A Quick Sofa Table Makeover

I’ve been finding so many beautiful Facebook Marketplace finds lately! My most recent score was a sofa table, but it needed a color change. Click through for another fun and fast furniture makeover, and to see the newest addition in our formal living room

A Quick Sofa Table Makeover - roomfortuesday.com

What led to my decision to track down a sofa table for the living room? Crosby. Our doodle has a cat-like tendency to rub his side against a particular piece of furniture… our beloved mohair sofa. While he doesn’t really shed, he does leave a streak of dirt (lol?) during this particular habit he has developed. Weird, I know. If you don’t believe me, check out the sofa in the below image! Do you see faint line across the back? Luckily, our tried & true upholstery cleaner makes quick work of his “sofa stripe” but I had been hanging a blanket over the back to try and break him of this habit. No luck. A table seemed liked our best bet. Insert this Facebook Marketplace find. The culprit…

A Quick Sofa Table Makeover - roomfortuesday.com

Sofa Table Before

A Quick Sofa Table Makeover - roomfortuesday.com

The table has a really lovely shape, the size is perfect for our floor plan and existing sofa, but the blue color (while charming) just doesn’t work in this room. I figured a fresh coat of paint was in order!


A Quick Sofa Table Makeover - roomfortuesday.com

I kept it simple and used what we already had on hand… a sanding block, my go-to brush, and a 4″ high density foam roller. I skipped primer, per usual. I’d rather just use high quality paint! Speaking of, I opted for Benajmin Moore’s Advance paint in black. It’s the same product I used to paint the cabinetry in the basement bar.

Quick Sanding

A Quick Sofa Table Makeover - roomfortuesday.com

As much as I hate sanding, it really does make for a better, more durable paint job. You don’t have to spend much time doing this… just rough up the surface for better adhesion. I quickly sanded and wiped the table down, prepping for paint.


A Quick Sofa Table Makeover - roomfortuesday.com

I applied the first coat of paint, working in a thin even layer. This paint is so great, it really levels out nicely.

Brushing & Rolling

A Quick Sofa Table Makeover - roomfortuesday.com

I worked with dual tools for this project… a brush for the more intricate spots, and a high density foam roller that I typically use on doors & cabinetry. It makes for a super smooth finish, without brush marks. I brushed the legs and rolled the flat areas- like the top and front. I then allowed the first coat to dry.

A Second Coat

A Quick Sofa Table Makeover - roomfortuesday.com

Four or five hours later, I followed up with a second coat of paint. The key is to work in thin, even layers for the best durability. This piece required only two coats. Again- using a high quality paint helps and makes the process faster!

Sofa Table Styling

A Quick Sofa Table Makeover - roomfortuesday.com

I allowed the table to cure for a day or two before I pulled out the fun styling accessories. Is there anything worse than ruining a paint job because you were too excited to start styling? Yeah- I’ve definitely been there! I kept it simple with a few books… nothing to precious, since it’s a main traffic path (and we have a crazy dog who may attempt rubbing the sofa under the table).

A Quick Sofa Table Makeover - roomfortuesday.com


Can you link the exact rollers you used, that are made for cabinetry and doors?

Of course! I prefer a 4″ high density foam roller. These are great for doors, cabinets, and furniture.

Do you have a complete tour of your living room?

I do! Check out all of my living room posts and tours here… you can also find before images! We’ve done a lot to this room over the years.

Does the table have drawers?

No storage or drawers… but it does have shelf pull-outs. I’ll drop a photo for you below. I painted those as well!

Can you link some similar tables?

It’s actually pretty close to my other vintage console table… the one that lives in my home office! I rounded up a bunch of black console tables with storage here. Be sure to check out that post! I’ll also drop some close options above the comment section in a shopping slider for you.

A Quick Sofa Table Makeover - roomfortuesday.com

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A Quick Sofa Table Makeover - roomfortuesday.com

I hope you enjoyed this post! Has anyone else been finding anything good on Facebook Marketplace lately? This furniture makeover was a bright spot in my week. It has been a heavy couple of months over here, and I’ve found keeping busy with hands seems to help. I’m actually off to Spain this weekend for a work trip that involves tile (not great timing, I’ll admit). Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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  1. Good morning, sweet friend! Nothing like a little meditative sanding and painting to soothe the spirit. And such a gorgeous, functional result! Although we don’t have the space for one with our current layout, I love a sofa table, and you found a honey. Your furniture paint makeovers always amaze me with their glossy, smooth quality. The color speaks nicely to the mantel mirror too. Job well done…natch. Oh doodles. I will tolerate no breed slander, but they’re a quirky bunch.😅 Joe definitely rubs his cheeks along the sofa cushions. Jason lays down by rubbing his whole body on the rug…starting face first? He basically does a somersault! Nonstop hilarity. We’re so thankful for them. I know your boys are providing plenty of floofy support during these difficult days.❤️ And a work trip to Spain? Wowzer. Despite the less-than-ideal timing, it sounds exciting…and intriguing!! You’ve got my curiosity piqued. Sending you all the warm, loving strength for your heart. Take good care, Sarah.💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Good morning, Peggi! Busy hands is usually my go-to when I’m feeling down. A distracting project! I’m so happy with this cute little table I found… and only $50. Facebook Marketplace has been kind to me this year. Ha! I have to laugh at your description of Joe & Jason antics, because Crosby does both of those things. The face down on the rug rubs with the rear in the air is one that continuously makes us laugh. Definitely thankful for the dogs, and feeling especially worried for Cash at the moment. Here’s to hoping the month takes a turn for the better soon :) Spain is going to be a fast one… one day of travel, two days there, a day of travel back home, and our family arrives while I’m gone, so I’m returning home to house guests. A fun, but busy week ahead! Thankful for Emmett for holding down the fort. I am excited to eat some paella in the city where it originated! Thanks for the warm wishes- I appreciate you!! Here’s to a good weekend ahead. I hope you get some sunshine and can work in the garden. xo

  2. Looks so great Sarah! Hard to believe it hadn’t been there all along – it just belongs! Something about the way it looks with the black mirror frame just feels RIGHT. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Lacee! It really does seem to belong- I’m loving it here. I also love how it brings the black from the mirror to the opposite side of the space. A happy accident! Hope you have a fun weekend ahead.

  3. Good morning Sarah! What a perfect solution to a pesky habit. Rocky has his own tendencies with our sofa. He lays on his back with one side pushed up against the sofa back, and all four paws up against it; sometimes only two… but he sheds mercilessly and it requires weekly vacuuming. I can’t bring myself to block his ability to do so- it’s just too darn cute. The dirt stripe had me laughing, and Crosby’s “guilty as charged” face- hysterical! You always score the best finds on FBMP, and this one ties in so well to furniture in other areas of your home- I noticed right away that it resembled the console in your office. You did a fantastic job refinishing; and I’m so happy you’ve used this paint over and over. It speaks volumes about the quality, and having your seal of approval makes me confident it’s the right choice for our eventual built-ins. The console table looks like it was meant to live there, and provides such a lovely contrast to the blue sofa. Sometimes a creative distraction is just what the doctor ordered. Sending the biggest virtual hug, and wishing you safe travels this weekend. Xoxo

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Good morning, Lauren! Dogs are the best, but LOL to the things they do to the furniture. I don’t care of Crosby rubs elsewhere- his other favorite spot is down the side of our bed, which can easily be washed… but I’m like, please not the sofa!! haha! He cracks me up. Never a dull moment around here with that one. I also thought this table reminded me a little of the console in my office! Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend- big hug, indeed! Here’s to hoping this month takes a turn for the better :) Hope you and the fam have a wonderful weekend ahead. xo

  4. I love a furniture makeover. I’ve recently decided to buy only secondhand vintage furniture that I need to give it another life in my home instead of buying inexpensive mass-produced furniture. To do this, one has to be patient and picky. I always enjoy your vintage furniture and makever furniture posts.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I absolutely love that idea, Bridget! It definitely takes patience. Good for you! Your house is going to be so beautiful and filled with quality pieces and character. I’m really glad to hear you enjoy these posts!

  5. Jenilee Greene says:

    Our doodle leaves a stripe on all 3 sides of our dark sofa! There should be a support group for this 😂

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Haha!! The struggle! There really should. They are so funny! My table plan didn’t work, as he started rubbing the front cushions, lol. Oh well!

  6. This is such a brilliant idea to help protect the fabric on your sofa! I love the photo of the guilty culprit too, lol. We have a husky who sheds EVERYWHERE so I think I will steal this idea for our sofa too. This is also re-enforcing that I need to get on Facebook Marketplace…such a great find. Thanks for this tutorial!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Leah! Dogs… anything for the cute fur babies. He’s taken to rubbing on the front side of the sofa, so I’m not certain this hack worked as I had intended, lol. Regardless, I like the look of the table!

  7. I’m sorry, but that pup looks completely innocent of all charges. :)

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Don’t let that cute face fool you, haha!

  8. Ha! I almost bought that table on FB Marketplace, but I’m glad you snagged it. It’s perfect there! My perfect console table is out there — I just have to be patient. :)

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Did you?! Thanks, Emily. Another one will pop up soon, surely!