Decorating with Matches + A Video

Decorating with Matches - roomfortuesday.comIf you’ve been following along for awhile now, you’ve probably caught onto one of my favorite styling tricks… decorating with matches. First of all, I’m a big fan of burning candles, so I can never have too many matches. The problem is ugly matchbooks and boxes scattered throughout the house. That’s when I got the idea to jazz it up a bit. Click through for my tips, tricks, some of my favorites on the market, a VIDEO tutorial, as well as a pretty funny story. 

Decorating with Matches - roomfortuesday.comThere are a few ways to decorate with matches….

  1. Buy matchbooks / boxes (that actually look nice)
  2. Invest in a match strike (can be spendy)
  3. Use everyday containers, vases, vessels, or trays (my favorite option)

I do own a match strike and it’s fine- as well as convenient, but it’s not my favorite vessel for matches. It’s not very big, doesn’t fit too many match sticks, and I’m constantly refilling it. My preference is to actually choose a container or tray that fits with my space.

Decorating with Matches - roomfortuesday.comIf you also like that option, you’re probably wondering how to strike a match when they’re in an everyday container? I like to keep match strike strip in the container or nearby (tucked away in a drawer underneath).

Check out the video below for a closer look at how I style my home with these versatile, inexpensive, and functional accessories- as well as tips for trying it yourself!

Did all of that make sense? I’m new to video and this is one of the first I’ve ever done 100% on my own. I’m hoping to get better and share many more! All of this to say, subscribe to my YouTube channel if you enjoyed it because there’ll be plenty more design, decor, renovating, and DIY projects coming via video this year.

Decorating with Matches - roomfortuesday.comFunny story about matches and my Mom (yes, this could get weird). I hope you know that was a joke. Anyway- my Mom caught onto the fact that I was leaving matches scattered in containers throughout my house and she had a severe moment of panic. She called me up and said, “Sarah!! You have got to stop leaving exposed matches out!” Of course I’m wondering why and thinking she’s crazy. She proceeded to tell me my grandmother always told her mice would nibble the matches and start a fire if they weren’t safely contained in a matchbook.

I’ve done a lot of googling since that conversation, and I’m still leaving my matches out- if that tells you anything, but decorate at your own risk. Ha! She’s still not stoked that I didn’t listen, and now here I am posting about how much I love decorating with them. Number one- I’m hoping our exterminator would let us know if we have a mouse problem, and number two- can we ask MythBusters to test that one? I’m not convinced. Sorry Mom!

Decorating with Matches - roomfortuesday.comOn a sidenote, I also collect vintage matchbooks (shown above). Apparently I have a thing for matches? I didn’t realize just how many I have floating around my house until I put together this post. I guess there could be worse things to collect?

Decorating with Matches - roomfortuesday.comShop my favorites using the slider below, and be sure to comment and let me know what you thought of the video! I’m really reaching outside my comfort zone this year and I hope you guys enjoy this type of content.


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  1. I am also obsessed with matches! Love this. :)

    Husband and I were in the flagship Rifle Paper Co. store in Winter Park last week, and they had this darling little match container (complete with white-tipped matches) that I carried around with me as I browsed, intent on purchasing. My hubs had to remind me that we were traveling with carry-ons, so I couldn’t take it on the plane. Devastating, but these are great alternate suggestions! Thank you!

    1. So happy to hear that! I’ve never been to their flagship, but I can imagine it’s beauty. I’ll have to plan a trip! xox

  2. Christina / The Water Tower Project says:

    I also collect matches – and candles / candlesticks! :D

  3. This is so great! It wasn’t until after I started following your blog that I realized I have a few beautiful matchbooks that I could put on display!! They now have pride of place in a beautiful hand-turned walnut bowl (hand made wedding present) on our coffee table!!

    1. So glad to hear this :) That sounds like the loveliest tablescape. Have a great week, Annie! xox

  4. Thanks, Sarah. You’re just the best :) and your style is unmatched!!

    1. well, you made my day!! :)

  5. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I also love collecting matches for my candles and have been wondering lately how to style them around my house. I didn’t even know that striker strip was a thing! Thanks for the great tips! PS: I thought the video was cute! :)

    1. Excited to hear that, Robyn!! Even happier you liked the video. I’m trying to get better at them. xo

  6. I always love the way you present random little stuff. And loved your smile too (in video) :)

    1. Aww thank you SO much, Ayesha! xox

  7. I really needed this post, and I never thought that i would! I finally bought some home candles but had a super paralyzing moment of “”how do i light these without ruining the aesthetic!?!” The idea of making them look pretty but hiding the strike/box is genius! I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a jonathan adler matchstrike… yet HA!

    1. Yes, yay!! There are matches in votives alllll over my house. It’s my number one styling trick. I’m also a big candle lover. xox