A Fun Seasonal Floral Arrangement

A Fun Seasonal Floral Arrangement - roomfortuesday.comI don’t know about you, but sometimes the holiday season can feel overwhelming. Lately my creativity has felt a bit depleted, as I’ve been hyper focused on my to-do list and have been working extra long hours, so this week I added some relaxing & fun reminders to my agenda… things like taking a quick hike during a lunch break, trying a new recipe in the kitchen for dinner this week (if it turns out, I’ll be sure to share!), and tackling something creative- just for fun. For my creative project this week, I decided to put together a dramatic (and seasonally appropriate) floral arrangement. Luckily, we have a wholesale florist just down the street from our Tuesday Made office. They have a giant walk-in refrigerated room filled with buckets and buckets of stems, florals, and greenery. Just visiting the wholesale flower market is a treat in itself because their selection is incredible. If it weren’t so cold, I’d spend hours in there. Ha! Anyway, it felt like some much needed “me time” to refuel. My coveted woven pedestal also arrived a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been itching to fill it with something textural and festive. Click through for the process and the end result! You can also catch a tiny peek of my office. Emmett is still tackling the millwork, but I couldn’t resist a mini corner vignette. 

A Fun Seasonal Floral Arrangement - roomfortuesday.comFirst, I filled a heavy glass vase (that wouldn’t topple in my woven planter) with water. We finally installed our reverse osmosis system, and this is the drinking fountain I landed on, pictured above! So far we’ve been really pleased with it. I also added some floral food / powder to the water before taping up my grid…

A Fun Seasonal Floral Arrangement - roomfortuesday.comUsing clear tape leftover from gift wrapping, I taped up a little grid that will help support my stems. This is such an easy floral arranging hack that makes a big difference! If you haven’t given this a try, I promise it’s worth the extra effort.

A Fun Seasonal Floral Arrangement - roomfortuesday.comNext, I placed my glass vase into the woven urn. I’ve seen a lot of people use dried florals in these woven planters, but since my stems require water- I figured inserting a smaller vase was my best bet.

A Fun Seasonal Floral Arrangement - roomfortuesday.comBy the way- I’m not sure if any of you are interested in these woven pedestal urns, but let me know if you are! I only ordered one of these for myself through our Tuesday Made shop, but I can easily get more if some of you are interested. They’re kind of a bear to ship, so I didn’t want to invest in a larger quantity until I gaged interest… that’s why I didn’t link it.

A Fun Seasonal Floral Arrangement - roomfortuesday.comI started by adding my greenery first! That’s how I like to begin my floral arrangements… the base layer goes first. This time around, I used wispy agonis for the greenery.

A Fun Seasonal Floral Arrangement - roomfortuesday.comNext, I layered in the florals. I ended up buying five red holland hydrangea stems. They’re really festive for the season! I like the dark burgundy or red color.

A Fun Seasonal Floral Arrangement - roomfortuesday.comThen I added in the astilbe, which is hilariously also referred to as “false goat’s beard”. I really love the fluffy and whimsical texture it adds. I started poking them into the back of the arrangement and worked my way forward, in an asymmetric manner…

A Fun Seasonal Floral Arrangement - roomfortuesday.comVoila! I used all of my florals & greenery, and I think it feels pretty festive without looking overly holiday themed. The deep saturated colors mimic the season, without being too literal- like poinsettias or pine branches… although those would totally work for a classic Christmas look!

A Fun Seasonal Floral Arrangement - roomfortuesday.comIt’s pretty, right? I’m digging the asymmetry, it doesn’t feel too fussy, and I really adore that woven planter! The wispy undone look is also providing a nice contrast to all of my perfectly styled garland around the house. I had fun with this one!

A Fun Seasonal Floral Arrangement - roomfortuesday.comConsider this post your reminder to block in some time for you this holiday season! I know it’s easy to get carried away with our to-do lists… especially this time of year, but try to pencil in an activity you enjoy, take a break, step away from the screen, get outside, and remember to carve out some time for R&R! Adding these little reminders and fun breaks to my calendar this week has been really nice (I’m trying to be more intentional with my time), and this fast floral arranging project was such a fun change of pace! I hope you enjoyed it. Do you also like playing with floral compositions? I find it so relaxing. I’ve slowly started filling up my new built-ins and moving my office items back into this room. I’m looking forward to being totally moved back in soon! I’ll keep you posted. Have a great day, friends!

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  1. This is lovely – festive, but more modern.

    Yes, I definitely would like one of those pedestals and urns! I would also like you to start shipping to the UK too, of course!!

    1. Thank you so much, Sally! I hope you’re having a happy holiday season :) I asked Emmett to look into international shipping (aside from Canada) and it’s one of our big goals for next year. I’ll keep you posted! xo

  2. Good morning! So pretty!! I love the deep red and wispy shapes. I’ve never seen hydrangeas that shade, nor have I ever found astilbe at the florist. I’m more than a bit envious that you have a wholesale flower market nearby! How dreamy…and dangerous to the wallet. I’ve also been feeling the post-Thanksgiving inspiration letdown lately and have been itching for a little creative project. As much as I enjoy flowers, making an arrangement doesn’t occur to me in the winter. Isn’t that funny? Maybe this is the week I should tackle a pine cone wreath? Or at least go on a little foraging mission to break up the monotony! Here’s to adding a dash of diversion to our lists! Have a lovely Wednesday, Sarah!💜

    1. I’m with you about the wholesale floral market nearby. We have one here in Austin but it is a bit of a drive. A forging trip sounds good especially in beautiful weather. Hope you have luck finding some fun things. I bet you are ready for break from kiddos and teaching. Have a great day.

    2. When we moved into our Tuesday Made office, that was one of the selling points… lol! A florist just a few buildings down. I don’t visit as much as I should (because it can definitely get expensive- even with wholesale pricing), but it’s such a fun & creative place! It’s a weird time, the lull after Thanksgiving- and so busy! I feel you on that front. This week is feeling better, but I think my growing to-do list probably has had something to do with my creative (or lack thereof) mood. I know you’re all about the florals during the spring & summer months, but I think they’re even more special in the winter- bringing life, color, and greenery inside. I love it! I love your idea of a pine wreath or pomander! I hope you’re having a good week, Peggi! xox

  3. Ooh I love the floral arrangement Sarah 😍 There’s nothing like a fresh bouquet to brighten a space and mood. My husband bought flowers for me the other day and it totally made my week. The wicker urn/pedestal is beautiful too and adds so much texture. Your office reveal is going to be off the charts exciting! A sneak peek is super fun 🤩
    It’s been super busy over here but yes I am working in a lovely afternoon on Friday and taking my bestie for a Friendship Tea Party. We are having high tea at a local cafe to kick off some holiday cheer 😜 Have a fabulous Wednesday and enjoy those stunning flowers 💐

    1. So sweet that your husband bought flowers. It truly is the sentiment that will make you feel loved! Hope you have a great day.

      1. Haha! Thank you Danna, 26 years together and he still know how to woo me 💓
        You have a super amazing day too 💐

        1. This makes my heart so happy!!

    2. Thank you, Colleen! What a sweet husband you have! I told Emmett years ago, I’d much rather have surprise flowers than for a special occasion. That’s the best. Friendship Tea Party?! That sounds incredible! I hope you and your friend have an amazing time on Friday. I love that idea! I think I’m going to spend some time baking cookies this weekend to kick off my holiday cheer over here. And- best of all, your email made my morning :) What a fun holiday find! xox

  4. This turned out so beautiful! I’m in love with the florals you used, and even more in love with the pedestal urn. I’m highly interested in that piece! I’m happy you mentioned the wholesale florist; we have one close by and I always forget that I can go find florals from them. I may just do that for centerpieces for Christmas this year. Thanks for the idea Sarah! I’m with everyone on the holiday ho-hum. We’re typically fully decorated by now, but having the carpet cleaned throughout the house on Monday still has us in chaos. (I’m happy to report that I gave an awesome sales pitch about the front room to Jeff- he’s going for it, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic). I need to nudge gently about narrowing down when, but I’m still in the giddy stage over here! I’ve missed everyone lately-the pop-ups have been preventing me from commenting recently, so while I have time for myself today I plan to pull out the laptop and catch up on all things RFT. I hope all of you are well, and Sarah, I hope you have a wonderful week. Your office sneak peek is looking stunning already! Cheers to taking time for ourselves this season and enjoying every last bit of in-between, because it makes the arrival all the more special. Xo friends!

    1. Lauren, good to see you on here. Congrats with getting your hubby on board with your idea. It feels like we should prepare an excel spreadsheet or presentation when trying to get them to see our vision (wants). Ha! Excited for you.
      Have a great day!

      1. Haha! I think that’s an awesome idea. Emmett would definitely prefer I use Excel and show him numbers as opposed to pretty visuals in Photoshop. Lol!

      2. Hi Danna! Gosh I’ve missed everyone so much!! Excel spreadsheet for sure! I actually am working on one to help him visualize budget and timeline, haha!! The more technical the better?? 🥴🤣😂 I hope you’re having an amazing season Danna! Xo

    2. Hi Lauren!! Thank you :) Is the weather finally feeling more wintery in your area? We have a big storm rolling in tonight (hopefully), and I’m crossing my fingers for snow. I think that will feel more cheerful and get me in the holiday spirit. I’m super excited to hear you’ve convinced Jeff… way to go on that sales pitch. Haha! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got planned. I’m so sorry about the pop ups. I have a call into my web developer (because I’m a tech granny) and she’s going to try to figure those out in January. Fingers crossed we’ll find a solution and make it easier and less clunky, in terms of the pop ups. I know they’re annoying. It has been busy busy over here, but all good things. Thanks for taking the time to catch up! It was great to hear from you. I hope you and the fam are doing all the fun holiday things and enjoying the season. Cheers to a fun and relaxing December! xox

      1. We are FINALLY getting winter weather; at least the last two days haha! Waking up to clouds and fog was a complete delight this morning. We have a 90% chance of rain for the first time in almost a year and I’m here for it.
        Yay!!! Thank you for doing that Sarah. Make sure you let her know it’s only the mobile site-and really it’s not that there’s a ton of pop-ups. It’s that sometimes it prevents scrolling, or reloads the page when it pops up and deletes whatever you’ve typed into the comments bar. Everything on the desktop site works seamlessly.
        Operation swap the front room & living room will begin in spring. On the to-do list is building built-ins to hide the safe (yayyyy🤗), and house Jeff’s consumable parts for work; move the tv; install a ceiling fan; replace the chandelier currently over our dining table; remove the carpet in both rooms and install engineered hardwoods; paint; and of course, style. The front room will become our living room/office when finished. The current living room will become our dining room. I’m taking a page from your book Sarah, and will be scouring FBMP for a small dining table to use as our desk that will float in front of the built-ins, allowing space for a proper coffee table, end/side tables, floor lamps, etc. for the gathering space in the living room. That will be the bulk of the work we’ll complete for this leg of the renovating. Down the line we’ll replace the heinous blinds in the upper windows with roller shades that function with a remote. All the lower windows will get light filtering woven Roman shades, and further down the line I’d love to install drapery of some nature. Once we’ve “finished” that space, the only major work will be tackling the stairs and the kitchen. I’ve been working on the bathrooms slowly over time, and the kids’ rooms are purely cosmetic changes that I’m making over time as well. I’m both nervous and excited. But I can’t un-see the finished result in my head and I know if I stick with that vision it will come out fantastic. I may need your guidance here and there though! Cheers to convincing our husbands to do the things!! Lol! I’ve gotta say, that still has me on cloud nine. It’s rare to get a yes to projects these days. Haha!!

        1. Yay for winter weather!! Did you get your rain? We got snow here, so I was hoping you had a rainy weekend. Thank you again for the details on the site issues. I passed all of that along and I’m sure it will be super helpful. I appreciate you!! I’m SO excited for your big room swap and home improvements. That is going to be amazing, and removing the carpet will be a game changer! I’m sending you all the good FBMP vibes. I know you’ll find something great! You’re going to have a big 2022, and it’s going to be amazing. Sending all the positive thoughts and creativity your way! Get excited and celebrate what’s to come. I know how long you’ve been waiting for this :) xox

  5. When I saw the picture of the wicker vase I couldn’t hit the button to read this post fast enough! Its beautiful and even more so in your office! I love the florals you picked. Like Peggi said, I have never seen hydrangeas that color. They are spectacular! Appreciate your step by step instructions on how you made yours. I just told my daughter that I wanted to take a floral arranging class. She took one in high school and learned so much that she makes mine for all the holidays.
    Yes, I highly agree about taking a step back from all of the holiday events and doing something you like to do. I feel like I got a second wind on getting stuff done before Christmas. Hope your day goes well.

    1. Thank you so much, Danna! I love the woven pedestal with the planter… I thought they would be attached, but was pleasantly surprised to learn that they’re two separate pieces that go together. I’m excited to try styling them independently, too. I think they’ll be awesome versatile pieces! I would LOVE to take a floral arranging glass. How fun that your daughter was able to take on in high school. I know there are a bunch of courses offered online, but I think I would enjoy doing it in person. I know lots of the local shops in my area have been doing wreath making social events, which also sounds fun. I’m hoping I get my second wind later this week (we have snow rolling in), which will help me finish my Christmas to-do list. Haha! I still have shopping and decorating to do, but I’ve been trying to find time to squeeze in all the fun holiday things I love. I’m definitely planning to bake some cookies or something festive this weekend. Cheers to a fun (and somewhat relaxing) December! xox

      1. Love the wicker pedestal and urn more that they are 2 separate pieces….all the styling possibilities! You are going to have so much fun with this piece. Hope your Thursday is great!

  6. Anne Marie says:

    Beautiful! I’d be interested in purchasing the woven pedestal and urn. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know, Anne Marie! I’ll be sure to share once we have them available. Right now, it’s looking like January :) Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you!