Roundup : Affordable Patterned Tile

Roundup : Affordable Patterned Floor Tile - roomfortuesday.comI knew I wanted patterned floor tile somewhere in my house besides the bathroom… actual PATTERN- and not just a shaped tile that created a pattern. Don’t get me wrong, I love our black marble hex tile, but I wanted something worldly and fun for the kitchen, breakfast nook, and laundry room. It turns out the hunt for the perfect patterned tile was more difficult than expected. Click through to shop 16 of my favorite affordable options and see my criteria!

I’ll just dive right in the the criteria list. Finding the perfect tile was no easy feat! It had to be…

  • Large format tile (Emmett’s preference for installation on this particular project)
  • Must disguise dirt and dog hair
  • Must fit the color palette of the cabinetry (tie in the wood tones)
  • Must fit the budget
  • Must be a classic color palette / shape
  • It couldn’t be too trendy

Here’s the thing about patterned tile… it has been around for ages and is really a timeless option that I’ll never tire of, but certain variations have become a bit too trendy for my liking after overuse in the past couple years.

Roundup : Affordable Patterned Floor Tile - roomfortuesday.comMy friend Cassandra over at coco+kelley also used pattern tile in her kitchen and did a great job selecting a timeless geometric design, shown above. I rounded up a bunch of my favorite options that don’t feel dated or overly trendy below. The best news? They’re all pretty budget friendly!

Click directly on each tile below to shop and be redirected to the source link!

There are so many good options! I honestly wish I had a larger house, just so I could install more fun patterned tile. It’s a great way to add interest and depth to a space.

Roundup : Affordable Patterned Floor Tile - roomfortuesday.comI’m often asked if patterned tile is going out of style anytime soon, and my answer always remains the same… stick to a timeless color and pattern, then you’ll love it forever. I’m especially intrigued by patterned tile I stumble upon while traveling. It’s fun to have a little bit of that vibe in my own home.

Are you a fan of patterned tile or is it too crazy for you? I’m obviously pro pattern!

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  1. Love it! These are some beautiful choices. I especially like the more organic, less crisp look to some of the lines. Yours might actually be my favorite of the round up… or the more black with the diagonally striped corners! As you say, these patterns and colors have been around forever (maybe just not in the US), so I find them easy on the eyes. ๐Ÿ˜ My struggle would be choosing among all the spectacular options.

    1. Thanks, Peggi! That was my struggle… choosing between so many great options! Hopefully this post will help someone else narrowing down their tile decision. xo

  2. Hey Sarah,
    Where is the second picture of the bathroom from? I love how it looks vintage, even though there are modern touches. We have a 1911 home and the bathroom has been renovated who knows how many times, and all the original charm of the bathroom has been long since removed. I’d like to do a similar style to the one you pictured because it looks like it could still be original, but not outdated.

  3. Cheryl Patton says:

    Can you give me the link for the exact black/white scroll tile please?
    And what color grey paint is above the subway tile?
    Looks like you did a darker grount in the bathtub?

    Thank you