Our Living Room Holiday Decor

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comThis is sort of an odd year for us in regards to Christmas decorating because we’re moving at the beginning of December (it’s all happening fast). Although we’ve been boxing up our items, I still wanted to add a little Christmas cheer to our home while we’re here. We also have family scheduled to visit, so I didn’t want our house to seem less festive than it typically is this time of year. Rather than putting up a tree and going all out- I kept it quick and simple. This is also a great alternative for those of you with small spaces that can’t accommodate a giant tree or elaborate decor. I stuck to restyling our built-ins, the mantle, and contained the holiday decor to the living room. Click through to see how it turned out…

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Obviously a wreath on the front door seems mandatory. I’m pretty traditional when it comes to holiday decorating, and am a big fan of greenery paired with classic Christmas colors (red & green).

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comSince we’ll be moving right after Thanksgiving, I wanted our holiday greenery to work double duty. I’ve convinced Emmett to let me decorate our new home for the holidays as well (stay tuned for that), and I’m planning to use the same wreaths on the exterior at the new place. Typically I’m a fan of fresh greenery, but since we’re moving, this seemed like the easiest option to accommodate both homes this holiday. I found this Vickerman indoor / outdoor wreath that is very convincing for being faux, and I added a classic plaid ribbon for a bit of color.

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI also kept our entryway vignette pretty minimal. I boxed up our table lamp for the move and replaced it with a giant, heavy Surya vase filled with greenery.

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI love the texture and drama it adds to this side of the room- it feels like the perfect holiday touch without being too fussy.

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comOn the other side of the living room, I focused on styling the built-in shelving and fireplace. I thrifted a bunch of red-spined books to add some color to the room. It kind of worked perfectly alongside our green fireplace. I actually wish I would’ve bought more… but again- moving and buying more things isn’t exactly ideal. Simple was the name of the game for us this year!

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.com

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI used the same indoor / outdoor wreaths on the built-ins and added some festive ribbon to tie in the red books. My plan was to use the vintage ski prints from our bedroom for shelf styling (since we are boxing up artwork anyway), but they ended up being too large to fit on the shelves. I printed a couple smaller options just to add some depth and a wintery vibe.

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI’m pretty sure I’ll never tire of candles in cloches. It’s a classic look that works year round for styling. I kept the other accessories bright and white to contrast the books and greenery.

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.com

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comSince we don’t have a tree, I opted to fill bowls and planters with ornaments, so we could see some of our favorites on display, without having a place to hang them.

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comLast year, around mid December, I went thrifting and found these amazing brass deer. I was excited to add them to the hearth this season. It seems like they were made to live against the gorgeous marble surround.

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI also installed a healthy amount of greenery on the mantle. I used this lit garland so we could still enjoy a few twinkle lights this holiday season! Their glow gets me every time… it just feels like Christmas. Of course I always have to decorate around our media and Emmett’s surround sound. Despite my convincing spiel, he wouldn’t pack it away in moving boxes just yet.

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comIn addition to the front door, entryway vignette, and the built-in / fireplace wall, I also restyled our coffee table. I swapped the darker books for lighter options, pulled out some little trays I had tucked away, and added some holiday scented candles with a bit of greenery.

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI’m going to link the main items & sources below. Shop the collage by clicking the numbered links below, and let me know if you have questions about anything else.

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.com

01: vickerman indoor outdoor wreath // 02: holiday living plaid ribbon // 03: zodax glass vase // 04: surya ceramic vase // 05: holiday living snowflake ribbon // 06: vickerman lit garland

Our Living Room Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI’m definitely planning to go all out at the new house- which I can’t wait to share with you soon, after we close. We’ll get to enjoy those decorations all December long, but in the meantime- it felt good to have one last holiday hoorah in our current home. Lots of updates to come! Have you starting decorating for the holidays yet? My family used to start after Thanksgiving dinner wrapped up. I’m excited they’ll be here to celebrate with us soon! I hope your holidays are off to a good start.

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  1. Pretty! It looks festive and inviting. Those brass deer!! Moving at this time of year has got to be stressful, but I love your positive spin-decorating two houses for the holidays! You are amazing.

    1. Thank you Peggi!! It’s definitely an odd time of year to move… I guess finding the silver lining- we won’t be hot and sweaty schlepping around boxes. Haha! Can’t wait to show you the new place. Good luck hosting Thanksgiving :)

  2. Seriously can’t wait to see the new house – happened so fast! Fingers crossed for a smooth closing!

    1. Thank you Anne! I can’t wait to share it :) xo

  3. I had to jump right down to comments.. when did I miss that you both bought and sold ALREADY?? Did you post about it and I missed it?? Kudos for decorating and keeping up with your posting (sponsored or not) when you’re a) not feeling well and b) moving.

    1. On instagram! I’m planning a big blog post soon- just waiting until we officially close :) Thank you so much Michelle- it has definitely been a crazy month, but I’m trying to get well, stay positive, and just roll with the punches. Haha! xox

  4. Books “thrifted” for their red spines – I’m tired of decorators
    books to decorate shelves, support planters and lamps, etc. Reading books is dying. So, use them for toilet paper – why not?

    1. In my opinion, bookshelves were made for books. I also love reading- and not from a device, from actual books. In addition to their color, I also made these selections based on content I like reading. Would you rather they sit in secondhand stores or go to a home where they’re well loved and used- even if only for decor? I would definitely rather see the latter. It’s not like I’m planning to toss them after the holiday season.

    2. It’s so funny how certain topics (e.g. painting wood furniture!) brings out passion/opinions in the design blog world :). I love reading and I also love books as objects. Don’t see why the two have to be mutually exclusive! That said, even if one doesn’t read and just use books as objects, don’t see why that is a problem either :p. I have a few pretty imported food cans/oils I got at Whole Foods to decorate my kitchen shelves too. (And in a pinch will sometimes eat them too!)

      1. It is.. to each their own :) I have the same philosophy as your outlook Anne!

  5. Love! Can’t wait to see the new house. GL!

    1. Thanks Erin! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah and Emmett! Plus, best wishes on your move to the new home/new project/new bliss. Cheers, Ardith

    1. P.S. I’m in the camp of decorate with books the way you wish. It’s never an insult to the books…not in my book anyway.

  7. This is GORGEOUS Sarah! You seriously can do no wrong, and I will SO miss seeing your lovely living room. I think it’s my favorite room in your house! And kudos to you for decorating even while sick/in the middle of packing. I know I would be far too lazy to do that ;) Happy Holidays!

  8. Love your home. Who makes the black and brass picture lights?