The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIt’s here!! The moment you’ve been waiting for (or maybe just the moment I’VE been waiting for?)… the laundry room is totally finished, just in time for the One Room Challenge reveal. I couldn’t be happier with how this small space turned out. Click through for the complete reveal, all the details, and every single source!

In case you missed any of the previous weeks or progress leading up to this point, don’t worry! Catch up here: Week 1 (before images and the design plan) // Week 2 (demo, subfloor, plumbing, electrical, designing the dog crate) // Week 3 (drywall, floor tile, rug selection) // Week 4 (cabinetry, backsplash tile, countertop, custom upholstery) // Week 5 (hardware, millwork, paint, details)

Here’s a little refresher to remind you what the space looked like BEFORE we started demo five weeks ago…


The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal -


The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comQuite the difference, right?! I’ll start by saying, I wasn’t completely convinced that jumping from our kitchen to the laundry room for the sake of the One Room Challenge was a smart idea. For starters, that’s a lot to take on- not to mention, it would sort of give away the aesthetic of the kitchen (stay tuned for that reveal coming next month!) … after all, many of the materials carry over from one space to the next. However, I’m really happy I decided to dive in because now we have one less space to worry about. It’s going to make finishing the kitchen and dining room a lot easier…. but enough rambling- let’s dive right into the tour, shall we?! The boys are welcoming you into the laundry room from the backyard entry.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comYes, yes… they’re pretty adorable (obviously I’m biased). In all seriousness, the design of this room was very heavily focused on the dogs. Living in a small home, we needed a space that was designated for the ugly items that come along with fur babies… dog food, bowls, leashes, a built-in dog crate, etc.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comPretty much everything in this room ended up being custom because of the dogs, as well as the functionality this space desperately needed to have… the cabinetry, the dog crate, the rug, the upholstery, the hardware, etc.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal -

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIf you remember wayyyy back to the beginning of the challenge, I decided to paint portraits of the dogs for this space- as opposed to taking the wallpaper route. I have to say, I’m really glad I did! Not only are they something we’ll cherish forever, but they make the laundry room (which is typically a room associated with dirt) feel sophisticated and hip. I love the gallery light we installed above them, which adds even more emphasis to the vignette.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comThe pedestal dog feeder DIY is coming to the blog tomorrow, so definitely check back for that! I also painted and personalized some ugly dog food storage bins that ended up looking pretty beautiful. I saved a highlight of the process on my Insta story, if you’re interested.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI love that the bins are air tight, BPA-free, include a scoop, and fit into the cabinetry perfectly. They’ve made my morning routine a little faster and will also make it easier on future dog / house sitters.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal -

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comWhile you’re focused on the floor, I’m SO happy we decided to add a rug to this room. The patterned floor tile also spans throughout the kitchen and dining room- so there is a lot of visual interest. Don’t get me wrong, I love it… but adding a cozy neutral texture to the floor in the laundry room helped to break up all that pattern. It’s also super functional for muddy paws and dirty feet that walk in from the backyard. This rug is outdoor rated and can be cleaned with a water hose. It doesn’t get easier.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal -

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI added hooks to the wall behind the door for additional hanging space. They’ll come in handy for dog leashes, Emmett’s hats, or jackets during the cooler months.

The wall mirror was a lucky vintage find that I painted the same color as the trim. I love that it adds a fun little detail and balances the row of hooks. That’s a designer hack to remember! Check out this post for more of my favorite round wall mirrors.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comObviously, aside from serving functional purposes for the pets, this space is first and foremost a laundry room. Over the past few weeks during the process posts, I’ve had a LOT of questions about the laundry units and how the work flow is set up.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal -

This room is deceiving because of the wacky angles. The ceiling slopes downward and the room is kind of tough to visualize from photos alone. It definitely made the millwork super challenging for Emmett to install, but I think that’s also what is throwing people off. Seeing the crown moulding lower on the wall makes the stacked units look super tall. I thought it would be helpful if I photographed myself doing some laundry and hanging out in the space for scale.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI consider myself to be an average sized human and I’m able to reach and see the controls on the top dryer just fine. This pair of units was specifically designed to be stacked and I find them really easy to use. I don’t need a step stool, but if you’re on the shorter side and like this setup- that’s a great option. Given we live in a small house, under 1200 square feet, we have to take advantage of every single inch… and stacked units allowed us to make the most of this space. The countertop and built-in dog crate were well worth it.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of the countertop, I wanted to take a minute to point out that insanely gorgeous soapstone. It’s basically my dream countertop material. I’m going to devote an entire post to it after the kitchen reveal next month (including a Q&A with the experts), so stay tuned for that! It’ll also reappear in the DIY dog feeders tomorrow…. because the pups also wanted a luxurious soapstone surface. Only the best for my fur babies, haha!

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal -

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI also have to touch on the gorgeous cabinetry hardware. Pepe & Carols made custom sized pulls for me to fit the dog crate and tall side cabinet. The scale feels perfect- even amongst the odd angles in the squatty room.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal -

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re wondering about all of the sources, I’ll link everything below! If I missed anything, odds are- it’s probably vintage, but feel free to shoot me a comment below and I’ll try to find a link for you.

01: cabinetry paint color: custom sherwin-williams mix between big chill & first star // 02: custom cabinetry designed by me, from maple leaf cabinets (salt lake city) // 03: gallery light // 04: custom area rug (color: fuji silver) // 05: alberene soapstone countertop // 06: polished nickel cabinetry hardware // 07: wall hooks // 08: patterned floor tile // 09: door paint color: sherwin-williams tricorn black // 10: marble mosaic backsplash tile // 11: exterior door hardware set // 12: pf candle co terra lavender candle // 13: outdoor sconce // 14: flush mount light fixture // 15: wall paint color: sherwin-williams alabaster // *millwork: mix of metrie (baseboard & quarter round) and custom (crown moulding)

Video resources that might be helpful that are related to this post… styling with matches // how to hide cords // how to install floor tile

Lastly, I had a handful of requests to see the crawlspace access door close-up. Check it out below. We relocated it to the center of the room so that it would be covered by the rug. Emmett added recessed handles and it’s actually slightly larger (now to code) than it used to be. Even without the rug, the patterned floor tile disguises it nicely.

The Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comInterested in touring the rest of my home? Click here! If you’re curious about my other One Room Challenge space (the bathroom), click here! I’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section. I’m always happy to answer any questions! It feels good to wrap up another One Room Challenge. In my experience, they always seems impossible, but are worth it in the end. Maybe I’m just crazy?

Be sure to check out the other guest designer spaces in the challenge… click the logo below:

*I’d like to send a GIANT thank you to my sponsors for making this One Room Challenge possible! I absolutely adore every single thing I selected for the space: Sherwin-Williams (paint), Nostalgic Warehouse (hardware), Sisal Rugs Direct (rug), Pepe & Carols (hardware), Polycor (soapstone), House of Troy (gallery light), Metrie (millwork), PF Candle Co (candle). As always, all thoughts are my own.

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  1. Wow. Even without the world’s (second) most photogenic dogs, this room slays! Thank you for sharing your many talents. Your knack for neutral inspires (and surprises) my color-craving heart. I anxiously await the kitchen reveal.

    1. Hahaha! Thanks, Peggi! You know how I feel about dogs… I haven’t met one I didn’t like. I’m excited to add some color to my office once the time comes to renovate that room. xo

    2. Where did you get the doors for the dog crates???

      1. Hi Whitney, Emmett, my husband, custom built them for me… he works at a cabinetry company.

        1. For some reason I can’t see your response about the dog crate area. You husband custom
          Built them maybe? Wondering where he got the bars?

          1. Sorry about that Jennifer! Yes, my husband works for a custom commercial cabinetry shop, so we had the dog crate cabinet built at his work. I was able to source the wrought iron bars locally, and they powder coated them black for me. Hope this helps! xo

  2. Dana Moss says:

    Sarah! The laundry room is incredible! You guys nailed it. So many amazing details.

    1. Thank you so much, Dana!!

  3. So talented! Yet again, you knock my socks off. Bravo to you and Emmett. Job well done. Next month can’t come soon enough. Your place is magazine worthy! A tour of the laundry and your bathroom via YouTube would be amazing!
    I noticed that you mentioned using the same tile in the laundry room because it was connected to the kitchen. Would it have been odd to have used the same tile if it weren’t? I’m struggling with indecision in whether to tile a powder and laundry room with the same tile.

    1. Thank you, Traci!! I really appreciate you following along and sharing your feedback. I’ll definitely do a video tour of our entire house soon. I’ll walk through the laundry room on Instagram stories later today or tomorrow.

      To answer your question about the tile… if two spaces flow together and you’re tiling both of them- I’d keep the tile consistent. Even if they’re not connected, it’s nice to have cohesion throughout a home. Although, I will say- it was fun to go more dramatic with the tile in our bathroom, but it was separated by wood flooring in the hallway. Does that help to answer your question?

      1. Thank you so much for responding!

  4. Amazing! Can’t wait for the kitchen reveal!! As someone who really appreciates the finer details that make a space I really love that you did up the dog food containers…weekend project in my future?

    1. Thank you, Amanda!! The dog food storage bins are SO much better than they were… that pattern really bothered me. I saved a highlight on my Instagram ( @ sargibs ) if you want to watch the process. It was a quick and easy project.

  5. Completely gorgeous as usual!!! Wow, you two are QUITE the team!

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! Emmett definitely impressed me this time… I can’t believe he pulled off that tricky crown moulding. It’s hard to believe a few weeks ago, we had this room ripped down to the studs and were replacing the subfloor. haha! xo

  6. The paintings of your dogs are perfect. I’m looking forward to the soapstone post – I’ve been dreaming up our reno kitchen based on it.

    1. Thanks so much, Amanda! I’m really excited to share more about the soapstone- it’s SO gorgeous in person. I’ll be doing a live Q&A, and Polycor (the quarry it came from) sent samples for me to experiment with and show you things… how to darken it, test scratching, etc. It should be a good one!

  7. Monica Benavidez says:

    This is so gorgeous and a smart use of space. Great work!

  8. Wow, this looks so great! I love how functional this space is for the pups!

    1. Thank you, Anne!! This room is already making our life easier.

  9. Beautiful, sophisticated and functional! And those portraits of the pups are so amazing, I didn’t realize you had such a talent for painting!!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! That was exactly what I was going for. Thanks for the sweet compliments on the paintings as well :) xo

  10. Becky @ Daly Digs says:

    Super duper cute! Love everything but that backsplash…oh my! And the adorable fur babies don’t hurt either. :)

    1. Thank you, Becky! Anything for the fur babies ;) haha!! xo

  11. Cathy | the Grit and Polish says:

    Wow Sarah! This was such a big project to take on in 6 weeks (lets be honest…4.5 weeks ;) and it turned out amazing! The tiles, the cabinetry, the lighting – it’s all SO good. But my favorite thing are the dog portraits. Please, please start an etsy shop of animal portraits! Not that you need more to do, but I will be your first customer! Also, kudos to Emmett on this one…his work is beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, Cathy! I can’t wait to go see your space… I know it will be amazing, as usual :) So honored to participate in this alongside you. Emmett certainly killed it in the crown moulding department- I’m still amazed that he made it work with those wacky angles.

  12. Y’all did it again! Lovely! Fantastic work.

  13. All that’s missing from this room is a sign that says “Quiet…genius at work.” LOL… this truly applies, my friend. What GREAT use of space. And the details have me all googly-eyed. One of my favorite makeovers this Spring. Congrats ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. Hahaha!! Susie, you crack me up. Loving your space as well :) xo

  14. Alison Allen @ Deuce Cities Henhouse says:

    It’s so great! I love it, love it all. I truly enjoy that you made the space so functional with the hidden-ish dog beds, food storage and dog bowls. The paintings and gallery are so great too :)

    1. Thank you so much, Alison! xox

  15. WOW! Every last detail is just so perfect, the moulding, the custom paintings. Even the often typical “ugly” stuff (detergent/cleaning supplies) looks great! I am curious though, I see an iron but no ironing board. Do you use one or have one?

    Can’t wait to see the kitchen reveal!!

    1. Thanks, Lacey!! I do iron from time-to-time, although I am more likely to use my steamer. The steamer is in the cabinet above the washer / dryer… it’s a small travel one. The ironing board is in the hallway closet with the step stools. It’s old and clunky and won’t really fit anywhere else. I think maybe I’ll ditch it for a smaller one to keep in the tall cabinet behind the dog food bins. I have plenty of room back there since that cabinet is super deep. xox

  16. Michele LaTier says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see the kitchen and the flow of the space. I like that you always add such a personal touch..DIY or re-purposing of things it really makes your designs stand out and is so inspiring.

    1. Thank you, Michele! That’s the best compliment… I’m a details person, so I probably obsess over those little things too much. They make me happy though. xox

  17. Laurie Anne says:

    Omg Sarah!!! So so so proud of y’all!! This looks amazing!!! 😘😘😘 and the boys look precious!!

    1. Thank you so much!! I don’t know what I deserved to have you as a friend- but you’re the best. Your opinion and feedback means the world to me! You have to come see it in person now :) and obviously, I’m requesting that you bring Hazel!! xox

  18. joanna // jojotastic says:

    this looks amazing!!!! great job :)

  19. Tee at Beauteeful Living says:

    Congrats on a gorgeous makeover, Sarah! You’ve managed to make a laundry room look fun and interesting. Of course, it’s very functional too. :). Your dogs are adorable and I can tell they are well loved! Enjoy this update!

    1. Thank you, Tee!! The dogs are definitely spoiled and well-loved. Ha! xox

  20. Jessica Devlin says:

    I’ve been following along and I’m so happy to see how it turned out. Looks absolutely fantastic!

    1. Thanks so much for following the process, Jessica! xo

  21. That tile is AMAZING. Makes me want to pick all new design choices!! Also I love that door hardware! You really killed it in here. I also LOVE that you painted the dog portraits and hung them so formally. It’s beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much, Jess! Your kitchen and dining room also turned out amazing! xox

  22. Jewel Marlowe says:

    Wow Sarah! This Room turned out amazing and I can’t believe that you painted the portraits!

    1. Thank you, Jewel! It had been a long while since I painted, but I enjoyed creating those… I know they’re something we’ll cherish forever. xo

  23. I love that you combined so much function in a clean, open-feeling space! It’s all so beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Sarah! That was exactly my goal. Living in a small house, it has to be functional and organized. Thanks for following along! xox

  24. Sarah your laundry room is to die for!! Cash and Finn look kings in their castle :) Your portraits of them are wonderful, you are so talented!! Your custom cabinet pulls, the vintage mirror, THAT CUSTOM DOG CRATE!! My guys are over here wanting one of their own, lol!! Gorgeous space, congrats!!!

    1. Haha!! Thank you so much, Susanne! Anything for the fur babies, right? lol! Your bathroom also turned out great! xox

  25. Natasha Habermann says:

    Welp, You’ve gone and done it again! Bravo, Sarah! Really love all the little details. This is a room I want to do laundry in! Also so in love with your beautiful photos. You do it all so well!! xxx Natasha

    1. Thanks so much, Natasha! Your space also came out amazing, as I knew it would :) love cheering each other on! xox

  26. Nicole-vestige HOME says:

    This look incredible Sarah. Love those built in dog crates and now contemplating how I can incorporate one into my utility room. The pet portraits are really previous too! Bravo on a beautiful space!

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I have to tell you- I am OBSESSED with your nursery. You always knock it out of the park and this time was no different. I pinned every inch of it. It looks fantastic! xox

  27. Vicki and Jenn 2 Bees in a Pod says:

    We would definitely do laundry if this were our laundry room! You did a fabulous job…well done!

    1. Thank you!! I’m definitely motivated to do laundry more frequently now. Haha!!!

  28. I am in awe of the amount of detail and heart you and Emmett put into your spaces! Seriously incredible work… your space is the absolute best out of all the guest and featured participants :) And those dog portraits are just fantastic!!

    1. Wow!!! You made my day, Emily! Thank you so much. I’m really happy to hear our hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Living in a small, old home comes with challenged, and we try to make every inch of space count and work hard for us. xo

  29. You did amazing. I Love this space 😍! Now you can relax and enjoy

    1. Thank you so much, Keki!

  30. Oksana | says:

    So much style and functionality in such a small space. Another incredible ORC transformation. Good job, Sarah!

    1. Thank you so much, Oksana! xox

  31. Kathryn Molpus says:

    Love the dog food containers. Do you have a source for them?

  32. Simplicity wins this place. The couple of things that you chose to add are so well curated, they go together perfectly! Lovely, indeed.

    1. Thank you so much, Mila!

  33. Brittany Goldwyn says:

    Every single thing about this space is amazing! I thought my favorite thing would be the crate, but I actually think it’s the painted portraits! I need some of those of my cats. Wow, this just looks awesome!! Sharing with my mom and dad, they have a dog they adore and will love it!

    1. Thank you Brittany!! We’re big pet lovers over here… hopefully your parents will enjoy it too :) Thanks for taking the time to comment! xo

  34. Wow!! I love your laundry room. And that dog crate is genius! Great job!!

    1. Thank you, Amanda!! xo

  35. Jessica | Petal + Ply says:

    This space is FANTASTIC!!! Your dogs are adorable and I love the dog art and pedestal dog bowls. AND, can we talk about that tile. I need it!

  36. Sonya~at HOME with the barkers. says:

    OH MY…LOVE it! The dog paintings are perfect. Great job. ~Sonya

    1. Thank you so much, Sonya!! xo

  37. This is absolutely amazing! Beautifully done!

  38. Danielle @ clark + aldine says:


    This turned out AMAZING! I love seeing how everything came together. It’s also so helpful that you provided links to other related post you’ve done that work within this post. Creative idea, love that! Look forward to continue to follow along over on IG.


    1. Thank you so much Danielle! xox

  39. April R - Uncookie Cutter says:

    This is AMAZING. I might just steal every idea for my laundry room, I especially love the kennel. That is a fantastic idea!!

    1. Thank you so much, April! xo

  40. Sarah – So much to love about this space! But, honestly, I’m blown away with the dog portraits. They really make this room. You & Emmet were blessed with many talents. Thanks for sharing & inspiring.

    1. Thank you, Brenda! It had been a really long time since I had painted, but I enjoyed creating those. I appreciate you taking the time to check it out! xox

  41. Sarah, this room is so beautifully done! Love the built in doggy crate and food storage, cabinetry, paintings, tiling and all your styling!

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you SO much! I really appreciate your sweet compliment :) thanks for stopping by to check it out. xox

  42. OMG. Those pet portraits, I can’t get over the fact that you did them yourself. Definitely adds a serious dose of personality to the space.

    – Kim |

    1. Thank you, Kim! I really love the way they turned out. I know they’re something we’ll cherish forever. Thanks for stopping by to comment! xo

  43. It’s hard to believe that it’s the same room! It’s gorgeous!! I love the dog paintings so much. They look so noble. The crates are really cool! Great job!

    1. Thank you so much, Emy!! xo

  44. Ashley- Relative Renovations says:

    The dog portraits are so amazing!!! It is my favorite part of the space- And the rest of the space is pretty fabulous! great job!

    1. Thank you so much, Ashley! I really appreciate it :) xox

  45. Diane Rath says:

    I love the sophisticated feel to this space! The colors and finishes you chose are pure perfection and all the little details that you added for your pups make it truly special- this is hands-down one of my favorite transformations this season!

  46. It’s hard to believe that this space didn’t always look like this. I had to go back and look at the before’s. Love all your choices and you are a very talented artist!

    1. Thank you so much, Joy! That is always the best compliment… when things look original to the space. xo

  47. Paola Arletty says:

    LOVE how this laundry room turned out. I am usually a bit more conservative when it comes to patterned tiles, but the mix of all the components together makes everything work beautifully. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks so much, Paola! I’m usually a conservative when it comes to tile as well… I’m not sure what sparked in my brain to choose the patterned option this time, but I’m really happy I did :) xox

  48. Pat - In My Wheele House says:

    What a nothing of a space that was before.
    It is so multi functional now. So great.
    A place for everything and everything in its place!
    And those dog paintings… I’m dying. They are so brilliantly tongue-in-cheek.
    And the built in crate is genius.

    1. Thank you so much, Pat! Best compliments ever.

  49. Wow am I in love with this room and, well, now your home! We’ve got two dogs as well, but let them roam free. Do you put both your dogs in that crate when you’re away?

    Beautiful designs!!

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle! Our dogs aren’t trusted to roam free, haha!! We’ve caught them on the doggie cam getting into trouble when we tested that out. Maybe once they’re older. They actually have separate crates… the little guy has one hidden in my office, and this one belongs to the big guy. Although, we leave the door open and find them both in there together snuggling- it’s pretty cute! xox

  50. That’s adorable! My friend has a big dog that has chewed her way out of everything; metal crates, drywall, fencing, you name it. I wonder is something like this would help her with Chloe a bit more. We’re also in the midst of renovating our kitchen/half bath/pantry and I wanted some pet portraits to hang of my fur babies. Yours are INCREDIBLE! I love how fine art but also sort of tongue-in-cheek they are.

  51. Toni | Small Home Soul says:

    What a great space, I am in love with your doggie portraits!! I love the built in crates and food storage. I so wish I had room for something like that at my house. Your new laundry room is just perfect!

  52. Katie Johnson says:

    So beautiful!! We’re having a similar dog crate installed in our laundry room, but I haven’t found a source for the grate in the doors. Can you share yours?

    1. Thank you, Katie! Our cabinetry and the bars / grate within the cabinetry panel were all custom made. I wish I had a source to share, but I selected the dowels and specified the spacing and everything based on my dogs measurements.

  53. Izabella Boyd says:

    Sarah, I love it!!! Are all the baseboards , crown molding and cabinets the same color? I noticed the baseboard and crown molding and doors are all the same color as the laundry room in other rooms of the house, am I right?

    1. Thanks Izabella! The base, crown, and cabinets are indeed the same color. However, it’s not consistent throughout the entire house. I have a few different colors going on in regards to millwork. Hope this helps to answer the question!

      1. Izabella Boyd says:

        yes, it did help. My house was in urgent need of a make over but I was having a hard time figuring out what colors to change just the chicken to start. Then , all of a sudden it was flooded by Harvey and I am facing with having to do THE WHOLE downstairs at once!
        Your blog was the most helpful I found out there!!!! Thank you for sharing techniques, tips, specific details and everything else you share. You are my new “go to”. : )

        1. Thank you so much, Izabella!! This comment made my day. Really happy you’re finding the content helpful :) so happy you’re here. xox

          1. Izabella Boyd says:

            If you allow me another question about the color you used, you said it was: “cabinetry paint color: custom sherwin-williams mix between big chill & first star”… does it mean it was 50/50?
            Thank you in advance!!

          2. Of course, Izabella! Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact paint mix as it was done at the cabinetry shop, but it’s definitely in the middle- I think 50/50 would work well. Hope this helps! xo

  54. Izabella Boyd says:

    Thank you for always responding! xo

    1. Absolutely, Izabella! xo

      1. Izabella Boyd says:

        Hi Sarah, I did it!! I painted just like you AND LOVE IT!! I am so glad I found your blog!!

        Would you mind giving me your 2 cents?? On my hallway, which has your colors as above, I am planning on hanging all my family old pictures. I saw you painted the little mirror by the door, the same grey of the trims. I was thinking on using black picture frames. Do you think it would be too much black, or maybe the grey would look better?

        Thank you in advance!!

        1. Ahhh yay!!! SO excited to hear this Izabella. Totally happy to offer advice… I’d actually mix up the colors so it doesn’t look too monochromatic. I think the black frames would be perfect and add a nice bit of contrast! Hope this helps :) Can’t wait to see!! xox

          1. Izabella Boyd says:

            Awesome, thank you!! I will post a picture once it’s done.

  55. Hi! I love this tile, it is exactly what I have been looking for for my laundry room. When I click the link, it just takes me to a tile page on Wayfair. Do you know if this tile has a specific name or style that I can search to find something similar? This room is darling! It has inspired me to do a built-in kennel for our Aussie!

    1. Thank you so much, Kylee! I’m sorry, but it sold out and was discontinued last year. Such a bummer because it’s a gorgeous tile!

  56. Just saw this on Pinterest! Love it! I’m most interested in the crate for the dog. It looks so perfect, I love the doors. I’m sure you made the crate, but can you tell me what size it is and where you got the doors? Or how to make them?


    1. Hi Dana! Thank you so much! I loved this crate and so did our dogs. We’ve actually since moved to a new home, so sadly I can’t take measurements for you. I’m sorry! I designed the crate and my husband built it (he works at a custom cabinetry shop). I wish I had an easy tutorial for you. So sorry! Have a great week!