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Amazon Finds : Faux Plants, Greenery, & Botanicals

Amazon Finds : Faux Plants, Greenery, & Botanicals - Friends… I’m a LIVE plant type of person, but ever since moving into our new home, I’m struggling to keep anything alive (even low light¬†plants, argh). Part of me is tired of wasting money on plants that survive a couple months, increasingly look sad with time, then die. It’s kind of a depressing cycle. The worst part is- I consider myself to have a green thumb. My outdoor plants are thriving and have no problem here! Anyway, I’m caving and I’m going to test out some faux plants because I’m trying to scatter more greenery & botanicals around this place in an effort to add “life”. Click through to see the ones I’ve been saving, if your environment also isn’t ideal for keeping plants alive, or if you have a black thumb… no matter the circumstance, I’ll report back with my favorites once they arrive. Continue Reading

Amazon Finds : For the Kitchen -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : For the Kitchen

As we’re nearing the home stretch of our kitchen renovation (come back for a BIG update tomorrow), my mindset has slowly shifted from design & DIY to styling and accessories for our new kitchen. Given the space is nearly…

Amazon Finds : Beds -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : Beds

Lately I’ve had beds on the brain because we’re getting a new mattress for our master bedroom later this month, and I’m also on the hunt for our last guest room bed frame. We have house guests on the…

Amazon Finds : For the Patio -
exterior & outdoor living

Amazon Finds : For the Patio

It has been wayyy too long since I’ve shared an Amazon Finds post, so I figured today was the day. Now that I’m feeling better and have fully recovered from the flu (that came at the very worst time),…

Amazon Finds : Dog Beds -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : Dog Beds

Obviously I’m a dog person… Emmett and I have two precious pups- Crosby, an Irish Doodle, and Cash (aka Johnny Cash) a wire fox terrier. I bought the bed, shown above, for Cash the day after we rescued him.…