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Holiday Home Exterior - roomfortuesday.comThe boxes from our recent move may not be fully unpacked, but I didn’t want the holiday season to pass by in our new house without decorating. There’s something special about the Christmas season that makes you want to be festive. Believe it or not- decorating the exterior of our home only took Emmett and I about 45 minutes. It was incredibly easy to drop some wreaths out the windows, fill a couple planters, and hang garland at the front entry. It turns out, our new home exterior is a pretty perfect backdrop for classic exterior Christmas decor and greenery. I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass- even amongst the hustle, bustle, a snowstorm, and a busy move. Click through to see how it turned out and to shop the sources!

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Holiday Home Exterior - roomfortuesday.comI promise to do an interior home tour ASAP… hopefully this Thursday, but in the meantime- I hope you’ll enjoy the exterior as much as I do. It was actually what sold me on this place! I really love having a covered porch to decorate. In the quick timeframe of throwing this together, I seriously had the best time styling the greenery.

Holiday Home Exterior - roomfortuesday.comBelieve it or not- the trees in the pedestal planters are faux! I pulled them out of storage and added some fresh pine garland around the perimeter to make them look even more stylized. It’s an easy hack for creating outdoor arrangements- or making faux plants appear more realistic.

Holiday Home Exterior - roomfortuesday.comI am seriously smitten with this place. I can’t even believe we live here! Not the mention- the snowfall couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Moving was a little stressful, but after adding our holiday decor and seeing the house under a blanket of snow, this place just felt like ours. Even if the inside is a dated 90’s mess filled with half emptied boxes, at least the exterior looks like we have it together… thanks goodness, for the sake of the neighbors.

Holiday Home Exterior - roomfortuesday.comYou guys already know my front door theory… a wreath or greenery is mandatory during the holiday season. I just love a cheerful front entrance! I picked up a bunch of fresh pine from Lowe’s that smells as good as it looks.

I’m not going to lie… the front door is super dented in real life. I worked a little Photoshop magic to de-dent the door for the sake of a pretty holiday photo (I rarely do that, but it was throwing everything off)– and the garland helps to disguise the 90’s sidelights. This whole situation will get replaced someday, but in the meantime- it works and I’m fine with it.

Holiday Home Exterior - roomfortuesday.comThe longer I stood outside shooting, the harder it began to snow. I’m pretty sure our new neighbors thought I was crazy standing in the road with my full camera set up… all while trying to shield the lens with my coat, in an effort to keep it from getting wet. I do think the snow totally makes the images though- it was well with the struggle! Do you feel like you’re looking into a snow globe? I hope so!

Holiday Home Exterior - roomfortuesday.comWe also added indoor / outdoor wreaths to every window on the front of the house. They’re actually the same ones I installed on our previous living room built-ins. I just swapped the ribbon for a classic red look.

Holiday Home Exterior - roomfortuesday.comI’m tagging all of the sources below. Everything is from Lowe’s and is very affordable! You know me… I’m a classic Christmas type of gal. I don’t do anything too trendy or difficult for the holidays. Maybe someday I’ll go crazy, but for now I’m content with tradition.

Holiday Home Exterior - roomfortuesday.com01: vickerman artificial wreath // 02: holiday living red ribbon // 03: nearly natural artificial silk tree // 04: allen + roth fiberglass urn // 05: melrose international lanterns // 06: fresh pine garland

Lastly, I added a few lanterns to the back entry- just because it felt naked in comparison to the front… and they needed unpacked from a moving box. I think exterior lanterns with candles are great for entertaining or holiday parties. Nothing says “welcome” quite like the warm glow of a lantern on a cold, snowy night. I dream of lighting these and hosting a holiday dinner party someday. Maybe next year though? We don’t even have a dining table right now. Haha!

Holiday Home Exterior - roomfortuesday.comThere you have it- easy exterior holiday decor… I wish the snow was included! I seriously can’t wait to share more of our new house. Even though we’ll be renovating every square inch, it’s nice to be in a home that’s livable and clean. Our last couple home renovations were terrible in comparison. I didn’t feel bummed to move like I usually do, so I’m calling that a win. This one just feels right. I might even wager that we’ll get attached and stay. Who knows. Happy holidays, my friends!

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  1. A veritable Christmas card!! Excellent job timing the snow. How nice for you two that this house is in clean, livable condition. I wondered about leaving your beautiful home for a “wreck”. Although, from some of your Instaglimpses, I still think you’ve got plenty of room for improvement! Not to mention plenty of room! It looks so huge. Can’t wait for a proper tour.

    1. Thanks Peggi! I couldn’t be happier that we get to live in a clean home- AND we have a garage. Haha! Such a new & amazing feeling to know that all of our stuff (and tools) are under one roof. There’s definitely room for improvement, and plenty of rooms to renovate. I think we’re really going to enjoy this one :) xo

  2. Well done, for being smack in the middle of unpacking. The front entrance is lovely, it looks classic and grand to me. I am SUPER excited to see the interior! The 90s has a distinct style, it will be interesting to see what you have to work with.

    We moved into our house knowing we were going to gut a big chunk of the place – it was hard to feel “settled in”, I didn’t decorate anything, kept most of my decor items boxed up and in a closet, not a single picture was hung. Looking back, as we’re now about three months past a 1.5 year reno (mind you, that was big reno then additional and unexpected reno then FLOOD then flood repair work), I am feeling very good, and grateful, to be in such a comfortable place. Of course the contractor’s lockbox is still on the fence outside, but when you own a fixer it never ends……

    1. Thank you Karen! It has been a whirlwind over here, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m the same way- I don’t really decorate until a room is totally finished. No art on the walls until it’s ready, haha! The work never really ends, does it? Happy holidays!! xo

      1. Sally Carney says:

        We have a 2 story red brick home. I loved your classy traditional outside holiday decor, 2018. I’ve hung wreathes on lower windows but wondering how you did the 2nd story. Ladder? And hang from what? Thanks. Love your home! Sally

        1. Thank you, Sally! We actually hang our wreaths from inside… I open the window from indoors, drop the wreath outside the window, and smash the ribbon in between the sash (so it stays)… no ladder or enduring freezing temperatures required! I hope that helps!

  3. You make it all look so beautiful and effortless (although I know its work) Sarah! Cant wait to see the new house and follow along on the renovations.

    1. Aw thank you Danna! So excited to share the interior next.

  4. These pictures are so pretty. Totally looks like a snow globe! Thanks for taking one for the team out there in the snow! Can’t wait to see what you do with the inside. Congratulations on this next chapter.

    1. Yay!! I hoped it would be worth the effort and freezing my fingers off. haha! Thanks for following along- so excited to share more :)

  5. I love that this place just feels like “home” even with all there is to do! That’s how I felt when I first laid eyes on our house and I’m as much in love with it today! When we move someday we’d love to figure out how to take the house with us!

    1. Yes! It’s odd actually… I didn’t love this place when we first toured it. My heart was with another house we put an offer on and lost. I just couldn’t get past it. Then after moving in, I thought “DUH!!” – this place is so much better for us, and has way more potential. It just feels right. Haha! If only packing up houses were easier, right? Happy Holidays! xo

  6. How did you attach the wreaths on the windows? We’ve been thinking about doing the same thing but couldn’t decide on a good mechanism for it.

    1. I just removed the screens, tied on a ribbon, dropped the ribbon & wreath out the window, then closed and locked the window. It actually is super secure- and fast to install.

      1. Where did you tie the ribbon onto? I’m sure I’m just missing something, haha!

        1. Haha! Not at all Danielle. I tied one end of the ribbon directly to the wreath, dropped it out the window, and smashed the other end of the ribbon between the two window panes upon closing the window. It’s stupid simple… almost too easy!

  7. Looks like a Christmas card! How gorgeous!!

  8. Can’t wait to follow along on your reno’s Sarah. I’m glad it’s tidy & clean & you can just relax and enjoy the holiday’s without lots of stress.

    1. Thank you Holly! Happy Holidays to you and your fam :) xox

  9. It’s beautiful! I am dying for a covered porch someday, so fun to decorate! Cannot wait to see the inside!

    1. Thank you Brittany! I had the best time styling the covered porch. I’m sharing the inside tour tomorrow :)

  10. Kim B (kislanykim) says:

    Sarah OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Your new home— it was MADE for Christmas!!! I gasped when I saw the big front photo with the snow — so yes, definitely worth standing out in the snow and protecting your lens!!! What a beautiful place, can’t wait to follow along as you guys make it yours!

    1. Ha!! Thank you! I thought so too. With all that was happening, decorating wasn’t a priority- but I couldn’t NOT throw up some quick greenery, because the house just begged for it. We’re really excited to make this place our home. xox

  11. Elizabeth Moore says:

    Sarah, I just discovered your blog and Instagram this last week and I’ve been diving into ALL your archives and getting so much inspiration and motivation from it! I love that you live in Utah, because it means that all your sources are accessible to me too. :) We’ve been in our boring builder-grade home for over two years and I’ve been itching to update and customize it since we moved in but every project just seems too huge. I’m happy to say though that we are FINALLY getting started in one room of the house because we have a baby coming in March. I knew creating a beautiful nursery would be the perfect excuse to get it in gear and start renovating this place! I look forward to seeing what you do with YOUR new home–and I’ll be soaking in all the tips and inspiration! ♥♥ Happy Christmas!

    1. Aww so excited to hear that! Congratulations on the newest addition to your family who is arriving in March- that is so exciting. There’s no better place (or motivation) to renovate than a nursery. Merry Christmas! xo

  12. Gorgeous! I’m so exited to see the rest of the place and to see what you do with it!

    1. Thank you Megan! We’re excited to get started. xo

  13. TO-UR! TO-UR! TO-UR! (*chanting*) ^^