Camper Progress Update

Camper Progress Update - roomfortuesday.comConsider this the last blog post update for the camper. We’re nearing the home stretch, and I’d hate to spoil a fun before & after… but I did want to share one last progress post! Things are moving right along. We installed some new lighting, the paint is totally finished, the cabinetry is put back together, and we’re officially in the fun phase of the makeover. Click through for a quick & casual post on the latest with our travel trailer.

Before we dive in, if you missed the before images & design plan, click here. If you’re looking for the paint & flooring progress, you can find that here.

Camper Progress Update - roomfortuesday.comWe have all of the cabinetry painted & reassembled and have officially moved into installing the fun things: drapery hardware, sconces, hooks, etc. It’s looking so much brighter in the camper, and definitely more cheerful! It will be a few more weeks before my upholstery is finished at the workroom, but it will be exciting to see the vinyl upholstered dinette cushions soon-ish.

Camper Progress Update - roomfortuesday.comThe sconces are up, but we need to figure out how to mount the puck lights inside of them. Emmett is thinking we’ll epoxy a round sphere for the interior and mount the lights to that (so they’re less noticeable and don’t fall out). They look great though! They’ll be very convenient on a remote.

Camper Progress Update - roomfortuesday.comThe kitchenette is looking really cute! We still have to tackle the backsplash- we changed our mind on the sticky tile after chatting with some of you, and are opting for beadboard instead. However, the hardware and painted cabinets have already made a big impact. I also stole a vintage rug from the Tuesday Made shop because I just couldn’t wait! Ha.

Camper Progress Update - roomfortuesday.comI also took the time to line the drawers and cabinets with a grippy drawer liner… which is ideal for camping, so our things don’t slide around and shift during transport. We’ve also been ticking little things off the list- like replacing the smoke detector, rewiring electrical, fixing leaks, etc.

Camper Progress Update - roomfortuesday.comWhat’s left on our punch list? Quite a bit… but I feel like we’re past the halfway point! This is what we still have to tackle:

  • Install beadboard backsplash
  • Replace the countertops & dinette table
  • Install updated plumbing fixtures
  • Install door hardware
  • Hem and alter the drapery panels
  • Styling- hang art, make the bed, stock the kitchen, etc.
  • Deep clean one more time
  • Remove the exterior graphics

Camper Progress Update - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been receiving a LOT of questions about the countertops. I know- they’re ugly. Yes- we’re replacing them. However, the fabrication lead time is awhile out, so we’re trying to be patient in the meantime. If we can’t get them installed in a timely manner (for the big reveal), maybe I’ll just paint them for the sake of photos. TBD on that! Our plan is to use leftover solid surface remnants once we’re on the schedule… probably a white, black, or marble looking option.

Camper Progress Update - roomfortuesday.comMy biggest task at the moment is sewing all of these curtains. It’s really looking good though, and we’re eager to hit the road and go camping! I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Here’s to a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Good morning! Everything is looking SO great! The sconces are an adorable-and smart- touch. I imagine a “lighting plan” isn’t top priority for campers. Ha. The ticking striped curtains definitely add to the summer vibe for me, and who needs a finished banquette when you’ve got a beautiful vintage rug!😉 This transformation really has gone super fast. Now that summer’s officially here (Happy Solstice!), are you itching for a little adventure? I’m curious, once the camper is completed, how quickly can you be ready for a weekend getaway? Back in the dark ages when we went camping, preparing seemed to take forever! We weren’t the organized couple who had dedicated kitchen items and such, so each trip was a bit of a scramble. (Maybe that’s why we didn’t go often!) Anyway, just curious. Also anxious to see if you give her a name! Obviously unnecessary, but kinda fun. We’re hitting 90 degrees for the first time today, so we’ll be seeking shade! I hope your Wednesday is sunny, productive and sweet, Sarah! (I’m about to have leftover chocolate cheesecake for breakfast.😍)💜

    1. Thanks, Peggi! The lighting plan is limited, at best. Ha! I do love those charming cafe curtains and am eager to spend some time with my sewing machine this weekend. I’ll have to wait until we get our upholstery back to hem the curtains around the dinette (I need to see where they fall), but I have plenty of panels to keep me busy in the meantime. Can you believe summer is officially here? Happy Solstice, indeed! Here’s to warm summer nights, patio time, ice cold cocktails, homemade pizzas, and fun summer adventures. We’re also going to hit 90 degrees today and I’m not sure I’m ready for the HOT hot temperatures here in Utah. I’m envois you’re having chocolate cheesecake for breakfast- that sounds DIVINE!! Have a wonderful Wednesday :) xo

  2. What a transformation! It’s starting to look incredible.

    1. Thanks, Kristin! It has been such a fun project :)

  3. I might have an answer to how to keep the puck lights in. I had this exact same problem and it worked like a charm. I see in the image of the sconce that there’s a ring to screw in to hold the light bulb in or whatever that function is. See if you can still put in in backwards. If you can, glue the flattest part of that ring/flange to the back of the puck light (on the lid so you can still take it off to replace the batteries) and then screw it back in. The camper looks gorgeous so far and you two have done an amazing job. Hi to the dogs too! :)

    1. Such a clever tip, Holly! Thanks for sharing. I’ll give it a try tonight :) The dogs say hello (via a tail wag). Have a great day!!

  4. I am loving your meticulous progress! It will be so fun to see the final results!

    1. Thank you, Pam! I love hearing that :)

  5. Wow!! This has gone so quickly, and is shaping up to be a lovely getaway home. I’m anxious to see how the vinyl banquette turns out- with the finishes you have already, I’m certain it’s going to look dreamy. Your choice for the curtains is beautiful, airy, and summery. The smaller space in campers is ideal for changing things up when your heart desires, and wouldn’t be difficult, time consuming or a major break to the bank. Especially with the timeless backdrop you’ve created here. It begs the question: why don’t RV manufacturers chose more classic, timeless finishes? I love what you’ve done Sarah! It makes me want to pick up my Dad’s trailer and revamp the entire thing! I especially adore the hook hardware you chose for the kitchenette- it’s saved to my trailer list on Amazon. So beautiful and functional. I can’t wait to see what you chose for art, how you hang it, and what you select for bedding. Cheers to a lovely Wednesday. We have a cool breeze, scattered showers with a thunderstorm in the works (yayyyyy!!🤩🤗), and a bowling trip with friends this morning. I hope your Wednesday is off to a glorious start. Xo

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I’m about to call the workroom and get an ETA on my upholstery right now. Fingers crossed we have it soon! I’m going to start sewing the drapery panels this weekend. I wholeheartedly agree with you- why do RV manufacturers choose the ugly materials?! I feel like they need to hire some new designers. Haha! I’m sure there are reasons, but yowza. You guys should definitely borrow your Dad’s trailer, do some glamping, and sell the tent ;) The hardware is actually really amazing! It’s the same brand of hardware we have on our kitchen cabinets- it’s heavy and has a gorgeous finish. I’m envious of your cool breeze and thunderstorms! We’re in the 90’s this week… it’s going to be hot, dry, and probably icky air quality. Boo! I hope you had an awesome time bowl yesterday. That sounds super fun. I haven’t been in ages. Have a great Thursday! xo

  6. The camper is looking fabulous Sarah! Wow what a difference paint makes, its pretty transformative. Love the light sconce and all the Sarah decor touches. The curtains, the rug, flooring and the pretty hardware. Its all coming together so beautifully. I’m super stoked for the reveal and of course keeping notes on everything as our cottage projects are never ending. Ha! Andrew is headed there this weekend to work on plumbing and electrical. Not overly fun but obviously necessary.
    Summer greeted us with a heatwave here and its a scorcher. We are definitely appreciating the pool even more when its super hot like this 🥵 I hope you are feeling well and enjoying outside in your downtime (if there is any) you are making some serious progress on the camper so hopefully not over doing it. Don’t forget to take a well deserved break in between, the summer goes by way too quickly. I guess you will be taking some time off when the camper is complete and all your hard work will be enjoyed to the fullest 🥂 Cheers to summer, camping trips, lots of sunshine and making some good memories. Yay! Can’t wait for the camper reveal! Exciting 😍 xoxo

    1. Thank you, Colleen! Paint is such an easy and impactful update. We’re excited to finish this up and hit the road! I love hearing that the cottage is coming along- even if you & Andrew are crossing the pesky, not as fun things off the list… those are equally as important! I’m also happy to hear you’re putting that beautiful pool and backyard to good use! It’s really heating up here, this week as well. We’re headed back to the Midwest / South next week to visit our family, so I’m definitely looking forward to some downtime and relaxing :) I hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far! Have a great day. xox

  7. How Fun! Everytime I pass a camper on I25 I always think about where they are headed!
    Happy Day! Following along in Colorado laura

    1. Thanks, Laura! I do the same… I always what adventure people are headed off toward. Have a great day :)

  8. Your camper is looking so good! Exciting! The cafe curtains really make it cozy! I am putting a link to an Amazon item for your sconce lighting situation. Have you seen the rechargeable light bulbs (with remote)? I think they would work great! You stated you are removing the outside graphics, will you be painting the exterior? Also, Proverbs31Girl painted her rv countertops. That will work till you get counters. It is a lot of prep but doable.
    Have a great Thursday! Sorry I am late responding, waited 3 hours for tow truck yesterday for son’s car. Hope everyone else’s week is going well.
    Light bulb link:

    1. Thank you SO much, Danna! I just added the lights to my cart. How have I not heard about those before now? So sorry to hear about your son’s car- that’s never fun! We had to tow our truck last month, so I feel your struggle. Hope your week is going well otherwise! xox

  9. I didn’t think the countertop was that ugly, I thought you could make it look classic. But I see how you could make it even better!

    1. Thanks, Julie! They’re really not too bad, but I was able to find some scrap pieces of solid surface at Emmett’s work, so we’re going to use those- which I think will be a definite upgrade :)

  10. Hi Sarah. I love the changes! The ticking stipe curtain is wonderful. On the puck lights, maybe you could use hook and loop tape meant for electronics? Both the tape and hook and loop portions are strong. This would allow you to take out the pucks to change batteries.

    1. Thank you, Erin! I’m looking forward to hemming the curtains and make them look a bit nicer, but the ticking stripe is such a pretty detail. We ended up buying rechargeable bulbs (on a remote) for the sconces, so we don’t have to do any glueing or retrofitting. I had no idea those existed, but we installed them over the weekend and they’re working great :) Thanks for the tip! xox

  11. Sarah this is looking so good. I cant wait to see it finished!

    1. Thank you so much, Jocelyn! :) Have a great week!

  12. Sue Taylor says:

    This is coming along so nicely. Comfy and classic looking. The curtains are perfect. Can you tell me where you got the ticking fabric?

  13. Wow this looks incredible