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Amazon Finds : Closet Organization

Amazon Finds : Closet Organization - After having to remove everything from our bedroom closets for our carpet installation last week, Emmett & I decided it was the perfect opportunity to purge, donate, and really organize our bedroom closets. We have four bedrooms upstairs… our primary bedroom, and three guest spaces. I took the primary closet upon moving in, Emmett claimed the closet in the nearest bedroom, one guest closet has accumulated a lot of our adventure & travel gear (scuba items, luggage, sleeping bags, etc), and the fourth closet is completely empty for guests to use. While we have plenty of storage space, our goal certainly isn’t to fill every closet. We try to be very intentional about the items we purchase and bring into our home. Every once in awhile, it’s good to take inventory, make donations, and evaluate how we can better organize the things we use on a regular basis. As you probably guessed, that led me to look for a few new bins, baskets, and drawer organizers over the weekend. If you’re also in an organizational mood this month and are looking to tackle your closets, click through for some helpful closet organization tools I found on AmazonContinue Reading

Amazon Finds : Window Treatments -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : Window Treatments

Having functional and nicely designed window treatments can drastically affect the way a home looks and feels. As much as I love fully custom window treatments, that’s not to say you can’t achieve beautiful drapery or shades on a…

Amazon Finds : Ribbon -

Amazon Finds : Ribbon

As we’re in November now, I’ve been receiving a very specific request lately… ribbon resources. I use ribbon year round, but it’s especially perfect for the harvest & holiday season- a time where we’re gathering and gifting. I use…

Amazon Finds : Bedding -
interiors & styling

Amazon Finds : Bedding

Hi, and happy Tuesday! I’ve been updating my Amazon storefront this week (I try to do it at the beginning of each month) and thought my previous bedding post could use an updated roundup. The majority of the bedding…