Our Guest Room A Year Later + Bed 101

Our guest room was the very first space I revealed in our Utah home, wayyy back in March of 2017 (see the original reveal post here). It was a space that practically designed itself and happened fast… the kind of project I dream of. The goal was to keep it simple, super comfortable, minimal (not overly personal since it’s a guest room), and cohesive to the rest of our home. I had two existing pieces I knew belonged in the space. They made the trek across the country in the moving truck with us and I basically designed the room around them- a turkish rug and vintage tallboy dresser. Those two items are still my favorites and will always have a home in the guest room, but after renovating our kitchen– I knew the room needed an update… especially in regards to bedding. The dogs took refuge in the guest room while the main part of our home was under construction- basically ruining our previous bedding. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- it’s AMAZING what swapping textiles can do for a space. I traded the bedding, made a few tweaks, and this space is once again functional and ready for house guests who will be arriving in a few short weeks. Click through to see how it has changed and read my tips for creating luxury, layered bedding with Annie Selke

To give you a few visuals as to how this space evolved… here’s what it looked like upon purchasing the home. This was actually the room in the house that needed the least amount of work- which is why we started renovating here.

This is what it looked like for the past year and a half…

And this is how the space looks today… the updated bedding is perfect as we transition into fall within the next few months.

I knew I wanted to replace the inexpensive bedding with something more luxurious. I’ve really grown to appreciate quality and layered bedding that looks inviting and textural. I wanted our guests to have a great experience staying in our home (hotel-like), but I also didn’t have an unlimited budget for bedding since this space is only getting used once or twice every few months, when company arrives. Therefore, I turned to a brand new Annie Selke line, called Bed 101. It’s an affordable collection they just launched earlier this summer.

It’s simple, stylish, functional, but most of all- affordable. It also takes the guesswork out of how to layer bedding, because it’s all sold in sets. Buying the bundles also give you an additional 15% off, as opposed to buying items a la carte… which was the perfect scenario for my guest room.

H O W    T O    L A Y E R    B E D D I N G

First you’ll need to determine how you want your bed to sleep. Are you naturally cold or hot at nighttime? What type of material do you enjoy or feel most comfortable in? Once you’ve answered the basic questions, you can determine what bundle is best for you, and customize from there. Since this is our guest room, I opted for the most popular or universally-loved textures and weights. Here’s what I got:

  1. white sheeting + matching shams // I’m a fan of sateen, but their sheeting also comes in percale and washed linen. I love white because it’s easy to keep clean and looks like hotel bedding, but again- the sheeting also comes in gray or blue, if you prefer color.
  2. essential white duvet cover // I opted for white sateen, knowing I’d layer on color and texture with the matelasse.
  3. matelasse coverlet // The boyfriend line is one of my very favorites because the colors are amazing (mine is vetiver), but more importantly- I wish you could FEEL it. There is nothing better than that soft cotton texture.
  4. matelasse shams // Since I loved the coverlet so much, I decided to order the shams as well… I also like the pop of gray / green it adds to the neutral headboard.
  5. bubble throw // I always leave a throw in the guest room for added comfort. Whether guests are taking a nap and need a lightweight blanket, or prefer to sleep in a warmer setting, it’s easily accessible for layering. Also… the more texture- the better, in my opinion.
  6. decorative pillow // Lastly, I finish the bed with one or two accent pillows. I ended up using one I made, but there are some awesome options on the Annie Selke site. In a guest room, I’ve found that less is more.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have multiple beds to outfit, sticking to the Bed 101 collection is a great option! I also think it’s well-suited for college students who are going off to school, are on a budget, but appreciate the look and feel of high-end bedding. Basically, if you’re building a bed from the ground up, “The Must Have Set” set is your best bet. You get all the essentials from the duvet insert and mattress pad, to the pillow inserts and pillow protectors.

Aside from updating the bedding, there are a few other small tweaks I made to the guest room. I did a little restyling, added an original piece of art, and decluttered the nightstands and dresser.

After having guests come and go for the past year or two, it become obvious that less styling and decor in this space was more functional. We live in a small house and there are only so many surfaces to sit things. From cosmetics, luggage, a glass of water, and travel cases, I decided to clear off and minimize the nightstands and dresser (see the tallboy transformation here).

I also like to keep a candle in this room for guests to light. I wasn’t sure if it would get used, but sure enough- the last time we had friends over, they lit the candle and commented on how it amazing it smelled. A relaxing win / win!

From a design standpoint, I’m still loving the minimal millwork, bedside sconces, velvet bed, and neutral palette in this space. It feels very clam, casual, and relaxed. It’s also holding up nicely.

Our Guest Room A Year Later + How to Layer Bedding - roomfortuesday.com

Here’s to hoping I can keep the dogs out of here for good this time. Johnny Cash is already trying to reclaim the bed… I guess I don’t blame him because it’s so comfy and cozy now, but if they mess up the bedding, I’m not going to be a happy dog mom.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about bedding, layering textiles, or dressing a guest room! I’m happy to chat more about the process. Do you like it better now or the way I revealed it the first time? I’m always swapping things out and rearranging. This feels very appropriate for the season and our home as it is currently used!

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  1. Such a welcoming and cosy room – I really like everything in here, it must make your guests feel valued when they see the care that you’ve taken (guest rooms can often be very much an afterthought). The new bedding is perfectly low-key and hotel-like at the same time and goes beautifully with your fabulously renovated drawers (such a good transformation). Lovely.

    1. Thank you, Sally! We loving having guests visit. Hope you have a lovely week! xox

  2. Linda Darling says:

    I LOVE the change! Its beautiful but I have to chuckle….your tall “vintage” dresser is identical to one that was part of a set of bedroom furniture I once had when I was first married….in 1971! I guess I am “vintage” now too!

    1. Thank you, Linda! That’s amazing, haha! I love good 70’s furniture :) xo

  3. Marty Oravetz says:

    Beautiful, such a relaxing and inviting room. Love the colors.

  4. Hello! I am in love with this whole room! But truly love the night stands! By chance can you share what brand they might be, style? I can’t find anything close. I’ve seen the before and after pictures and y’all did a great job with restoring them!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much! I’ve been considering swapping them, as they don’t fit our current home very well. If I ever part with them, I’ll let you know!