Master Bedroom Refresh

Over the course of two to three months, we’ve tackled A LOT of projects (the laundry room, kitchen, AND carport). Just thinking about all that hard work makes me tired, but Emmett and I promised each other once the kitchen is totally complete, we’ll recoup with some much needed R&R. With that mindset and the change of seasons, I decided to refresh the bedding in our master bedroom, creating a restful oasis for spring and summer. It was an easy swap that required minimal effort and I’m happy with the “hotel-like” vibe it has once again. Click through to see how the room has evolved over time…

As a little reminder, you can click here to see what our fall and winter bedding looks like, and this is what the space looked like exactly one year ago.

It’s amazing how switching the bedding can totally transform a space…. not to mention, it feels fresh again- like a hotel room (at least until the “new” wears off). That’s the best feeling… hotel AT HOME.

I still like having a duvet in the summertime because I like the plush feel of it. We have a lightweight to medium insert and I opted for this duvet cover (in the color sand). I’m a big sateen fan, and Parachute does it really well because it still has the silky smooth feel without looking shiny. Shiny is not a good look, in my opinion.

Obviously Cash is also a fan of the new bedding. We’ve been finding him snoozing up here… which is definitely not allowed, but how can I say no to that face? And THOSE TEETH?!

In addition to the new duvet, I also swapped out the sheets. They feel so much softer, silkier, and more crisp in comparison to our old set. They’re sateen and are lighter weight than our previous cotton set… which is nice for the spring and summer months. I’m a believer in white sheeting. You can visibly see when they’re clean, and they also look fresh. I’m pretty sure you won’t ever catch me with patterned or colored sheets, but who knows- stranger things have happened.

I’m all about texture and layering when it comes to bedding- even in the warmer months. I’ll layer a throw or matelassé at the foot of the bed for aesthetic purposes, as well as warmth. I always seem to get cold at night and Emmett is the opposite- always hot. Having the option to just cover my side of the bed works best for us.

When I came across this storm blue matelassé, I was sold. It compliments our contrast millwork and trim SO nicely. It’s like it was custom made for our bedroom.

Things I’m still loving about our bedroom, even after a year? The color palette, the artwork (more on grid gallery wall ideas and content here!), the contrast trim, our vintage nightstands, the bedside sconces (so convenient!), and the vintage runner.

My nightstand has become a bit more cluttered over the course of a year, but everything on it makes me happy and is functional.

Some people ask if I swap the art for the summer months since it’s seasonally related… that’s a solid NO. First off, we live in Salt Lake City, Utah and that means “ski” related things are everywhere. Emmett and I both love skiing. Secondly, if I had time I might consider it, but I don’t. Plus, the art is really cool- I’m still not over it! Lastly, in one photo, the ladies are wearing swim / bra tops… so I’m counting their attire as summer appropriate. Ha! Do you guys swap your art seasonally? For permanent art- like a gallery wall, that seams like a TON of work.

I’m happy to report our R&R time (and the kitchen reveal) is incredibly close. We’re almost there and I can’t wait to nap, cuddle the dogs, and enjoy all of the renovations we’ve been working so hard on. It feels like the bedroom refresh couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s a nice reward for a trying journey and the long hours we’ve been putting in. The days of sleeping in are just around the corner!

That pretty much wraps up the changes. Which version of our bedroom do you like best? I’ve updated the links (there are similar items for the vintage goods) below, if you’d like sources for anything!

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  1. I really like your bedroom – it’s obviously not the biggest or grandest out there in blogworld, but it’s so serene and calming with lots of totally charming details. You’ve done a brilliant job.

    I agree about the seasonal swapping around of art pieces and gallery walls – it really does seem like an enormous amount of unnecessary work. You should find pieces that you love so much that you don’t want to take them down!

    1. Thank you, Sally! Living in a small house, we often don’t have room for all the bells and whistles (maybe someday). Casual and inviting was definitely what I was going for, so I’m glad it shows! I totally agree with you on the art- finding pieces you love will withstand the test of time and save you a lot of work. xox

  2. I love it! But I love everything you do. You’re an amazing talent. Hope you win an award again this year and a magazine feature. You certainly deserve it!

    1. You’re so sweet. Thank you so much, Traci!! xox

  3. fresh and clean – love the color palette – but what really drew me in was the camel colored leather bed!!! did i miss the details for that? I’m a fairly new reader here.

    1. I actually custom designed the bed back when we lived in Ohio. I tried to link a similar readymade leather option in the “shop slider” at the end of the post! Thanks for reading, Emily! xox

  4. oh, and about gallery wall personal (but also artsy of course hehehehe) i liked to switched mine out every year or two just to freshen it up a bit, and display new memories.

    1. Yes!! I agree- every year or two is my theory as well… it’s not too soon, but after that I start to get bored. I feel like seasonally would be too much work. Ha! xo

  5. What color is the trim color? I am looking to do something similar in our house and I’m having a hard time find the right grey color.

    1. It’s “Gray Screen” by Sherwin-Williams!