2018 : Year in Review

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comI hope you guys had the very best Christmas! We’re back to reality (well almost- we still have house guests until Thursday), but I’m feeling creatively refreshed after a good, long break. It was honestly much needed, as I’ve been really sick the past two weeks. On the last day of the year, I wanted to recap the top 10 blog posts of 2018, along with some milestones, events, and achievements. Click through for a look at Room for Tuesday in 2018- as well as some personal happenings. Come reminisce with me… A LOT happened this year. It was certainly a wild ride!

Personally, 2018 was a really challenging year for us. However, in regards to work and my career- it was actually one of the best. Emmett and I accomplished SO much and feel very proud of the hard work and content we created these past 12 months. Here’s a quick recap of your favorite posts of the year (based on blog traffic). I share MY favorites at the end of this post too, if you’re interested.


Let’s count them down from ten…

#10 : DIY Abstract Diptych Art

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comThis is one of my all-time favorite DIY projects to date! This large scale statement artwork doesn’t get easier… plus, I filmed a short video tutorial to make the process even more simplistic and easy to follow. My inspiration art cost over $1200 and I spent less than $100 on the DIY- and I have to say, they look of equal value. It’s a must-read!

#09: Amazon Finds : The Best Lighting

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comI’m not surprised this post showed up in the top 10. I rounded up a robust collage of my favorite light fixtures available on Amazon- of every budget and style. From sconces and lamps, to flush mounts and chandeliers… there are over 120+ timeless options crammed into this Amazon Finds posts.

#08: Ways To Add Value To Your Home

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comIn this post, I chat about how we renovate intelligently… meaning, how we add value to our home and think in terms of resale. The goal is never to lose money. I talked about our personal philosophy, budgeting, and the areas in a home that give you the biggest bang for your buck when transforming a room.

#07: The Laundry Room Reveal

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comWe finished the laundry room in May for the One Room Challenge and it ended up being one of the most functional rooms in the home! Not only did it provide a ton of space and storage for laundry, but it also served as a space for our dogs. From custom dog dishes to an integrated kennel, and darling portraits I painted, this room was really special to us this year… especially after losing our giant schnauzer, Finn.

#06: Painted Carport / Veranda Makeover

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comIt’s amazing what paint can do to transform a space! You have to click over to this post just to see the before image. From ugly and brown to beautiful black… this space went from an eyesore to an outdoor dining space we used on the regular (example- awesome outdoor dinner party). It was the perfect covered space for entertaining in the spring and summer months.

#05: The Kitchen Reveal

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comThis space is filed under “longest room renovation ever”. It took six long months to totally overhaul our kitchen, but it was worth it. I documented the entire journey and the blood, sweat, and tears paid off in the end. It’s still the renovation I’m most proud of, so THANK YOU for making it one of the most viewed posts of 2018.

#04: Sherwin-Williams 2018 Color of the Year

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comI was beyond honored when Sherwin-Williams asked me to help reveal their 2018 Color of the Year! It turns out, you guys were just as excited, and this post was one of the favorites. I’m excited to see more COLOR in the coming year. Our new house is going to be bold… I can definitely say that.

#03: How We Choose: Roman Shades

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comThe “How We Choose” series remained popular throughout 2018, and I’m happy the roman shade / window treatment post was no exception. I love giving you guys what you ask for… and if I can be helpful and make decorating, designing, and styling your home easier- that’s the ultimate reward. It’s the reason I do what I do and put in the long hours creating blog content.

#02: Favorite Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinetry

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comThe easiest way to update kitchen cabinetry is to give them a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes that can be a bit daunting, so I shared my favorite paint colors for kitchen cabinets. I’m so happy you all enjoyed this post and the pairings I shared. Maybe I should do another one of these in 2019? Let me know if you’d be down for that!

#01: Predicted Paint Colors for 2018

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.comI have to say- usually my paint prediction posts are spot on (if not a little ahead of their time), and this year was no exception. I have the best time putting these together, so I’m going to spill the beans and announce… the 2019 paint predictions post will go live this Thursday (January 3rd). Stay tuned!!

2018 PRESS

This year was a fun year with lots of recognition! I feel humbled, honored, and thankful to have so many wonderful publications and brands share my work this year. It really means the world to me. Here’s the list…

You can also visit my press page for more, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.


I always share our renovation milestones in a timeline format… we had a BUSY year. Although it looks like we took a giant vacation until May, we were actually in the renovating stages for the both the kitchen and the laundry room from January to May. It was chaotic, to say the least.

For the Love of DIY - The UpSkills Project - roomfortuesday.com


If I’m being honest, 2018 was a year of hardships, health issues, and heartbreak… yet we still had so much to be thankful for. I have a feeling 2019 is going to be an amazing year! We’re thinking happy thoughts and are keeping positivity in mind for the year ahead. There are SO many things to look forward to in the new year, and we are ready to settle into our new home and make it our own. We’re also planning to have as much fun as possible (we’re off to a good start- proof below).

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.com


For the sake of time, I’m just going to line item my top 10 favorite posts of 2018 below (not in any specific order)

  1. Color Blocked Hallway
  2. Decorating with Matches
  3. Murphy Dog Bed DIY
  4. Transforming Our Side Yard
  5. Total Renovation Recap
  6. Breakfast Nook Reveal
  7. Affordable Patterned Tile
  8. How to Hide Light Fixture Cords
  9. Staging Your Home to Sell
  10. After Dark Home Tour

I really hope you take the time to click through and read some of those if you missed them the first time around- I worked really hard and am very proud of those specific 10! There’s some really good inspiration and design content packed into the above list.

2018 : Year in Review - roomfortuesday.com

T H A N K    Y O U

Lastly, I want to wrap up the yearly recap with a giant THANK YOU. Thanks for following along, offering encouragement, engaging, taking the time to like or comment, for showing up, and for being there. I couldn’t do what I love if it weren’t for you. Emmett and I are both so grateful for the part you play in our journey. I sincerely mean that. I loved “meeting”  and chatting with each and every one of you kind souls this year. So THANK YOU to the brand new and longtime followers, alike… you all are the greatest a girl could ask for. Sending lots of love and happy wishes for the year ahead.

I hope everyone has a fun New Year’s Eve! Tomorrow I’ll be back with a post that shares what to expect from our new renovation. We’re diving in and can’t wait to share the process in an updated way. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hope you had a restorative break! What a busy and amazing year you have had. I sincerely thank you for the lovely inspiration (and adorable dog pics) and am excited for a new year! Did you really say this house will be BOLD? Yessss!

    1. Thank you Peggi! I’m finally starting to feel better (woohoo!!), just in time for the new year. Thank you for following along, taking the time to comment, and for cheering us on. You have no idea how much we appreciate you!! Looking forward to go BOLD and use lots of color in the year ahead… it’s going to be really fun!! Happy new year! xo

  2. Wow, what an incredible wrap-up post! So much accomplished and so much to look forward to – can’t wait to read along. Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thanks Karen!! I can’t thank you enough for reading this past year. We’re really excited to share even better home content in the year ahead :) Happy New Year! xo

  3. 2018 was the year I found your blog! I have already learned so much and enjoyed seeing your beautiful and practical designs. Wishing you a happy 2019!

    1. Really?! So happy you’re here Dani! I can’t wait to share our first project of 2019… this is the most excited I’ve been about a house. Hope you have the happiest New Year and an amazing 2019 :) xox

  4. Cathy | the Grit and Polish says:

    What a great year 2018 was! I always love these wrap-up posts and got to re-read some of my favorites from Room For Tuesday over coffee this morning. I have to say, you really crushed it this year! I’m in awe of the consistent and useful/beautiful/awesome content you put out. Room for Tuesday has become one of my go-to’s for design ideas when I’m stuck. Can’t wait to see what you two have planned for 2019!

    1. Thank you Cathy! I have to say- YOU really crushed it this year too :) and I’m also looking forward to watching your renovations as the months unfold. Cheers to a happy 2019! xox

  5. I also found your blog this year, and now it’s one of my favorites! I love living vicariously through you as you renovate and decorate.

    I’m really glad you are feeling better. Good health is underrated! Here’s to a healthy and productive and fun 2019!

    1. That makes me so happy! Thank you so much for your kind words and for following our journey, Jennifer! Wishing you the happiest and healthiest 2019 :) xox