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Best of Etsy : Shops to Save - roomfortuesday.comI wanted to end the blog week with a favorite activity of mine… perusing Etsy. It has been awhile since I’ve had the time to scroll and explore over there, so July’s Best of Etsy post looks a little bit different. Rather than rounding up a specific item, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite shops- plus it was a great excuse for me to browse! Etsy continues to be an awesome resource for vintage, furniture, decor, and home accessories… the following shops are definitely ones to know and save. Click through to scroll through a handful of my current favorites, some new-to-me finds, and to check out some top picks from each.

Best of Etsy : Shops to Save - roomfortuesday.comI’ll kick off the post with my five best Etsy tips for you…

  • Use keywords // Etsy is a giant e-commerce platform, so keywords are your friend when searching. Be specific, always use the filters, and sort by color, price, handmade, vintage, etc.
  • Take the time to dig // I’ve found to find the good stuff, I have to spend quite a bit of time perusing (much like thrifting). Devote some time to browse and deep dive into exploring different shops and their offerings.
  • Check the reviews // Surprisingly, I get a lot of comments from people who say they avoid the international shops because they aren’t sure if they’re totally secure. First and foremost, you should check the reviews of any shop you’re making a purchase from- no matter where they are located. If the reviews are excellent, I have zero worries. Etsy handles payment and to obtain good reviews, the sellers are typically very good at shipping in a timely manner. That brings me to my next point…
  • Message the seller // Communication is key! If you have a question, message the seller prior to purchasing. If you’re ordering something custom- message the seller to ensure everything is accurate. If you’re experiencing delays, a quick message for an update is an easy way to keep tabs. Etsy is made up of small businesses, and the people behind those small businesses are usually always willing to help.
  • Use the favorites tab // Keep track of your favorite shops and products by using the favorites tab. I randomly scroll through Etsy (among other decor & vintage apps) in the evenings when we are unwinding for the night. I’m not going to make a purchase late at night, but I always hit the heart button so I can revisit something later. It’s a great way to organize resources for future projects.

Best of Etsy : Shops to Save -


Chateau of Chic

For some very special, antique French pieces- including kitchenware, serveware, and ceramics, be sure to save Chateau of Chic. The items in this shop usually sell out quickly. I’ve missed a few things I had on my wishlist.

Vintage Be Mine

This shop has lots of affordable vintage furniture. If you’re looking for a project piece, this is a great place to start! Our old dining chairs came from here.

The Bulls Manor

This shop is based in Houston and is packed with traditional vintage decor that will withstand the test of time. I’ve made a few purchases from this one!

Chez Rai

Small furniture, vintage decor, and lots of beautiful wood pieces fill this shop, and they’re all sourced from Normandy, France. Another tip… it’s fun to browse vintage from shops in other countries- the European ones are my favorite!

Best of Etsy : Shops to Save -

Kantha N Tapestry Art

This shop has lots of beautiful kantha quilts, hand blocked blankets, bedspreads, and table cloths. They have some gorgeous colors and patterns! I really want to get one for our primary bedroom.

Anna’s Home Decor Store

For custom upholstery, drapery, cushions, designer fabric & trim, table covers, and banquette cushions this shop is a must save. If you need anything custom or have dreamed up your own project, it seems like Anna can sew just about anything.

Chloe and Olive Pillows

I’ll admit, the karate chopped cushions in the thumbnail photos are a bit much… but once you look past the styling, these pillows are made with designer fabrics, are of great quality, and the shop has almost 30k excellent reviews. All of their pillows can be ordered in multiple sizes.

Organic Turkish Towels

I’ve purchased towels from this shop in the past, and they have the best quality and variety. Choose from cotton, terry, and even stonewashed linen.

Best of Etsy : Shops to Save -

Dhurrie World

This is a newly discovered shop for me. Jute rugs, specifically with a scalloped edge, have felt really trendy lately. Natural materials never go out of style, so if you’re looking for a jute rug… this shop has some beautiful options.

Linda’s Barn (Vintage Rugs)

These days I’ source my own vintage rugs for our Tuesday Made shop, but Etsy remains a great resource as well! If you’re in the market for a vintage rug and are trying to find some good Etsy options, this shop has some incredible finds… and extra large sizes, too.

Best of Etsy : Shops to Save -

Old Brick Lighting

This shop offers classic lighting that is truly a work of art… the glass components are all hand blown!

Cruel Mountain

If you’re itching to try out the pleated, pattern, or woven lampshade trend… this shop has lots of designer options that are all customizable.

I could share Etsy shops and my finds all day long, but for the sake of time- I’ll wrap this one up! I spend way too many hours on Etsy. Would a post with a summarized list, featuring all of my favorite shops, be helpful? I’d skip the finds and just share a bunch of favorite storefronts from each category. Let me know if you like that idea, otherwise- next month I’ll pick back up our regular Best of Etsy format. What should I hunt for next? I was thinking hardware of some sort? If you missed any of those posts, I’ll link them below…

Best of Etsy : Shops to Save - roomfortuesday.comThe best thing about Etsy is supporting small businesses, makers, artists, designers, and creatives. It’s fun to dig up the unique finds. I hope you’re all having a good week and have a fun weekend ahead. I’m still catching up on work after vacation and Emmett is planning to tackle drywall in the office this weekend- exciting (finally)! That’s really when a room starts to take shape, in my opinion. I’ll be sure to share a blog post update as things evolve. While we’re working this weekend, I’m ok with being stuck inside because it has been so hot here. Hopefully you’re keeping cool! Is anyone else ready for fall? I know it’s early to be wishing for it. We have one last summer getaway planned and after that, I’m going to be ready to bust out my boots and sweaters. Hah! Sadly, I think we have a long while before that happens. See you on Monday.

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  1. Etsy! I could write a poem about Etsy. Scrolling, saving and scheming its pages is like my shopping security blankie. I absolutely look there first for almost anything I’m seeking. Is it weird to say that I actually learn a lot while browsing? Some vintage sellers dispense knowledge in their descriptions! In fact, that’s one of my search tips. I often start with a broad search term because I’m not sure of a maker or specific name. Then I use purveyor descriptions to hone in on the exact item in a secondary search. (“stone table” becomes “Maitland Smith tessellated table”) Those secondary searches also help establish a best price, if multiples are available, and verify the rarity of a piece. I use a similar strategy to cast an international net for unique wares, and then seek a US seller in hopes of finding cheaper shipping. Eek. See what happens when I start talking about Etsy? Ha. Thanks for providing a reason to head there this morning.😉
    I’m off to eat a piece of chocolate cream pie for breakfast (“because that’s my business”). We’ve got another hot, smoky day to tackle. Stay cool, friends!💜

    1. Same here… and I also agree that it can be an educational resource- especially for vintage. Sweets for breakfast is my favorite. I might have had a cookie or two yesterday morning with my coffee. Haha! Because that’s our business (channeling my inner Tab). Chocolate cream pie though?! That sounds so delicious right now! We’re having the same weather here. Stay cool and have a happy Thursday! xo

    2. Oooh, great tips Peggi! I’ll have to give it a go on my own and see what I can come up with. I’m terrible at searches-doesn’t matter if it’s Amazon, FBMP…I’m the worst at that aspect of shopping.
      Love the Tab reference, and the fact that you ate my favorite pie for breakfast! That sounds delightful right now. Have a blissful weekend friend! Xoxo

  2. Melanie T says:

    GREAT post! One I will save. Maybe these tips are the secret for unearthing such great treasures on FBMP too?

    1. I’m so happy to hear this one was helpful, Melanie! I definitely use a similar strategy on FBMP… especially keywords, filters, location, etc.

  3. Merry Christmas… in July that is, ha! What a treasure trove. Perusing these shops was quite the treat this morning, especially the new-to-me ones. I have long wanted a kantha quilt from Kantha ‘N Tapestry Art; the pieces in this shop are stunning. Anna’s Home Decor Store has been another favorite of mine. The quality of the items she creates is just impeccable. Is she the source of the skirted tablecloth that will be gracing your entryway?? Old Brick lighting and Cruel Mountain are my favorite to scroll through.
    I personally would love a summarized list of shops by category. I love browsing on Etsy, but find it frustrating to search for a particular item. I’ve tried using the filters and key words but I can never seem to unlock the trick in finding great shops on my own. Most of my favorite shops have been a happy accident from clicking a suggested item based on a previous search, or recommended by someone I know. I find that because I’ve had terrible luck in active searches, I tend to browse only the items in my favorite shops list.
    If anyone is looking for traditional handmade quilts, check out Keepsake Quilt Studio. Kim typically lists quilts she’s created, but also offers custom quilts where you can choose everything from the fabric to the quilting pattern. I ordered custom quilts for Aaron & Brooke when they were babies, and she was an absolute dream to work with, and the quilts turned out just beautiful.
    I’m ready for fall too Sarah. The humidity has been out of this world, but luckily we’ll be escaping the worst of it while we’re in SLC. The humidity up there is going to be far less than here while we’re away and I can’t help but feel that it’s perfect timing. I’ll be sure to check IG over the weekend to catch the office goings-on. Have a great day and fabulous weekend! Xo

  4. Love Etsy! Talk about going down a rabbit hole for hours on end! I enjoyed going through your recommendations on stores. Turkish towels are my favorite! I too have wanted a Kantha quilt for our guest bed. For years I have found so many gifts for graduates and family for Christmas. Whenever I want to plan a party (birthday, graduation, etc) I go to Etsy and find so many ideas and fun decor.
    I have saved many of your recommendations. Enjoyed your view & lists of Etsy!

    1. Such a great point, Danna! I also often use Etsy for gifts. I always go for the personalized ones (monogrammed things for wedding gifts, etc). I also want a Kantha quilt! That’s on my buy list. So happy you saved some new favorites :)