A Weekend Away in Nashville

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comI hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day Weekend! It doesn’t really feel like Wednesday… holiday work weeks are always weird.  Emmett and I hopped a flight on Friday to Nashville and spent the long weekend catching up with friends and family. I thought I’d share a snippet of our adventures and share a tiny little travel guide, as well as give you a peek into the gorgeous hotel we stayed at, in case anyone else has a Tennessee trip planned. Click through for lots of design inspiration, good food recommendations, and more! 

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.com

I’ll start with the hotel because aside from seeing friends & fam, that was the most exciting part of the trip. I felt so inspired after our stay at the Noelle! It’s a Tribute Portfolio boutique hotel and wowza- it was GOOD. I mean, just look at that tile work and mid century entrance vignette shown above. This place has character galore.

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.com

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.com

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comI was VERY impressed with the decor and design- especially the millwork! From the panel moulding on the walls to the modern coffered ceiling, I was pretty much drooling the minute we stepped foot into our room. It was the perfect mix of modern, mid century, and art deco design. You guys know I’m a detail oriented person, and every single design element was well thought out… even the embroidered bedding.

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.com

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comThere was also a cute little sitting area in our room and the furniture was as comfy as it was functional. With a tv on both sides of the wall (bedside and lounge side) we got in plenty of R&R and lounging over the course of the weekend. We haven’t taken a break is SO long, it was nice to just chill for an hour or two each day and mindlessly watch tv. I know that’s lame, but it felt really nice.

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comI actually won the hotel stay (thanks to you!!) as a prize for the Domino Blog Awards. I selected Nashville because we have family there and we wanted to catch up and see everyone. It was really nice to spend some quality time with our friends, siblings, nieces, and nephews. Anyway, since it was a celebratory type of trip, the friendly staff had a chilled bottle of champagne waiting in our room upon our arrival. So nice of them!

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.com

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comI also took away a lot of inspiration from the spacious bathroom in our room. One of my favorite things was the privacy glass and vintage looking doors. This was the kind of privacy glass I wanted in our shower window, but sadly the manufacturer didn’t offer this fluted option. I’m now having a twinge of buyer’s remorse after seeing how perfect the glass looked and knowing it’s exactly what I had envisioned for our own bathroom.

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comThe gorgeous “marble” throughout the bathroom is actually faux, but it’s VERY convincing. A couple years ago, I had the privilege of touring the manufacturer of this particular tile- who is also located in Nashville. It was very evident lots of things were locally sourced. The tile from our show house bathroom actually came from the same place and they have some gorgeous, yet affordable products.

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comOutside of our room, the lobby, restaurant, cocktail lounge, and coffee shop were equally as impressive…. even the hallway and elevators had beautiful details!

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.com

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comWe had some really great craft cocktails at the lobby bar. It doesn’t get more convenient than taking the elevator downstairs for a drink. There were tons of great places to lounge and socialize, so our friends ended up gathering here one night to catch up- again, super convenient for us… and look at those show stopping leather bar stools!

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comIsn’t this place stunning?! I couldn’t get over the furniture and decor… I kept snapping images as reminders to try to source some of the items. Emmett was a good sport while I spent a good hour taking photos to share with you guys!

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.com

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comEvery morning, we made our way downstairs to start the day with a latte from the “drug store” coffee bar. You know you’re back in the south when you can get a bourbon vanilla latte. I need to learn to make these at home because they are as good as they sound! We sat under that giant tapestry each morning for our morning coffee- talk about a cool place to start the day.

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comWe also had dinner one night at Makeready L&L… the hotel restaurant. We went with two of our friends and it did not disappoint! They serve the dishes family style, so we tried a bit of everything and enjoyed sharing our meal tapas style. Do you love the buttery leather channel tufted banquette seating as much as I do? One thing I learned from this trip- I have to have something channel tufted sooner or later. I love the look!

In regards to food outside the hotel, I’m partial to the 12 South area. We had the following and I’d recommend every single one of them! I’m convinced you can’t have a bad meal or cocktail in Nashville.

  • Bartaco // obviously their tacos are fantastic… I also had a tasty paloma and the guac is as fresh as it gets.
  • Flip Side // we split their nacho style tots and each got a version of their house made chicken… with a gin & juice shandy to sip.
  • Frothy Monkey // this was our favorite brunch of the trip.
  • Hattie B’s // two words… hot chicken.
  • Josephine // for a fancy and hip dinner that tastes as good as it looks… get dessert!
  • Tacqueria del Sol // we didn’t try their food, but the margaritas were on point.

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comWe didn’t really do any shopping because the trip was so quick and we wanted to spend as much time with family as we could, but we did hit up the Domino pop up shop, that was located in our hotel lobby. It was perfect timing and closed the day we checked out. We bought a book and a Nashville candle. I always love bringing home objects from our travels to style throughout our house. I like that our decor is usually associated with a memory.

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of memories, we also wandered around the corner and discovered a tiny tattoo shop. We randomly decided to get new tattoos (another thing we like doing while traveling). Overall, the trip was just what we needed. It was so great to catch up with people we love and spend quality time together after working very hard on our house the last 4 – 5  months. It really reminded us to travel more frequently and make time for things we love.

A Weekend Away in Nashville - roomfortuesday.comI’m wayyyy behind after our little weekend getaway, so I’ll be back on Monday with fresh content. I need to take the rest of the week to play catchup and return a bajillion emails. If you’re waiting to hear from me or have messaged on social media- I’m sorry! I promise I’ll get to you eventually. In the meantime, comment below with any questions or comments from our Nashville trip! I love chatting with you guys about blog posts. They make the long hours worth it. xox

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  1. Um, no! – you cannot casually mention deciding to get new tattoos and then not share the end result! 😏

    The Noelle looks great, definitely one to remember for future travels. The wooden rail against the dark painted walls looks fantastic, especially where it turns onto the next wall and then goes down on each side of the bed – really unusual and pleasing.

    1. Ha!! I didn’t think anyone would actually get that far in the post. lol! Thanks for reading to the VERY end, Sally. The Noelle is definitely a stunning place. The wood rail was also one of my favorite things- very beautiful. xox

  2. Wowza. Stone, tile, wood, leather; I would have been running my hand over all those beautiful surfaces! (Maybe I’m creepily tactile?) Thanks for sharing so many luscious images. Sounds like you had a well-deserved treat. (I presume they mean a latte made with bourbon vanilla. If not, call me intrigued.) Here’s wishing you a speedy “catch up” amid dog snuggles.

    1. I know!! So many gorgeous surfaces. Thanks so much, Peggi! Work and dog snuggles are definitely on todays agenda. xox

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I like the entire hotel room and it is such a great ambience and visual appeal they’ve put together for the guests! I would rather stay there the whole than visiting my friends lol! Such a lovely hotel room. The accessories are so good to adorn the room with! Thanks for posting this about your trip, Sarah! Hope you have a great week ahead :)

    1. Isn’t it beautiful?! We had a great time and I’m already to visit again. Ha! You have a great week as well :) xo

  4. I was hoping you would share a little of your vacation! Looks like you had an amazing time and got some well-deserved rest. Also, I’m curious about the end result of those tattoos too :)

    1. Definitely, Lacey! It was nice to take a much needed break- even if only for a weekend. Maybe I’ll post an insta story of our tattoos- technically I got two because I also had my brows microbladed again. lol! xo

  5. Colleen Wisniewski says:

    Looks like you had such a gorgeous weekend + you captured it so beautifully with these photos. I’m craving a weekend trip! Being 25 weeks pregnant is tiring me out. Phew! I hope you came back feeling well rested + inspired.

    1. Thanks so much, Colleen! It sounds like you need a baby moon trip for some R&R ;) xo

  6. Inga Lukauskiene says:

    What a beauty! Well balanced combination of old and new!

    1. It really is, Inga! xo

  7. Alexander Hendrickson says:

    I think one of the most impressive things about Noelle is the quality of materials used in the construction. The tile, wood, flooring, bed sheets, paint, just everything. As a local, there’s been a lot of construction and renovation downtown the past few years, but this is a knockout standout in terms of originality and quality. Thanks for this article!

    1. I agree! Everything was top notch, which is a rarity in hotels. We hadn’t been to Nashville in a few years and it is growing and changing so quickly! I’m sure as a local, you’re experiencing it firsthand. We love that city!

  8. This is so lovely! I’ll keep it in mind for my next trip to Nashville.

    On a slightly different note – I have friends moving to SLC and they want to know – what are the best neighborhoods to look in? It’s been a long time since I lived there and I would love to hear from a current native:)

  9. I loved reading this as I have just booked a stay at the Noelle next month! I can’t wait to get there. What tattoo shop did you go to? We found Pride and Glory on our first Nashville trip last year and both my husband and I got tattoos and we are planning to stop in again to get another each next month!

    1. Yay!! You’re going to love it, Megan. Nashville Ink is literally right next door to the Noelle… it’s not a flashy or super hip shop, but it was really fast and easy. Have fun in Nashville! xo