Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts & New Homeowners

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts & New Homeowners - roomfortuesday.comI get the following questions a lot… “what are your must-have home improvement tools?” and “what are your favorite home care products?” Although I’ve rounded up similar posts in the past, I figured there is no time like the present to share mine and Emmett’s favorites- especially during the holiday season. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, new homeowner, are planning a room renovation, or are shopping for the practical people on your list, hopefully this post will be helpful! There are lots of holiday deals happening and now is the perfect time to expand your toolset or gift these types of items. Click through to see what I got Emmett for Christmas, and to see what he got me this year! Spoiler alert- both items are for our new house.

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Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts & New Homeowners - roomfortuesday.comI put up our tree over the weekend, and it’s the first time we’ve had it up and decorated in THREE years! Since things were feeling so festive around here, I convinced Emmett to let us each open one gift… you know, “for the sake of the blog”. Ha! That’s basically my excuse for everything. Needless to say, it worked- plus I’m the worst at keeping secrets, so his gift didn’t even make it to the wrapping stage. I always spoil surprises, so don’t tell me any secrets! I get so excited, I just can’t wait. It’s a character flaw.

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts & New Homeowners - roomfortuesday.comI made him shut his eyes, then I sat him down next to the tree and plopped a Dewalt box in his lap (his favorite kind of box). This specific circular saw has been on his list for awhile now, and we’re about to begin our first project in our new home, so I knew it would be the perfect time to buy it for him. Needless to say, he was surprised and stoked to add this to his tool collection. The dogs weren’t as enthused- but don’t let their faces fool you… they each got to open a chew toy.

On a side note (this totally wasn’t planned)… we also grabbed that Craftsman shirt from Lowe’s on Black Friday and he’s basically been wearing it nonstop. In his defense, it is super soft. It makes me think I should snag another one for him in a different color, because they’re currently on sale for $9.99.

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts & New Homeowners - roomfortuesday.comEmmett helped me compile our favorite gift ideas and stocking stuffers for the DIY and home improvement enthusiasts. Check out our top 10 below…

Click the linked items at the bottom of each collage to shop.

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts & New Homeowners -

01: dewalt cordless drill set // 02: irwin clamp set // 03: bosch table saw // 04: dewalt cordless circular saw // 05: black+decker orbital sander // 06: dewalt cordless impact driver // 07: bosch laser level // 08: craftsman shop vacuum // 09: dewalt oscillating multi-tool kit // 10: dewalt compound miter saw

We own every single item in this blog post. That’s kind of crazy to say, but we tackle a LOT of projects. We’ve purchased and accumulated lots of tools over the years, with each home we’ve renovated. All of that to say, these products are all vetted by us after lots of use!

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts & New Homeowners - roomfortuesday.comNext up, stocking stuffers! These pliers have been on Emmett’s wishlist for a bit and they were an inexpensive item I knew we needed, so I grabbed those for a simple stocking stuffer. They’re going to come in really handy and are much nicer than our ancient hand-me-downs that came from my father-in-law.

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts & New Homeowners -

01: johnson 9″ level // 02: craftsman shirt // 03: kobalt 7″ pry bar set // 04: kobalt locking plier set // 05: stanley 25 ft tape measure // 06: craftsman LED flashlight // 07: kobalt ratcheting multi-bit screwdriver set // 08: gorilla hook picture hangers // 09: zircon stud finder // 10: kobalt rip claw hammer

Ready to see MY gift? I actually had a feeling this is what he would get for me. I had been hinting around that having a house full of carpet would be more difficult to maintain than my beloved hardwood floors at our previous house. This is what I unwrapped (so excited!!)

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts & New Homeowners - roomfortuesday.comNow we have two Dyson vacuum cleaners and I feel like my life is complete. Haha! But really- I’m able to clean up quick messes with our cordless one on the hardwoods, and now I can take care of our carpet more easily with the upright version… especially since the previous owners had carpet installed in the basement kitchen AND bathroom. Yikes. I hope you sensed my enthusiasm. That will be ripped out sooner rather than later.

Check out my finds for home care, upkeep, and cleaning below…

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts & New Homeowners -

01: werner foldable step stool // 02: neato robotic vacuum // 03: cordless dyson animal vacuum // 04: bissell crosswave pet pro // 05: simplehuman touch trash can // 06: dyson animal ball upright vacuum // 07: multi-surface pet cleaner // 08: purdy 3-pack paint brush set // 09: classic door mat // 10: bissell portable spot cleaner

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts & New Homeowners -

If you’re wondering about our holiday decor, I’ll also link those products…

christmas tree // cable knit stockings // tree collar //  faceted ornaments

I hope everyone is having a cheerful holiday season! I just love this time of year. It’s really special being able to spend Christmas in our new house, with lots of project ideas dancing through our brains. I’m also loving having our Christmas tree back up again. There is lots of fun to be had in the new year! Let me know if there are other must-have tools or products you’d add to the list in the comments below. Can’t wait to share our renovation plans soon!

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  1. OK. My mind is a little blown by the gorilla picture hanger. It slides through drywall? Probably wouldn’t work on my plaster walls… I have to admit though, if I got a vacuum cleaner for Christmas…there would be a lot less smiling! Of course, I squealed with delight to receive an All-Clad 3 piece strainer set. HaHa. Here’s to Christmas wishes, whatever they are!

    1. Those gorilla hooks are the only thing we use to hang stuff on the walls… art, mirrors, whatever- they’re amazing!! Unfortunately, they’re not great for plaster. It kind of defeats the purpose because you have to drill a hole for them so the plaster doesn’t crack.

      Haha! I am one of those weird humans who gets very excited about cleaning tools. I also love cookware too :) Happy Holidays!

  2. Katie Richards says:

    I got (myself) the Dyson Animal for Christmas a few years back and still absolutely love it. I have 2 cats and 3 kids so I needed something that could keep up; it definitely does! It works really well on hardwoods too but isn’t nearly as convenient as a handheld. The stick Dyson is totally on my wish list!

    1. I love the cordless animal, so I was excited to get the bigger corded version for our new carpet! I feel like it’s a must if you have pets or kids. Ha! xo