinks that is wasted.

Our Guest Bath Design Plan & Before Images - roomfortuesday.comThe shower isn’t really that bad, since it was updated within the past 10 years. I don’t have an issue with white subway tile- in fact, you’ll notice we’re using white subway tile once again in the space (spoiler alert). What bothers me is the installation and the fact that it looks VERY basic and boring. It doesn’t run all the way to the ceiling and the plumbing fixtures are dated. It certainly has a 90’s vibe.

Our Guest Bath Design Plan & Before Images - roomfortuesday.comEmmett and I had fun filming our very first renovation video diary. Our plan is to share our thoughts before and after every project… basically we’ll kick things off and wrap them up via video! Check it out below and hear all about our goals, as well as the things we’re most excited to tackle… the dogs also make an appearance:

Obviously we’re eager to get started and transform this bathroom. If you’re wondering what it’s going to look like, I’ve made you wait long enough! I’ve inserted the design plan below. You can shop all of the sources from Lowe’s using the numbered links listed at the bottom of the collage.

Our Guest Bath Design Plan & Before Images - roomfortuesday.com01: progress lighting pendant lights // 02: ariel stafford white double sink vanity with white quartz top // 03: quoizel wall mirror // 04: delta cassidy widespread faucet // 05: delta cassidy shower trim // 06: delta handheld shower // 07: allen+roth flush mount light fixture // 08: black pencil liner tile // 09: ice white gloss subway tile // 10: black ceramic cove base tile // 11: delta cassidy towel hook // 12: alcove bathtub // 13: kohler memoirs elongated toilet // 14: brass toilet lever // 15: kohler toilet seat // 16: carrara marble mosaic floor tile // 17: linden towel bar // 18: home styles vanity stool

Here is a sneak peek of the floor tile. It actually came in right before Christmas and was the best holiday surprise! I wanted to stick with something timeless and easy to install- yet unique. I’m tired of hex tile and this updated mosaic felt really nice and classic… especially being carrara marble. As for the wall tile, I’ve got a secret subway tile trick up my sleeve! I’ll share more on that later.

We’re also planning to do some customization work to that gorgeous vanity. It arrived on a palette last week and I was SUPER impressed with the quality. The doors are soft-close, the paint job is flawless, and Emmett (who works at a cabinetry company) also stopped to comment on how well-made it was. That’s a big compliment coming from Mr. Picky.

Our Guest Bath Design Plan & Before Images - roomfortuesday.comAs for the floor plan, here’s a visual of how that will look once it’s updated. We didn’t want to move plumbing this time around since there are already plumbing issues happening and we’ll need to invest money toward new piping. My goal was to open up the room (especially since there is no window) and use the space wisely in a more functional way that feels a bit brighter.

Our Guest Bath Design Plan & Before Images - roomfortuesday.com


Last but not least- my promised bathroom renovation planning tips. Here are 10 tidbits or words of wisdom I like to follow prior to beginning a bathroom reno:

  1. Consider function above all else– a bathroom HAS to work… and work well for your entire family.
  2. Make smart tile selections– choose a floor tile that is slip resistant or has lots of grout lines for better traction. Also choose wall tile that is easy to clean.
  3. Select efficient plumbing fixtures– when choosing toilets, faucets, shower trim, etc… I like to check stats and make sure they conserve water and are efficient.
  4. Plan for storage– no matter the size of your bathroom, storage for linens & toiletries is always nice. Make sure your vanity or additional bathroom furniture has room for open or closed storage.
  5. Don’t forget about privacy– when planning your bathroom renovation, consider which way the door swings, purchase a privacy lock when choosing door hardware, and install privacy glass if you’re swapping a window.
  6. Create a lighting plan– much like a kitchen, bathrooms require adequate light. Mix recessed lights, exhaust fans, pendants, flush mounts, or sconces to achieve the best lighting for your space.
  7. Remember the finishing details– things people tend to forget are the details that really make a bathroom! Don’t forget towel hooks, towel bars, vanity hardware, matching drains, and overflows.
  8. Check inventory– as items begin to arrive, check to make sure nothing arrived broken and everything fits as expected. I have a mountain of boxes and products that are all neatly labeled. It makes the process so much easier!
  9. Make necessary arrangements while bath is out of order– while the space is out of commission, plan which bathroom you’ll be using instead.
  10. Map out a timeline– given bathrooms are spaces we use every single day, creating a construction timeline is helpful in determining how long you’ll need to plan alternative arrangements. It also helps to keep things moving and stay on track if you’re following a strict schedule.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on our newly designed bathroom and intro video in the comments below! Demo is officially underway and I’m eager to test my tile skills once again. I have a lot of fun post ideas to share throughout the duration of this renovation- some of them include: how to make subway tile look interesting (and anything but basic), tips for selecting cohesive plumbing fixtures, how to modify a readymade vanity to make it appear custom, how to reupholster a vanity stool,… and more. If there is anything specific you’d like us to cover, just let me know!

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  1. This is going to be such an improvement on the use of the space – even the thought of showering in the before version with the door closed makes me instantly feel claustrophobic! Seeing all your picks grouped together gives a really good idea of the final result – I like absolutely everything (especially the floor tile ❤️) apart from the flush-mounted light fitting which I’m waiting to be convinced on! I feel invested already!

    1. Thanks Sally! I’m really excited about it- and I’m with you… showering in the “shower room” would be terrifying. I never tried it, but our guests said it was weird and it got super steamy in there. Emmett has also yet to be convinced on that light fixture, but I’m really liking it! Hopefully all goes as planned and it will tie in nicely… stay tuned :) xo

  2. Exciting! This is a great post, really shows where you’re starting, what you’re planning, and where you’re going. I also like that you kept some of the details a surprise.! The material board is gorgeous, especially loving the floor tile – classic material with modern lines.

    1. Thank you, Karen! I wasn’t sure how much to give away… there will be more posts to come though :) I’ll share the floor tile in detail on Instagram stories today- it’s so beautiful! xo

  3. Oh, I am too excited about this! I absolutely LOVE your selections, and “timeless” and “classic” are two of my biggest design buzzwords. That floor tile is especially amazing. Can you share the blue paint color and wallpaper source from the lead image? They are gorgeous!

    1. Yay!! So happy to hear that Julie! The wallpaper can be found here, and the paint is Languid Blue by Sherwin-Williams. I’m going to share an Instagram story of the floor tile this afternoon, it’s SO beautiful in person.

  4. Can’t wait to see how this turns out! Might be borrowing several ideas for our master bath reno this spring. Glad to see all the Lowe’s sources!

    1. I’m really excited too, Meredith!! Please borrow :) I can’t wait to see how this one unfolds. I just love Lowe’s. We shop there way too often and they have been the best partner. It makes me happy knowing I can create and share a space that is very designerly, yet attainable & accessible! We were there over the weekend picking up some supplies and I fell down a rabbit hole in their kitchen design section. Now I’m dreaming on a new kitchen. ha! It’s never-ending. Someday, someday. xo

  5. I’m excited about this! I’ve been eyeing that flush mount light for a while, and am interested to see how you tackle the too-long rod that the reviewers all mention. Quick question: with the absence of a toilet room door, will you be staring at yourself in the mirror while doing your business?

    1. Thanks, Liz! I’ll let you know and I’ll be sure to share lots about the flush mount. I bought it anticipating we’d have to make an easy modification of some sort (based on the reviews)… but for the price, I don’t mind doing that at all. Great question about the toilet- that thought actually crossed my mind, so I sat on the existing toilet with the door open and given we’ll have new mirrors that don’t connect to the vanity (they float above), I’m thinking they will be high enough to avoid that weird situation. At the very least, someone might be able to see their face, but nothing below the shoulders. Haha! I’ll take that over having another door in the room. lol! xo

  6. I love watching you choose when you do a gut. Like your last kitchen, it’s kind of unexpected (ie, quite different then every other blog bathroom, kitchen, etc) and when it comes together, it’s always timeless, gorgeous and chic.

    1. That’s the best compliment! Thank you, Renee! This time around- I want it be bold, unique, but also a version of us (that matches the home exterior). A tall order, I know. Haha! I’m really eager to see this one come together. Emmett isn’t quite sold on a few things, but I’ve promised him it will all look beautiful in the end. Fingers crossed! xo

  7. Eeeeee!!! looks amazing! That toilet is a work. of. art. (ha!)

    1. I agree!! That toilet has me doing all the heart eyes. HAHA! But really- I’m pretty excited about it :)

  8. Loving the video diary! Such good insight for what’s to come, and super stoked for the waterfall vanity!

    1. Thank you Amanda!! Me too- I’m picking out the burl today… I’ll try to bring you guys along on Insta :)

  9. I love everything about this design. It’s so classic! I’m curious about the black toilet seat. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen black but I love it. Can you confirm the toilet will be white?

    1. Thank you Kim! That is exactly what I was going for and I’m so happy it’s translating. Yes- the toilet will be white and I’ll be swapping the seat + lid for black… just for fun. The toilet lever will also get changed to brass to match the faucets :)

  10. Taking those doors out is going to be such an upgrade in there! I’m curious about the wall between the toilet and tub, though. Why is it so much deeper than the tub? You’ve certainly got room in there for a wall that long, I’m just curious what the reasoning was.

    Love your blog! You’re my design guru.

  11. Love this plan! Everything about it….except I’d be really tempted to frame in a door on the diagonal to enclose the toilet room if a person desired that. Leaving it open most of the time would not add to visual clutter b/c it would be inside the toilet room, but it would be there when needed. I really like bathrooms with enclosed water closets. Adore your floor tile.

    1. Thanks Ann! We thought about adding a door, but in the end- I decided against it. I think it’s just a personal preference. There will be a privacy lock on the bathroom door as well! Hope this helps to clarify :) xo

  12. Love, love, love the plan! Is that wallpaper I spy? Cannot wait to see that and your use of the dark blue. I live in a “modern” colonial in Richmond VA so I cannot wait to steal ideas.

    And loved the video…nice touch.

    1. Thank you Kathy! You spy correctly… it is wallpaper!! Also really happy to hear you liked the video. We’re kind of awkward on camera, but are hoping we get better with time. haha! xo

  13. Love everything about it! We are getting ready to do a bathroom remodel also. I have been planning on the basket weave Marble tile but the one you picked is amazing. I haven’t seen it at my local Lowe’s. Also do you mind sharing the wallpaper details.

    1. Thank you Leigh! Basketweave marble is another classic favorite of mine… you can’t go wrong. I do a lot of my Lowe’s shopping online because they have SO many more products on their website than in store. I’ll just have it delivered to my house or to my local store for free pickup :) That tile was an online Lowe’s purchase!

  14. Bananity!! I love it. Classic design once again – looking forward to watching the progress. Also, I loved seeing Emmett on camera. Y’all are adorable together.

    1. Haha! I thought it was funny- I started calling it that and it stuck. Emmett wasn’t impressed. Lol! Thank you so much for following along and for your sweet words Marti :) xo

  15. I’m curious Sarah, how did you narrow down that new toilet will halt the overflowing issue and do they all have issues or just this one? Our last residence had this problem and we had them all replaced, which worked for some time, only to lead to an uncovered plumbing issue. : (

    1. Great question Sara! We’re actually reworking the plumbing in this bathroom (but I probably won’t show that part because it’s boring), in addition to replacing all the plumbing fixtures (toilets, sinks, faucets, etc). We started on this bathroom (on our renovating schedule) because it needed plumbing attention first. We definitely want to make sure if we’re going to the trouble of renovating and replacing everything, “the bones” AKA the piping underneath is good to go and won’t give us any future issues.

  16. Beautiful! That bathroom before…whoa. A little embarrassed to admit that the toilet got me excited-I love the smooth, skirted sides. The light fixture also really caught my eye. And that blue with the burl you showed on Insta?! Man, it’s going to be stunning. I think the work will definitely go faster given your two assistants; they look very capable.

    1. Thanks Peggi! The toilet got me really excited too. Our assistants usually get in the way and end up trying to steal building materials. HAHA! But they’re cute and that’s all that counts. xox

  17. Rick Labao says:

    Whoah! That’s a lot already for a starter. But anyhow, knowing you couple team will make this an impressive one. This will be a classic and timeless design and withstand time. I’m loving the floor tile already among Hexagonal trend coming back. I cant wait to see the final reveal.

  18. Wow, love the tile, colors, and your thoughts about making it classic and timeless! You have such an eye for detail. Curious about the vanity counter along the wall. What was your thoughts on that versus a cabinet for more storage? Again, just curious in the thought process. Can’t wait to follow along. BTW, all steps are interesting even the sheetrock, tear-down, insulation, electrical. I am not a just a “before-after” kind of follower! ;)

    1. Thanks so much Danna! I opted for the burl counter because we have a TON of storage. There is also a large linen closet directly across the hall from the guest bath. Since we have ample storage, I opted for a statement seating area :) Thanks for following along- through the ugly process images and all! xox

  19. The layout, function and the aesthetic direction are all fantastic! I am obsessing over the floor tile you chose and looking forward to reading about the subway tile trick and other things you have planned as you move forward. We are going to be renovating our bathroom soon and I get so overwhelmed with the endless choices out there that I often have trouble making decisions and listening to what my gut is telling me. I don’t know if you’ve covered anything like this on your blog yet but if you haven’t I would love to read a post on your thoughts about how you start designing a room (bathroom or otherwise). Also how do you make those floor plan graphics? They look so helpful in planning a room layout! Thank you and love what you do!

    1. Thank you so much, Meryl! It’s easy to get overwhelmed with options. I usually start with a jumping off point… maybe I should do a post about my process- that’s a great idea! I do all of my graphics in Adobe creative suite- programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. It really is helpful to have a visual, whether it’s a digital moodboard or samples in front of you to see how the materials work together. Have a great weekend! xox

      1. Yes! I would love to read a post about your creative process. I’m having a hard time finding my starter for this particular project and I love to learn about other creatives’ processes. I will have to get my computer skills sharpened, thanks for your reply!

  20. I love the floor! I keep hearing I should not use marble on the bathroom floor (because of 3 boys + dog + maintenance)….whomp. How do you feel about using marble? I’m having a hard time finding a porcelain replacement. Would LOVE your thoughts on using marble in the bathroom!