Fringe Tablecloth DIY

Fringe Tablecloth DIY - roomfortuesday.comHi! How was your weekend? We enjoyed some fall festivities at Oktoberfest! In other news… our entry tile is held up in transport, so our entryway renovation is on hold for the time being- which is fine since we’re in no hurry. As I’ve been adjusting and styling our home for fall, I wanted to freshen and give the entry vignette a little love. While I really like my marble table, I’ve been digging the softness that my “faux tablecloth” (a cheap throw blanket), added to the space… check that out in this post. I thought it would be fun to sew a tablecloth and share the end result with you, because you know how I’ve been loving skirted tables this year! I’m enjoying how it’s looking with our fall front porch, which I’ll share soon! Click through for the budget-friendly tutorial or pin this one for later!

Fringe Tablecloth DIY - roomfortuesday.comI’d categorize this as an easy or beginner sewing project. It really doesn’t take much effort, and is relatively affordable for a higher-end look. I ended up getting 5.5 yards of fabric from the sale bin at Joann’s for $7/yard. I already had plenty of thread in my sewing kit, and the most expensive item was the trim or fringe- but that’s totally optional. That was more like $20/yard. My point being- this project doesn’t cost much and it’s a great way to soften any table vignette or hide a round table you don’t really love. I just felt like switching things up!

  • sewing machine
  • fabric (I used 5.5 yards for a 36″ round table)
  • fringe (optional)
  • thread
  • round table (mine is linked)

Fringe Tablecloth DIY - roomfortuesday.comI started by calculating how much fabric I needed to buy. Since my table is 36″ round, I used that number and added the drop length times two, to calculate my total. My table is 30″ tall, so my math looked like this: 36+30+30=96… then I added an extra inch (97 inches total) to account for the hem. I couldn’t find fabric that wide (it’s not common), so I ended up sewing two pieces of fabric together to achieve my 97″ square.

Fringe Tablecloth DIY - roomfortuesday.comAfter sewing the two pieces together and cutting them to the 97″ square, I draped the fabric over my table to check things out. Obviously there will be plenty of excess, and we’ll need to cut the fabric to a circle.

Fringe Tablecloth DIY - roomfortuesday.comThe best way to cut a circle when working with large fabric is to fold the square in perfectly half, then in half again in the opposite direction… then I measured the center point of that square (which is 1/4 of the starting size) and held a sharpie attached to a string to draw my arch on the outer two corners. I cut along my guideline, and once the fabric is opened up- you’re left with a circle!

Fringe Tablecloth DIY - roomfortuesday.comAfter cutting, it’s always a good idea to drape the fabric over the table again to make sure your measurements were accurate. Your fabric should hit the floor, which will be perfect once you hem around the perimeter. Feel free to trim as needed while the fabric is on the table. I ended up taking off 4-5 more inches because I decided at the last minute fringe would be a cool idea.

Fringe Tablecloth DIY - roomfortuesday.comI proceeded to pin the trim around the base, adjusting it as needed. The pins are really just a guide, but they’re helpful! Once I had it pinned, I starting sewing to permanently attach the fringe…

Fringe Tablecloth DIY - roomfortuesday.comThe next step was to check the fit, steam or iron the fabric (which I didn’t do an awesome job at, if I’m being honest), and style! I was really pleased that it fit correctly and gave a nice tailored look.

Fringe Tablecloth DIY - roomfortuesday.comI’m really happy with how this turned out… not too bad for a quick, budget-friendly project! I think it looks especially elegant and feminine with the fringe, so I’m happy I decided to add that at the last minute. It also looks great next to our front door tassel– they somehow perfectly match! That was definitely a happy accident.

Fringe Tablecloth DIY - roomfortuesday.comYou can also catch this tutorial saved in my IG highlights, if you’d prefer to see some of these steps in video format. If you’re not into sewing or don’t have a sewing machine, you could always buy a readymade round tablecloth and add your own fringe or appliqué. Fusing tape is super easy and only requires an iron- no sewing needed! Let me know what you think. Here’s to a productive October week ahead!

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  1. Good morning! Your tablecloth looks fab! I really love the way stripes fall on a round table. I just realized how fun it would be to have an entire wardrobe of tablecloths for that entry. Fringe, stripes, florals, toile, box pleats, all the trims! We were on the same wavelength this weekend; I had a notion to diy a table cloth for Thanksgiving. I struck out with the selection at my local fabric store, and I was unsatisfied with my attempts at designing with cloth markers. (It’s SO much tougher than drawing on paper!😕) You’ve given me the idea of fringe now though! Or maybe just layers of trim?…My wheels are turning now. Here’s to a productive and creative week!💜

    1. Hello, hello! Thanks Peggi :) It would be so fun to switch it out seasonally or for entertaining. I want to try all the styles! So funny that you also had tablecloths on your mind over the weekend. I haven’t tried cloth markers, but I imagine they’re not easy! Ooooh, layers of trim? I’m intrigued! That would be beautiful. Here’s to a productive and creative week, indeed! xo

  2. Ooh la love it Sarah! You are a whiz at these DIY projects, so incredibly creative ☺️ So very pretty and beautiful in the entry 😍
    Well we just returned this past weekend from spending 2 weeks at our cottage. Which explains my absence from the blog, I did get caught up yesterday and lots of fun stuff happening here. Exciting! Fall is my favorite time of year and we got a head start as the mountains were already bursts of beautiful color when we arrived 🍁 as it was much cooler up there.
    We made some headway ourselves and got lots of projects completed. Andrew and I are not you and Emmett but we did manage to fix a bunch of stuff and made major headway on the ugliest, nastiest bathroom we have ever had. It’s definitely a major DIY cause we don’t have the skills for replacement of tiles but paint to the rescue after hours upon hours of cleaning. The bathroom is now light, bright and feels so much bigger, cleaner with a crisp white and the tiles look so much better. I’m taking your advice and trying for wallpaper for the very first time as I think it will add some pizzazz and cover the damaged drywall. Unfortunately, the contractor that was supposed to start our foundation project and deck replacement totally ghosted us :(
    He left us in a major lurch and wasted months of our time. As it’s a remote location there aren’t many that will work in our area but we did manage to find another one Yay! But fingers crossed he will not change his mind 😬 as our foundation continues to deteriorate. Trying to stay positive and keep a hopeful vibe going to motivate my DIY enthusiasm. Haha!
    I’ve got some fall decorating to complete here and get ready for Thanksgiving as it’s next weekend here in Canada! And I’ve got family arriving from out of town. So excited! And thanks for the fun custom table cloth idea and giving me more DIY inspiration. I’ve got to dust off my sewing machine now and make a trip to the fabric store 😜
    Happy Monday!

    1. Thank you, Colleen! I’m pleased with how it came together. It was a fun unexpected Friday project :) I love hearing about your cottage! I hope you had a fun and productive couple of weeks up there. It sounds like you’re doing amazing work! Fall is my favorite time of year, too. It’s nice to see the trees at altitude with full vibrant color- such a treat to see that surrounding your cabin. It sounds like you made major improvements on your bathroom makeover. I bet it’s looking fabulous! You’ll have to let me know how it goes with the wallpaper- you’ll do great. I’m so sorry to hear about your contractor. It’s really tough to find someone who is good at their job, trustworthy, and shows up on time (or at all, in your case). Frustrating!! I wish it weren’t so difficult. Hopefully you dodged a bullet and things go better with your new contractor. I’m glad you were able to find someone quickly. I hope you and your family have an amazing Thanksgiving next week!! Here’s to a great week ahead! xo

  3. I love the fringe! My mom made me a skirted tablecloth with a striped fabric as well, but it doesn’t drape quite as nicely as yours. I don’t think I communicated my vision well enough! I think we should’ve bought more fabric…I am keeping your DIY in mind for when it’s time for a refresh!

    1. Thanks, Brittany! I know you said you were going to ask her- so sweet that it worked out. I’m sure it looks amazing! It definitely took more fabric than I expected, but I like how it drapes. Here’s to an awesome fall week ahead :)

  4. Happy Monday! When I saw your stories on this project I instantly wished I had a round table of my own to try this out. Yours turned out beautifully! I’m in love with the color and the stripes, but I’m mostly in love with that fringe! You did a fantastic job.
    We had a great weekend! Our football team won the game Friday night, and the reunion committee did an absolutely wonderful job planning. Every last detail was thought of and it ended up being such a fantastic night of reconnecting, getting to know the adult versions of ourselves, mingling with each other and just having a great time. We didn’t get home until 4:30am on Sunday! The local brewery where our recap brunch was held is owned and operated by one of our alumni, and was such a great spot. Definitely adding it to the local favorites list! I hope your weekend was equally enjoyable at OctoberFest. Have a lovely Monday Sarah. Xo

    1. Happy Monday, Lauren! Thank you :) It was a fun project. I wasn’t intending to get into sewing on Friday, but I spontaneously grabbed fabric and made it happen. Ha! I’m really happy with how it came together. I’m glad I decided to add the fringe because that’s my favorite part, too. I’m thrilled to hear you had such a fun weekend catching up with everyone- and your football team won… even more reason to celebrate! 4:30am?! I don’t know if I’m even capable of staying up that late these days, but that just goes to show how much fun you had!! It’s also awesome to hear about the brewery brunch- that sounds like my kind of place. We had fun at Oktoberfest! Here’s to a great week ahead. xo

  5. Beautiful job Sarah! Enjoyed watching your stories on how you made it. Watching it brought back memories of my grandmother making some for my mom years ago. Love the addition of the fringe. I am sure your grandmother is proud of you and your sewing projects.
    Love this time of year with so many things coming up. Speaking of, I was able to get away for 3 nights to visit a friend in Seaside Florida. Such a great place to vacation and relax. Hope your Monday is a good one.

    1. Thank you! My sewing skills are nothing compared to my grandmother’s, but I certainly wish she lived closer so we could tackle fun projects together! I have so much left to learn. I always feel extra crafty this time of year. Ha! I’m SO happy to hear you were able to visit your friend in Seaside for a few days- that’s such a gorgeous place. We went over the summer to meet my sister for family vacation. We really enjoyed it. I hope you were able to reset and relax! xo